May 23, 2022


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Spring Gobbler Season

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Spring Gobbler Season
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Spring Gobbler SeasonThe days are getting longer and the weather getting warmer. There are many of the telltale signs that spring is upon us. You’ll see sprouting kale and hear chirping chickens on the Liberty Homestead. For many of us though that familiar gobble of the horny spring long-beard is another sign that the evil winter has finally come to an end.

In celebration of Spring Gobbler season starting Friday we are going to have Andy Gagliano of the Turkey Hunter Podcast ( Love the site name by the way. There are people you run into who have just hit the highest level of their passion. Never get to far from these people. They are the most interesting and the most enjoyable people to be around. This is Andy Gagliano and his passion for Turkey Hunting.

We are going to talk about the spring woods. We are going to talk about scouting. We are also going to talk about turkey hunting. What you will have is a person who is completely ate up with his passion and to me that is the best guest you can find. This was on a very short notice as most of my guests are. That being said I implore you to come on under the I AM Liberty tent and enjoy the show.
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