December 3, 2022


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TGA- CURRENT EVENTS & Goya, Red Bull, w/ the MoM

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host, Dane, Dane D, and the mistress of metal. I’m going to be joined by my wife tonight, and we are, we’re going to do a prerecorded show. In fact, it’s not too far from when we would normally go alive, but we have a lot, we have to finish up tonight on the homestead. So we don’t have time to wait until six, six o’clock or seven o’clock to go alive.

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So we’re going to go ahead and record it real quick now for you guys and then make it just go ahead and let it go ahead and upload right away. Okay. So basically tonight, you know, I guess I’ll give you guys the, the initial thing hitting mean team gunmetal. Anyway, tonight, we’re going to talk about what’s going on in the world. We’re going to talk about our actual homestead and the projects that we’re working on.

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I’m going to talk about the area study that I’ve been doing around my area or me and the mr. Some metals area. If you guys have never seen me before, you don’t know what I look like, and you want to know what I look like and what kind of mannerisms I have when I talk. And you also want to know what miles looks like and mannerisms he has when he talks, you can join the prepper broadcasting network and you can actually see a video that me and miles did on how to choose a play carrier and choosing a plate carrier.

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And basically the video describes a whole bunch of different types of play carriers, what they might be used for, and some tips on picking your own play carrier for me, that wasn’t easy, you know, well, I say plate carrier, but I also mean chest rig. Okay. So you could choose a Chester or play carrier. The difference, of course, being a plate carrier carries an armored plate, whereas a chest rig would mostly just magazines.

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And I fact, probably your radio and you know, other random things, but there is a distinct difference. However, there are some chest rigs that have a plate pocket in them and so on. So that is what that video is about. And honestly, I, I think it came out pretty good. I think it came out fairly, fairly decently. You know, I don’t know if you guys can hear that bell, but that’s Kevin, that’s our, our crazy little monkey that runs around here.

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Hey, Kevin, what’s your problem, huh? Anyways, he runs around here and causes 10 kinds of ma’am. Usually during the day, he’s a good, he’s a good dude, but he can be troublesome anyway. So like I said, tonight, we’re going to talk about some of the various things going on in the world. Ah, we’re going to talk about what we’re doing in our homestead. We’re probably gonna talk a little bit about perimeter security and what we’re setting up. And I’ll of course, talk to you guys about my area of study and the things that I’m implementing in it.

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And this may be more than one video or not video, but more than one podcast that I ended up having to do this on because there is just a heck of a lot to cover with this. So I know you guys might be thinking that the mr. Some metal is not here, but if you hear those sounds, those are her phone making lots and lots of different noises. So what are you doing over there?

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Oh, you’re checking your email.

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So she’s checking her email. Meanwhile, I, you and me are sitting here wondering what’s going on.

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You’re a new boss. Oh, so you’re got a new boss, I think last, last time we talked a little bit about your, your new job, but we didn’t really kind of go into it too much, but maybe we should just kind of leave that for another show, you know, not talk too much about that.

2 (5m 11s):
I don’t think we talked about it at all last time. Yeah.

1 (5m 14s):
Okay. Well, we’ll do that another time. Alright, so respond to your new boss. I don’t want to interrupt that, you know, crazy people in there in their bosses anyway. So let’s go ahead and talk about, well, first I want to remind you guys, if you’re interested in building an, an AK 47 survival rifle, you’re curious how it one would be built, or you’re curious what the heck is an AK 47 survival rifle.

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Check out my book on Archangel I’m on Amazon or on a prepper broadcasting network. You can check out my book, the builder’s, the, the AK 47 survival rifle builders guide. It’s up on those three sites it’s available. If you guys want to check it out, feel free. It’s a really, really good book. It goes in depth on how to build one. What I do to build one, you know, the parts that I used and where I got those parts.

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Also keep in mind that coming up very, very soon, I’m going to be releasing more books on various different, proper subjects and firearms and gunsmithing for the prepper, all kinds of stuff like that. You may have read books on gunsmithing before, but how many of them went in depth on how to fix something? If you don’t have the tools that a gunsmith has. So keep in mind, that is what a prepper gunsmith would do, because they’re not always going to have everything that they need.

1 (6m 53s):
So my book is going to be going in depth on how to fix things like that. Number one, and number two, we’re going to do a section on, well, I don’t want to give away too much cause someone might steal my idea, but let’s just say it’s a section on improvisation. We’ll just put it that way and not the kind of improvisation I was talking about before. All right. It’s going to be one of those. This is for information purposes only quote, unquote kind of book. Okay.

1 (7m 22s):
So definitely, definitely, definitely going to be a very interesting series of books and the series of books that it all comes from is my, my building, the prepper armory book series. Okay. We’ll also be doing a lot of gear review, a lot of things that show, okay, this is the kind of gun I would pick, or this is a kind of animal I would pay, or this is kind of amble I would use for this kind of gun.

1 (7m 55s):
This is a kind of optic I would use at this range. So on and so forth. And what have you, speaking of optics, let’s get to our product pick of the week.

3 (8m 8s):
Optics, optics, optics. So

1 (8m 12s):
Tonight’s product pick of the week is the vortex strike Eagle rifle scope. It is a one to eight magnification with a 24 inch or not 24 eight. That’d be rather large, a 24 millimeter objective lens. This is, this is an incredible, and I mean, incredible scope. Now it does have some, some downfalls, but it also has a lot of pluses to it.

1 (8m 48s):
Okay. It’s got an illuminated reticle, which is really nice, especially in low light. Okay. It can also be really good for three gun matches, which you know, I haven’t done a whole lot of, but there may be a possibility of Dane ending up in a match or two coming up here pretty soon.

3 (9m 10s):

1 (9m 12s):
God, that illuminated reticle. It’s got a 30 millimeter main tube. Meaning when you’re choosing scope rings, you’ll have to look at the scope rings. And generally, any scope you get is going to, or you got to look at the scope tube and the rings when you’re choosing a ring. Okay. And generally, any scope that you get the main body or the main tube is going to fall into two different size categories. Okay. Which usually will be 30 millimeter or one inch.

1 (9m 46s):
Okay. And again, that is the main tube, like the middle part of the scope. Okay. I’m not talking about the large piece that has the magnification in the back where you put your eye. Okay. And I’m not talking about the front, the objective lens in the front part of the scope. Okay. The part that’s furthest away from your eye, I’m sorry. I’m not using the technical terms. I’m just trying to make it as easy as I can because I don’t have a video to show you guys.

3 (10m 15s):
Okay. Alright.

1 (10m 18s):
This one, actually it has an anodized matte black finish. Of course, most scopes do. And it has capped turrets, which is great. Especially if you’ve got your setting where you want and you don’t want anything to mess with them, you pop those caps back on and nothing will, unless of course you, you know, get in a plane crash and you happen to have your scope with you.

3 (10m 40s):
It’s a different story. Right? Okay. So

1 (10m 44s):
Moving a little further forward here. The radical on the strike Eagle Nortech strike Eagle is a nice one. Now keep in mind that there are two different vortex strike Eagles. Okay. There’s the strike Eagle one to eight by 24. And then there’s the strike Eagle one to six by 24. Okay. Both of these are stellar

3 (11m 8s):
Options. All right. Both

1 (11m 10s):
Goats are stellar options. Especially if you intend to do short to mid range type shooting, you got that one to eight or one to six, the one X being great for short range stuff. You know, short range targets, things like that. But you’ve also got that eight X that you can, you know, hit that magnification dial and take it all the way up to eight X zoom. Right. So you could see something out quite a bit further. All right.

3 (11m 41s):

1 (11m 43s):
The radical on this one is a very interesting one to say the least. It’s what they call their AR BDC MOA radicle. Okay. So it’s in MOA or minute of angle. All right. It’s a second focal plane scope for me. It doesn’t really matter. First focal plane, second focal plane. I don’t give a damn, I’m still gonna shoot the crap out of it. And I’m still going to kick some ass, but it doesn’t make a difference.

1 (12m 15s):
Whether the S the, a M the reticle stays the same size or not during the magnification for me, I don’t care. Okay. The tube size, again, like I was saying is 30 millimeter. The overall length of the scope is 10 inches. The weight is nice. Okay. It is only 17.6 ounces. Okay. And as we all know, 16 ounces equals one pound. So it’s just a little bit over one pound, not bad.

1 (12m 50s):
The eye relief or the suggested eye relief, or the actual eye relief is going to be a 3.5 inches, which is awesome. The field of view at a hundred yards is 14.4 feet to 109 feet. Alright. Adjustment. Graduations on the turds is, has mom, alright? Okay. Travel per rotation, 44 MOA, total winded travel 140 MOA, total elation travel.

1 (13m 26s):
You guess it 140 X. Now those are the specifications on this scope. A okay. Also it’s waterproof, it’s fog proof and it’s shockproof, which is really, really nice. If you’re going to be running and gunning. If you’re going to be doing three gun, or if you’re going to be doing any kind of, you know, hardcore shooting matches anything like that, this is one of those items that you really, really need to have. And something that’s going to stand up to quite a bit of abuse.

1 (14m 0s):
It’s got nitrogen gas purging inside the scope, which is good. It says gas perch, and O-ring sealed for fog proof and waterproof performance in all conditions course, definitely a plus. And it says it’s fully multi coated. It’s got an anti-reflective coating on all air to glass surfaces provided, which provides increased light transmission for optimal clarity and low-light performance. Again, mentioning that low light performance I was talking about with the illuminated radicle.

1 (14m 33s):
So let’s dig a little further into this. Oh, one last thing. The vortex optics, VIP warranty, there literally is no better warranty in my opinion. Okay. And the reason I say there is no better warranty is because let’s say I’m out shooting I’m out in the woods. I’m out at, I dunno, let’s say links like or Mormon Lake or wherever.

1 (15m 3s):
Let’s say, I’m, I’m not shooting into the Lake. Don’t think that I’m an I’m next to the Lake. Or maybe I’m out in the desert. I don’t know whatever I’m out shooting. And there’s a cliff right next to me. You know, I happen to be shooting. I set my gun down on my table and I walk over to my truck to get something a nice big gust of wind comes and blows my gun off the table, blows the table over the gun, falls off the cliff and goes, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang down the side of the cliff, you know, beating the crap out of the gun and beating the crap out of the optic.

1 (15m 39s):
All the glass gets busted. The optic is torn up. Now, most companies aren’t really gonna do much about that. Okay. That is not their fault. That is an act of God. That is a, you know, it’s an accident. If you will. Most companies that I know of, aren’t going to do anything about that vortex. On the other hand, they don’t really care. They’re going to send you a new scope. You go, you get that scope.

1 (16m 10s):
You put it in the mail to them and you tell them what happened. I’m sure they’re gonna love the story. You tell them what happened. And that VIP warranty kicks in it is it, they say, it’s their unconditional promise to you. Now their warranty does not cover loss. Okay. Like I said, you’ve got to go down. They got to go down the mountain and get it. It doesn’t cover loss, fast, deliberate damage. Like you can’t take a sledgehammer to it. You’re that’s stupid or cosmetic damage, not affecting product performance.

1 (16m 45s):
Okay. So if, if my gun fell down the mountain and scratched the crap out of the scope, but the scope still works fine. Well, they’re not going to, they’re not going to send you another one for that because the scope still works.

4 (16m 59s):
Right. Alright, cool. So

1 (17m 3s):
Again, personally, for me, I really can’t argue with that. Alright. So let’s pop the sucker open and talk a little bit more about it since I’m lucky enough to have it right in front of me, really wouldn’t really be talking about it. If I didn’t have it right here in front of me also, I am going to be doing a video on this. Once there’s a fire ban here in Northern Arizona. Once the, once the fire ban lifts, I am going to be doing a video on this and taking it out and shooting, trying it on a couple of different platforms, seeing what I can accomplish with this scope with minimal time on it.

1 (17m 43s):
Okay. All right. So I’m opening it up right now. Not much of an unboxing because you know, you guys can’t see, it comes with two CR 2032 batteries, which is awesome. But the even cooler part about the batteries is one of them obviously goes inside of the battery port to allow the illumination of the radical.

1 (18m 16s):
Right. But the other really cool thing about it is on the, I believe it’s the right side cap. Yes, the right, the, the right side cap. Sorry. I am so freaking tired. The windage cap that the cap that covers the, the windage knob actually has storage for an extra battery. And there is an extra battery inside there. They give you two batteries.

1 (18m 46s):
Guys. I love that. I just, I love that. And it’s got, like I said, it’s got storage for an extra battery inside that just, that just makes me a happy Panda. I don’t know why it just does anyways. So you can hear it on the thing here. You hear this. That is the sound of me taking the turret. The turret cover the cap off of the turret. And now here is the elevation one, no battery underneath there, but you don’t really expect that they’re not going to make a battery holder for both of them.

1 (19m 23s):
So this one has its windage and elevation. And then on the left, it has a dial that says zero one, two, three, four, all the way up to 11, I guess that’s where they get the term. Turn it up to 11 anyways. Anyways. So One of the best things about this scope is that it has the magnification again from one to eight, which me personally, I love, I like to be able to adjust my mind vacation whenever I want to.

1 (20m 4s):
I like to be able to throw the, the mag from one to eight in just a second or two. That to me is important. Some people don’t care, but I like to be able to do it quickly.

2 (20m 18s):

1 (20m 19s):
Again, there are a lot of different graduations on the inside of the thing, three, four or 500 yards, 600 yards. There are a bunch of different settings on the illumination. You’ve got one to 11 on the elimination, like we were talking about, you know, the whole turtle, two 11 thing. Ha ha. Funny, funny. So when I do my subsequent video with this and you guys actually get to see me shoot it, you’re going to learn a heck of a lot more about this scope and why I like it so much.

1 (20m 54s):
I will of course ask for the mistress of metals opinion on this. But until she actually shoots it, I doubt she’s going to give much of a care. I do care. Yeah. See that’s that’s her response when she wants to act like she does, but she really does it. Right, right. Anyways. All right guys. So let’s, let’s get into this here and let’s talk about the craziness of the day or the week or the year.

1 (21m 29s):
Let’s talk about this. Oh, real quick. Before we do, if you guys want to pick one of these up for yourself, you can go to www dot vortex, Okay. That’s www dot V as in Victor, O R T E X O P T as in Texas, I C Vortex Okay. Strike Eagle one to eight. Check it out, boys and girls.

1 (22m 1s):
All right. So let’s talk about the week’s events, man. I mean, there’s been so much going on. I mean, the protest is still going on in Portland. I mean they found a dead body, I think in Minneapolis and one of the burned out buildings. I mean, it’s it’s, this is nonstop. How can this keep happening

5 (22m 23s):
Beyond crazy?

1 (22m 25s):
It’s BI it’s. It’s insane.

5 (22m 32s):
Sometimes I watch the news and I’m just speechless. Or I read an article and you can’t do anything, but just shake your head because

1 (22m 47s):
You just can’t believe that human beings are doing this

5 (22m 50s):
Well for one. I mean, I can, I think kind of believe that the crazy tree hugging far left millennials would do something like this. But what really bothers me is that the grownups are doing anything about it.

1 (23m 13s):
Alright. Well, okay. When you say, when you say grownups, are you referring to the people that run the cities? Yeah.

5 (23m 22s):
Yes. They’re, they’re grownups, they’re older people. They’re our generation and older. They should be putting a stop to this. Yes. They should be protecting their citizens. Not letting these people go on their stupid rampages and

1 (23m 38s):
Well, I mean, why don’t they have police officers to stop this stuff?

5 (23m 43s):
They do. The police aren’t allowed to stop up anything.

6 (23m 49s):
So that’s another thing that we’ve been seeing a lot of is the fact that the police are being held back in a lot of these cities. And as, as a good example, Chicago, the, the police in Chicago and, and one of the districts and basically bed Donald Trump for help, they begged him to send federal aid to help them out to get this under control.

6 (24m 19s):
Yup. He’s got a surge. He’s calling it a surge of federal officers being sent to Chicago. They’ve are, they’re already in Portland. Right. And they’re, they’re already questioning people in Portland. Right? Okay. So Portland, Chicago, and I think Minneapolis is another one, but there

5 (24m 41s):
Conspiracy theory going around about how people are being abducted in Portland, they’re, they’re being like some van unmarked black van or whatever is pulling up next to these people and abducting them and taking them to some federal courthouse, some black site. I don’t know why they would be taking them to a federal courthouse, but whatever, and then questioning them and then throwing them back on the street seriously.

6 (25m 11s):
Well, I, I believe that I believe that that would happen. But the thing that everyone’s like dudes ain’t even, there’s no record of their arrest. Did they charge him with anything? No. So why would there be a record? They were detained for questioning. Is there a record of you being arrested if you’re beside this, you know, when a cop pulls you over and he asks you to get out of the vehicle and he says, can I search? And he doesn’t find anything. Is there a record of you being arrested at that point?

6 (25m 44s):
Not arrested? Well,

5 (25m 46s):
Some sort of paperwork somewhere.

6 (25m 48s):
I mean, I’m sure there’s, you know, because they, they look up your license and all that crap, you know, if you get a ticket or whatever, but

5 (25m 57s):
Side of it all,

6 (25m 59s):
I think the thing that people are thinking is that these guys are required to play by certain rules. And at this point, I don’t think anybody’s playing by any rules anymore. I mean, I don’t know. I’m just saying like, maybe they are, maybe they’re not, but you guys have literally burned down cities and attacked a federal courthouse for 50 nights straight without any intervention. What the crap did you think was going to happen eventually?

6 (26m 31s):
Do you think it was just going to keep going? You think federal officers, aren’t going to show up at some point and put a stop to it or start grabbing people. And I dunno, making an example out of them say

5 (26m 47s):

6 (26m 49s):
What? That, that woman with the gigantic for him.

5 (26m 52s):
Yeah. I can’t think of her name. Yes. But she said that she wanted Trump investigated because he was sending in federal like misusing the military to, to send to Chicago to something like that. I can’t remember exactly the words that she used, but the way I understand law in order to work in this country is that she’s basically trying to say that he has no right to do that.

5 (27m 32s):
Well, he kind of does.

6 (27m 36s):
Okay. Well, explain this. Explain to us the constitution, the constitutional side of it, as you know it,

5 (27m 43s):
As I understand it. Okay.

6 (27m 45s):
Okay. Cause you leave class, right?

5 (27m 48s):
It does have the power and authority to do that because she is not protecting her citizens. The state is not protecting those citizens. And if the state isn’t keeping their citizens safe, then the federal government can step in. As far as I know, as far as I understand it, constitution, they are well within their power to do that constitutional.

5 (28m 24s):

6 (28m 25s):
So what, okay, so, so they don’t want, they, they want to intervene and tell everybody had to eat and everybody, what sugar is bad and you can’t have a large soda and you can’t use certain words and all that stuff. But when it comes time for somebody to intervene and do what’s best for their citizens, they don’t want any, any part of it.

5 (28m 47s):
No, because it’s peaceful.

6 (28m 51s):
Oh, is it? What’s that look on your face for peaceful protesting. What did I show you? That look, you guys should see this look. She doesn’t mean, ah, you guys should see this. It’s all areas. Okay. Sorry. You guys can’t see it, but if you could, you’d see what I get. You see what I see, which is a really cute woman, but yeah, she she’s being sarcastic. I’m sure most of you guys listening to this podcast would know that by now.

6 (29m 22s):
But yeah. And if you’re wondering what that sound is that one, that’s a lit ruler and I’m trying to get cat hair off of the, the couch anyways, back at it. I’m, I’ve actually wondered about that because you know, there’s so much debate over what’s and wrong when it comes to this whole thing, with all these different autonomous zones, all these areas, what is wrong? What’s wrong is burning down somebody’s business that they put every ounce of everything in them into that’s wrong.

6 (29m 59s):
It’s wrong to beat up some random person on the street for absolutely no reason. It’s wrong to yell at white people. If you’re white, white people yelling at other white people telling that white person that they have white privilege and that they’re racist, they’re racist, you’re white.

6 (30m 29s):
And you’re yelling at me telling me I have white privilege. How does anybody even, okay. First of all, white privilege is made up. Okay. There nobody has. I mean, what’s VJ them watch what’s the officer Tatum. Okay. He explains it perfectly. Nobody has any fricking privileges anymore than anybody else anymore. Okay. Granted, there are, you know, there are financially lease. There are this there’s Pearl politicians. There’s this is that that’s fricking that whole thing about privilege is something that’s made up.

6 (31m 1s):
Okay. It’s bull crap. I’m going to tell you right now. Not all white people have privilege. Okay. And that’s not the color of your skin does not mean you have privilege. Just like, you know, Hispanics, don’t all have, you know, a certain thing or you’re black. Don’t all have a certain thing. It’s all, you know, no, no one group has any certain privilege over any other group. It’s your decision. It’s your decision decisions you make for yourself and your life would you are responsible for, if you choose to go out and meet some guy or some girl and have a kid out of wedlock and you know, get on welfare and not get a job and not take care of that kid.

6 (31m 51s):
Well guess whose decision that was was that the president’s decision was that a, I don’t know your mom or your dad’s decision, or was that your decision? It is your own fault. And we need to stop acting like it’s everyone else’s fault and blaming everyone else for our own decisions and our own mistakes. It has to stop at some point, but we’re going to stop there.

6 (32m 21s):
We’re going to take a quick commercial and then we’re going to come back. Okay. So guys don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

7 (32m 31s):
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The next generation airs every Sunday at 3:00 PM, Pacific 6:00 PM Eastern time. So go to prep, and be sure to check us out live every week where we explore the little things in life that make all the difference in the world. Hey,

5 (35m 38s):
Y’all Jordan here. You’re a host of a family affair touches every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM. Eastern, as we discussed on every level and remember everybody, everybody,

1 (36m 1s):
What’s up. What’s up, what’s up everybody. We are back say hello, young lady. I don’t want everybody does that to me. When I tell miles to say goodbye, I say goodbye miles. He says, goodbye miles. I think he talks to himself a lot though. So I don’t think that’s anything out of the realm of ordinary for him. All right. So what should we talk about here? We want to talk about some of the crazy, other crazy stuff happening in the news right now.

1 (36m 32s):
Okay. Tell me about some second amendment things. Oh, okay. Alright. So you took a constitutional law class. Do you do, do we know anything about the castle doctrine that applies in st. Louis? Because as far as I know there is castle doctrine in st. Louis, but it’s a lot more broad and expansive.

5 (37m 4s):
Yes. But I haven’t read it. Okay.

1 (37m 6s):
Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough.

5 (37m 9s):
What I do know is that the circuit attorney was

1 (37m 16s):
Like Kim Jenkins or whatever, Kim Gardner then,

5 (37m 19s):
So that she was going to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, for what defending their home, exercising their constitutional right

1 (37m 36s):
For being scared that over 500 people were going to burn down their home and kill them and kill their dog. I mean, that’s what they were yelling. It’s on the tape. Everybody’s heard it.

5 (37m 49s):
They were shooting into the crowd. They just had their guns saying, get the hell off my property. That was private property. And those people, those people not peaceful, protestors, mind, you busted through an iron gate to get up to their home. And then we’re saying things like, we’re going to kill you.

5 (38m 22s):
We’re going to kill your dog. We’re going to kill your wife. We’re going to burn down your house. Now these people, this couple are attorneys, personal injury attorneys, but attorneys and I CA I don’t know about the wife. I’m sure she has. Cause I haven’t read much about her, but the husband I know for the better part of his career has helped many, many, many black people win their cases.

5 (39m 4s):
So they have spent, I think he said 35 years rebuilding that house because it was almost nothing when they got it is a big house, but they had a lot of renovation to do so 35 years and lots of money, lots of money. So it’s not like he was born into privilege.

6 (39m 34s):
No, he had to,

5 (39m 36s):
For it, they both did. And these peop these peaceful protestors, if you could see my air quotes busted through their gate, iron heavy ass gate, busted through their gate,

6 (39m 56s):
All into their private parts

5 (39m 58s):
And marched their selves onto their property.

6 (40m 2s):
Beaten drums, yelling, setting off fireworks, screaming about killing them and their, their dog and burning their house down a definite threat,

5 (40m 14s):
Imminent their lives and their property. And they, this couple, I can’t remember their names. McCloskey. Yes. Came outside with their firearms to defend their lives and their property. That is 100% legal. They did not shoot anybody. It didn’t get it. Didn’t escalate to that point. They tried to call the police.

5 (40m 46s):
No one came.

6 (40m 50s):
They do.

5 (40m 50s):
Luckily there were peaceful protesters within the crowd that said, okay, let’s just get out of here. Let’s get out of here. Let’s move along. So, you know, thank God for that. But there was nothing at all, wrong with what they did to protect their lives and their property. So Kim Gardner is saying that she was going to prosecute them to the fullest extent and that it wouldn’t be tolerated.

5 (41m 26s):
Well, I don’t know how she intends on prosecuting them on federal weapons charges. And I don’t know which judge, she got to sign that warrant for those, for the law enforcement to go in and collect their firearms while they weren’t home.

6 (41m 45s):
And furthermore, probably a judge that, you know, supports this whole nightmare that’s going on right now? I don’t know, but that judge may end up losing their seat. I don’t know. Cause it was wrong. What they did, they shouldn’t have signed it.

5 (42m 2s):
Well, who the judge is it signed it at maybe sh maybe whoever got the warrant lied to the judge,

6 (42m 9s):
Like a, what happened during the last election anyways? So

5 (42m 18s):
The Missouri attorney general has stepped in and he said, no,

6 (42m 24s):
No, this ain’t happening. No, not on my watch. This is miscarriage of justice. Yes. This is a

5 (42m 34s):
To do everything in his power to get it thrown out. So thank you, Missouri attorney general, Eric, something or other, I can’t remember his name for having since and remembering the constitution. Now, when I first heard about this whole thing, I looked at at gunmetal and I said, do you know how many constitutional rights they have violated Eric Smith?

5 (43m 15s):
That’s the Missouri attorney general. There we go.

6 (43m 19s):
You were talking about Kim gardener. How many constitutional law she had violated?

5 (43m 23s):
Yeah, for trying to prosecute them. And I believe it was five or six. Well, maybe it was four. I can’t remember.

6 (43m 34s):
You started listing them off to me,

5 (43m 38s):
But the second, the fourth, fifth,

6 (43m 43s):
The 14th. Okay.

5 (43m 46s):
It seems like there was one on one. I can’t remember what it was, but

6 (43m 51s):

5 (43m 53s):
How are you going to prosecute them when they were well within their right to do what they did

6 (44m 0s):
Now? Let’s, let’s take this a step further. Let’s let’s look at. Cause from what I’ve seen in the interviews that I’ve seen with Eric Schmidt, the attorney general, he says that the, that st. Louis or the Missouri rather has castle doctrine. And for those of you that don’t know, this is not legal advice, but castle doctrine means that when you basically, this is basic, but basically it means that when you are within your own home, on your own property, that you are well within your rights to defend your life.

6 (44m 35s):
That self-defense becomes a, you know, basically a pre a foregone conclusion that they know that you’re going to defend yourself and your family and your livelihood and your home. If you’re in your home or on your property, someone can’t just come in and decide, they’re going to take it over or try to kill you or try to hurt you. You don’t have any quote unquote duty to retreat. Like then you have it in some States, there is no duty to retreat with castle doctrine.

6 (45m 8s):
Okay? Your home is your castle. You have a right to defend it. Basically. That is what it comes down to

5 (45m 15s):
Made mention of. Dang, I’m hungry. He had mentioned of that. The second amendment is, is deeply rooted in this country and it’s in the United States constitution. But he also mentioned that Missouri has their own version of the second amendment in their state constitution. So again, how are you going to prosecute these people when they were well within their legal right to do what they did.

6 (45m 56s):
That is a very, very good question. I just don’t understand why or how these groups keep getting away with this stuff. I think it’s because that constitutionally the, in the constitution, there’s no teeth. So if they violate it, I mean, what happens? You know what I’m saying? That’s why I don’t know. What do you think?

5 (46m 29s):
I wasn’t really paid attention noises to sound sorry.

6 (46m 38s):
What I said was that I think the main reason why groups like, or people like Kim gardener really don’t like that woman keep violating constitutional rights and Democrats even, and far left is he violating constitutional rights is because they have no teeth. The constitution has no teeth, you know? I mean, Oh, you know, you violated my segment of rights.

6 (47m 10s):
Okay. Well, you know, after 10 years of litigation, I may get my comeuppance. You know, I may get what, tell me, you know, that I can get my guns back and I can get

5 (47m 20s):
The constitution. Doesn’t have teeth. It’s the impact of lawyers and judges that don’t remember the oath they took to sup to support the constitution and defendant as to their clients. And you have juries that don’t fully understand what it is that they’re trying to decide on.

5 (47m 54s):
I don’t understand the laws. And there are some prosecutors that don’t explain that to the juries either, or don’t explain it very well.

6 (48m 4s):
And some judges that don’t explain it to them. And furthermore, so many of our kids and the young people now they’re in college and even people, our age were indoctrinated in school. And these constitution was never explained to them. Or if our country was explained, it was explained from the viewpoint of, they were all bad. They were evil. They were racist. You know, the country was founded on evil and racism,

5 (48m 40s):
A bunch of things.

6 (48m 42s):
They lied, they have lied and lied and lied.

5 (48m 46s):
I have no doubt that the history that you and I learned in school was different from the history our parents learned in school.

6 (48m 58s):
Yup. It was a gradual change. So no one would notice. I mean, in history books, now you don’t see anything about America defeating fascism and the Nazis. You don’t see anything about America defeating communism and the Russians. You don’t see anything about the heroes from world war two and what they sacrificed and how many men died to stop a evil, evil man.

6 (49m 29s):
And the people he sent to do evil things.

5 (49m 33s):
If we hadn’t the American government hadn’t stepped in and, and sent troops over there to help great Britain, we’d all be speaking German right now.

6 (49m 45s):
Maybe I think there’s a decent chance of it because if we wouldn’t have intervened and we wouldn’t have stopped it, they probably would have got the atomic before we did. Yeah, they were well on their way. They were dang close. But anyways, you’ll never see that in a new history book and that’s wrong, very wrong. Can you guys hear how angry this makes me? When my son asked me about history, he would come into the room and he would see me.

6 (50m 20s):
You know, he was like 16, 17. You were over there. He would come in and he’d see me watching the documentary on the SOE or the, or the special operations teams that started in world war two or great tank battles from world war II. And he’s like, what’s this? I mean, he knew what world war II was, but he didn’t know the gist of it. He didn’t know what happened. He didn’t know who general Patton was. He didn’t know who Eisenhower was.

6 (50m 52s):
He, he didn’t even know most of the presidents. He doesn’t know how we defeated great Britain. He doesn’t know why we celebrate July 4th, but you darn well know we’re teaching him and we’ve been teaching him and we’re still teaching him things that he did not learn in school.

5 (51m 13s):
He knows, probably celebrate.

6 (51m 15s):
And he knows now, but I’m just saying

5 (51m 18s):
Kids that he went to school with and even kids older than him that do not know how many stars are on the flag. How many stripes are on the flag and what those two things represent. They don’t know what the red stands for. What’s the white stands forward with the blue stands for, they don’t know why we celebrate the 4th of July. What all that’s about. They don’t understand where the national Anthem came from. They don’t, they don’t know what the 13 colonies is, but you know what?

5 (51m 49s):
My son knows that

6 (51m 52s):
Damn right, because who taught him?

5 (51m 54s):
Me and my mom and my dad taught him when he was little.

6 (51m 60s):
Yeah. I thought about world war II.

5 (52m 3s):
No, he people his age and older and younger don’t know who Hitler is. He does. They don’t know who Abraham Lincoln is and what he did. My son knows they don’t know what the civil war was about or probably that it even happened. My son knows my son is 21, by the way,

6 (52m 29s):
Anyways, moving on from all this stuff. One of the more exciting things that we’ve seen lately in the news, and again, we may have to get to the perimeter stuff later on in the home sets up later on. But one of the more exciting things that we’ve seen in the news lately is the Goya by cot. Not to be confused with a boycott that the hard left was trying to accomplish the hard left and AOC.

6 (52m 59s):
I only laugh when I see that woman, because she looks like a bug. She looks like an alien. Her eyes are dyed Danek dude. Anyways, she tried to get everyone to boycott Goya beans and the Goya food company, because Trump, because they support Trump. And because the, the CEO, I can’t pronounce his last name very well, but the CEO went to the, the Hispanic conference, the Hispanics for advancement or something conference at the white house.

6 (53m 36s):
I forget what it was called, but he was one of the speakers there. And he voiced his support for the Trump administration, because it had done so many great things for the economy and for Hispanics and for people, all people of color, he did done a lot of stuff meant great things for everybody, for everybody

5 (53m 56s):
Not to his promises.

6 (53m 59s):
Yup. He’s actually accomplished things that he said he was going to accomplish. He’s done things. He said he was going to do. And that’s why most, all politicians either don’t like him, or if they do support him, they they’re, you know, they’re kind of annoyed by it. Yeah. Because he actually does what he says. He’s gonna do. Why do you think your tax return was bigger this year? Why do you think your tax returns have been bigger for the past couple of years? Because of Trump because of Trump?

5 (54m 30s):
Why do you think you don’t get penalized for not having health insurance?

6 (54m 36s):
Yup. Because the Trump, you got, I, I don’t understand how people don’t see this. Anyways, Goya beans. We went out and we found

5 (54m 47s):
Peas and black beans and Pinto beans and seasonings and everything. We could find.

6 (54m 57s):
Lots of Goya stuff we bought, blah, blah,

5 (54m 59s):
Grocery stores and the dollar tree. They have it at dollar tree.

6 (55m 3s):
Yup. Go down to your dollar stores. They got it. Dollar tree.

5 (55m 6s):
So yeah, total support. And I even saw this one, I think at sign, article headline. I don’t think I read it. Or maybe I saw it on, on a informational video or something on YouTube. But somebody had brought up this article headline where this one guy went and he bought as as many Goya products as he could find, or no, he started a GoFund me.

5 (55m 42s):
I think he wanted to raise $10,000 to buy the Goya products and give them to like food banks. And it wasn’t long. And he had like over a hundred thousand dollars.

6 (55m 57s):
Yeah. He is. He’s gotten, it’s probably even past that now, but yeah, dude, that, that’s just amazing. I mean, actually, you know, we talked about possibly doing things like that too, but right now we’re so bogged down with everything we’re doing that we don’t have time to do it yet, but we will get there anyways. We just, we think that’s so cool. We’re almost out of time, but guys, if you’re out there and you’re doing some grocery shopping, go down the aisles where the canned food is and stuff like that, get some Goya stuff, guys, we’re doing yup.

6 (56m 32s):
Do a buy cot, which means you’re buying, buying, buying it by caught by car

5 (56m 38s):
Man, as much as you can. Cause his, his family came over here from Spain and built that company from the ground.

6 (56m 49s):
You got it. And another company that’s actually pretty, gosh, darn cool. Is a one that’s run by an Austrian man. And you guys may have heard of this group. You may have heard of this group possibly. You know, they’re, they’re just kind of popular, you know, me, anybody out there ever heard of red bull energy drink. Yeah. I know. It’s, it’s kinda small, not very big, you know, but their CEO or the owner, rather the executive founder, he fired, I mean fired a bunch of American executives and CEOs.

6 (57m 33s):
Many of which had signed this, this internal memo type thing of a Digger going around the company regarding, I don’t want to say their name, but we all know who they are and

5 (57m 48s):
Radical group that’s

6 (57m 50s):
Has a certain color in it right now. Yes. There’s a certain group that has three letters and is demanding lots of things right now. And has murals on the streets. Yeah. Those fruitcakes anyways. Yeah. There was an internal memo about that and they were all trying, all these executives in America were trying to get the company to be woke and he said,

5 (58m 15s):

6 (58m 19s):
Y’all are fired. Get out.

5 (58m 22s):

6 (58m 23s):
Awesome. I think that’s just awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I cannot be happier that that guy did, that could not be happier anyways. Here’s the bottom line because we’re out of time.

5 (58m 37s):
Certain group of people actually there’s two groups.

6 (58m 41s):
Yeah. There’s a few of them

5 (58m 45s):
They don’t need, or they need more than just a slap on the wrist. Don’t do that.

6 (58m 56s):
You can’t burn down cities.

5 (58m 59s):
They need more than being taken out behind the barn and beaten with a belt they need,

6 (59m 8s):
They do. Okay.

5 (59m 10s):
And as bad as these people are as horrible as they act as evil as the things are that they, what we need to do for them is pray for them. We don’t have to like the things that they do or the words they say or the actions that they take, but we need to be better and pray for them.

5 (59m 44s):
Don’t give in to their hatred and their bitterness and their anger. We need to rise above that and do what Jesus would do. And that’s love them and pray for them.

6 (1h 0m 1s):
Yeah, don’t get me wrong. Don’t get us wrong. There is a time as bevel and BD would say for flipping table there a time for that. And that’s,

5 (1h 0m 13s):
But in the meantime, you pray for them. Pray for them. You pray for God to open their hearts and take out the anger and the hatred and fill it back in with love and peace and understanding and happiness. Because these people are not happy. I want you to understand that angry. They are not happy. Nope. Something in their life they’re holding onto.

5 (1h 0m 44s):
They’re holding on to some grudge and they need, we just need to pray for God to let them, let it go and find Jesus and happiness.

6 (1h 0m 59s):
And with that, everybody we’re gonna end it here because we are out of time. Thanks for joining us guys. We appreciate everything. We’re going to upload this right now. And we’re going to get back to a working on the homestead. So we care about each and every one of you, thank you, everybody for your prayers. And if you happen to be a police officer out there, listening to this, we’ll see you soon. We support you. We support the police department. We backed the blue refund. The police refund, the police, man.

6 (1h 1m 31s):
We love you guys. And we, we pray for you guys every day. Thank you for your heroism. Thank you for everything you guys do. That goes for all of you. Alright guys. That’s it for us. Thank you for joining us and be with us next time as we go deeper inside the gun metal armory, armory. Goodnight, everybody. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory.

6 (1h 2m 11s):
Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit us proper

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