November 30, 2022


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U.S. Military Firearms: WW2 .30cal Rifles History, Gunsmithing, & Operation

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This show is about the various US Military .30 cal rifles from WW2, Korea, and even Vietnam. History, Operations, and Gunsmithing.

U.S. Military Firearms: WW2 .30cal Rifles History, Gunsmithing, & Operation

Hello TEAM GUNMETAL!! This week, we are gonna discuss some of the various US Military Rifles from the past and present, gunsmithing, “troubleshooting” and trouble “shooting”, parts for them, and alot more. We are also going to cover all of our usual stuff too… the my always awesome Product pick or choice of the week, any 2A news I feel is important, and range day updates. I have never been a big fan of wasting the time of my listeners, so I try to dedicate as much time as I can to the show topic. Tune in and see what you think of my show!!  (Pics courtesy of DDG Search engine)

Join us this week as we discuss US Military Rifles: Gunsmithing and more… Only on, The Gunmetal Armory.
Join us this Thursday at 6pm Pacific or 7pm, possibly 9pm Eastern depending on where you are in the U.S.A. And don’t forget to join us on Chat!!

We will go over all of this and more, this week, on the Gunmetal Armory. Plus we will talk about the 2nd Amendment, any crazy stuff I noticed at work, or in my own gunsmithing shop…. and anything else I think you guys might find interesting. We will also touch on our usual weekly segments, the Product Pick of the Week, and our Giveaway.

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