December 4, 2022


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Militias, MAGs, and Neighborhood Watch on The Gunmetal Armory

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Prepper Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture, preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up. Welcome to the gun metal armory. Here’s your host, Dane D

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Dane D. Who is that? I’ve never heard that name before. You know, the guy who didn’t sell last week. So who did my show last week? The mistress, the metal did my show last week. What do you think? Did she do a good job? I think from what I hear from the experts and that’s not E X, P E R T S that’s E G G P RTS experts.

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Okay. From what I hear, you did a damn good job. So now, if anybody has any comments or would like her to do a show on anything else, feel free to email us, you know, gunmetal Ask her to do a show on something. I actually, when I got home that night, she was awake and waiting for me and I was not allowed to go to sleep or do anything until I listened to the show, but it was a great show.

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I was quite impressed with that. And for me to be impressed by someone who had just started, you know, and that was your first show by herself for a solo. Huh? That was really cool. I was, I was proud. I got to say I was very, very proud. So that being said, good evening, team gunmetal. I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to be here with everyone.

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I’m glad that you guys enjoyed last week. And I really liked the fact that the mr is a metal took over for me. I, but you know, until it happened, I wasn’t aware that that mom did a metal head takeover under the gun metal armory, but she, she co-opted TGA and she made it her own with an incredible show that I, I literally had nothing to do with. And, and when I say not nothing to do with, I mean, it not one word was submitted by me to that show at all.

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It was a hundred percent mr. , which if you asked me it’s pretty bad ass, excuse me, You said I listened to it. And I was impressed with all the improvised, a weaponry, the NPE weaponry. And if you don’t know, NPE means non permissible environment. I was impressed with all the stuff that she was actually able to spot and contemplate using in the workplace.

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It honestly makes me feel better about her being places without me around she can handle herself. But, you know, I, I feel better when I’m around to, but she covered almost every weapon available at an office desk and many that are available all throughout the office. Granted, there were few things that I might’ve included that she didn’t, but if I would have added anything, anything at all, it wouldn’t have been authentic. And I appreciate authenticity.

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It wouldn’t have been all her. So that to me is the coolest part of last week show. If you guys to get a chance, you got to take a peek inside to take, take a look at that show, take a listen. I think you’ll really, really enjoy. You actually get to take a peek inside my wife’s head. It’s it’s fun. I mean, you might get lost or you might, you might get scared, right?

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Yeah. Inside your head. It’s possible. Depends on what they’re looking for. Depends on

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They’re looking for, but yeah, if you guys to get a chance to take a listen to the show, it was really, really good. Anyways, if you have any other questions, again, just email If you want to know how to convert your AK 47 into a survival rifle, you can also look up my or on Amazon. It’s a $10. It’s called the AK 47.

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It’s a rival raffle builder’s guide. It covers the prerequisites, multiple upgrades history, the upgrades, how to do them, where to buy the parts, to convert your AK into a survival rifle and a whole lot more. Okay. This is actually the first book of its kind ever written it’s available. Now you can find a link to it. Prepper Broadcasting Network it may pop up on a few other sites, but to find it, Oh, you have to do is go online and type in AK 47 survival rifle.

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A it should take you to my book. Okay. As far as the series goes, that was actually book one in the series that I’m writing called building the Prepper armory. I’m in the process of setting up my writing studio. Now I have, I believe it’s nine now nine more books planned and they will likely be many more. So stay tuned. Keep checking back. You check in PBN. There will be more books. Okay. Also, if you can’t find this book, if you can’t find the AK 47 survival rifle book, just email and I’ll hook you up.

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Okay. That’s pretty much it. When it comes to that, Oh, also you get a chance to subscribe to YouTube channel and keep your eyes out. There may be a different YouTube channel coming out very, very soon. That is, ah, you know, maybe, maybe a little bit different, you know, maybe has something a little bit different to it. It, it might cover something else, you know, but we’ll see how that we’ll see how that turns out. Where do you think, Oh my God, this woman, I swear, she’s a nut.

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We’re looking at starting another YouTube channel of our own, but it’s going to focus more on preparation and stuff like that. So keep your eyes out for that. Speaking of which we’re trying to log onto the Prepper Broadcasting chat right now. And for some reason we can’t log onto the chat room. I’m sorry if you’re listening live. I do apologize. We are legitimately trying to get on there, but we can’t seem to, for some, for some reason, so will keep trying, you know, will just keep at it.

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We’ll keep trying to get on there. Umm, I’m going to try to get on there on Microsoft edge instead of Prepper Broadcasting Network or instead of using Firefox because Firefox seems to be acting like a butt crack today. So I dunno, I guess we’ll try it this way instead. Let’s see here. What is going on? So this week we have seen a lot and I mean a lot of crazy, crazy stuff going on.

1 (8m 7s):
I think everybody would agree that things have been a lot crazier than they have been in a long time, especially in our country. And many of the things that we’re seeing happen are a direct result of basically of these, these a Democrat run cities that are basically just being less to their own devices is it’s absolute chaos.

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You know it’s it’s it’s rather

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Thank you. You need, yeah,

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I logged on, I got onto the Prepper Broadcasting Network going to start playing my show over top of my show. Yeah.

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You’ll notice that that did not happen last week.

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Thank you. You’re welcome. I appreciate that Annie, who I’m trying to get onto the, a chat room and it’s just not working. So like I was saying, let’s see yesterday, me and my wife were looking at the news and we were actually elated to find out that the, I dunno if you guys heard about this in the news or not, but we were elated to find out that the two girls that attacked that seven year old boy and his family.

1 (9m 44s):
Yeah. Those two 21 year old girls that attacked a seven year old boy and his family and stole his mag a hat. They were caught on video attacking this boy. And they were caught on video, apparently hitting the mother, tearing up their signs saying and doing some very childish and rude things that poor kid and his family. And of course taking his hat. I mean a seven year old boy. Seriously.

2 (10m 14s):
Yeah. If I hadn’t been the seven year old boy, his mama had been in jail right along with them.

1 (10m 20s):
Yep. Yep. And they would definitely earn themselves or another, but whooping to standing right next to you. Is that not the truth? So you know a mess with the children. No, you don’t mess with a children’s but yeah. I mean he’s not even two digits old yet. These girls, their names were Cameron, Amy and Olivia Winslow. They’re both 21. They have no business messing with a little boy in any way, shape or form.

1 (10m 50s):
Now the little guy’s family was supporting Trump during the DNC. OK. During the democratic national convention in Delaware, I’m a little while back, but who cares? Where they were supporting Trump, who cares what they were doing? It doesn’t matter if they were outside the RNC or the DNC or whatever. It was just flat out disgusting the way

2 (11m 9s):
Minding their own business. Not bothering anybody,

1 (11m 13s):
The little boy and his family. Right. Right.

2 (11m 16s):
And then here comes, these idiots causing my ham and they got their selves in trouble for it.

1 (11m 27s):
Well, they haven’t been formally charged. Right. They have been indicted. Okay. And what were they indicted on

2 (11m 35s):
A second degree robbery. Second degree conspiracy endangering the welfare of the,

1 (11m 43s):
Which is my favorite one

2 (11m 47s):
Third degree assault attempted third degree assault, tempted, offensive and felony hate crimes pulled out on a second. So three of these charges are felonies and each of them could be facing up to 15 years in prison.

3 (12m 11s):
When you said those girls can be facing up to 15 years,

2 (12m 13s):
It doesn’t mean that they’re going to get 15 years. Each. That just means that they basically, they through a bunch of charges at them that they were guilty of. They’re not all going to stick. They never do, but they will get convicted of something.

3 (12m 35s):
Is that OK? You work in the courts. Is that something that’s a pretty common tactic for a prosecutor’s and things like that. Do they throw a lot of charges?

2 (12m 45s):
Yeah. You, you can watch any even, or even some of the Hollywood movies in the Hollywood TV shows that are made up law and order for instance. Okay. You can watch some of those episodes and it’s basically not always, but sometimes it’s basically the same as real life. If you Watch homicide Hunter, Joe Kenda, he says the same thing and that’s in Colorado.

2 (13m 17s):
Okay. They have to get ’em on something. So they make this list of everything that the accused is being accused of. Right. And the prosecution in the defense work out a deal and something will stick. Not everything is necessarily going to stick, but something will,

3 (13m 48s):
This all falls on the The, what the prosecutor wants out of it. Like sometimes, you know, The someone murders someone and they use a gun to do it or whatever. And they all, they charged him with first degree murder manslaughter or a first degree murder and a gun charge and an assault charge. And they may not get the first degree murder charge where they still get them on the gun charge and they still get ’em on the assault charge.

2 (14m 20s):
You can’t speak too to that. But I’m just using that as an example, meds, that’s a serious, that’s something weigh in a different field.

3 (14m 28s):
I’m just, I’m just using it as an example. So like, okay, well you were talking about them getting them on some sort of chart. So like one charge may be dropped, but they’ll get ’em on the other one. That makes sense. It makes sense.

2 (14m 41s):
Or the charges are reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

3 (14m 46s):
So the The the other interesting thing about this was that these two girls were charged in a very Democrat state, a very Democrat state, you know, Delaware. And that state is blue, blue, blue man. Definitely not a red state. They were charged there.

2 (15m 7s):
It’s not just the conservatives that are fed up.

3 (15m 11s):
Yeah. And The, I think it was the AIG, but they quoted her something to the effect of saying, you know, you, you, you need to basically, you know, when you start to harm a child, that’s when you’ve gone to far, you know, I I’d have to look up the exact quote, but

2 (15m 32s):
Any mama can speak to that. You don’t mess with baby.

3 (15m 39s):

2 (15m 41s):
You know, they’re when they’re actually babies,

3 (15m 44s):
The amount of the politics, leave him out of it. It’s discussing it’s wrong. But we have watched a few different various YouTube commentators that we really like. For example, the officer Tatum, he’s one of our, I love that guy, a doctor, Steve Turley. He’s one of my favorites. I like him because he’s a Christian he’s conservative. And he, you know, he always says welcome to your, you know, conservative, wastage.

3 (16m 15s):
It’s nice to have positive information coming through the screen. It’s really nice. And another group is the conservative twins. We, we love watching the conservative twins. Those guys are hilarious. Let’s see who else do we really like? Oh, well more recently, heavy duty country. We like him. He’s fun. Yeah.

2 (16m 41s):
Yeah. I like him because he’s in Texas.

3 (16m 44s):
Yeah. My wife likes him cause he’s in Texas. Yup. Yup. Now these guys are all great. They have a lot to say. Many of them easily make me and, and mistress feel better after we’ve had a rough day. We can sit down, watch a few of their videos, laugh and feel better about the day that we’ve had. I was recently watching one of the many videos that heavy duty country did where he was talking about the NFL Lacey.

3 (17m 20s):
He was basically taking the NFC to the cleaners

2 (17m 26s):
To make me laugh.

3 (17m 26s):
Right. And he was basically, you know, the host of HDC pointed out that the leader of the NFCC tends to run his mouth and say how bad ass he is and how he’s going to do this. And he’s going to do that. And he’s hard core and we don’t make threats, but then he’s making all these threats. I’m the host of heavy duty quoted one of my favorite, one of my all time. Favorite books, sun, zoo’s the art of war.

3 (17m 59s):
He said to be Leah, The the head guy. And then FAC, he said, let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night. And when you move fall like a Thunderbolt, he went on to explain what that meant, because I’m guessing that he thought the other dude didn’t know what that meant, which is kind of funny. But I have a feeling that heavy duty country would have said and done the exact same thing, no matter who will leading the NFL NFC.

3 (18m 41s):
If it was a woman, a guy, a chipmunk, a cat, a dog, any color of human being, any creative, human being, any race, any gender, if you know a man or woman, it wouldn’t have mattered to him. He was laying it down because of the person that was leading. It was saying some very, very dumb things. Anyways, there are many, many quotes from the art of war. If you ever hear, or if they have read the books, they do not heat its wisdom.

3 (19m 16s):
The wisdom in the book, the art of war is something that everyone should read. And he’d okay. For example, and then this can work for your entire life, the entire entire lifetime. This one is in the midst of chaos. There is also opportunity. That’s something to consider. That’s something to think about. But moving on other news, let’s talk about all these fires going on in Oregon and California and Washington.

3 (19m 52s):
Oh, they’re going on there too. Damn dude. I didn’t know that

4 (19m 57s):
At the, on the West coast

3 (19m 59s):
Span. So apparently now there’s, there’s a, both sides on this. Some people think it’s true. Some people think it’s not true. I personally don’t know, but it looks pretty obvious that it is true just by the live streams and the people doing things and all the proof out there and the media and social media and stuff like that. But apparently these anti frogs, they’re the ones that have been attacking people that are trying to have dinner in a restaurant.

3 (20m 36s):
And these idiots, these antagonizer. And if you were just trying to eat what the hell anyways, there’s all these reports that multiple are being set

5 (20m 48s):
By bees. These people, these anti frogs, you know, these, these Antifa people, there’s multiple fires being set by these guys, arsonists in their ranks. They’re a, apparently they’re, they’re being set in Oregon. And like you said, California and Washington they’re being set. One guy was arrested, livestreaming himself, tried to start a fire. We saw that one on a Tim caste, you know, umm, dude was, he was live streaming himself, tried to start a fire.

5 (21m 25s):
But later on, that guy was exposed as a diva by his many, many social media accounts and his many, many pics of him protesting and flipping off a fully. Thank you.

2 (21m 37s):
You was trying to a live stream himself trying to start the fire. I think he was live streaming himself claiming that he’s the one that called it in to the authorities. And they were like, ah, yeah, the way you started this.

5 (21m 58s):
So this is a little bit strange. I mean, I mean like, like, like the mr said, you know, many fires are being said in Oregon. In fact, now I’m not a hundred percent sure. I bet some various different text messages from different people that I’m in contact with part of my Intel group. And one of my buddies sent me something from the all of Mo LA LOA Moala police department and the tweet or the post went out that said to those of you still in and around town, please report any suspicious activity.

5 (22m 43s):
Strange people walking around, looking into cars and houses, vehicles, driving through neighborhoods that don’t belong there. Please report this to nine one one immediately don’t waste time, posting it on Facebook, calling a friend or calling the nonemergency line or call nine one one immediately. The sooner we can get to the area, the better chance of identifying the issue. We have, it also goes on to say a lot of rumors and posts are going around about looters.

5 (23m 16s):
Please use caution and get us there. A S a P call nine one one. It says, so it makes you wonder why they would put that out there. I mean, if they know that something’s, I don’t know how to put it.

5 (23m 48s):
I mean, the Malala police department apparently is in Oregon. Okay. They must know something’s not right. Otherwise they wouldn’t be like, you know, if you see suspicious people or call nine one one immediately. But I mean, well, I mean, obviously they’re going to say that, but they would know that people would know that. So for them to want to put that out there again to, I guess, reiterate that it kind of makes you stand up and take notice. No.

5 (24m 19s):

2 (24m 21s):
Pretty sure they have all kinds of Intel coming in from everywhere. That’s true.

5 (24m 30s):
Now I had another text message to come in from my Intel group. And I’m going to read this one and you guys can take this as you a, as you wish. Okay. Warning multiple sources and emergency response have confirmed that the fires along the West coast are being caused by dozens of arsonists. These fires are allegedly linked to Antifa and the riots.

5 (25m 0s):
And then it goes on to have a warning in place. There is a warning here that says, so my brother is a lager. As you all know, one of the guys he works with owns about 50 acres between Welters and Sandy. And I’m guessing it’s, you know, well, is the Sandy Oregon. Last night, he saw somebody trying to start a fire on his property. He went down to the property and discovered a group of Antifa throwing Molotov cocktails on his property.

5 (25m 33s):
He had a fire truck on his property and immediately went down with his guys and tried to put out the fire. He took his ARS and they exchanged over 200 rounds of fire with these people. They called nine one one and said that they were trying to fight a, the, the, the people were trying to light their property on fire. And the police told them that they were on their own.

5 (26m 3s):
Now, I don’t know how old this is. I don’t know what was going on. I don’t know the context. I don’t know where exactly this was. Other than what it said in the text message. So this could have been a while back, but it is something that I think people need to take a look at and keep in mind, because when it comes to that kind of stuff, it would appear that the tactics are ramping up.

5 (26m 46s):
Okay. But you can also see in the news that it also appears that things are calming down. Now that could have something to do with the fact that Trump has what’s the best way to put it federalized the state police, right? Federalize, the state marshals, things like that. So I think it’s important to keep in mind that it could be that that’s causing the rides to calm down, or it could be that these people are planning something even worse.

5 (27m 31s):
Something absolutely terrible. Now, I don’t know. What’s true. I don’t want to speculate, but I am going to tell you guys the same thing that me and miss. You guys have been telling you since the beginning, get prepared, get ready. If you haven’t started do it now, build an Intel. Network build a, an area study. If you don’t know what an area of study is. Look a forward observer on YouTube. He has videos on how to do an area study.

5 (28m 3s):
If you don’t know how to do it, look it up. Okay? If you don’t know anything about area, defense will look that up. Okay? Figure out how to defend your home. Figure out where you’re going to retreat to. If your home gets overrun. If you are living in the cities, get out, okay. Get out of the cities. When the crap hits the fan, they’re going to be deathtraps okay. You got to get out of those cities. All right. These are things that me and the minister’s a metal had tried to beat into everybody’s head for as long as I can remember.

5 (28m 38s):
Okay. Get prepared, get yourself, ready, get a perimeter defense, have an escape route and be prepared to ditch the city. Okay. Be prepared to get out. And you need multiple routes. As a city, my brother who lives in the city, I have mapped out for escape routes for them, for, from where they’re at. Because if things get bad, they need four different ways to get out. Now, one of them takes about an hour and a half.

5 (29m 11s):
One takes about an hour and 45 minutes. One of them takes about a two and a half hour or something like that. And the one that the misters pointed out, I think what took about four, four and a half hours. Something like that is a really long way. But that being said, it goes all the way around the outside of all the cities that are around them. So, you know, in a way it’s kind of genius, you know, for, for, for that option to be there, but again, for different redundancies in case they are needed.

5 (29m 50s):
Okay. Now granted that, you know, Prepper is have the rule of threes, you know, three days, three weeks, three hours, you know, whatever, whatever. Right. But I figured, you know, four different routes. Hopefully he won’t need more than one, but it never hurts to have a few backups. Anyways, it’s been about 30 minutes. We’re going to take a quick break here and then we’ll come back. I was going to do a product pitch on Hornady black ammo because, Oh, I just love that stuff.

5 (30m 20s):
But instead when we come back, we’ll get started on the show and will talk a little bit about Militias MAGs Neighborhood wads, things like that. Kind of compare them a little bit and talk about M C a C what the differences are, you know, to go on and so forth. Okay. Don’t go away guys. We are going to be right back and we’ll talk about it then. Okay. They’ll go away.

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7 (33m 11s):
Your first order. Archangel dynamics is a combat veteran, and first responder owned small business. They support us and we want you to support them. Alright, Archangel

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Ryan Buford here wanting to remind everyone, but you can join us in the chat room. Well, listening to the live recording of my show, the next generation, it’s a show that bridges, parenting and preparedness for you and your family. The next generation, every Sunday at 3:00 PM, Pacific 6:00 PM Eastern time. So go to Prepper and be sure to check us out live every week where we explore the little things in life to make all the difference in the world. Hey Jordan, here you are a host of a family affair, such as every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM.

5 (34m 0s):
Eastern, as we discussed on every level and remember everybody, everybody,

7 (34m 11s):
And now we are,

5 (34m 15s):
We are the back on the gun metal armory. So when we left off, we talked about switching over and talking about Militias MAGs. Mmm Neighborhood Watch. Things like that. Okay. But before I get into that, okay, that stuff does involve a firearm. OK. MAGs you know, Neighborhood watch all that stuff.

5 (34m 47s):
Militias it involves a lot of firearms. Most of these guys are gonna have them. Okay. So I want to go over the four rules of gun safety with you guys. Okay. And I also want to save for a disclaimer. I am not telling you to go join any of these groups. Okay? I’m not telling you to go join any of these groups. I’m not telling you to go out and be a militia member or anything like that, or start your own MAGs or start your own militia. I’m not saying any of that. Okay. That is my disclaimer.

5 (35m 17s):
I’m only giving you information. Alright. All right. So remember, number one, guns are always loaded. Number two, never put your finger on the trigger until you ready to fire a number three, always, or your target. And what’s beyond number four, never cover anything with your muscle that you’re not willing to destroy. Now I see this time and time where

3 (35m 38s):
I work, people do not know the four rules of van and safety are even the fifth one, but I like to add, which is always secure your firearms for the authorized persons. They just don’t know them. And that is because a lot of the people that have been buying firearms recently, as we’ve seen from the polls, a lot of these people are first time buyers, are they not? We have been seeing recently a lot of, a lot of sales, a lot of information coming out about these first time buyers.

3 (36m 16s):
And that’s good. Don’t get us wrong. We want there to be more people buying guns, because we want people to be able to defend themselves, but we also want them to do it safely. So if you’re a first time gun buyer and your listening to this, please, please, for the love of God, go get some training, go get basic safety classes. OK. When you, if you ever picked up a guitar, did you know how to play it? I mean, the first time you got behind the wheel of your car, did you know how to drive it?

3 (36m 49s):
You need training. You need lessens. You need to learn how to use this item. Okay. So please get some training. Anyways, moving on. Only got about 20 minutes here. I don’t know if I have enough information or enough content to get through this, but I’m going to do the best I can. And I’ve got the mr. next to me. So what I believe in you, you believe in me.

3 (37m 19s):
What’s nice to now you can do it.

0 (37m 21s):
Can I do it all right. That’s wow. Okay.

3 (37m 30s):
You talk about Militias. What is a militia? We hear that in the news a lot. Now we’ve been seeing recently that Militias are rising up and protecting their towns. It’s becoming quite, quite prevalent in a lot of these small towns, these excerpts in the suburbs, these small groups of people. I mean, some of them are Militias, but some of them are just little Neighborhood security groups, which will talk a little bit about later on.

3 (38m 1s):
But we’re seeing, we’re also seeing a lot of these Militias go and they do counter demonstration against these BLM groups and these Antifa groups. And however other, you know, whatever other groups are they’re to agitate and create trouble. You’ll see a lot of these American right wing American flag waving. Militias go out there and, you know, defend the American way of life. Now, there are some Militias out there that are bad.

3 (38m 33s):
Well, I don’t want to say bad, but there’s some out that could be considered extremist or, you know, white ring white, a far right wing, I guess is the way to put it. There are some of those out there there’s even, I wouldn’t even say there’s a good chance that there are far left wing. Militias out there, especially from the news information I’ve seen lately. And the information coming from my Intel group, there are quite a few of these left wing groups that are getting training from less than scrupulous sources.

3 (39m 12s):
They’re getting firearms because it’s perfectly legal for them to do so. As long as their not a felon and they are forming up, they’re a little groups don’t think for a second, just because these people on the left, the hippie types claim to hate guns or not like guns or whatever, and that they want them banned. Don’t think for a second that these people won’t use every tool at their disposal to get rid of their opposition. Okay. Anyways, what is a Militias?

3 (39m 42s):
Some people don’t have any idea. Okay. So a militia let’s, let’s take the Webster’s dictionary version of what a militia is. Okay. It says, number one, it’s an army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers. Okay. Number two, military force, that is not part of a regular army and is subject to call for service in an emergency or number three, the whole body of physically fit civilians eligible bylaw for military service.

3 (40m 29s):
So Wikipedia has a slightly, shall I say, different way toward it, but it all kind of forms down the same line. Wikipedia says the militia of the United States as defined by the U S Congress has changed over time during colonial America, colonial America guys, all able bodied men of all ages were members of the militia, depending on the respective States rules.

3 (41m 10s):
So New York might have different rules than say Pennsylvania. And so on. Then it says individual towns formed local independent Militias for their own defense. Now let’s think about that for a second independent towns or individual towns formed local independent Militias for their own defense.

3 (41m 43s):
What are we seeing in the suburbs and these excerpts where, you know, you got Antifa and these leftists, these crazy far left leftists, you know, going into neighborhoods and protesting and screaming, no sleep, no sleep, mother effer, you know, all these things, you know, wake up, wake up, MF, wake up, you know, they’re screaming all of these terrible things.

3 (42m 13s):
And you’ve had people in those neighborhoods that probably have health problems. You’ve got little kids in those neighborhoods that are probably absolutely terrified. You’ve got mothers and fathers in those neighborhoods that maybe have to get up in the morning to go to a job that they may or may not still have. You got all kinds of things going on. And these entitled little babies want to be outside banging on their drums and yelling in their megaphones, wake up, mother effort, wake up, MF, wake up, get up, get up.

3 (42m 56s):
So the civilians in the suburbs and excerpts and all the other areas, the rural areas have, have flat out had it. And that’s why they are forming up these groups and stopping these people before they ever get there. In fact, it’s happened to quite a few times now in various small, a small towns in a small communities, these people are forming their own defense and they’re keeping these violent radicals out.

3 (43m 32s):
Okay. Now Wikipedia goes on to say the year before the us constitution was ratified, the Federalist papers detailed the founders, paramount vision of the militia in 1787. Now the number 29 Federalist paper was written by Alexander Hamilton and it was titled concerning the militia.

3 (44m 3s):
Okay. He wrote a lot of things in that number, 29 paper. Okay. But one quote, the, the first part he wrote to the people of the state of New York now there’s wisdom MDs, you know, and in the Federalist papers for other States as well. I mean, come on, but there weren’t 50 of back then, but in his Federalist papers, he said,

8 (44m 39s):

3 (44m 41s):
To make sure I find the right thing for us here. He said to the people of the state of New York, the power of regulating the militia and of commanding its service in times of insurrection and invasion are natural incidents, too. The duties of superintending, the common defense and of watching over the internal peace of the Confederacy.

3 (45m 14s):
Now, before anyone loses their crap over the word Confederacy, it did not mean in 1787, what it came to mean in the 18 hundreds and the Confederate States of America and all that stuff and a civil war and everything. Okay. Confederacy, the definition of it is number one, a league or a compact for a mutual support or common action.

3 (45m 45s):
Another word for it is Alliance. Number two is a combination of persons for unlawful purposes and numbers re is the body formed by persons States or nations United by a league. Okay, now that, of course, you know, the Confederacy, you know, the Confederate States of America, all that stuff, you know, The 11 States this seeded from the U S or tried to secede from the U S during the 1860s.

3 (46m 18s):
That’s a whole different thing. Okay. There’s all these negative connotations around the word Confederacy because of that. But that’s what it actually meant. It was just a group of people or, you know, states’ or whatever, or however you want to put it an Alliance, if you will. Okay. So moving on, he wrote, it requires no skill in the science of war to discern that uniformity in the organization and discipline of the militia would be attended with the most beneficial effects.

3 (46m 54s):
Whenever they were called into service for public defense, it would enable them to discharge the duties of the camp and then the field with mutual intelligence and concert and concert, Oh, wait, and concert and advantage of peculiar, move a moment in the operations of an army. And it would fit them much sooner to acquire the degree of proficiency in the military functions, which would be essential to their usefulness.

3 (47m 30s):
Now it goes on for quite a way, is explaining how the militia would be used, what it would be used for why it’s needed so on and so forth. Keep in mind that back then our forefathers, they were not at all

0 (47m 52s):

3 (47m 54s):
With sanding armies. They, when they saw a standing army, like even our army, even, even the American military, you know, the, the USA military, or a revolutionary army, they, they didn’t like it because whenever they see that all they see is the queen of England or the, the King of England. Do you know, they see the, and try to impose their will on, or they see red coats, they see Boston tea party and, you know, taxes for a war.

3 (48m 28s):
They were not even a part of that’s what they see. So they do not like standing armies their, not a big fan of it. And they even go on to say, if standing armies or dangerous to Liberty in a fascist power over the militia in the body to who’s cared, the of a state is committed, odd as far as possible to take away the inducement and the pretext to such unfriendly institutions. Now It’s important to note that they go on to save that the federal government, if the federal government can command the aid of the militia in emergencies, which call for the military arm to support the civil magistrate, it’s important to note that they can do that.

3 (49m 22s):
So some people theorize that it would have been better to have a militia in America, multiple books, and not just one multiple Militias in multiple States, rather than our military. Now, again, keeping in mind that this was written during the 1787 and things where a heck of a lot different back then over, you know, almost 300 years ago, things are, were a lot, a lot of different, you know, 200 years ago, right?

3 (49m 58s):
So we have to keep that in mind, but it is interesting. If you look at his design, if you look at Alexander Hamilton and our forefathers design for the militia and the way that it would have worked, it would have been interesting. Like there’s a video, I forget the name of it online, but this guy goes through and he describes what the second amendment actually meant. You know, a well regulated militia and you go through all that stuff.

3 (50m 30s):
And then he goes into describing how the militia would have worked. And all the various States, each town, each a location, every little city would have had its own militia. Now imagine we get attacked. You know, I dunno, let’s say from the South, we get attacked by Mexico. All the Militias in every city, every town, every little area of Arizona call up there.

3 (51m 3s):
Militias all those little towns call it their Militias. And they all had towards a meeting that threat, then New Mexico and every single town that they have caught their Militias and they move towards meeting that threat. And then California calls up all their Militias and they move to counter that threat.

3 (51m 33s):
So it’s very, very interesting to see the way that they intended the militia to operate now, time to change and having the large military, you know, we have pretty much the best military in the world. It’s not such a bad thing. I ain’t mad at that, you know,

1 (51m 51s):
But I can’t. Yeah.

3 (51m 53s):
You deny that. I would have thought it would be very, very interesting to see how the militia would have operated and how well it would have done back then, you know, depending on certain factors, but let’s go back to the original thing here. So there, there are Militias right. There are quite a few Militias that are well known out there right now.

3 (52m 24s):
Again, a lot of them are rising up and defending cities. A lot of them are counter protesting. A lot of them are quite well known. Like the three percenters. They went through Portland and counter protested a few times. I don’t think the proud boys are a militia, but they’re well known for their counter protesting of left-leaning insanity. The oath keepers are one of the most well known in the world or in the country for what they do.

3 (52m 57s):
They’re a militia. So there are many, many others. Okay. So I believe it’s something like over 500 Militias in America. That’s a heck of a lot of Militias. Okay. Umm, but you know, I guess a good question to ask yourself is, you know, is a militia, a good fit for me? Well, I mean, that’s a question you, you have to ask yourself

1 (53m 26s):
Because as we all know, survival in an, in a, in a crap, as a fan situation, it’s way easier to survive with multiple people than it is to survive by yourself. What’s leads me to my next thing. A Mac or a mutual assistance group, you know, MAGs are different inherently different than a militia. Okay. A mutual assistance group is basically a group of likeminded individuals who I don’t want to say they pledge to, but they, they swear to basically assist each other.

1 (54m 5s):
It bears an emergency. Do you have any sort or you know, whenever something bad is happening, they’re there for each other or a mutual assistance group. Okay. According to various websites, the idea is that many hands make light work, but MAGs have their own drawbacks and their own, you know, pluses. Okay. So if you’re thinking of joining up with one or you’re thinking of actually forming your own need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

1 (54m 37s):
Okay. The biggest one, in my opinion, as a gunsmith, especially as a gunsmith, the biggest thing to ask yourself, if you’re willing to, you want to start a mag or you want to join one is do you have any special skills that you can offer to that Mac or that you can offer? If you start your MAGs okay. Oh, you started to buy a mutual assistance group. What do you do for a living? I make pastries. You what? I groomed dogs.

1 (55m 7s):
What? Wait, what? That’s not. Okay. You know, so ask yourself the question of, do you have any special skills that would lend themselves to something like a Mac and another one? Are you willing to commit to the training and the meetings that are required to make a mag a happen or, or are you, are you willing to put in the time it takes to create a well oiled machine? Like a mag? Okay.

1 (55m 38s):
Ask yourself if the situation or the world takes a turn for the worst. Am I willing to go help my mag? And can I work with these folks in those situations? You know, if there’s an emergency, can you work with these people? So at something to consider, right. Also ask yourself, can I, or will I stick with these people when things go bad or am I going to ditch? You know, am I gonna, you know, I’m going to want to bug out. Especially if you have a buddy allocation, you need to ask yourself, you know, if you have a bug out location, if you had a retreat, whatever you want to call it, you need to ask yourself, am I going to want to stick with these people?

1 (56m 15s):
Or am I going to beat feet and get the hell out of here and let them fend for themselves? Because I can only assume they’re not going to be very happy with you if you paths again.

5 (56m 25s):
Right? Next thing I would ask myself if you’re MAGs has a bug out of location or uhm, if you have a bug out location, well is your MAGs has a bug out a location and your just a member. You need to ask yourself if your family is welcome, can I bring my family? If we have to bug out, if we have to go to the bug at a location. I remember that episode of doomsday, preppers, where that one guy, you know, there was two guys that were prepping together.

5 (57m 1s):
One of them was like a, I dunno, a nuclear biologist in the other one was like in, I used to be a sheriff or how shawl or something. And the nuclear biologist comes to the other guy’s ranch. And he’s at the gate and fricking, you know, they’re filming this whole thing. I’m sure it’s just for drama. But dude rolls up to the game with AR 15 is trained on his friend. It’s like, get on the ground.

9 (57m 24s):
You put your hands on your head, blah, blah, blah. And he’s like,

5 (57m 26s):
Dude, it’s me. What are you doing? It’s me? You know? So you need to be thinking about these things. If you want to join up with a group like that or is you’re going to form your own group, you need to be thinking about how you’re going to maintain control of a group like that too. If you’re the one that is going to form it, you need to figure out how you’re going to maintain control and hiring, to maintain leadership. And if your not a good leader, you need to find someone or get someone into your group.

5 (57m 58s):
That is a good leader to lead that group. OK. You know, what about your extended family to not just your, your wife and your son or your, your husband and your, and your daughter, whatever you need also think about your extended family, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother. No, you need to figure out if they’re welcome. Also, what about your pets? Are your pets welcome? You know, what are they going to go to the bug allocation? Are you going to let your cat run out the front door?

5 (58m 29s):
When the crap hits the fan?

9 (58m 32s):
Monkey’s not going anywhere.

5 (58m 36s):
I’m well aware of that. Kevin is coming with us wherever we go. So, and then of course, you know, does anyone in my family have a problem with anyone? The mag that’s something else you need to think about. And then finally, the last thing I thought of, you know, to ask yourself was, can I even get along with these people when things get extremely bad or will arguments erupt now in any stressful situation, people are going to take out their frustrations on each other because they don’t have anywhere or anything else to take it out on.

5 (59m 9s):
So they’re going to do it to each other. Okay. So give that a little bit of thought. You know, these are important factors to consider. You need to look at them seriously before joining a or starting one. Cause I mean, let’s be honest. You may be a badass supersoldier, shooter, sniper or whatever, but you can’t be everywhere on your property at once. You can’t stay away 24 seven waiting for the Matisse and you will need a martyr for some sort of supply’s at some point.

5 (59m 40s):
So I just, I mean, just the name, a few things where you might want many hands to make that light work. Okay. Having a backup in a firefight two, that’s a game changer. That is a big, big, big thing. Okay. Definitely a winner, especially if you use your guys correctly. All right. So now, and of course we have talked about MAGs before on the show, you know, mutual assistance groups, but lets keep all this stuff in mind.

5 (1h 0m 10s):
Now we’re pretty much out of time here. So I am going to go ahead and stop. I was going to talk a little bit about the Neighborhood Watch side of things, but basically it’s just another security group, a made up of people in your neighborhood. But again, you need ask you some the same questions as the MAGs. Do you want a form, a neighborhood Watch do you want to be a part of neighborhood watch or you want to do everything yourself to keep in mind? He can’t patrol the whole time all by yourself. So give that stuff some thought.

5 (1h 0m 41s):
Okay guys, definitely something to look at. All right. Anyways, I guess that’s going to do it for me tonight guys. Thank you for joining me. Don’t forget to check out the other Shows this week. I appreciate you guys being with me. Umm, if you guys have any questions, feel free to email us, got a little army Thanks for being with us. Join us next week. As we travel even deeper inside the warrior mob denied everybody.

10 (1h 1m 19s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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