Preparing for life in America!

Closed government400x300Tonight on I Am Liberty we are going to explore an idea or theory that has been rolling around in my head. Preparing for life in America. I know, it sounds like some sort of student exchange literature but I really think it is an important point to discuss.

We all have these scenarios in our heads. The Dow plummets, price of bread jumps to $50 a loaf, Marshall Law, EMP, asteroid solar flare, zombies. What if we out live the collapse? We should also be preparing for life in America. Day to day, saving money, health and retirement. These are very real topics that could become personal disasters if ignored.

Me personally, I believe we are in store for horrors. Still, I participate in two fold preparedness. I work to improve my quality of life with the preparations I make. Gardening, exercise, precious metals this are all investments in your life. Tonight we will talk about preparing for life in America. I want your thoughts and advice as well.
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