August 7, 2022


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How Preppers Beat Themselves

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How Preppers Beat Themselves

As a writer in the survival and prepping space I am often pondering questions that affect the average prepper. Things like time and money or family, which of these gets in the way the most?
This interesting line of thought has led me to something that I think is relevant for this months theme of Measuring Preparedness in 2018. One of the biggest impediments that a prepper will face is themselves.

Battling the Doubts

In the early days of prepping you are going to be stressed by the long list of preps that you need to acquire. From water filters to food storage you are going to have a daunting list.
That list will manifest itself as worries and doubts that keep you up all night and sabotage your efforts to start down the path of preparedness.

Battling the Moniker

The Prepper name has taken some serious blows since its inception. Here at Prepper Broadcasting Network we are looking to reshape that name and make it something the public is not afraid of or afraid to adopt.
Most people are too afraid to prep because of what those around them will say or think. Remember, those people will not be around when disaster strikes.

Battling Success

Another way that preppers often get in the way of themselves is after they have found a bit of success. After a few years of active prepping it can get stale and before you know it the food you stored is outdated, the seeds you save deteriorated, the garden you built eroded and so on and so forth.

You are very capable of being your own worst enemy. Keep that in mind and consider these three battles on your prepping journey.

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