November 30, 2022


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The Greatness of Humanity with I AM Liberty

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Prepper Broadcasting Network we have to hit the reset button to create a culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and all the way up. What is it? The gentlemen wish? What would they have is life? So dear or peace, so sweet as to be purchased at the price of Jane’s and slavery four bit all mighty God, I know not what course others may take or give me death

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Back to back sort of. And so that’s yesterday in some sense, and it really wasn’t at all until the 1960s that we had some sense that we had developed technologically to the point where some of what we can do mechanically might start to have a planetary repercussions say with, you know, we, we, we saw that with the air quality in cities, for example, and, and that denuding of, of, of, of the countryside, and then perhaps the overfishing in relationship to the oceans, which started to happen after world war II, but nobody had any sense really until 1960 that, well, maybe we had to take care of things a little bit better than we were, because there was more of us.

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We were starting to become a force that was to some degree, a match for nature, you know, and, and bloody well, thank God for that. You know, because nature was more than a match for us for a very long period of time, right? Our, our species has come up through, through, through the app Hawks Ian’s of absolute brutal privation and difficulty and, and starvation and, and freezing temperatures and burning in the desert sun and lack of water and lack of, of hygienic facilities. And like just hand to mouth suffering.

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What is a BB and family?

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That was a one Jordan Peterson. I felt like he kind

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Of embodied what it was that I wanted to talk about in some sense, in that little, a diatribe of his, a witch, if you want to listen to more of that, because that’s about an hour to two close to two hour talk, that is all solid gold, just search Jordan Peterson abyss. And you’ll see a live talk from the 12 rules of life in Australia, But he got into a, a, a conversation about after that. But I, I, you know, I could have just ran that whole, the whole conversation and not to do any talking myself.

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And he gets a little bit into what it is we’re going to talk about, which is the sort of the past and present Greatness of Humanity. And I want you to understand my motivation here. I am touched by the season. There’s no getting around it. I don’t want to go into my radical lust for Christmas, but I am touched by the season. And, you know, we’ve learned a lot about what we can due to the planet when we take a little break, right. And we haven’t enjoyed the break that we’ve taken, but it was pretty evident early on that the break that we took had a damn good effect on the planet and the natural world outside of a few manatees, a rat race.

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So that’s something to consider and, you know, the same can be said for, you know, other breaks that we take. Now,

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The motivation

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Tonight, like I said, while touched by the season is also about a, I don’t know, it’s a little bit of a coming to senses because we are sort of destructive right now with one another, right? We are a bit destructive right now with one another. And there’s no getting around that fact. We’ve built technologies that are, are pretty much designed for a contentious, a behavior, right? Anonymity and contentious behavior. You know, I wrote, I was writing a, a, a good return on it to be really long, but I was writing a really long poem called city boy or a week

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And I had this crazy thought of how, and when one day you guys will hear, it’s not polished, ready to go yet, but it’s a good one. And I was talking about the fact that 100% anonymity was born on line through social media and how it’s been hell for the world. And now with the scarf, I was walking through the city streets of Richmond and with scarf and mask and hat on a, I realized that 100% anonymity had arrived here in The in the flesh world, right?

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And the world of flesh and bone. And, and the reason this so radically hit me was because I was walking down the street and this never happened to me in my whole life. I was walking down the street dark, you know, it was, it was evening, completely dark, you know, not, not sunsetting or anything like that, completely dark. And the street wasn’t empty. There were several people on the street milling around, and I was walking on the left side. I have a pretty, you know, pretty packed up row home, kind of St. Enrichment right out back of the Virginia museum of fine arts.

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And I was approaching a woman and I had this, I had my, for gone. You, many of you have probably seen the Ferg. If you haven’t seen the Ferg and you don’t know what the fuck is, you need to contact Jordan Ferguson, the host of a family affair on Saturday. And by a third from her, they were great before the pandemic. Now they’re even better because of the pandemic. And if you know what it is and you know why, but take my word for it. So I got the fog on my head masks gone still, cause I had just left out of the museum and I said, you know what? I’m going to go for a walk. I’m just, you know, just to walk the city for a little bit and see what’s what, see what I can hear or see what I can see, not uncommon in my life to take long walks through busy cities and towns and that type of thing.

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You know? So it’s just, you know, one of those things and a mask on, I had a scarf on a three V gear scarf on that had like the look of a real Shimano. You know what I mean? And then the lady coming towards me looked up from her phone naturally and quickly crossed the street. It’s never happened to me before, but that’s the power of anonymity. That’s the power of anonymity. And the day that we are facing in this world that we are living in, in this world that right now we are, we are drawing further and further away from Humanity.

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And that’s what kind of makes me nervous, right? Our base. Humanity what kind of sets us apart from other things, other creatures on the planet. And we seem to be moving away from it on both sides. You know, this is not a one-sided thing. This is not to say that that everybody on one side is a doing the right thing. And everyone on the other side is doing the wrong thing. It is, we’re moving away from a humane thinking. You know, we, it’s just what it is. Problems are bigger than people. That, that that’s a pretty well put problems are bigger than people right now. And that’s a scary place to be.

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Right? You can see a ton of instances, right? You can see a ton of instances Where problems are bigger than Humanity and being the community that we are, right. The Prepper, Broadcasting, Network being the community that we are, it’s easy for us to fall into a pit of despair because we assume to ourselves that the world is coming to an end. And in most cases, its coming to an end on the backs of poor decisions made by men and women, right?

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I mean the civil unrest, the economic collapse, it at whatever you want to call it, a downturn collapse, reckoning, whatever the source word, you know, you’re going to pull out. There will be drastic effects on The on a new economy where, where so many businesses are set the clothes. There’s no way around it. I mean, I don’t see a way around it. Let me just put it that way. I’m no Elon Musk, right? I’m limited in what I w in my thinking, when it comes to that. And I just don’t the only, the only thing I could see in and it would work out perfectly for the socialists, is that the The the idea here would be to crush the economy.

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We try to UBI, right? Universal, basic income. We tried it with the yang and the nation was pretty upset about it. They didn’t like the idea of taking incentive away from people to achieve and to work. And you know, they’re right there 100%, right. In my opinion, you know, UBI, UBI is a terrifying thing in my, in my per view. But I don’t want to go into that tonight. But anyhow, you try an idea like that out and you get a lot of blow back and then you say to yourself, okay, well, I’ll show them, you shut down on the giant.

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Economy’s all over the nation in the world and you give it another go. You, you, you, you input, you download modern monetary theory so that you have a pit of money that you can pull from forever. And of course there’ll be no repercussions because of that works. And yeah. And that’s it. Let’s try this UBI thing again. Now that you’re broke. Now that you’re about to lose your house. Now that the debtors are calling you about your cars, you haven’t paid a student loan in about six months now that all that’s piling on you. Oh. And you went in to the hospital for COVID, but you got better. But man, do you got a hospital bill to pay now, now will try to throw you a UBI.

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You sure you don’t want to check on a regular basis from the government. You know, it makes me really nervous about it. What makes me really nervous about what my little theory there is that they are not even planning on sending money to the average person in this new stimuli. Right? And I’ve told you time and time again, and I’m not afraid to say it. I don’t care what anyone says about me or if it’s wrong, right. Or whatever. But if I were going to lock down the United States, the first thing I would do was say, this is going to be a limited crisis. And we’re going to do a hard lockdown, real one. And we’re going to start sending checks out today so that we can lock down properly.

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And it would have been a short-lived lockdown. It would have been a funded lockdown so that people didn’t have to go anywhere. If I was in control, that’s what I would have been sending money to people right off the bat to avoid the situation that we’re in now.

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And I’m not a money

2 (13m 2s):
From the government kind of guy, you know that you know that, but I don’t think this I’m talking early days, early days of this thing, when we really tried to lock down for real, that would have been my approach before I knew what was going on with COVID. I w I wouldn’t have dangled a $1,000 check in front of the population and told them to make, do for eight months on it. Now we know your job shut down. Here’s a, here’s a thousand bucks and a good luck getting in contact with the unemployment office. I mean, I talked to real people, guys. I know it went on with this stuff. It wasn’t pretty, and it’s still not pretty, really, it’s still not pretty.

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So it is what it is.

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This, all of that said, it’s very easy.

2 (13m 47s):
Do you feel Prepper as to get to a point where they say to themselves, God Humanity is getting everything it deserves having Jared, something like that or getting everything we deserve.

4 (13m 59s):
Yeah. Until you really sit down and think about it. You know,

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When you, when you are living a fast paced life, right? When you’re living a life that is flying by you at a million miles an hour, which most of us are,

4 (14m 19s):
You have to live, you, you almost have to

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Navigate using these cynical, you know, these cynical haikus about the world. You think maybe that’s why Twitter is so effective. You have to live in a certain amount of characters when things come along, you know? So what do you think about Humanity? Well, they make terrible decisions and they, they deserve the collapse that’s coming. And it’s easy to be very sitting on a very cynical person, man, I can be disgustingly cynical. You know, I really have to be careful in lockdown time about sarcasm and cynicism, because it’s, it’s rough. You know, you can drop, you can drop some sarcasm and cynicism on your children and on your wife.

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And it’s not, it can be ugly. It can be not, not what you were not the type of thing you want to do to your family.

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So I think

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I thought tonight, and I could use your help to a chat room. I just figured out something about the chat room, by the way, I found out that there’s a way in and chin don’t be mad. You probably told me, and I wasn’t either not paying attention or I forgot, but there’s a way that we can share this chat room a little easier than we have been lately. So we’re going to try that out. We’ve got a few new members, a welcome new members, and I sent them that link. So we’ll see how, how much different it is to sign up via that interesting link. But yeah, I’d like to see,

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I would like

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To see if anybody in chat chat looks pretty good. I got some folks in here who are thoughtful and, and a smart for, you know, that’s an understatement, but I’d like to see if anything, spurs in your mind as we get into what we are about to get into, which is just a little gushing over Humanity, you know, can you get past your BS? I’ve got a few things that we do have to talk about later in the show, we’ve got to announce some 12 days winners we’ve got to do. I do want to talk about the new Chinese ambassador,

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A quote and sorrows return.

2 (16m 47s):
We drowned them with wine since the world can in no way answer our craving. That’s a powerful line right there. That’s not the whole quote. I’m not done, but I’m going to read that again. Cause that’s, that’s pretty straw. Just think about daily life and sorrows return though. We drown them with wine since the world can in no way answer our craving. It’s like the core tenant of, of what I’ve been doing all, all this whole year, not the wine part, but under the understanding that the world can in no way, answer your craving. I will loosen my hair tomorrow and take to a fishing boat.

2 (17m 29s):
The great poet Lee by Lee, by LA Bai, a old Chinese poet, deep, deep, deep understanding of life.

4 (17m 45s):
I’ll tell you what, knowing a one thing

2 (17m 52s):
That’s interesting about The Greatness of Humanity is how much we have figured out about ourselves from so long ago,

4 (18m 2s):
Right though, The

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Life has changed so radically with the baubles, right? The baubles of life changed extensively over time. But listen, and sorrows returned though. We drown them with wine. Since the world can, in no way answer our craving, I will loosen my hair tomorrow and take to a fishing boat. Now, most people knows those people don’t get the last line ever. They spend their life with the wine and they spend their life struggling to, to, to answer for the, for that craving within, I mean, it’s all around you. You know what I mean? The answer is they’re all around you. I, like I said, I went to the, the Virginia museum of fine arts in Richmond, Virginia is a treasure.

2 (18m 53s):
I mean, it really is. It’s an absolute treasure and it’s filled with absolute treasures. You know, the art that changes from time to time, I’m just always amazed at what shows up there. I mean, I just moments getting into the museum and the reason I want to talk about artists, because art is,

4 (19m 13s):
Is one of the pinnacles of Humanity. And it really is. I mean, it is

2 (19m 19s):
One of the pinnacles of humanity. Most of you turn the show off already. No way. We’re not good to talk about,

4 (19m 29s):
But I walk

2 (19m 30s):
Into the VMF. I got the terrorist look on that. I told you about that. Scared the woman across the street from me, hat Masque, you know, questionable Shamar or a scarf, right?

4 (19m 47s):

2 (19m 47s):
Security guard gave me a look that I’ve also never gotten before from a security guard. I wanted to say, I’m just here to look at the paintings, just leave me be and the artifacts, but you know, that’s how it goes. So long story short, I go through a bunch of you. You can make your way from ancient Egypt all the way up to modern times. Ah, if you walk through the museum at a certain way, which is just, it’s just in times like these folks, when you’re feeling down about Humanity, when you’re feeling like the country is fractured, we’re being deceived. We are, you know, the whole thing when nothing but the, the vileness of humanity seems to be radiating off of everyone around you take a trip to a science museum, a historical museum of, of, of an art museum

4 (20m 40s):
And really

2 (20m 43s):
Touch base with what we are and understand that God are we living through a better time? There was one painting from the medieval times. I can’t remember the author. I don’t, I can’t remember the author. I mean, I’m sorry, the artist,

3 (21m 5s):
And it

2 (21m 5s):
Was a historical story. And I apologize for not knowing the background. I’m sure if you search it up, you’ll be able to find it because it’s pretty, it’s, it’s a pretty interesting shot right there. Hammering a man into a barrel filled with nails, not filled with nails, I’m sorry. Studded with nails pointing inward to the barrel. And he was a military man, a stoic, maybe one of the early Stoics. And he was being shoved into this barrel. And, and the, the, the reason behind the painting was the fact that he accepted his fate with such a, you know, with such Mo stoicism, really, you know, he didn’t, he didn’t cry about the death.

2 (21m 55s):
He was about to face. He didn’t, you know, you just, what it was. So his, his sentence was very simple. They were gonna, they had a barrel that they had plunged just dozens of nails into, into the sides and into the bottom. And then they cut. Where about the, in the picture, they were about to cover him a with the lid and then roll the barrel down a Hill, you know, down a pretty steep Hill. So you were,

3 (22m 23s):
I mean, to you

2 (22m 25s):
Hard to really wrap your head around that I would have loved to have been around when they decided that this was gonna be the method, but it is what it is. You know, th th those are the times it’s a very different time now. Thank heavens. I knew that there was going to be inspiration here. There always is. You know, there’s inspiration. As far back as the Egyptians, you look at the Egyptians and you were just, I mean, when you walk through these places, you get a sense of what mattered, you know, to people, you get an idea of what, you know, the types of things that have mattered. And there’s things that really have mattered for a long time.

2 (23m 6s):
You know, it just is what it is. It did not much has changed in all of it. Things have primarily only gotten better and gotten better. So exponentially that it’s been to our detriment in some ways,

3 (23m 19s):

2 (23m 23s):
You knew something big would hit me. Okay. Cause there’s always something new. I walked right into a Salvador Dali right off the bat, by the way, it was just such a craziest painting, but it was cool. A pooled from one of his dreams. There was a lot like a Parthenon standing at a distance on a beach, people standing around a King, very, you know, Dolly style of painting. But anyway, where what I was looking for came to me and the American art section, which it’s funny because of American art for me is some, there are some of my favorites and some of my least favorite because what I, what I really love maybe more than most other things are the scenes and settings from the 18th century painters, you know, the The or not just from the 18th century painters, but that the setting’s painted of the 18th century.

2 (24m 29s):
They are, they’re just some of my favorites, man. You know, they really are the work of like, you know, William Bradford and, and his work was what really caught my eye, but it wasn’t a, it wasn’t a mainland American setting. You know, these are mostly like Forrest and, you know, all of those types of things, right? The, the setting up of farms, families in on pasture, you know, whatever, whatever it is, snowy fields just, it’s just deeply American settings with people and the, and the emotion that they pain on the people’s faces.

2 (25m 11s):
I always love because they tell the story of the time. Like one, one, I think it was a Bradford. There was a girl sitting on a mother sitting, Creekside, picking lice out of her daughter’s hair. And, you know, you were reading about that was interesting in and of itself, you know, about the fact that this was something a good mother would do in those days. You know, the, the daughter hated it. And, and The, the painting itself had been modified so that it looked like she was putting a bow in the girl’s hair, but the girl was screaming about it. Right? You were crying about it rolled over on her side a bit, but it was the size of a good mother to pick the lice from her daughters,

5 (25m 51s):
Sarah and her son’s hair. Just so you understand

2 (25m 56s):
Dan, and you know, this is not that long ago as if that’s a battle Lake Goodwin, right. You know, whatever people were bored. So I find myself standing in front of there’s these two loud women there, who, I mean, I just can’t understand the people who go to the art museum and have to have untold amounts of hours and volume inside of a quiet, wonderful setting, like an art museum and yak about what they like and dislike about a painting. I mean, can we talk about it after? Or can we whisper or something? You can look this painting up, but it doesn’t do justice. Okay.

2 (26m 36s):
It doesn’t do justice unless you see it in person. I looked it up because I couldn’t remember the name of it, but it’s something along the lines of Whaler trapped in ice Whaler, trapped in ice by William Bradford. Shows a, you know, just, just what, it sounds like a big whaling boat men in front of the whaling boat, cracking ice, making a path through the Arctic so that they could hunt whales for all. The all the things that, you know, whales were valuable for a second.

6 (27m 13s):

2 (27m 13s):
But the magic here was in the setting sun and the rays of this was oil based paint. And the The the way that the res of the sun, the purple res of the sun were shining on the ice with the use of White’s and the use of these purple’s and the use of the textures of the oil paint. William Bradford makes these, you know, the sheer background of the dark blue ice, the sun’s going down, he makes these purple flex of the setting, sun pink and purple. I mean, just, they glimmer it’s like someone applied glitter to the painting.

2 (28m 1s):
And I just stared at it, just stared at it for 20 minutes. Probably I stared at that thing. And just, you know, it wasn’t me going. I wonder if I can do that or do you know it was just, do you ever Marvel at anything anymore? Does anyone Marvel at things is the age of marveling over, you know, because everything is a swipe now. That’s cool. That’s good. Swipe like dislike swipe. When was the last time you marveled at something? I spent almost three hours in that music, like kids, a wife, a did you just don’t even get it? Like, what did you do in there for on that long?

2 (28m 43s):
Did you just, that’s what it is. It’s just so it’s a whole nother world. It literally is multitudes of worlds. And its about the quickest way. You know, its about the quickest way for you to get in touch with The Greatness of Humanity. If you’re looking for like an injection, if you are looking like for a rapid dose injection, these historical museums, these fine arts museums, I’m telling you right now, there’s a reason people go. There’s a reason, crazy people like myself go to these places where I know I’m not welcome. Right? I mean the people that were around me, I mean there’s no reason.

2 (29m 26s):
There’s no reason I would ever be around these people. They probably would have contempt for me if they knew what I did, If they knew what I did and who I was and that I voted for Trump, they would probably have contempt for me, but it is what it folks,

4 (29m 43s):
You know? So, so we have come through so much.

2 (29m 48s):
It’s insane is what we, what we produced in those dark times, right? Those dark times, the things that, that man produced insane, what man produced the technology, the craftsman’s shift, the artwork,

4 (30m 2s):

2 (30m 4s):
Powerful, what we were capable of and what we are capable of today.

4 (30m 8s):
You know, there, there are a lot of concerns about where, what we’re doing to the planet

2 (30m 15s):
About what we’re doing, you know, about the wealth

4 (30m 19s):

2 (30m 21s):
In the nation. You hear that all the time, don’t you wealth inequality in the nation. That’s something that white people have been blamed for lately. Lately. White men have been blamed for the wealth inequality in the nation, which is interesting when you think about it.

4 (30m 33s):
Okay. If you don’t know,

2 (30m 37s):
If you don’t know anything about the condition of the average white person or the, or even the average man in general, it’s easy for you to say that, you know, the a what the oppressive white man or, or even the, what do they call it? The,

4 (30m 55s):

2 (30m 55s):
Toxic patriarchy or whatever they call it these days, it’s easy for those things to fit those puzzle pieces, to fit right into your narrative. You know, but the men, men do a tremendous amount of suffering to this day. And I mean, that’s not counting the suffering that they did in the past. On a Monday night show, we were talking about men, men in that light, right. Men who would just walk into the mine and they’d work in the mind long hours for low pay to put food on the table and they’d get black lung and they’d die for working in the mine. And that was the life.

4 (31m 32s):
That was a life. But yeah,

2 (31m 34s):
He had a responsibility to put, put the food on the table, put the coal in a fireplace so you can keep warm and yeah, that’s it. What does, what did, what, what did say Mary and Twan okay. One of the,

4 (31m 53s):
I think that’s it. I mean,

2 (31m 56s):
My, my, my prior self would be so upset with my current self because you know,

4 (32m 4s):
Yeah. This guy was a chef hero of mine.

2 (32m 7s):
So Antwan Coram was the precursor to . And if you don’t know who a scuffle was, I’m sorry. It is what it is. But a scuff, you laid out the, the restaurant and hotel, really the commercial kitchen, right? A scuffle was an amazing chef

4 (32m 25s):
Who, who took the order

2 (32m 29s):
Organization, have a kitchen and really solidified it. Right? So in other words, you go and work in a kitchen today. There’s a guy on a grill. There’s a guy works saute. There’s a guy who works hot apps. There’s a guy who works cold apps. There’s a guy who works coming nowadays. Savi check, be a guy who works sides to be, you know what I mean? Guard Marshay is a, is a station sometimes that you could be your cold app’s guy, right? Pastry chef, the whole nine yards all the way up to the executive chef. So all that said was the guy who, who grabbed people from running around like lunatics and the kitchen carrying carts and things to and fro and sat them on a station and said, look, you’re going to be you’re going to handle all the cold dishes that come out of this place.

2 (33m 21s):
Okay. And, and, and so on. Well, you hit the precursor to him was a guy named Antwan Korem Mary Antwan Korem and he had a line that kind of summed up that, that sort of work ethic of back then, right. That was, that work ethic was necessary at the time to get us here. There’s no doubt about it. You said the charcoal kills us all because there was no vents. There was no hood vents in the old kitchens. You know what I mean? You shoveled hot charcoal into carts and into ovens and stoves and that type of thing.

2 (34m 3s):
And it basically fumed a whole kitchen now, but you were cooking for Kings and Queens and no ability at the time. So it didn’t really matter, right. It was, it was, it was a death one way or another, you cook the fish wrong, you could be killed. And if you cook it right, you could be killed. So one of his famous quotes was the charcoal kills us all. Oh, well the shorter, the life, the greater the glory.

6 (34m 31s):

2 (34m 32s):
I think that speaks volumes of the type of people that, or the mindset of many, many, or most through the, through the ranks of life, outside of the hobos and the train bums and that type of group, you know, people had a job to do and they did it. And because they did it over the eons, we were a gifted this time, this moment in time. Right.

6 (34m 59s):

2 (35m 1s):
Let’s take a breath from the philosophies. You will get, we’ll get back to it. I’ve got more to talk about, about The Greatness of Humanity. I want to talk about literacy. I want to talk about poverty around the world. I mean, it’s,

6 (35m 14s):

2 (35m 15s):
Doing things. Okay. We’re doing things that a lot of people don’t understand we’re doing.

6 (35m 22s):

2 (35m 25s):
Some of you, not many of you, but some of you have reached out and you’ve asked about giving money to the Network more than one of you have done this. And you know, we’re not, we’re not a five Oh one C3 or anything like that. So, and I don’t know the tax laws. And to be quite honest with you, I’m not really very interested in figuring out how you can give me money. Right? You can buy coffee, you can support sponsor’s. You can do that kind of the thing, but having heard of it, people come to me and talk to me about that and being the type of season that it is.

2 (36m 11s):
I thought maybe we would do a charity this year. This is, this is not something I will measure your, I will not measure your, a loyalty to the network or your worth in any way, whether you decide to participate in this charity or not. Okay, many of you are participating in an already. You don’t even know it or you don’t, you know it. So, you know, disaster coffee has donated money to two organizations this year. Okay. We’ve donated a couple of times to citizens assisting citizens and primarily to an organization called grindstone minutes.

2 (36m 54s):
Okay. Grindstone ministries is run by a guy named TJ Morris, also known as bear from bear Independence. Now I’m ever grateful to TJ because he We talk the talk the very early on in the creation of disaster coffee. And, and, you know, he really liked the mission. I really liked what he was doing and we joined forces and I said, look, I’m not going to give you all the money that we raised, but I’ll give you the money that we raised because that’s part of our mission here at disaster coffee.

2 (37m 34s):
And the guy has been phenomenal to us. The guy has been phenomenal. He even does a coffee time with bear now on a daily basis. And he drinks our coffee on a daily basis on that live stream that gets thousands, tens of thousands, sometimes views. And it makes a difference folks, you know, so, and all that, the mission over at grindstone is a massive one. You know, this year we saw The an explosion in awareness over the scourge of human trafficking right here in Virginia, in America. Okay. You know, and one of our, well, no, our main mission is disaster relief and rebuilding lives here in America.

2 (38m 20s):
Right? That’s what we do with the, with our portion of profits, from the zest So I thought it was only fitting, right? This is a guy, this is a guy in TJ who, and you guys probably know bear over you either one. I mean, it is what it is. This is a guy who doesn’t have to run grindstone ministries. You know, I want to talk about The Greatness of Humanity. We should talk about this, which is why I wanted to bring it up on the show. He’s got a great following, a massive following on YouTube for a Prepper, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s, I don’t know any more actually.

2 (39m 5s):
I think he’s got over a a hundred thousand subscribers. He’s doing great on Patrion. He sells a really great, I feel like he calls the bear FAC and I think recently even getting into training and classes in, in his region there that Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas area, the guy’s making money and good on them, you know? Good on him. Yeah. You speak in prepping, he’s teaching prepping and medical readiness and the whole nine yards. And it’s, you know, it’s just good for America. And we love to see people like that, Megan man.

2 (39m 45s):
But at the end of the day, that guy could make money and go to bed. You know what I mean? You could make the money and go to bed and wake up the next day and do his thing, get in front of the camera and do is, you know, do what the bear does, but there’s more, you know, there’s something more in there. And then that is what grindstone ministries is. He he’s the best Floyd all over the nation to help with the floods, to help with hurricane recovery, you know, the whole nine yards and I’m telling you right now, okay, this is a thing that he doesn’t have to do.

2 (40m 27s):
And there’s a lot of people who do these things that you don’t have to do. I mean, it’s a big deal when you think about it. And it really speaks to the greatness of Humanity, you know, th these things that stand out about humans that separate us from everything else that we know of, you know, beavers don’t build houses when, when they’re, when they’re done building their own little spot, right. They don’t it’s it’s eat, reproduce, struggled to survive and eventually die. That’s the mission. That’s the mission for every living creature on this planet, except for humans. I mean, there’s some play in there and that type of thing for some species, but for the most part, it’s, it’s a pretty straight.

2 (41m 13s):
So we were going to run a small charity for grindstone ministries. We’re going to give them even more money now, you know, because it’s a great cause. I mean, they’re literally in the process of building a chapel for victims of human trafficking. Okay. There’s an intake facility for victims of human trafficking in the area and their building a chapel, their at the intake facility so that these people can, can be healed by God’s grace. And I CA I mean, coming off of something like that. And just so you know, the reality of the situation, the vast majority of people who come in to the intake facility, our children, I mean, that’s just what it is.

2 (41m 60s):
This is from his mouth. You know, it’s a disgusting thing to think about. It’s an a and E it’s appalling, but it’s real man, and it’s happening in America. So if you find yourself in a position where you want to be charitable this season, I will share the link everywhere. We’ll put it in the newsletter this week. I’ll throw it in chat here in a second. We’ll put it on our social media and the whole nine yards. And it’ll be our little goal, you know, for what, what PBN can do will make the donation under the PBN name under Prepper broadcasting, or maybe we’ll call it Prepper broadcasting, listeners and hosts.

2 (42m 43s):

3 (42m 44s):
Yeah, we will do our thing

2 (42m 49s):
And to extend the Greatness of Humanity, right? Because these are, these are our unique things that we do that. And the other things do not do. I mean, we don’t know if the things that do the things that are done here. I mean, it’s a very, like I said, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the nightmare of the bad that we do right now of the terrible things that Humanity has done in the past. And it’s funny because when you think about it, you know, the horrors of the past and the conditions of the present are they kind of work hand in hand,

3 (43m 26s):

2 (43m 29s):
I mean, they kind of work hand in hand. Lucky says I was happy to donate my, my losing $20 bet to grindstone ministries. Good on you, man. I do appreciate that. That’s a good deal. My losing bet for those of you who are unaware,

3 (43m 48s):

2 (43m 50s):
Yeah, I mean, essentially it was, you were right.

3 (43m 55s):

2 (43m 55s):
That we were going to have chaos in November chaos in the streets in November. Right. We were all prepared for that, but you know, the, the, the right wing in this nation, the conservatives in this nation, whatever

3 (44m 11s):
It is,

2 (44m 13s):
We just go about things differently. Like we just go about things differently. Now I may have just gotten the date wrong. I probably just got the month wrong. Imagine what would happen? Imagine what would happen if they somehow figure out how to overturn. If they find out the dominion by the dominion voting machines, we are all giving point to whatever votes for every, you know, the whole thing or whatever, whatever conspiracy you are aspiring to at the moment. And they all are basically conspiracies at the moment. Let’s be honest, right. Or if they’re not conspiracies and they’ve been proven to whom they’ve been proven is, is what’s most important.

2 (44m 56s):
Right. But anyhow, glad you threw that at grindstone. I do appreciate that. Lucky. Let me see here. That’s our little link right there. Just throw it up in the chat. If anybody in chat wants to get the show on the road, I literally did this, set this up like five minutes before the show, you know, but it was just one of those things. One of those things that, that came to my heart, and I said, you know what, if we’re going to talk Greatness of Humanity, we’ve got to talk about a guy who has a he’s he’s. I mean, whether you know it or not PBN family there, and his crew have done a lot for us this year.

2 (45m 36s):
It’s it’s, it’s been a great relationship and I will be supporting him for sure. For as long as, as long as you need it, to be quite honest with you. So let’s do a little, yeah. Let’s do a little sponsorships stuff and will come back after these messages. Okay. Are you prepared to be the family doctor in a disaster or emergency? This is the Intrepid commander and I’m a holding the Prepper’s medical handbook by William w a M D in this great book. You’ll learn how to prepare for medical care off the grid.

2 (46m 16s):
You’ll learn about assessment and stabilization you’ll even deal with things like bioterrorism response, radiation, and how to build the off grid medical kit at home. The 2020 taught it’s a lot about the limitations of our medical infrastructure in America. Get the preppers medical handbook Again, that’s the Prepper medical handbook by William w the situation around Syracuse’s one of utter devastation, just like the other Newt cities, that danger areas of highest contamination extends out 20 miles from the blessed. So all the communities immediately around the city have major problems.

2 (47m 1s):
There is a mandatory evacuation order for the city itself, and some of the immediate surrounding areas. They are testing the water air and soil constantly for contamination. This excerpt is from the book titled the Prepper part, won the collapse by Carl a D Brown, go to today and explore one family’s journey through the collapse. Again, the Prepper like Carl a D Brown

4 (47m 33s):
Though, right? PBN. Don’t forget about fire edge. Now, either

2 (47m 38s):
The promo code PBN gets you $7 off this universal mag carrier. It’s been cold as hell around here lately. And I haven’t yet put my own fire edge into play. I’m looking forward to it. It’s staring at me right now. You know, outside of the cold, my whole car just gave me such trouble since Saturday. Really. I didn’t really get it all mopped up until yesterday, but I had tires and batteries and you get smacked in the face in December. I get used to that. I don’t know if you get used to that, but, you know, because I love Christmas so much and I get a little liberal with the finances.

2 (48m 22s):
I almost always expect something to come up and whack me in December. And it was a nice this year to see that and to say, you know what? It is, what it is. That’s so you take care of it, you know, and move on. But yeah, the fire edge is waiting, is going to be installed on the vehicle. I might actually be able to use it in two door pockets, one fire edge in two door pockets. Cause I was looking at my door pockets and I was like, wow, they’re kind of small. I might be able to get this thing on both sides of the front, but anyhow, universal mag carrier, a lightweight, a very affordable, very effective. If you want things at arms reach, if you want a firearm and, and magazines at arms reach and you don’t want to drill something, magnetised into your car, you know what I mean?

2 (49m 11s):
Or if you don’t want to, or whatever, this guy fits snug into the door pocket, you can add 30 round magazines. You can add hand gun magazines and it is what it is. You know, it’s a, it’s a very cool vehicular preparedness tool. You don’t have to use it as a mag carrier. Right? You can put flashlights in there. You could probably cut you C you can trim this thing anyway. You want, so it’s not a matter of like what I want to put in here. Won’t fit. You just literally cut out the space that you want, you know, and then move on. So yeah, fire, promo code PBN, seven bucks off the price puts you like 26 bucks or something like that.

2 (49m 51s):
A free shipping, give it a whirl. Okay? Support the people who support the things that you S you know, appreciate each week. What we do here at PBN, we’re going to do until they shut all the lights out. And if they ever do shut all the lights out, I want you to remember one thing and remember it very clearly red beacon look for the red beacon. Cause I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2021, but I do know censorship is going to be strong.

4 (50m 21s):
Excuse me.

2 (50m 21s):
You may want to take a sip. Okay? Fire, promo code PBN, buy one today. One for a friend, whatever it is, what it is, but I will put a video up on it. It won’t be a, member’s only video, beautiful video for everyone to see because yeah, it’s a cool product. That’s all there is to it.

6 (50m 42s):
Quote, you

2 (50m 42s):
Must not lose faith in Humanity Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops at the ocean or a dirty, the ocean does not become dirty Mahatma Gandhi. It’s pretty interesting. There’s a lot of these things, man. Incredible quotes from the time about Humanity when we’re not, we’re not at a point right now where we’ll look at this by Joseph Campbell. I want to read this Joseph Campbell one way or another. We all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life and dedicate ourselves to that.

6 (51m 21s):
Wow, this is a little

2 (51m 26s):
Just to have some bombers see are The Greatness of Humanity is not being human, but in being humane gone The again. And that, you know, that that is really strong for the times. I will tell you that right now The Greatness of Humanity is not being human, but being humane, that, that humane thing is very important. You know, it’s what drives you. It, whether you know it or not, it’s what drives you insane about the eco warriors of our time, right? The environmentalist of our time, our first of all, incredible hypocrites, right?

2 (52m 8s):
If you were a true environmentalist, I’d never know you exist. I certainly wouldn’t find you on Twitter, right? Because your phone is anathema to the T the whole idea that your trying to espouse. So when you, when you go on news sites or social media, and you see these environmentalist lunatics complaining about too many people on the planet and what you should and should don’t eat steak, you bastard, and don’t you driving fossil fuels are destroying everything. You, you know, you really got to remember what Jordan Peterson said at the start of the show.

6 (52m 51s):

2 (52m 52s):
Hasn’t really been the steward of the planet, but since the 1960s,

6 (52m 59s):

2 (52m 59s):
Mean, it’s a damn good turnaround. If you ask me, right, it’s easy to look back at the industrial revolution destroyed the whole planet. The planet is not destroyed. I mean, it’s far from being destroyed, right? But how, how insane is it to sit down and think about the fact that we turned on a dime like that? I mean, that’s turning on a dime in terms of, in terms of history For us to have come to the conclusion, basically in 1999, when did the inconvenient truth come out and as much horse shit as was in that movie, you can use it as a, at least as a, as a marker for when you know, a lot of people started thinking that things could, could be really bad, right?

2 (53m 56s):
Living on the fault says communists were worse at destroying environment. So probably, I don’t know. Hey, look, if you throw me a faulty stat about communists, that makes them look bad. I’ll read it anyway. I don’t know. I’m not saying that’s a faulty stat. I just really don’t know. To be honest with you, what is tolerance? It’s the consequence of Humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error. Let us pardon reciprocally. Each other’s folly. That is the first law of nature. Voltaire, Voltaire. Voltaire’s got some amazing ones while Tara was on Liberty long before the founding fathers were on Liberty, which is pretty cool.

2 (54m 42s):
So let’s talk about some other things. Well, let me see, what else do I get in the chamber here? Yeah, so I mean, you know, the fact that that we’ve done what we’ve done thus far with the planet, with the planting of trees and that whole thing. I mean, we, we’ve got to give up on the fish for a little while. You know, that just has to happen. I don’t see it happening, but it has to happen. It just has to, we just have to take a break on it. It is when you can’t fish the seas barren. And unfortunately, even with government intervention, it’s happening, you know, and, and to living on the false point, you know, Chinese, you know, they’re doing, they’re doing a lot of work on the emotions.

2 (55m 25s):
There’s no doubt about it, but their not the only ones there, not the only ones. It is a time for humane and thoughtful disobedience and supportive Liberty. That’s my quote. Right? So that when I see these words, when I read these words from people like Ondi and Voltaire, it’s, it, it just clicks with me because that’s, that’s where my mind is right now. It is a time for humane and thoughtful disobedience and supportive Liberty. You know, we, this is where we are folks. When you look at the vaccination war that’s coming, when you look at the war for the freedom of speech, if you look at the war for your second amendment rights and probably the war for your eighth amendment rights, you know, I think we’re going to see people suffer in the, in, in the eyes of the law in ways that we can understand, you know, and I got to thank black rifle, coffee company, because I wasn’t paying that much attention to Kyle Rittenhouse until they made their Folley and being a good capitalist.

2 (56m 42s):
Like I am I, who also owns a coffee company. I decided to a, to go after it, after that little piece of the market, that’s fractured off of them after their, their mistakes. Not because I hold ill will towards black rifle, coffee company or anything like that. But because, you know, capitalism, that’s what we do. That’s how it goes. You know, if people say, I don’t want to drink this coffee anymore, man, because they donated to Obama and they didn’t support second amendment for the civilian or how however they looked at it. However, anybody looked at the story when it came out. Yeah. I just put my tentacles out in and grabbed through that.

2 (57m 24s):
And I don’t know if I’ve told you guys or not, but we created a black rifle coffee. No, a black rifle refugee pack over a disaster, Actually it’s called a black rifle refugee bundle that we sent out to her, our disaster coffee newsletter. And yeah, it is just that it’s a great deal. On three, three blends, you get three blends for 40 bucks free shipping. It’s it’s a great deal really. And yeah, that’s just capitalism at work folks, but anyhow, they brought my attention back to Kyle Rittenhouse and I had no idea that Kyle Rittenhouse had something like a two, what was it? $2 million bond, something crazy, right?

2 (58m 6s):
Just, just absolutely outrageous for a self-defense case, you know, which is what you’re talking about. You’re talking well, you know, you’re not even talking about a self-defense case. If we were really, if we were really going to have the discussion about cacao, Rittenhouse and how that all went down, you would be having an impeachment trial, not have the president of the governor or you at least the governor, maybe the governor and the mayor never forget that. What happened in Kenosha was a failure of The of the governor.

2 (58m 51s):
You, you don’t get in Kyle Rittenhouse his position just by chance. You know, you don’t go out on it. He wouldn’t have been they’re on a Wednesday night or whenever it was with an AR 15 slung over his shoulder. If the governor and the mayor were able to maintain order in Kenosha, I mean, that’s the whole story, but the Kings can not be punished don’t you understand? And when the cannot be punished, I’m telling you right now, people have to stand up for what they believe in that people have to stand up and protect their property. And that’s what happened.

2 (59m 33s):
And then they throw a cruel and unusual punishment at the kid, 17 years old of a $2 million bond. And I’m telling you right now, I don’t think he’s gonna be the last person that you see get, get, get a bond like that. So I’m going to cite kind of insane punishment for something that just doesn’t make any sense. So it just, you know, to be prepared

6 (59m 58s):

2 (1h 0m 1s):
But it does blow my mind. You know, when you look at that situation and you, you know, when you watch a city erupt into chaos and the only person that you can blame in all of this is a 17 year old kid, right? I mean, can we not call these governors, the state representatives? Can we not take them to task over the fact that they created this problem? Or at least no, they created this problem. I mean, it is in their oath. It is their duty to maintain order and keep the people safe.

2 (1h 0m 42s):
It’s a very interesting watching a pandemic and watching a scene or cultural revolution take place before our very eyes and listening to the hypocrites who run the States. It is a very interesting, isn’t it? I mean, if you really sit down and think about it, If you really sit down and think about it in one breath, these governors tell you that they are committed to your safety and security. They want, you know, they’re committed to the health and safety of the people of New York city or whatever name, the spot, right?

2 (1h 1m 26s):
So we want you to wear your mask. We want you to take you a vaccine. We want you to keep your social distance. Don’t see anybody for Thanksgiving. Definitely don’t see anybody for Christmas. We want the health and safety, health and safety, health, and safety, health, and safety. What the hell was the health and safety talks when the cities were on fire, where are the health and safety talks when they start talking about cutting budgets for police. And if you want to see a health and safety concern, just, just, yeah, give it time. You’ll be talking health and safety, but you know, it’s a measure of the times. There’s no accountability at the governor level or else these governors would already be in jail.

2 (1h 2m 8s):
We’ve got some statistics up here. Let’s see. What do you guys throw in chat here? I want to look at it. Government is for government and control living on the fault. Let me open this thing up. Deaths from air pollution, worldwide age, standardized deaths per 100,000 per 100,000 people at tribute to air pollution. So how do they do that? I wonder selected countries, a standardized taken to account desperate. One of them have a standard base and therefore correctly to the population size of the age

3 (1h 2m 41s):
And demographic. Hm.

2 (1h 2m 44s):
It’s a weird, it was a very weird what the hell is going on in Afghanistan is that the, the poppy fields are what’s the deal. What has a cancer related for 106 deaths from air pollution worldwide, I’m sorry, for 106 deaths per 100,000 people, 2016 stat statistics in Afghanistan, that leader per capita, Where’s China. And they’ve got to be 117 Pakistan, India, Nigeria.

2 (1h 3m 25s):
I had no idea. Afghanistan and Pakistan air was terrifying. Is it a wheel? What is it? Air pollution is the fourth highest cause of death in the world. After smoking high blood pressure and poor diet, according to the world health. Oh, well, Jesus Christ. According to the world health organization, a don’t get me started down on them guys. How about the declaration of human rights? The fence, French declaration of human rights or the us declaration of human rights, right? July four, 1776. We know something about that, right? There was a pretty cool moment.

2 (1h 4m 6s):
United nations declaration of human rights happened in 1948.

3 (1h 4m 10s):

2 (1h 4m 15s):
Tony of the North says if you’re going to burn oil fields, I will say that will cause some issues. Michelangelo’s Pieta. Pretty cool sculpture. I’m looking at something called the, the greatest achievements of mankind, the declaration of human rights being at the top, the Mona Lisa, the work of art that has captured the imagination of Humanity the mysterious smile, the penetrating eye, the air of a mystique. Can I just come out and say, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not blown away by the Mona Lisa. I don’t know if you allow to even say that, but I I’m saying it. I don’t know. It encapsulates a unique spirit.

2 (1h 4m 58s):
Yeah, it was, it was the Moab. That’s what it was. You got it. And they’re, they’re throwing in ideas and chat about how, how the middle East air gets so bad. This was 2016 data or else I’d blame it on the, the mother of all bombs. Wait, but that was, was that 2000 I might’ve been, I can get with this, the, the works of William Shakespeare, despite producing one of the earliest body of works in English few have come close to matching William Shakespeare’s mastery of English in articulating the poetic range of human emotions and experience.

4 (1h 5m 37s):
Yeah. Old bill, bill Shakespeare. No joke,

2 (1h 5m 44s):
No joke. And you know, when you go back and you read his work, God it’s, I mean, you read Shakespeare and you’ll be like, this guy could have been working with my coworkers. Not long ago. I’m paging, Beijing looks like nine 11. They throw on a pictures of air pollution in Beijing, small particle pollution is 40 times over international safety standard. You know, what’s very interesting about this stuff, right? So we talked about the conditions of the planet, right?

2 (1h 6m 23s):
And the conditions of the planet and what Humanity is doing to the planet. Do you really, you can not concern yourself with the planet. It really goes back to Maslow, right? It’s like Maslow. You can, if you’re hungry and you’re poor, you don’t give a damn about the planet. If you’re a member of a, of a class of slave labor, like people in like some people in Beijing, I have to imagine things like the smog in the air don’t matter as much to you, you know, you put your mask on and you say, you know what? Let’s go make trinkets for the Americans for 12 hours.

2 (1h 7m 7s):
So I can go home and feed my kids so that the communist government doesn’t kill me and my family. I mean, that’s just what it is. You see it, you see it. Statistically, if you look it up, you know, statistically as nations come online, they get better. You know, the poverty goes down on literacy, goes up. All of a sudden, they start caring about the environment.

4 (1h 7m 32s):

2 (1h 7m 34s):
The idea why I bring this up, why I bring this up is because

4 (1h 7m 40s):
You don’t,

2 (1h 7m 42s):
You have to create that around the world and you have to do it in a way that it is sustainable, right? Which doesn’t mean you take the money from people and give it to other nations so that they’re not hungry. And so that they’re not in despair, right? Or something like that has to happen through the effort of people on the ground. There, you know, the infrastructure has to be built. So the jobs are available. So the people can go to work so that economic opportunity can blossom. And then once they get safe, once they get smart, once they can read and write and fill their bellies and secure their homes, then all of a sudden, you know, you can sit there and go, wow, maybe we should do something about what’s happening to our world.

2 (1h 8m 35s):
That’s just the way it works. You know, you will kill the planet before you kill yourself. Right. If you you’ll kill the planet before you kill yourself, that’s that should be what that’s, what every environmentalist needs to understand and what they need to here. You will kill the planet before you’re killing yourself. And the reason, the reason we know that’s true is from the environmentalist themselves, right? Because what’s one of the biggest things I always cry about. There’s to many people, overpopulation, overpopulation there’s to many people write If you were a true ecological warrior, I think you need a, I think you do your part, right?

2 (1h 9m 28s):
Wouldn’t you do your part. If, if you were so in love with the planet that your own carbon footprint kept you up at night, I imagine you would hang yourself with a tie with a neck tie and you will become a top soil for the planet rather than a, a living, breathing, you know, skin tag, whatever. Look, I know the people who do the work of the people who do the work plant, the trees, the brilliant people who’ve created the machinery that Combs the oceans for plastic.

2 (1h 10m 8s):
I mean, these are people I can respect. I’m picking on the people who get on Twitter and tell you that you’re a monster. ’cause, you know, you wear this kind of clothing or you buy this kind of thing or you eat this kind of food, and then I’m an ecological superior to you. And that’s just the end of it. You’re a monster, I’m a hero. And it even says so in my Twitter bio. So that’s the situation you’ve got to live with it, right? If you’re a such an ecological hero, do the world a favor, literally do the world a favor, write one less carbon footprint, ocean voyages, the rail world.

2 (1h 10m 54s):
First flight, the development of vaccines. Look at that. I did not plan for that, by the way, I did not plan to happen upon one of the greatest achievements of mankind to be the, the development of vaccines. But, you know, we really have, we really have done a, on some terrible things with vaccines,

3 (1h 11m 17s):
But of

2 (1h 11m 18s):
Course not all vaccines are created equal. I don’t really feel like talking vaccine at the moment, climbing Mount Everest. I don’t know how much I love this. Now. The great pyramids I can get on with that. The fall of the Berlin wall. Definitely.

3 (1h 11m 36s):
Yeah. It’s been a while.

2 (1h 11m 38s):
It’s been a good time. It’s been a good time here on the planet. You know, recently anyway, took a lot of pain and suffering to get us here. But as of late, it’s been a hell of a time. Do you have faith in humanity? I mean, that’s the question, isn’t it. We can sit here and talk about what we’ve done and what we’re doing. And you know, it’s impossible to take, take it all in and understand it all unless you study it. And I don’t study it. You know, I hear other people say things about it. And I say, you know, I trust that person. So that’s probably right. But the reality is that you have faith in Humanity like that.

2 (1h 12m 20s):
What do you think’s coming if you manatees at the wheel, right? Cause there are some ways where I’m Humanity is very much at the wheel economy markets. No one’s at the wheel. You know, they’re their, their freight trains, as far as I’m concerned. It’s as far as I can tell, that’s what the economy is a freight train with. No driver it’s just fast or faster, faster. Like we like Willy Wonka and the boat faster, faster. Right? That’s all it is. There’s nobody driving it. There’s no body. There’s no, there’s no direction other than up, up, up, up, up in a way.

2 (1h 13m 6s):
So that scary, you know, that’s the scary thing, but that’s, that’s the world. The world is literally at the mercy of the markets and the economy in some ways. And there’s nobody driving it. There’s no clear direction. And at all, you know, there’s not, no one person or no elected body that says we will do this with the economy. We’ll try to do some things to affect the economy. But as far as the markets themselves, I mean, you know,

3 (1h 13m 34s):

2 (1h 13m 36s):
But outside of that, right, I’m outside of that, you know, there’s tremendous potential in the future. I mean, there are a lot of people who believe that the population itself is topping out, right? I mean, I know that’s one of those, one of those go-tos for preppers, right? It’s too many people we’re going to use up all the natural resources or yada yada, yada. But you know, the conversation is with so few people having children in developed nations and so many children dying in undeveloped nations that we could be done 9 billion, nine in some billion could be the top app for the planet and it could hold there.

2 (1h 14m 27s):
It could even decrease. Some people say, you know, and that’s, that’s interesting. That puts a flaw in a lot of the thinking, right? What happens in a population decrease with advanced technologies? You know, a certain segment of the population is going to eat lab grown, trash meat. I mean, they’re going to do it right. That’s going to happen. And a certain portion of the population is going to be living much more sustainably in the near future. If you’re not already, I don’t know. You know, I think we’ve, I think we’ve bought into our own bullshit for so long that we, we just feel comfortable calling Humanity an abject failure, but can you get past your own bullshit?

2 (1h 15m 23s):
That’s the question? Can you get past it and say to yourself, what if right, we’re the masters of? What if, I mean, if we can’t say, what if then didn’t God help us all? Because we’re the masters of what if, what if Iran sends a boat over with a, with a, a, a Conex on it and launch out of that, out of, off of that boat and EMP that shuts off the lights to America forever. You know what I mean? We’re the masters of what, if you lucky, lucky hits me. W w with the, with the Murphy’s law, he says, we need another planet.

2 (1h 16m 9s):
Two is one, one is none. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if that applies sped on a planetary level, you know? Yeah. Right. Exactly. The one second after thought, right. That’s, that’s the Prepper mindset, but can you get, can you get on the other side of that thinking, that’s my question. It’s easy for us to, to fantasize if you will, about the end and what it looks like and how it happens and are we prepared for it, but do you have the capacity to get in the corner of Humanity and say, well, what if we just figure it all out?

2 (1h 16m 49s):
Right. Cause we’ve got a history, we’ve got a history of figuring it out. There’s no getting around that. Somebody in chat was just mentioning Elon Musk, who was a, you know, he’s the master of, of that. Right? Who said it, was it living in the fall? Or did you see the space X launched today? I mean, did you, I don’t typically watch them, but I did watch this one. If you don’t know what happened.

6 (1h 17m 16s):

2 (1h 17m 19s):
This is what I mean, when I say, can you get past it? Can you get in the humanities corner and understand that? Even though you think, you know, everything there is to know, you know, because they talk about it on a zero hedge or whatever.

6 (1h 17m 34s):
That’s so me,

2 (1h 17m 38s):
You know, because you think, you know everything because you’re human and that’s what we do. Right. I know how this thing works or this economy’s done. There’s no way the city’s are finished. Everything’s done. Right. It’s like the peak oil conversation, remember peak oil back and the day peak oil, Jesus, we’re going to run out of the fossil fuels by 2020. And it’s going to be a collapse of and on. And then America starts drilling for its own oil and fracking. And it’s pulling oil out of, it’s just leaking oil. There’s so much oil. We don’t even know what to do with it. The price has to go up so we can get back to more, more right. Soil, everywhere technology. Right. Figured it out.

2 (1h 18m 18s):
Nobody. I mean, we were basically like, you know, once the middle East is dried up and it’s dried up, we’re done. It was a good run. A better figure out how to run everything else or it’s over. Right. That’s kind of the story of Humanity, you know? So that’s why I get, that’s why it makes me laugh. When people tell me they know what is going to happen for sure. But anyhow, today, today, Ilan has figured out, well, he’s not figured it out yet. Right. He’s not figured it out yet, but they launched about a 15 story rocket up in the air.

2 (1h 19m 3s):

6 (1h 19m 5s):

2 (1h 19m 6s):
And you have to just wrap your head around that for a minute. There, the rocket is enormous. 15 stories, tall launches up in the air. Right. I don’t know how to say. I think they went like 12. I can’t remember how, how far they went There. The boosters on this thing or the other, I guess they’re not called boosts. I don’t know what the hell they’re called. Right? They’re the smaller engines that cover The the body of the rocket and manipulate its mobility. Right. They get to a certain point up in the air. Then they dropped this thing down 12.5 kilometers up.

2 (1h 19m 49s):
Right. They dropped down. Thank you. Living on the fault, drop this thing down. They use the thrusters to get it to fall horizontally. Right? So you shot this thing straight up in the air. It’s falling down. The engines are called Raptors. Apparently. So the Raptors are going off. They get this thing perfectly horizontal, right? So what’s falling horizontally now. And you know how Ilan does its thing, right? So as it approaches a landing pad, the Raptors then whip the bottom of the tail around again, and a attempt to land back on the same launchpad.

2 (1h 20m 33s):
And I mean, you know, we’ve seen it a couple of times, we’ve seen them do it. And we’re such a cynical and you know, just drained society of people overstimulated really that we can’t even wrap our head around that. Right. We can’t even wrap our head around the brilliance of that because the story, my whole childhood, the story of NASA was that it was just, you know, impossible. W the rockets themselves were so expensive and so much fuel. And you know, the whole thing again.

2 (1h 21m 16s):
No, it alls just a crowd of know-it-alls. There’s no way you could ever, you can’t and you won’t, and it’s too expensive and will never work and you can’t do it. And it’s over. And it’s all said and done, and The, Greatness of Humanity shines through with a person like Elon Musk, who figures out the cell, we’re going to do it. We’ll figure it out because people are brilliant. Right. And it’s not just him. I mean, he has the idea, but then you surround yourself with other brilliant people who figure it out.

3 (1h 21m 44s):

2 (1h 21m 49s):
You just don’t, you don’t see it coming. That’s my point. And The Greatness of Humanity when it’s allowed to shine through. Right. In other words, if we don’t get choked off by the communists, right? That’s the problem with China. China is in a perpetual, well, they were in a perpetual losing race with the United States.

3 (1h 22m 14s):

2 (1h 22m 16s):
Think you have plenty influence, right. We just found out today, they’ve got a plenty spies amongst us. If you didn’t read that story. Oh. And on top of it all, does anybody new who the new Chinese ambassador is?

3 (1h 22m 29s):

2 (1h 22m 32s):
Who to bite him, pick to be the ambassador to China. I mean, you know, of all the people of all the qualified individuals, we just coming off a very contentious time with China. Okay. Very contentious time. And it’d be very important. Right. Be very important to put the right person in an ambassador position. Right. I just can’t even fathom how you take the first of all, I couldn’t even imagine mayor Pete running for president now.

2 (1h 23m 17s):
We’ve got mayor, Pete as the Chinese ambassador. Yes. Mayor Pete, the homosexual. I know that. That just because I describe him as such doesn’t mean not homophobic. It doesn’t mean I’m a mean nasty white guy. I’m just telling you, this is the The. This is what I know about the guy, because of what the mainstream media told me about. They didn’t tell me, Pete Bush is a great mayor and he’s done X, Y, and Z. No. They told me the things that the, the media tells you, right? They want you to know number one, the name of the candidate, the SEC’s and the skin color, and then the sexual identity and preference.

2 (1h 23m 58s):
These are the things that matter to the mainstream media. I don’t know anything mayor Pete did in his town. I do know one thing though, he’s the new Chinese ambassador and The jokes are just never ending. I mean, I can write. So, you know, it is what it is. We’ll see how that works out. I’m sure he’ll stand strong against the communist. Chinese. I have no doubts that people just It’s like watching my kids play video games with their friends. That’s what this cabinet starting to look like. You know, that, that’s what it’s starting to look like to me, like when my son did, they’re putting together like a space force or a taskforce or something like that, they’re like, ah, yeah, Gary, you’d be the gunner because there’s a G in your name.

2 (1h 24m 51s):
All right, cool. Yeah. Larry, you’d be the leader cause there’s an L in your name. Okay. I got it. I mean, they’re even open about it. Right? They’re even open about it. They’re like, yeah, we need a candidate of color for, for secretary of defense. Should we just that’s that’s what we need to be like, what, what are you talking about? What do you mean? How has that? And then even a thought, Hmm. How do we keep the people safe? Well, you know, let’s first talk about skin color. Okay. Let’s get right down the breast tax here while the, your enemies are thinking about how they can lob nukes at you or sneak them in to the country.

2 (1h 25m 32s):
Let’s have a conversation about diversity here. You see that is what crushes The Greatness of Humanity. This is why we all have such a problem with the liberal left wing. Because even if you don’t fully understand what they’re doing, I think it’s generations of spider sense that is going off in people right now. You know, I really do. I think it’s, I think it’s just generations of spider sense that are going off in these core values of Humanity that, that are written out in the Bible.

2 (1h 26m 18s):
I mean, they’re just ancient methodologies that we use to progress When we see them being stomped on by the left, who are just they’re. I mean, they’re just, well-intentioned idiots. You know, some of them, some of them are well-intentioned and you know, idiots, and some of them are just, you know, total villains, but you can feel it. You can feel with them playing these games and you’re like, Oh God, they’re going to burn it all down. They’re going to burn it all down just to try and get, you know, enough black people, enough white people, enough Latino people into certain positions of power.

3 (1h 26m 59s):
Of course,

2 (1h 27m 3s):
Cause one thing’s for sure. The Greatness of Humanity only exists when those great minds are able to shine, right?

3 (1h 27m 14s):

2 (1h 27m 15s):
W if you stifle it, if you stifle it, God only knows what the world could look like. You know, we’ve lived in a time and do you know what the other thing about Humanity is that

3 (1h 27m 31s):
There are people like, even be, you know,

2 (1h 27m 38s):
My dog just found a, a, a bowl of lucky charms. It was a neat and all the way he’s going to town. But anyway, there were people who so believed in their work, in their discoveries, that they face death. They faced down death in order for their findings to reach the right people,

3 (1h 28m 2s):

2 (1h 28m 5s):
In order for their, their discoveries to be left in the books of history, they faced down death. You know, who’s going to do that. Now, If we are covered in communism and socialism, who is going to stick their neck out like that, you know, the nation was founded on life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I attest that many of us have reached a point where we are governed instead by convenience, comfort, and safety. And I think that’s kind of like, I think that’s kind of like the antithesis of life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, convenience, comfort, and safety,

3 (1h 28m 50s):

2 (1h 28m 51s):
Those are the motivating factors. How much easier can it be? How much more comfortable can you make it for me? And how much safer will I be? And you can just dominate a population with those three markers. Write if you can plug those three markers over and over and over again, which is what’s happening all the time. You can crush a society, right? We can make it even more convenient. Don’t you worry? Don’t you worry will have your government check just direct, deposited right into your bank account. You won’t even have to think about it.

2 (1h 29m 31s):
We can make you even more comfortable. Okay. We can do that. We can make it so that you can work from home. You don’t even have to get off your couch safety. I want to talk about, say, you want, have you worried about being safe? Well, we can put a vaccine together and a week, test it on a couple miles and then start sticking people with it will make you just as safe as you want to be. You know what? You can wear a mask. You can stay in your house for the rest of your life, and you will just be as safe. It’s like the Croods. Do you ever watch a movie of the car and the dad, dad wants everybody in the cave, no matter what, get out of the cave. Convenience, comfort, and safety, beware, beware.

2 (1h 30m 13s):
These are the antithesis of life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I’m telling you, But one more quote for the road, huh? One more quote for the road. It’s about time. We wrapped this thing up. I think let’s see. Leo Tolstoy, the Pope. We already did. Voltaire Martin Luther Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela. Nope. Thank you.

3 (1h 30m 49s):
Let’s see what the Dalai Lama got.

2 (1h 30m 53s):
The world belongs to. Humanity not this leader, that leader or that King or Prince or religious leader world belongs to Humanity.

3 (1h 31m 5s):
Wow. Okay.

2 (1h 31m 7s):
I didn’t read any of these beforehand. I’m just kind of letting my intuition hover over them. I think that’s a good one. Folks. Listen, I’ve had a ball tonight and you know, I added a little bit of cynicism, a little bit of cynicism to it in a little bit of the, you know, the venom that, that comes with the times, you know, and just as part of the deal as a part of the deal. But I can tell you that we are all living in The Greatness of Humanity the, the, the, the sun rays of The Greatness of Humanity are shining on us all. I mean, right now my, my personal setting is one that is, it’s hard to believe, but it is what it is.

2 (1h 31m 49s):
It’s all real, you know, we’re gifted. And I really do believe, I really do believe that this, this movement towards socialism and communism will be the most inhumane attempt at power that will ever see, or that we’ve seen in our time. At least, you know, if you, you just can’t have Humanity, you can have top quality. You, you, you can’t let the Greatness of Humanity shine through. If you’re too busy, micromanaging it. That’s all there is to it, man.

2 (1h 32m 29s):
That’s what the battle is. The battle is to make it more convenient, more comfortable, and make you so scared that you will do anything for safety. And we’ve got to break away from that. Okay. Oh, we got winners. Let’s do some winners real quick. Oh, I got a message for the winners to the winners. Aren’t getting back

3 (1h 32m 48s):
To me, which is great news

2 (1h 32m 50s):
For some of you, people who aren’t winners, who are very close and do your part here on the chat room and do your part here in a element. Who do we want to talk about here? Stan, Stan. Well, you already did. Stan. Tony of the North in chat is a winner. He already knows it. I already got your address. I do appreciate it. We’re going to send you something great. Tony, on top of your fire edge on top of your paradise creak, and on top of your preppers medical hands,

3 (1h 33m 25s):
The book, what else? What else?

2 (1h 33m 33s):
Breezy. I may have mentioned almost everybody. Stan DVDs, Eric, the faithful Prepper coming your way. Daniel. You are going to get a bunch of disaster coffee. My man. So listen, I’m going to send out. I told you, I’d give you till Wednesday guys. I’m going to send all the addresses that I have. Two of the people who are shipping out prizes. And if I don’t have your address by midday tomorrow, then I’m just going to start talking to people that I private message through element, and they’re going to get those goodies. Okay. That’s all there is to it. I’m Rob AK builder’s guide.

2 (1h 34m 14s):
You are a pretty active in element, but I don’t think we’ve talked yet. Sent you an email. I might be wrong, but I don’t think you are getting that AK builder’s guide that survival AK builder’s guide by Dane Dee on top of the other three prizes that come with everything. It’s all good. Man. Books, memberships, the whole nine yards. It was, it was a great thing. It really was. We’ll definitely do it next year or two phenomenal. Okay. I do appreciate you guys tonight. I don’t think I have any more announcements to make Linky I know Linky my pit bull has to go out. He’s jumping up on me right now and he’s like, look, man, I don’t want to make a mess. I just had some lucky charms and I got to take a pee before bed.

2 (1h 35m 0s):
You want to say hi, we did our ads. We did our Prepper a medical handbook. Oh, I had to hell with it. It is what it is. It’s the, I am Liberty show folks. I hope you enjoyed it. I sure as hell enjoyed it. And we’ll talk soon.

7 (1h 35m 17s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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