December 4, 2022


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Last Minute Preps with The Gunmetal Armory

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Prepper Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering and all the way up. Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host. Dane D

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Well was a teen gunmetal. It is time for another awesome episode of the gunmetal armory. I don’t know about you all, but things have been getting busier and busier here around Northern Arizona. It kind of seems like, like things are accelerating. Like they’re accelerating all around me. Gun sales are ramping up more and more ammo. Sales are doubled and even tripled. In some cases, really sales of body armor are rising higher than ever before and more.

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I mean, there there’s more to, I mean, food sales of water, you know, survival supplies, freeze, dried food. All of these things are doubling tripling, quadrupling, and sales. I even had a guy for some really frigging odd reason. I don’t understand it, but I had a guy asked me some very strange questions the other day at work. Okay. Let me give you an example. Okay. He said, what size wire or cord is best for tripwires.

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He wanted to know what size wire or cord was best for making tripwires. I mean, I don’t want to assume anything here, but what I was, I didn’t know how to respond. I was just like a Google, you know, or web search. I don’t know what to tell you here, bro. Anyways, the last few weeks have, have just been insane and they continue to be insane. I mean, it, it there’s, there’s no way around it. The whole cat’s playing with the, the mouse, the, the last few weeks have just been crazy.

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Absolutely crazy. And they don’t seem be letting up either. It seems to be getting crazier and crazier. So what I mean, let’s, let’s get it in the news. And I thought, I give you an example of just, you know, how much crazier things or getting another idiot got himself shot, trying to rush some police officer’s with a knife. Do what the heck did you think was going to happen, man? I, I wonder why that went down. I mean, come on, dude, you try to horror a police officer. You’re going to get shot. It’s not rocket science. It’s plain and simple guys. It’s not tough to understand.

1 (3m 37s):
It’s literally been this way since the beginning. I don’t know why the hell people suddenly think this has changed. I will never know. I will never get it. I don’t understand why people think that this has changed for some odd reason, but for whatever reason, people think that things are different. Now, you know, this justified shooting has caused yep. You guessed it more riots who would have saw that one and coming, there are tons of riots going on in Philly right now.

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I’m not going to call them peaceful protests. I mean, I’m sure there are some protests going on, so on and so forth, but it’s been a few nights of unrest and riots and they’ve gone on well, yeah, a few nights, you know, and they’re probably gonna continue. I mean, you do you know what happens to areas that see mass writing like this? Or do you, have you guys ever looked into the, the studies have what goes on afterwards? You know, in inside the town, inside the city, basically how the general public response to this kind of violence and insanity is this.

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They respond with loud outcries for law and order. They want law and order. They want this insanity to stop. And each and every riot always benefits. One side routinely benefits, one side, the right, it benefits the Republicans, the right every single time it benefits the REIT. And generally turns that area where the riots happened, Ruby red. It turns it red ’cause people get tired.

1 (5m 40s):
Even Democrats, even liberals, even people who normally feel very, very, you know, on the left or they get tired of it. You know why people feel that you need to riot and lute and burn stuff down. Every time someone gets shot, you know, every time an African-American gets shot by the police officer, you know, we got to go riot and burn and, and destroy things and lose, you know, I just don’t understand it. I don’t, I really don’t some say it’s all about the peaceful protests, you know, but what I’m seeing with my own eyes, it tells me different, you know, a Molotov cocktail is not peaceful in any way.

1 (6m 25s):
Neither are all those people attacking each other. All of those people stealing everything that is a nail down and all of the looting going on in every store, in the wake of their rampage doesn’t look peaceful to me. I don’t know. I don’t know. Okay. I’m not sure I’m not on the ground, but this all just seems like one big excuse it’s it does. It seems like a big excuse to grab a bunch of free crap, act like a criminal and get away with it. Maybe let out a little bit of rage, destroy some crap, you know, no, don’t get me wrong.

1 (7m 6s):
I will always support legitimate peaceful protests. Especially if you have a legit gripe, if you have a legitimate grievance against someone, something or someplace, that’s fine. I mean, America has a long, long history of peaceful protests and granted there were some not so peaceful protests to back in the day, you know? I mean, here’s a good example. Okay. The Boston tea party, that was, that was basically a protest against me.

1 (7m 48s):
You know, being taxed, a tee tacks, you know, it was basically a protest that wasn’t very peaceful. They took all of the tea and threw it into the frigging Harbor in the, in the water. But there’s a caveat here. How many businesses do you think those quote, unquote protestors burned down during the Boston tea party? Just take a guess. Let’s let’s let’s take a second. Take a guess. How many businesses were burned down during the Boston tea party? If you get zero, you win.

1 (8m 30s):
They didn’t even burn the boat. From what I know, they didn’t even burn the boat there. The tea was on from what I know. I mean, obviously again, I wasn’t there, but you know, I mean, how, okay, buildings burned down. How many people do you think died during the Boston tea party protest? Well, once again, if you get to zero, you win, you see America has, it has this history of protests, peaceful or otherwise, okay. And America can get its point across using these means it is possible, but when America resorts to violence or when American people resort to violence, that is when things go off the rails.

1 (9m 28s):
That is when things get crazy. Okay. That is when we need to rethink what we’re doing. Where are you going? Kat? Because at that point, we’re headed in the wrong direction. If things start to get that violent, where buildings are burning and people are dying during what’s supposed to be a peaceful protest, something has gone wrong. Okay. Something has gone very wrong. I mean, do you agree? I mean, I would hope so, but anyways, I’ll stop rambling about this.

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I’m sorry. I know it can be annoying. So if you come as no surprise that Trump is kicking ass in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina Philly, of course, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you know, he’s kicking butt in all of those places in Ohio Biden is losing by five points. Currently, from what I remember reading in Philly, Biden is actually running behind Hillary’s numbers with Trump carrying 24 plus points. The latest Emerson poll has trumped with 93% of the GOP vote and 41 to 47% of the independent voters, which that’s you, you guys, that is a heck of a lot of voters that is amazing.

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A merging amazing grace, more and more of these polls. They’re actually predicting. Let me look at this real quick. They’re actually predicting Trump’s reelection. I mean like at solid, like they’re predicting, it’s solid. There, there is. They’re they’re basically saying at this point it’s a done deal. The dude’s going to get reelected next week. That’s that’s honestly, that’s never happened that I can recall that. That, well, I mean a lot, a lot of polls, do you know, do you predict, Oh, okay.

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He’s gonna win. You know, is going to be a solid victory, blah, blah, blah. Right. We do see that a lot. Okay. So I will say that, Holy crap, it’s almost Halloween. Sorry. I just realized that anyways, you know, Trump is out doing his, his campaigns and his rallies and all that stuff and kicking butt doing it. And meanwhile, Biden has canceled all of his upcoming in-person appearances. He’s the, campaign’s called a litte, you know, meaning that they’re not going to be doing any more in-person appearances. I mean, have you seen his quote unquote rallies? Those are a rally’s dude.

1 (12m 18s):
That’s like a frickin picnic. So there’s like 20 or 30 people there. And then the other one that I saw there was like, literally five people there there’s been multiple that I’ve seen where no one showed up except the media. And of course they had the little circles on the ground, you know, so they can be socially distant from each other. Of course, you know, you gotta be safe anyways, granted, you know, I, I, I’ve never seen a, an opponent or a presidential candidate cancel all their upcoming in-person appearances with what, five or six days to go.

1 (13m 2s):
I’ve never seen that before. I mean, granted, I’m not that old, but this is just flat out weird, right? I mean, is it me? This is just weird, dude. Mail-in voting is also seriously screwing over the Democrats. Basically it’s working to the publicans advantage and the scandals around the Democrat candidates. Just keep on coming. Hunter Biden, freaking Kamala Harris, you know, Biden himself, Mark Kelly here in Arizona. Apparently they found an old yearbook of Mark Kelley’s. Now I don’t, I mean, I don’t know if this is a true, I don’t know if it’s been confirmed nothing, but apparently allegedly they found an old year book of Mark Kelley’s and found a picture of him dressed up for Halloween as yep.

1 (13m 52s):
You guessed it. The evil bastard leader of Germany during world war two, that evil, evil man that led Germany during world war II. I mean, wow. You know, of course, Mark Kelly keeps claiming that’s not me. That’s not me. I’m an astronaut. I’m so important. You know, with regards to that photo. But I mean, come on, man. It looks just fricking like you bro, it looks just like you admit it, get over it, move on, dude. As soon as you eat your peas, you can have your cookie man. I mean, come on, let’s get through it.

1 (14m 33s):
Now if the mainstream media machine they’re there, they’re a big screw over, you know, machine thing here. If they would actually pick up this story and run with it and investigate it a little bit, we might learn a little more about it. But of course they won’t, you know, because we all know what side they are on, but you know, whatever it isn’t helping them. But that’s how it is. I’m going to take a drink. Yummy. You’ve got to love that disaster coffee. Any who like, like YouTube, dr.

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Steve Turley always says, there’s an unstoppable rise of a new conservative age and he’s right. You know, I, I see all of these leftists and all of this, you know, socialism in all this crap, this indoctrination, all this stuff, it’s falling apart. These groups that use to be United in their silly, shared vision of a socialist America. But you know, they’re coming apart at the seams. They’re literally unraveling before our very eyes. And there is an unstoppable rise of a new conservative age.

1 (15m 53s):
There is no way around it. The new conservative age is rising faster than any of us thought possible. I mean, look at the Supreme court, Donald Trump got into office and everybody knew he’d probably get one Supreme court justice. Okay. Fine. Whatever. Because I mean, Obama was supposed to get one, right? So of course Trump is going to get won. And then somehow he got another one and everyone was like, Holy balls, this is bad. This is really, really bad. But at least we still have John Roberts.

1 (16m 35s):
Who’s a flip-flop and you know, fricking doesn’t stand for nothing bullshit artist. Nope. Sorry. Didn’t mean to curse anyways. Everyone’s like, okay, Elise, we still have John Roberts, you know, so we can usually control that idiot. Okay, cool. We’ve still got him. But then, then, then, then, Oh my gosh. Then RBG, the original RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally passed away.

1 (17m 19s):
She kept her seat till she passed away. She couldn’t have retired early. No, no, no, no, no, no. She kept her seat right up until she died. And guess what? That gave us. Yup. Amy Coney Barrett, the unflappable highly, highly intelligent untouchable. Amy Coney Barrett and originalist trained by Scalia, worked under Scalia and originalist who believes and the bill of rights, the constitution, she believes it’s interpreted as it was written.

1 (18m 3s):
How I’m so, so happy does. Now. Now we have a five, four conservative majority on the court instead of four, five. Now it is five, four. We have been waiting over 70 years for this to happen. Conservatives have Christians have people who believe in this country and the amendments and the constitution, the bill of rights, people who believe in this stuff have been waiting so long for this to happen. And now it finally has.

1 (18m 44s):
It’s just amazing. But one of the more interesting things on dr. Steve Curly’s channel, and you’ll hear him talk about all this stuff too, is how positive and happy he is. Every time I watched that channel, it makes me feel better about the news. And because watching the news and stuff, it’ll get you down, it’ll get you down. You know, I mean, there’s no way around it. It’s depressing sometimes, but if you haven’t yet, you should definitely check them out. And one of the more interesting things too, that we’ve been seeing is a massive amount of people who have sent in their early voting paperwork.

1 (19m 27s):
You know, the early, early poll, you know, early voting. Now, a lot of people are trying to call or email city polls and ask if they can get their paperwork back so they can change their freaking vote. Yes. Believe it or not. People are trying to change their vote. Trump was talking about his recent rally. He said something like, hashtag how do I change my vote? You know, can you believe that people are literally trying to get away from Joe Biden? They want to go to the other side.

1 (20m 7s):
People want to switch from Democrat to Republican so badly after all these scandals and all this crap came out, they want to switch their vote. I I’m just, I’m blown away. People are literally trying to get their paper back, their trying to get their polls back so they can change their friggin votes. That’s that’s just nuts, dude. I never heard of that happening before ever. I mean anyways. Okay. So let’s move on to the product pic of the week. The product pick this week is actually, a 12 gauge, exact, a low recoil arrow, slugs, the slugs or the slugs off.

1 (20m 52s):
Awesome. That’s my keys to my truck. The slugs are just absolutely amazing. Now they, they’re only pushing 1,150 feet per second, which is, this is the thing, you know, some over a subsonic level FPS about 250 feet per second, over, depending on how you look at it. Now, as we know, subsonic ammo tends to run at well. I mean, it can, it runs under under 900 feet per second and you know, under normal conditions. However, I have seen ammo that is subsonic, that runs under 1100 feet per second to, I’ve seen some 45 that runs at 850 feet per second or 839.

1 (21m 43s):
I’ve seen, let’s see, I seen some, some Sonic nine millimeter ammo, you know, that it’s like one 47 grain that runs at a 1039 or 1050 or something like that. I’ve seen that too. So, I mean, you, you’ve got to take the, the, the feet per second with a grain of salt, of course. But yeah. Sorry. The, the, the exact a 12 gauge arrow slugs are actually perfect for pump shotguns, but they also cycle in my semi-auto a member 12, they cycle on that quite well.

1 (22m 28s):
Granted they do say that they are low recoil. Okay. But they do have enough powder in them to cycle my beefy, the B12, you know, cause the Viper 12 has a rather large and beefy action. So if it has enough powder in there and enough power behind it to cycle the Prepper twelves action, then it’s a pretty beefy round, right. Are a shell in this case. Now the, the, the 12 gauge slugs, these ones are actually rifled. Okay. So there meant to be used in a smooth bore shotgun, which of course, most shotguns are smooth bore.

1 (23m 11s):
So that is a, okay,

2 (23m 14s):
Right now, these shells with I’m actually getting out of the bag right now. There you go. There’s one box and two bucks, you get the bag out of here. Cause it’s kind of an annoying sound.

1 (23m 31s):
These shells are actually two or three quarter. Okay. Which, you know, if you know anything about shotgun shells, you know what that is the measurement after the shell has been fired, but yeah, they’re two or three quarter inch shells, the slugs themselves weigh one ounce, which is quite a bit of weight behind that, that round behind that shell. Okay. I don’t want to get shot at, at all, but a one ounce slug. No, please. No. I’m as you know, the, the slugs run at 11 150 feet per second. On average, normally we measure bullet weight, ingrains the nine millimeter.

1 (24m 12s):
FMJ a 115 grain bullets or the 45 ACP has its standard 230 grain bullet as well. Okay. Pretty standard weight measurement for the actual projectile itself. The bullet now let’s think about some seriously heavy bullets, like the 45 70. Okay. The 45, 70 round it comes in, it comes in a few different Greenways. It comes in a couple of, you know, and it’s like the nine millimeter, or you can get a nine millimeter in a 115 grain, 124 grain hundred 35 grain, a 147 grain, 150 grain.

1 (24m 54s):
I’ve even seen him in a 165 grain. Okay. 45 to 70. You can get it. And then quite a few grain weights as well. But the most popular ones that I’ve seen so far are the 300 grain rounds. Okay. As we all know, the 45 70 is a big, big, big chunk of lead flying down range. They can actually stop an elk or a Buffalo. Okay. Or, you know, other big North American game. We, that’s why so many hunters use it because it is great for a big game.

2 (25m 28s):
Okay. Now that

1 (25m 32s):
It is a big chunk of lead 300 grains, that’s a big chunk of lead. Okay. So Dame, how big is a 12 gauge one ounce slug. How big is the one ounce slug inside of the theology? Exact the arrow slug. One ounce. Okay. How many grains are we talking about for a one ounce slug? Because we’ve switched from grains as a unit, a weight measurement, two ounces, right? So the answer

2 (26m 6s):
Is one ounce

1 (26m 8s):
Is 437.5 grains.

2 (26m 14s):
Let me say that one more time. A week,

1 (26m 18s):
Slug is 437.5 grains.

2 (26m 25s):
Holy crap, dude. That’s a lot. That’s big dude that wow.

1 (26m 37s):
Pretty close to being two 45 ACP.

2 (26m 43s):
You to have the 230 grain cartridges. I mean, that’s a big slug

1 (26m 48s):
As a man. There’s no way around it. I’ve got one in my hands right now. One of the shells in my hands, I mean, it looks to be about an inch. Give or take a long, and of course the same diameter as a 12 gauge. Good. Gosh, man, it is so fricking heavy and the hand to, but anyways, I digress

2 (27m 12s):
This 437

1 (27m 15s):
Grain slug with literally put down any North American game animal. No problem. Okay. And it would make some of them explode. That’s why I love these rounds. That’s why I love slugs in general. That’s why I love the shotgun because it’s so fricking versatile pump or semiauto does not matter to me. Makes no, nevermind. I doesn’t make a, like a cent, a little bit of a difference to me, man. I’m if you want to get these, you’ll probably have to shop around a little bit. You can usually get them in 10 round boxes like I did, but I have to, I I’ve also seen them in small ammo cans, which contain 80 yells.

1 (28m 1s):
It’s pure, it’s pure luck. If you can find new shotgun shells at any point. Anyway, at this point, you know, getting ammo is getting harder and harder. Okay. But if you can find them, get them, mine were 12 bucks a box, which is not great, but it’s not horrible either, but as you can find them cheaper online, get them on a hot, you just had to look around anyways. If you want to know more about the actual shells themselves, if you want, like, you know, hardcore specs on the actual shells themselves, you can go to Fiorucci, and check out all of the offerings.

1 (28m 44s):
It’s spelled F I O C C H I a M M O M and check out all their other offerings. Okay.

2 (28m 56s):

1 (28m 58s):
That does it for the Prepper product pic of the week. I am very, very happy,

2 (29m 1s):
Happy with them. Super, super happy. Anyway. Add them to my,

1 (29m 7s):
A small box of a shotgun ammo. So let’s see

2 (29m 14s):
What time do we have?

1 (29m 17s):
Okay. So it’s been about 30 minutes. All right. So let’s take a break and then we’re going to come back and we’re going to talk about Last Minute Preps we’re going to talk about Last Minute Preps what kind of preparedness can we do with very little time left before the November election? Okay.

2 (29m 38s):
Okay. So

3 (29m 42s):
Don’t go away. I will be right back.

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Hey, y’all Jordan here. You’re a host of a family affair touches every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM. Eastern, as we discussed Prepping on every level. And remember everybody, everybody turn to the gun metal.

1 (33m 35s):
Yes, yes, yes we do. We return to the gunmetal armory. Okay guys. So let’s get down to brass tacks. What are we talking about here? We are going to talk about Last Minute Preps okay. Now I do have to do a little bit of a disclaimer. I am sorry, but some of this stuff could be taken the wrong way. So for any of the geniuses out there that may try to use this the wrong way. I do have to do this disclaimer. So I do apologize. All right, guys and gals, the info I’m about to talk about is just that info.

1 (34m 16s):
Okay. If, if meant or sorry, this is meant for information purposes only. Okay. Making and deploying these types of items is currently illegal. Well, deploying them is currently illegal. Making some of these things is illegal in each state and should not be done. Okay. This is just for your information. Okay. So you have a, so you have it in your mental toolbox. This is information to have in your mental toolbox. Okay. Don’t be dumb. Don’t build or deploy anything.

1 (34m 58s):
That’s going to get you in trouble with the law. Okay. Don’t do it, man. Trapping is illegal. All right. Good. Okay. So what Last Minute Preps are important. Last Minute Preps I think Last, Minute Preps can be divided into a couple of distinct groups. Okay. And I’m sure there are way more, you know, ways to divide this and way more different ways to talk about this, but I’m just going to do my thing. Okay.

1 (35m 38s):
I believe that you can put it into a couple of groups, one defensive to authentic and three non-combative. Okay. So let’s go with non-combative first. All right. I asked the minister’s a metal. What her Last Minute Preps would be okay if we didn’t have anything here at HQ. If we had nothing at all, what would her Last Minute Preps be her responses were interesting to say the least. They were quite interesting.

1 (36m 20s):
One of her first things she said, and this makes sense for us because we, we prefer it this way, but one of her first responses was firewood, firewood. Okay. That’s interesting firewood. And of course, you know, a lot of these responses are going to be area dependent is going to depend on where you are and what you need for the area you’re in. If you’re a Prepper that lives in Hawaii, Kansas are, you may not need firewood. Heck chances are, you may not even have any, but you know, it just depends on where you are.

1 (37m 7s):
Okay. Again, if you live in Phoenix, you probably won’t need a fire, a firewood, or even a fireplace for that matter, but let’s see what were some of her others responses, medical supplies. That one obviously makes a lot of sense. You know, I do a lot of Shows with miles, you know, and Archangel dynamics, tactical medical trainers, they, they basically push medical supplies anytime they can. And it does make a lot of sense because without medical, how are you going to get back in the fight? You know, how are you going to be able to run your homestead?

1 (37m 49s):
How are you going to be able to take care of yourself? So on and so forth? You know, medical supplies are pretty much the most important thing or one of the most important things you can possibly have. So, you know, medical supplies is another good one from the mistress of metal. Another one that she, she popped out there was, Oh gosh, a brain fart, canned goods, canned goods are absolutely imperative. I know a lot of people in America already have a decent amount of, of canned goods in their, in their pantries or in their cupboards or no, all around and in their homes.

1 (38m 43s):
But what canned goods do you have is the question. Do you have, you know, 50 cans of tomato sauce and like one can of green beans? Or do you have a good variety? I mean, do you have chili? Do you have, umm, you know, tomato paste and corn and green beans and carrots and chef Boyardee and you know, a ravioli and on and on and on tuna fish, Hey, you know, on and on, you know, do you have a good variety? And when the mystery is a metal says canned goods, that is what she is referring to.

1 (39m 25s):
She’s referring to having a really solid amount and a really solid diversity in canned goods, not just, you know, 500 or the same thing. Okay. Another thing. And she mentioned, she said water and more water. The reason she says that is because the average person needs about two gallons of water per day. Now one gallon of that is going to be drinking water, obviously, maybe even more. Okay. But one guy that will most likely go toward hygiene, you know, washing up a little tuck, entails, you know, washing your hair, washing her hands, you know, utility type stuff.

1 (40m 17s):
Okay. So if you don’t have enough water, you’re not going to be able to do all of these things that are important. Now, keep in mind that the water that you’re going to use for hygiene doesn’t need to be, as you know, as clean and as purified as drinking water will be obviously, but keep in mind that water can get into your mouth. For example, you would obviously want to use some of your drinking water to brush your teeth with, even though that is a hygiene activity, however, you could potentially filter all your hygiene water, you know, that you’re going to use for your hair and, you know, washing your face and stuff like that.

1 (41m 7s):
You could potentially filter all of it and not worry at all about its quality or if it’s safe or not. But on top of the water situation, you will also need to have the containers to store the water. And you’ve got to have something to put it in. You can’t just, you know, have it float in, in, you know, the another world. I mean, you’ve got to have some rather large barrels or, you know, buckets, or you could get one of those bathtub bags, you know, I’m sure you’ve seen those online. Those are great from what I hear miles and Archangel dynamics, he says, he’s got a couple of them and he loves them.

1 (41m 52s):
Absolutely love them. They’re they’re basically like a waterbed bladder kind of thing. And don’t quote me on that. But there basically a big bag that you stick into the bathtub and you pull the faucet up to the hole in the bag and basically fill up the bag. I think the instructions suggest that you leave it in the tub, which in my opinion is a very good idea. I wouldn’t want to pull it out of the tub, but some people might anyways, basically just doing that before the utilities get shut off, because that, that water is going to be pretty much safe. It’s going to be pretty much okay.

1 (42m 35s):
Initially, initially. So that’s another option, but if you don’t have those options, I mean, you can literally get Tupperware and fill up temporary with water in your house. You can get totes, you know, that you pack a bowl, your, you know, holiday stuff and all that, you know, put water in that. I mean, anything that is a waterproof use that if you don’t have anything else, this is if you don’t have any thing else, okay. Anyways, moving onto the next thing, coffee,

5 (43m 8s):
No coffee.

1 (43m 13s):
Now there are a lot of different ways to go about this. Okay. You can buy it freeze dried, you know, like the Folgers freeze dried stuff that kind of comes in a brick. You can buy that stuff. And that’s, that’s great because most of the time all you gotta do is add water and you’ve got yourself a cup of coffee. Lot. A lot of guys love that. I mean, they just love that because it’s so easy to make a cup of coffee. Right. But, you know, Folgers is a very basic, basic basic company. And I would probably only use that for trade because I don’t want to give away my good stuff.

1 (43m 56s):
Okay. Next option would be, you know, something a little bit different, which would basically just be a normal can have coffee, you know, but still sealed. Those are great as well, but be prepared because if you know, if there’s a barter situation or something, you know, people are gonna want some of that coffee, namely, all of that coffee, but bear in mind that you’ll need to have, you know, necessary equipment to split it up and be able to use it for trade. So those too, you got your freeze dried coffee, easiest hell to make a cup out, you got your normal, a ground coffee beans in a coffee cup.

1 (44m 45s):
You can that’s. That’s okay. And you also got beans. Okay. You can get beans at the store, you know, and at the grocery store, or you can get them online from awesome companies like disaster coffee. You can go to disaster coffee and get beans and grind them up yourself in your own coffee grinder. Now do, you can find, obviously you can use electric coffee grinders. Those are awesome. I got one of those, but you can also, so find a hand, crank coffee, bean grinders. Okay. My parents used to have a lot and I was younger.

1 (45m 26s):
They had one for, for coffee when I was younger. It was a really, really kind of cool man. I had never seen anything like that you did before, you know, when I was young, but yeah, it is one of those things that you don’t necessarily run a across. So that’s something to keep in mind. And it is something that, you know, as Prepper, as we should be considering, like, how am I going to write up my coffee? Another option? Do you get the beans is you can add disaster coffee. You can also the green coffee beans where they, they haven’t been roasted yet.

1 (46m 7s):
So that’s another good a storage option when it comes to be, you know, being in Prepper and, you know, getting your coffee beans. It’s a very, very good option offered by disaster coffee. So, and then the other thing that is available or offered is dry milk. That is something that the mistress a metal off are suggested as well, dry milk. You know, it’s one of those things that you obviously were going to need milk and just going to need you to be set aside and still, yeah. You know, obviously we can’t do that with normal milk.

1 (46m 49s):
It’s going to go back and forth surely, you know, freezing it, things like that. I mean, all that stuff you can do, but eventually it’s time is going to come. Whereas with dry milk, you know, it generally has a longer shelf life as you get the right stuff. Another story ingestion from the, the mistress of metal was plenty of a winter clothing, plenty of winter clothing and blankets. Now this is one of those things that people should have. It kind of seems like a given to me, but there are a lot of people out there that just don’t think about this.

1 (47m 32s):
Or they moved from Phoenix to Flagstaff and basically they didn’t take the weather into account, you know, and this is our first winter in Flagstaff. And there were like, Oh my gosh, you know, it’s, it’s already, you know, below freezing at night. Holy crap, what happened? You know, they have no electric blankets. They have no extra blankets at all because they were in Phoenix where you don’t really need a blanket because it’s a dog around the house. Umm, you know, they have no electric blankets, no, no winter clothing, no jackets. They have, you know, a couple of hoodies, maybe a sweatshirt.

1 (48m 12s):
But you know, as far as like a heavy duty jacket goes or something or you know, even winter, do you know, Flynn a line, winter pants, things like that. They just don’t have any of it because they’re not prepared. So winter clothing and blankets is a big, big, big one, man. That was one of those things that you just have to have. Okay, what’s next? So, and hygiene products of all kinds. Now me and the mistress. We, we like buy extra soap when we go to the, the grocery store or wherever we’re going, you know, even a dollar store.

1 (48m 60s):
That’s another good place to get your Self soap and hygiene Preps because, or they’re widely available there. There’s lots of them there. So we like to get them when we go The soap, it’s generally relatively cheap. You can stack it deep. You can get the larger things that are used for refills or you can get a smaller things of hand soap. They’re like 99 cents. You can get the bars of soap, which are usually, you know, very, very cheap as well. So it’s all of that stuff is good to have all of it in the cheap stuff from the dollar store.

1 (49m 44s):
It’s a very, very good to have and you know, believe you me in a crisis. Soap is going to become very, very, very sought after people are still gonna want to be clean. People are still gonna want to smell nice. People are still going to need antibacterial. So put their hands. So soap is going to be a very, very, a valuable, I think in an emergency. Okay. A and something really good soap is great. Hand soap is great, but if you’re going to barter it, you’re going to probably have to barter the entire bottle of hand soap at a time.

1 (50m 24s):
Right. But if you’ve got bars of soap, you know, like the normal little two inch by four inch or two inch by three inch bar soap, you can cut that into like three pieces, you know, a long ways. So you can make like little baby rectangles out of them, you know, one, two, three rectangles out of a bar soap and then you can barter each of those bars of soap, you know? So you make one bar into three bars, which is awesome. You just use like a serrated knife or something like that to cut it down works really, really well.

1 (51m 4s):
And it makes yourself Last three times, as long as, you know, as far as Bartter goes, like this is going to argue with you. You got a little bar soap, there is going to work for you. It’s fine. They basically end up being a little bit thicker than the hotel bars of soap. You know, the little baby rectangle bars or Sophie didn’t from the hotel. They ended up being thicker than that, but not as long and not as wide or about as long, but not as wide. Okay. I’m sure if you got to in your head, you know, how big a normal bar soap is and you can imagine cutting that into three pieces long ways. You know, like if it’s, if it’s it’s a rectangle, so if it’s two inches by four inches or two inches by three inches, you know, and you’re going to cut, you’re gonna leave the two inside and you’re going to cut one inch and one inch.

1 (51m 59s):
So you’ll have a one inch by two inch bar or so. And then another one inch by two inch bar to open another one inch by two inch to borrow soap. That’s what is going to end up being so, so is going to be a big one. Hygiene products of all kinds, maxi pads, tampons, feminine hygiene products of all kinds are going to be highly sought after as well. You know, girls are going to need this stuff for sure. Okay. So don’t forget about that. Shampoo conditioner, not terribly terribly needed, but at the dollar store you can get this stuff cheap.

1 (52m 45s):
Okay. Another thing you can do is go to the dollar store and go to the travel section. Okay. If you want to be able to borrow this stuff, you can get a little baby travel size bottle and use those to barter with. Okay. Or you can even build a little hygiene kit that has a little shampoo conditioner in one bottle, a little tiny bar of soap, a maybe a little tiny toothbrush and a small thing or a tube of toothpaste. You know, that’s another one toothpaste, toothpaste and toothbrushes. That is going to be huge.

1 (53m 26s):
I mean, who the heck wants to get a toothache? Right? So that one is going to be another big, big, big one. Okay. Hygiene products, all that stuff. It’s going to make a massive difference. Now don’t don’t get stuff like hairspray make up things like that. That stuff is not Preps okay. That stuff is not important. It doesn’t need to be prepped. Okay. Deodorant, antiperspirant, not a bad idea

6 (54m 1s):
To have not a bad idea to have.

1 (54m 4s):
Of course we know rubbing alcohol, hand, sanitizer peroxide, things like that. Those are very, very good to have. But those kind of fall under the category of a medical Preps or is this something that we talked about earlier medical Preps very, very useful. Let’s see what else is in here? Any kind of medicines, you know? Okay. Again, that’s under medical Preps yeah. I think that’ll do it for the M for the soap and hygiene stuff that should work for that.

1 (54m 45s):
Now there are many other Last Minute Preps that we can get into. I don’t have much time left here, but I’ll probably continue this next week. And I’m going to go into the authentic and defensive side of Last Minute Preps and next week is really going to be the last Minute. Let me tell you what let’s see. Thursday is going to be the fifth. Yeah. So it’s going to be two days after the election is going to be last minute. Like you ain’t gonna believe, but we’re still going to be having these same problems and there’s bound to be a heck of a lot of civil unrest right after the election.

1 (55m 25s):
So I’ll be telling you guys things that you need to pick up for that. Okay. But to give you a little bit of a taste of this, let’s talk about defensive Preps for maybe two or three minutes. Okay. Another way to look at this stuff. Okay. Another way that I looked at it is what do I need, you know, to defend my home. If things get really, really bad. All right. What if things get bad? Bad. Okay. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Well, I mean, you’re going to need supplies to make things like Cal drops to make things, you know, you can use for man traps, vehicle traps, roadblocks, early warning systems, all of these things, you’re going to need supplies to build.

1 (56m 19s):
Okay. So you’ll need supplies to set up a defensive positions at your home as well. Like defensive position. It’s like a pill box or you know, a little foxhole, anything like that, to be able to defend your home or, you know, create defensive C a M defensive positions outside your home as to what we’re referring to here. But you can also create them inside your home. There’s no reason you can’t. Okay. And then give me an example here. And I’ve only got like a minute and a half left here, but items like sandbags, sandbags are something that you should have on hand anyway, but sandbags are absolutely perfect for this type of thing.

1 (57m 8s):
’cause you can go outside, you can dig yourself, you know, like a five foot deep foxhole or a four foot deep foxhole up sandbags around it, or leave yourself a little pork to shoot through, you know, use some wood to make a little port and bam. You’ve got yourself a little, a little Fort there that can, you know, help withstand any kind of attack or, or whatever. Right. Would of all sizes shapes, you know, lengths, all that stuff would is a big one. Get you get all the ways you can store it. Okay. Screws and nails, screws, and nails.

1 (57m 50s):
Those are gonna be super important, man, because how are you going to assemble anything? If you don’t have screws and nails. Now, granted you can use old techniques like Morrison, tannin, dovetailed joints, and things like that. Okay. Not impossible to do, but it takes practice to get it right. Okay. So those are all, some things that are very, very important. And there’s so much more guys, but I am literally out of time. So what I’m going to do, we’ll talk about Cal trops next week. We’ll talk about setting up more defensive positions next week. And we’ll talk about authentic Preps next week and we’ll get into all that stuff.

1 (58m 31s):
Okay. But as for now, I don’t get any more time left. So it’s been a great show. Remember guys, don’t forget to check out. I am Liberty on Wednesday nights. That is our Intrepid commander. He is the man, the myth of a lot. Check ’em out on Wednesday nights. He has a grand show. You guys will love it. I’m Liberty Wednesday nights. Okay. I’m also a Saturday night checkout. Jafer with a family affair, check out the Friday night show, check out the Patriot power hour checkout Tuesday. That’s a pager power, but it’s also next generation with Ryan and his son calling to check them out.

1 (59m 11s):
Guys, you will love all of these Shows please give them a look. Okay. Remember if you guys have any questions, you can always email me at gunmetal armory at Gmail com. We’ll see you guys next time as we journey deeper inside the gun metal armory. Goodnight, everybody.

0 (59m 33s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gun metal armory. Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote Self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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