When Does Government Become an Invader?

When Does a Government Become an Invader?
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Government Brain WashingWe get stories in snippets. Information comes to us in partitions. So when I sat back and started to put the pieces together that pertained to the actions of our government. As I write this I am also working on an article that will paint a better picture of our government’s scope and reach. I want this article to breakdown just what it is we are dealing with. It’s important that we ask ourselves: When does a government become an invader?

Government RAMFNLclr-040412-claws-IBD_jpgTonight on I AM Liberty we will talk about just that. We are going to touch on a few very important topics and how deep our government has its claws into those topics. Who owns the most U.S Land? How many government agents are armed? Do drones have any limitations? Why are they still writing policy to divide us? There’s so much more. Listen carefully to this episode.

This will not be a show about government history. I can’t do it. I will fall asleep and you’ll hear the microphone bang against the desk. This will be a show about our current government. It will also not be a show about how bad Obama is. This monster has been awakening for some time now. There is not one person to blame.

I am liberty 400x300I believe that our government is not the careful and exacting decisions of a grand despot behind the scenes. No. I think it’s a culmination of bad decisions that have been sewn together like some sort of sickening Frankenstein monster. Worst of all, they have lost control of this beast and no one knows how to stop it.

This is a show that every American should listen to. We are getting to the point where some decisions need to be made about how America should look in the decades to come. We have the people and skills to be the greatest nation on the planet and lead our human race to the stars to a new planet. The other decision is to watch us crushed under an out of control government. Don’t miss this episode of I AM Liberty.
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