February 25, 2021


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Homeschooling, what you want to know!

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Homeschooling, what you want to know!
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead”

Homeschooling, what you want to knowKaren Lynn is so excited to interview a “returning guest” Tiffany Davis Author of the blog Imperfectly Happy.  Tiffany is a homeschooling mom of 4.  Tiffany is an eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) homeschool mom with 19 years of success and failures under her not-so-supermom belt! Homeschooling since 1996 she, and her husband Troy, just graduated their 3rd child from homeschool and now have their youngest starting 4th grade.  Tiffany just wrote a new homeschooling book for Amazon kindle and writes on her popular blog, Imperfectly Happy.  She has a passion to help others where ever they are on their journey. Whether she’s talking about homeschooling or homesteading, Tiffany does it from the heart of encouragement.

8-6-15 homeschool profileKaren Lynn is prepared with lots of questions for Tiffany about homeschooling, as a homeschool parent herself she really wants to know Tiffany’s secret and how she has managed the longevity with her season of homeschooling!

If you haven’t taken a listen to Tiffany here energy and enthusiasm for her own homesteading journey on her micro homestead is contagious and Karen Lynn and Tiffany will most likely cover all sorts of topics including parenting, homeschooling, and of course the homesteading link is ever present as well even if it’s at a time when it’s more in the background.

8-6-15 homeschool playHave you thought about homeschooling?

Have you been homeschooling bur are currently in a slump?

Do you think you are not qualified enough or crafty enough to homeschool?

Are you excited to homeschool but worried about keeping your children occupied?

Do you know about the benefits of homeschooling?

Do you wonder about the challenges of homesteading and homeschooling and how to survive?

Tiffany is a passionate and commited homeschooling Mom and she will inspire you and give you the “Real Scoop” on this way of life!  his and much more will be discussed on the show…come on into the chat room and join Karen Lynn and Tiffany!

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