December 5, 2022


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broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture, prepared, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host, Dane D

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Good evening team gunmetal. It’s actually not Dane D tonight. It’s just the mistress. That’s right. Metal heads. It’s just you and me tonight. So here we go. First. I want to say how’s everybody feeling tonight. I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe and healthy. Is anybody else just completely tired of wearing a mask?

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I mean, I’m so over it, you have no idea how over it. I have to wear a mask all day, every day at work, and I am past the point of ready to just chunk it out the window. Really? I get claustrophobic and Yeah. Okay. So for those of you that don’t know if this is your first time tuning in, allow me to introduce myself.

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I am the mistress of metal, AKA mom, a K a Dane DS better path if ESIS on better, but since he’s at work tonight, I’m taking over the podcasts. So I think I’ve got a pretty good show for you tonight. So just sit back and relax and lend me your ears and we’ll get into tonight’s topic, which is how do you defend yourself at work when you can’t carry?

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Not even a pocket knife and not even regular pepper spray, but before we indulge in the meat and potatoes of tonight’s show, I have a little bit of ranting to do. I don’t normally do this, or at least I tried not to, but I do have some things that I want to get off my chest. So let me just step up on this soap box here real quick.

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So first I want to express how much I wish the news outlets, anchors, commentators, contributors, guests, really just any media of any kind and even the social media keyboard commandos. I truly wish they would invest in it. The Saurus seriously. Oh, wait, I have an idea.

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Let’s start a GoFundMe page. Take donations to collect enough money to buy the whole bunch a really nice the store is and then send it to them all. Yeah, that sounds good to me. But honestly, if I have to hear the words re-imagining uptick or narrative, one more time. I just might scream maybe a next in light of all the riots and anarchy.

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That’s running rampant in our country. You see what I did there? I could’ve said lawlessness, but I went with an archi. See the sources work. Anyway, I have said for months that the people causing all the mayhem in the streets are just bratty little kids that probably had either lazy parents or doormat parents or hippy parents or reformist parents, whatever they most likely, never got a spanking, never had to go outside and get a switch from the bushes for their mamas to beat them with.

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And if you’re from the South, you know what I’m talking about, they probably never even had to experience a timeout. Never had to sit on that little stool in the corner or sit on that little mat or a rug on the floor facing the wall, not allowed to take part in the rest of the family’s activities until they call their little butts down. In fact, I’m willing to fit.

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I want you to bet dollars to donuts that the majority of them were the kids that got their way when they threw a fit in the grocery store. And we’ve all seen that scenario play out before, right? The parents either ignore the kids and it annoys everyone else in the store, or they give into their foolishness. These people were probably allowed to run all over their parents and probably run the entire show in their childhood homes.

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And we’ve all seen that kind of situation too on shows like nanny nine one one to which we’ve all sat back watching and saying, Oh hell no. Or at least that’s what Southern mama say. I can’t say that for other mommas, can’t speak for them. But these people were most likely the bullies at school that never got caught.

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They probably weren’t raised with any sense of discipline or morals to really speak of or, you know, okay, I’ll give the parents the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe their parents tried, but they were just too weak to realize that the babies and the kids don’t run s**t and grownups houses, grown folks run the house. Maybe their parents were too weak to stand up and put their foot down and make their kids do.

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Right. But regardless now, because of parents not being parents, we’ve had to witness the months long temper tantrum of a bunch of weak ass babies. And that’s what they are. Folks. I want you to open your eyes and realize that right now, there are a bunch of coddled, spoiled little punks who think that in real life, if they throw a hissy fit, it will end up the same way it ended up when their mom was in their daddies, didn’t beat their asses.

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They think that they can bully society into bending to their will. And if the lack of anger management wasn’t bad enough, we also have shootings and killings. And for what? Just because someone has a different idea or a different opinion than you. No, no, that’s not how this works.

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People. This is the really real world. This isn’t some video game. This isn’t some Lark gameplay in a local park. Now you’re playing deadly games with real people’s lives. They screamed defund the police. How about you? Do you fund your butt down to taco bell and get a damn job. Start mooching off of my tax dollars and living at your grandma’s house.

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Listen here, grown folks have better s**t to do than to worry about if their house is going to get burned down. If their business is going to get burned down or if their local police department is going to have budget cuts and lay off, Or if they’re going to get shot, trying to get to their cars after work, just because they happen to be wearing clothing that might suggest that they’re associated with one group or another, these crazy little cry babies don’t agree with.

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I got an E or not an email, but one of the security guys at the place where I work, You come up to us today and said that we are going to have Phelim protest out on the grounds of our building tomorrow round three.

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I’ll get into that little bit, a little bit later on,

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For the moment my rants

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So it’s gonna segue us into tonight’s topic, which as I said before, is how do you defend yourself at work when you can’t carry and I’m talking, you can’t carry a knife. You can’t even carry regular pepper spray. You can’t carry the key chain, Keppra, pepper spray. You can’t carry the little bitty, tiny key chain pepper spray that just fits really nice in the Palm of your hand.

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And it’s only good for like two squirts or something. Can’t even carry that.

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So yeah, if you’re like me, you work in a building that’s heavily secured. And I have a team of security officers wherever we have metal detectors and x-ray machines, you know, the kind with the conveyor belt and the whole bit just like at the airport. And you know, sometimes we even have to take off our shoes. They even inspect our case because you can have weapons on your keys.

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Believe it or not. They do make little, little knives that look like keys. And unless you stopped and actually looked at it, you wouldn’t know that was a knife. Oh, I’ll have Dane D explain that one to you on the other show. But I had one for the life of me. I have no idea where it went. I switched out my keys one day and I guess it didn’t make it onto the new King key ring.

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I don’t, I don’t know. So yeah, my security guys don’t stop and inspect every single building employee every single day. But what they do have is a quote unquote magic number. And that changes each day. It’s it’s different every day. So to explain that magic number to you, what they do is they count the number of employees that come into the employee entrance.

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And when they reach that magic number, it could be every two people, every 10 people, every 23 people who knows, like I said, it changes every day. But for the sake of giving an example, we’ll go with the magic number of say 23. Okay. So whoever the 23rd person is that walks in that door is going to be the person who they pull off to the side to check.

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And what I mean by check is that the security officer has to check their bags, their purses, their keys, et cetera, basically, whatever it is that we’re bringing into the building. Okay. And then they have a swap through the metal detector without holding onto all of our baggage, just to make sure that we’re not carrying anything on our person.

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Normally I don’t mind it. I really don’t. They’re all very sweet guys and they’re just doing their jobs, you know? And at the end of the day, they’re keeping all the employees and the built the visitors that come into the building. They’re keeping all of us safe from anybody that would want to come in and cause violent harm to any of us.

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And as a little sidebar, I’ll say that they don’t just walk the perimeter of the inside of the building. They also,

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Well, if the outside of the building is it’s called the Plaza

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More or less it’s, it’s the grounds, if you will. It’s the building grounds.

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Any, you know, these guys have been through some pretty extensive trading and I have no doubt that they would fight with everything in them. If something were to pop off. Now, that being said, what is a bit annoying is that we’re not allowed to carry anything in the building with us that could be used as a defense weapon.

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Like I said, not even pepper spread.

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There are little locking, half locker type boxes by the door of the employee entrance where you can lock up things like your gut or your knife, your pepper spray. Yes. Have actually had the lock up my pepper spray.

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I forgot that it was in my no, wait, I didn’t forget. Dame D bought me a new canister of pepper spray and it was just a little key ring sized pepper spray. And he just tossed it into my purse. I forgot it was there. And

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I had probably been going into the building with this thing for probably a month before I got my magic number got called. Right. Or I happen to be the magic number and the security guy that stopped me

2 (16m 58s):

1 (16m 60s):
Found it. And he said, well, you can either lock it up in the locker. I can keep it for the rest of the day. Or you could walk it back to your car. And I said, if I put it in the locker, I’m going to forget it. If you hold onto it, I’m going to forget it. And I don’t have time to walk back to my

2 (17m 29s):
Well, I ended up putting it in a locker.

1 (17m 34s):
Thank goodness. If you put it in a locker, it does have that specific locker had its own key with a little tag on it. So that was right there in plain view in my purse when I reached in to get my car keys. So I was able to remember to take it home with me that night, but I digress. But even though we can bring in or bring our weapons into the door, like I was saying, that’s as far as they can go, Like I said, they either have to be locked up or security takes possession of them until we leave the building.

1 (18m 18s):
Or we have the option of walking the two plus blocks back to our vehicles to put our weapon, quote unquote, in our vehicles and then try to get back in the building and to your desk before you have to clock in

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1 (18m 42s):
Kind of a hassle, but it’s a choice you have to make. When you forget that your husband tossed a canister pepper spray into your purse. Thanks a lot. Dane day, you know, I’ve worked for a company previously, which was a firearms company that allow the employees to carry knives and pepper spray.

1 (19m 17s):
No problem. They would even allow us to carry guns, but there was, there was a condition to that we had to take and pass their specialized class on active shooters

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And it was taught by one of the SWAT teams slash undercover narcotics guys from the local PD.

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I had talked to the instructor before a very knowledgeable guy, very nice guy. I never got a chance to take the class before they booted me out the door for not playing well with the owner’s daughter. Yeah. We just didn’t see eye to eye. But again, I digress, but from what I heard from the people that had taken it, it was no cakewalk.

1 (20m 22s):
They weren’t sitting in some air conditioned classroom watching videos and talking scenarios and all that jazz. No, nah, they were outside at a real gun range and physically learning how to move with their firearm and do team tactics and that whole bit, so it was real deal training. It wasn’t a joke, but like I said, I never got a chance to take that class, but at least it was an option for the employees that did want to carry their firearms in the building.

1 (21m 8s):
At least it was an option, but that was the private sector and working in the public sector. It’s it’s like night and day. It’s much, much different in the public sector where I work. The only class that might be available is a stop the bleed course. But you know, I’m not even really sure that that that’s even been fully planned out yet.

1 (21m 45s):
I have no idea, but here’s my problem with not being able to carry at work. Some of you may know others, maybe you don’t know, but I worked for the court system. I work in the legal field. And if ever there was a place that ran the biggest risk, especially right now with all the riots and what, and who are being targeted.

1 (22m 18s):
It’s a courthouse or a judge’s courtroom, which is where I am on a daily basis. If there was ever a place where the employees needed to be able to defend themselves, if say the bad guys managed to get through enough security officers to gain access to the courthouse with their guns. It’s the people who work for the court system, right?

1 (22m 52s):
Wouldn’t you think, especially what’s going on now and getting the news today that there’s a BLM protest. That’s going to go outside, go be going on outside our, in our Plaza tomorrow, that kind of scares me a little. If I’m being completely honest, it’s nerve wracking to say the least. But before I found out this information and this was months and months ago, I got to thinking about what I could do or what I could use if all hell broke loose.

1 (23m 34s):
And I needed to be able to fight back against an intruder. In fact, I think when this whole thought process came up was probably more than a year ago. Maybe if I’m thinking about it, right? Cause we had some officers from the local police department come and talk to us about active shooter situations and, and the stop, the bleed and, and all of that.

1 (24m 9s):
It was a very interesting little seminar that they did. They had a slide show and videos and everything. They did a good job and it got everybody in the courthouse to talk him, I think. But I even had a conversation with one of my judges and the bailiff for that particular courtroom about what we can use as improvised weapons, because even the judges are not allowed to, to carry inside the building.

1 (24m 48s):
So yeah, we got to talking about improvised weapons and, and I, I’m not talking about the kind that get made in prisons. You know, toothbrushes with saran wrap wrapped around the bristles and you get it hot with a lighter and make it into a knife. No, no, no. I’m not talking about prison shivs or prison shanks or anything. Although it would be a weapon that would probably beat the metal detectors, right?

1 (25m 25s):
Maybe I should, huh? Have to think about that one. But I’m talking about things that we have on our desks that can be used as weapons. If they had to be, or what basic daily wouldn’t raise an eyebrow items. Could I carry in with me and then leave them at my desk?

2 (25m 59s):
So this is what I came up with.

1 (26m 3s):
Custom made hair chopsticks. If you’re a girl like me, and maybe sometimes you put your hair up in a bun, they do make hair accessories that are chopsticks, that you can poke through your hair to hold your hair in place. You can get some that are custom made, where they just look like regular chopsticks on the outside, just regular.

1 (26m 38s):
You bought a Mitt Claire’s or somewhere in the mall, hair sticks, but you can get some that are custom made to like they, they open up and like there’s titanium on the inside or whatever. You could use it to stab somebody with again, I’ll let Dane D explain that to you. Cause he’s actually made me sell or, you know, you could even use regular chopsticks.

1 (27m 9s):
If you, if you had been to take a lunch and you go to the Chinese restaurant down the street and you have a regular pair of chopsticks, who’s to say you couldn’t sharpen those up somehow before you go back to work and put them in your purse. They’re wooden. He’s going to see him sharpened metal straws.

1 (27m 44s):
If you have heard Dane D or miles from Archangel dynamics, talk about the last straw. It’s a product that Dane D makes and sales on Miles’s website. It’s Archangel I believe, but yeah, it’s, it’s called the last straw. So you know, the metal straws that you can get to use in your tumblers, the reusable kind, where you just wash them.

1 (28m 18s):
And well, they indeed make some that are sharpened at one tip. And that’s the tip that goes inside the cup. You take that in with you. Nobody’s gonna know that it sharpened on the end. I take one with me to work. I take the last straw into work with me and the security guys are never the wiser.

1 (28m 50s):
It’s not like they’re going to take my straw out of my cup, especially now with the whole COVID thing. Right? So definitely go on. miles’ his website, Archangel and check out the last straw. I know you’re going to want one. It’s too cool. Not to want one. We’re going to take a quick break.

1 (29m 21s):
And when we come back, I’ll get into the rest of my improvised weapons list. We’ll be back.

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1 (32m 17s):
Okay. We’re back. I do want to say hi to Robert Amy. I see him in the chat room. I’m sorry. I didn’t see you sooner, but he has some good suggestions in there too. A fifth suggestion for improvised weapons as a tactical flashlight with a skull crush, your head, a tactical pin. I think Dane D actually has one of those. I’m going to have to go back into his little toy room and look and see.

1 (32m 51s):
And he also suggested pair cord. Those are all really awesome options and can easily be carried in with you. And like I said, I probably would not raise an eyebrow. And that’s, that’s what you’re looking for. That’s what I look for. Things that wouldn’t make them think twice. So those are good suggestions. Thank you, Robert.

1 (33m 22s):
Yeah, this is gonna seem like really, really silly list. But bear with me. I had to think about things that are just on my desk every day, things, office supplies, like I said, stay with me, your stapler. If you have a big enough stapler and it’s heavy enough, it’s not going to do a whole lot of damage, but you might be able to knock somebody out with it.

1 (33m 59s):
If you hit them in the right spot, right. That button on the chin, would that stapler in your, in your fist, it might work. If you have a two hole punch or a three hole punch and they’re big enough and stout enough that could do a little bit of damage. Like I said, it might knock them out. This is my favorite, I think static guard and a lighter come on.

1 (34m 30s):
I have static in my clothes and my hair all day long. I always have a can of static guard on me, but you put a lighter in with that and you have got a really good flame thrower. So I automatically just have static guard in my desk drawer anyway. And I think I have a second can in my purse at all times just in case.

1 (35m 1s):
But yeah, I’ve got to put a letter in my purse too, because flame thrower it. Robert in the chat room said Debbie D 40 and a lighter is pretty awesome too. And he’s right. Anything aerosol, hairspray, deodorant. It could work lipstick size, pepper spray. So you know that they make for the ladies, they make pepper spray.

1 (35m 33s):
That is in the shape of the exact size of a lipstick tube. So I’m going to have to get one of those for myself, because I don’t want to have to lock my pepper spray up in the, in the locker by the door anymore. But yeah, if you just get one of those little lipstick sized ones and you keep it in your makeup bag, they’re not going to check to make sure that that’s actual lipstick.

1 (36m 5s):
Guys usually don’t want to touch girls things. You know what I’m saying? Number two, pencils sharpened could work pins. And like Robert, Amy said the chat room, tactical pens. How I want to say that Dane D at some point made a Sharpie that had a, like a G T he, he took the, the marker part out of the Sharpie and put back in, I want to say it was a piece of that he had sharpened down to a really fine point.

1 (36m 53s):
Just like a Sharpie would look only. It was just a little bit longer so that you could check somebody with it. If you had to, why do I not have one of those in my purse name day? I know he’s going to be listening to this on his way home from work. What was the next one? Oh, keyboards. As long as it’s not attached to your computer, you have the wireless can grab it and just knock somebody upside the head with it.

1 (37m 30s):
It may not do a lot of damage. It may not even knock them out, but maybe it’ll deter them for just a few seconds. You never know compact mirrors or picture, frame, glass, anything that can be broken and used as a shank. You bet. You’re going to have to wrap it up probably in like your shirt or bandana or something. So you don’t cut your own hand, but yeah, just break that picture, frame glass.

1 (38m 9s):
You can replace it later.

2 (38m 16s):

1 (38m 18s):
I have to break it obviously, but I would rather break my $5 umbrella, then run a bigger risk of losing my life. Right? Oh, look, I actually did mention flashlights and I even put Maglite on there. That’s funny. Cause Robert mentioned tactical flashlights, but if you have like a Maglite and let’s, let’s just say that you can make it into the building with one of those really huge mag lights from like the nineties or the early two thousands.

1 (38m 59s):
Do they still even make those? I wonder I’m gonna have to look that up, but if you can make it into the building with one of those in the bottom of your purse, you can use that sucker like a lead pipe that could be really useful laptops. Some companies don’t have like desktop computers. They have laptop computers unplug that sucker and use it as a weapon.

1 (39m 33s):
Even tablets. Some tablets are pretty heavy and pretty big. So if you have one of those just personal use or even not personal use, whatever, just use it as a weapon. If you can, let’s see what’s next. Oh, your own thumbs right into the bad guy’s eyes. And I’m talking, you’re going to have to jam your thumbs into their eye sockets and just like want to push their eyeballs through their skull.

1 (40m 8s):
Otherwise it’s not gonna work, but you got, it’s going to suck and it’s going to be gross, but you gotta do it. You gotta do it. Oh, the heel of your high heels shoes, ladies, if you will, if you wear stilettos, that can go right into somebody’s ear. Somebody you get Jibo. Somebody knows if you have to, but it’ll work.

1 (40m 38s):
And laser pointers people get in trouble all the time with laser pointers pointing them up at the, at the aircraft, you have a laser pointer at your desk and you shine that in the bad guy’s eyes. He’s gonna, it’s gonna go blind or be blinded at least for a minute. If not longer, use the paring knife that you brought in your lunchbox to cut up your Apple with.

1 (41m 12s):
Yeah. That’s why I brought it. There’s an Apple in the air, used a metal fork that you brought to eat your lunch with. Now I actually have a little, a little box thing that has like plastic reusable. It’s got a knife, a fork, and a spoon in there, and it’s actually got some little chopsticks, but you can take them apart and, and interchange the, the different things.

1 (41m 48s):
I’m going to have to start carrying a metal fork in my, in my lunchbox and think, I don’t know why I thought about this, but three ring, binders, or substance similar. Maybe you can, maybe you can rip the ring part out of it somehow and use that. If you can figure out a way to do that, email me and let me know. Cause like I said, I don’t know why I got on the list or why I thought about it or what my thought process was.

1 (42m 23s):
But if you could figure that out, let me know. Cause I have a lot of binders on my desk. Flower pots are basis. If you have plants on your desk, you can web somebody upside the back of the head with those two personal fans. I have a little fan that sits on my desk. That is one part of it fits really quite nice into my little fist and it’s metal.

1 (42m 57s):
It’s a metal little personal fan and I could probably beat somebody into submission with that thing, heavy books. Like I said, I work in the legal field. There’s heavy books everywhere. Use the books they hurt. They re you could literally wet them upside the head with the law. I love that.

1 (43m 27s):
That’s good. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. I’ve got one. I’ve got like, imagine it’s potluck day at the office. Oh, well maybe this, this one is for more pre COVID, but for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s pot. Like they at work and it’s Betty’s birthday or something. Right? And your coworkers loved your casserole so much at the whole dish was practically licked clean within like the first hour of you clocking in washed out or not those casserole dishes.

1 (44m 8s):
The nine by thirteens are heavy use that use that casserole dish. If you’re lucky enough for it to be CA for it to be potluck day at work. When the intruder somehow gets in the door to use the casserole phone cords, extension cords, power cords, those were some more I thought of.

1 (44m 40s):
And like Robert, Amy and the chat room said a pair cord, anything that can be used to be wrapped around the intruder’s neck to take them out. That way you can choke them out. You can strangle them, whatever you gotta do, but you see where I’m going with all of this. These are all items that you can take into work with you one day, leave them at your desk or put them in your desk drawers.

1 (45m 15s):
And nobody is going to know, and you’ll have improvised weapons at your desk. Should something horrible, go wrong. Or you can use office supplies to you’ve already had at your desk company supplied office supplies.

2 (45m 39s):

1 (45m 42s):
But I’ve said it before. And, and I, I do mean it. Anything can be used as a weapon. You just have to really think about how you can use those things. If the situation calls for it.

2 (45m 60s):
And I wanna

1 (46m 1s):
See we’re about 15 minutes shy of the end of the show. And I may not have enough content here to cover the whole hour, but I’ll try to get as close as I can. It’s kind of hard doing it by yourself. There’s nobody to talk back and forth with, make the tea, make it all extend out farther. But I want to close out the show on this note.

1 (46m 32s):
I can only imagine, you know, I can’t even fathom just how exhausted police officers are all over the country right now, especially the ones that are in would be war torn areas like Seattle and Portland, Kenosha, Chicago, and New York are kind of, Oh, they’ve kind of always been that way, especially Chicago, but I’m even more so now.

1 (47m 11s):
I mean, as if they didn’t have it bad enough already with the day to day crime in those areas, now they have this madness and downright foolishness to have to deal with their families must want to hold onto them. So tightly before they walk out the door every day to go to work, honestly, when, when I’m off work in, Dane D has to go to work.

1 (47m 42s):
He, he works in retail, but the type of retail that it is, people are crazy. I just realized that right now, people are just losing their minds, even pre COVID-19, just losing it. It just main and for no reason. But there are times when, when he gets ready to go to work and I don’t want him to go, especially when he comes home the night before and tells me about some guy who was just I right, and almost losing it at the store, but to be a police officer, I can’t even imagine if he was a police officer.

1 (48m 41s):
It’s scary enough already to be a police officer. But now I just can’t imagine what they must feel when they clock in for their shift. I heard the other day that now the street gangs in Chicago are calling for anyone who sees an officer, pull a gun on a civilian to shoot, to kill that officer.

1 (49m 13s):
Nevermind. The reason why that officer may have that gun drawn. Now that doesn’t matter to these morons, just shoot to kill. And I’ll even mention Kyle Rittenhouse, but just briefly, okay. Look, I want to ask you this, the guy that got shot first in the parking lot of the car dealership or wherever it was that they were, he apparently was threatening Kyle and something happened.

1 (49m 54s):
I don’t know what. And he ended up getting shot in the head. The other riders and looters that were there with this guy ran to him and they were trying to like cover his wounds. And from what I could tell from the video, this dude was already gone. By the time they got over there and were wrapping t-shirts around his head and, and yelling, you got to apply a pressure.

1 (50m 30s):
You got to apply pressure. He was already gone. He was limp. He was no longer living. But here’s my question. At what point does a rioter or a Luder at what point do you say, okay, this has gone too far. It’s time to go home. I mean, you just saw the guy standing next to you get shot in the head.

1 (51m 3s):
Would you not come to the conclusion that it’s time to stop? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just showing my age here, but I see it as a bunch. This is kind of the image I see of this whole situation in my head. It’s not an exact equation equation two, but I don’t know. I just see it this way. Like a bunch of underage kids at a house party and a neighbor down the street, calls the cops on a noise complaint and the cops show up, somebody else go cops and everybody runs like lights is like roaches.

1 (51m 44s):
When the lights come on. Right. But you see what I’m saying here? At what point are these whacked out unstable, mentally deranged cowards, going to wake up and say and or see, okay, enough is enough. People are now killing us back. It’s time to stop these half Cox senseless idiotic war games.

1 (52m 23s):
My guess is they won’t until the authorities start throwing their comrades in jail without bail,

2 (52m 41s):
They won’t stop.

1 (52m 47s):
There’s too much of this happening right now. And it breaks my heart as a mom,

2 (52m 57s):
As a mom,

1 (53m 1s):
Regardless of the backgrounds that these kids come from, regardless of their childhoods or how they may have been brought up, or maybe they were in the system. How do we know that? As a mother, it breaks my heart to see kids getting shot in the street. And when I say kids I’m in my forties.

1 (53m 34s):
So I’m, I’m saying teens, twenties, maybe even early thirties to see these people getting shot over since senseless propaganda. I am glad that I raised my son to know better than to be a part of this senseless violence.

1 (54m 13s):
I’m glad I raised him better than to want to be a part of this. In fact, he told me once that he opted out of his generation because they were so stupid. And that was back when all these kids were eating tide pods. You remember that? He looked at me and he said, I’m out. He’s 21 right now. And he has opted out of his generation.

1 (54m 45s):
Can’t say, I blame him. There’s a bunch of real dumdums. But yeah, playtime is over. Recess is over the street lights have come on and it’s time to go home before y’all get grounded, right? Let’s seriously. It’s time for these people to start facing some hard consequences, some harsh consequences, but he did make an example out of them.

1 (55m 25s):
So this pointless and asinine behavior will finally stop. This has gone on long enough. It needs to stop and the authorities need to put a stop to it. And that’s, that’s just about all the time that I have for tonight. I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s show. And I would, I’d like to hear your feedback.

1 (55m 58s):
If you’ve liked the show that I’ve done for you tonight, and you want to see me do some more solo shows when Dane D is at work, send us an and let us know, let me know your feedback. I’m pretty good about constructive criticism. Do you can check out all the shows on prepper, broadcasting, check out the website. There’s lots of really amazing content tips and advice.

1 (56m 30s):
And if you have any questions about how to get started with prepping, if you’re new to it, but you don’t know where to start, you can email us at the gunmetal armory, or you can reach out to any of the hosts on prepper broadcasting. We are all more than happy to help you get started to give you all the resources we can. If you can’t find it on the website, we can point you in the right direction.

1 (57m 0s):
Seriously, everybody on this, on this network, this is our passion. It really is. We are all about prepping. We are all about self defense. We are all about knowledge, lots of knowledge. We’ll be more than happy to help you, but Dane do you we’ll be back next week with another amazing show. I’m not sure what he’s going to be doing yet, but I’m sure I’ll find out this weekend.

1 (57m 31s):
So until then, I’ll leave you with this. Keep your head on the swivel, stay frosty and come back next week. Next Thursday, we’ll go deeper inside the office cubicle of the Ken metal armory. Goodnight y’all

4 (57m 54s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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