November 27, 2022


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Self Defense and Civil Unrest w/ The Gunmetal Armory

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The pepper broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host Dame D

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What’s up team gunmetal. This is dainty. I’m coming at you on a Thursday morning because I’m going to be at work all night tonight. So well, not all night, but do you work for quite a while tonight? So I won’t be home in time to actually do a ship. One of these days, the misters metal who is currently at work right now, she may end up taking over and doing shows when I’m not here, which I’m sure you guys would just absolutely love, especially if you had yourself a live show with her where you guys could just wrap out and talk with her.

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That would be pretty freaking cool. I think anyways, so let’s talk about what we’re going to do today. Okay. Last week I talked about riots and Simone rests and surviving those and you know, things of that nature. And I recorded that. That was a prerecorded show. And then the mr. The metal wanted to do a live show and we did a live show, but we weren’t sure if there were, you know, some, some touchy topics in there, but, you know, anyhow, we, we did a, we did a recorded show, which was a good one.

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If you guys want to listen to that, that you guys would love it. I’m sure you guys love it. So this week there are some other things that I want to cover as far as civil unrest and riots and things like that, how you can recognize the cell is about to get aggressive with you. You know, of course, there’s always your spidey sense and you can kind of tell, but people are on edge. Man. People are absolutely on edge right now.

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People are, are acting insane. They’re absolutely crazy. So what we to do is we need to be aware of that. Number one, and number two, we need to have a plan to react. If we’re facing someone who is losing their temper or getting aggressive, or, you know, you happen to drive down the wrong street and you find yourself faced with, you know, 500 people who are quote unquote peacefully, protesting.

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Yeah. That’s a frigging. Oh my gosh. Don’t even get me into that. Right this second. Okay. So anyways, that’s the kind of stuff we’re going to talk about tonight or today, whatever, that’s the stuff we’re going to talk about. Self-defense, you know, we’re, we’re hand, hand comes in, you know, guns, firearms, things like that. So speaking of guns, right? Speaking of guns is you guys have not picked up my book or seen my book on building the AK 47 survival rifle.

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Take a look at it. It’s available on the prepper broadcasting network. It’s available on Archangel and it’s available on Amazon. Any of those three sources, you can get my book. I’m also coming up very soon. We are going to have the next installment. And after that, there will be seven more installments. So I keep coming up with more ideas and more things to write again and again and again.

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So, I mean, I’ve got, I’ve got eight more books planned at this point. And I mean, I’ll tell you if I had a publisher, man, I would, this is what I would do for a living. I would write books. That’s all I would do because I have so much knowledge on firearms and so much knowledge on gunsmithing and how to build something for survival, how to build it for longevity, how to maintain it and care for it over time. Because that’s one of the things that a lot of people seem to forget about their armory and their firearms when it comes to a post apocalyptic situation or when it comes to a, a SHTF situation, a WRL situation, whatever you want to call it.

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But the thing that people often forget is that gun has parts in it and Springs. And you know, some of those parts are polymer like the furniture, some of them are metal. Well like a lot of the other stuff like barrels and hammers triggers, things like that. Right? But everything has a lifespan. Everything has a, an initial point where it’s going to wear out or rust or break.

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So most think that their gun is probably going to last them their entire life or the entire life of the SHTF scenario or whatever. I’m here to tell you that it’s not always that easy. It’s not, I mean, even some of the most durable guns on the planet, like the AK 47 or Glock, they can break, they can break. I mean, of course you notice, but they can, okay. So we need to be prepared for that.

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And those are the kinds of things that I go into in my books. How can you prepare, what parts do you need to set aside? What are the ones that are most prone to breaking so on and so forth? So it’s, it’s all a lot of good information there. And again, guys, you can get my book from Barbara broadcasting network, from Archangel or from Amazon. If there’s some reason why you cannot find my book online, like, you know, censorship or something, you know, because it’s not out of the realm of that happening at all, just email me.

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And I will find you a link. I will send you a link to where to find my book. Next thing, one of the coolest possible things has happened at prepper broadcasting network. This is something that I’ve been supporting for a long time in my, you know, in the background. And this is a good idea, not supporting as in money, because I’m about as poor as poor can get. But supporting as in, you know, let’s do this, this is a great idea.

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Prep and broadcasting network had been on, you know, a way like, like Patrion, you know, we, we have Patrion and we have other revenue sources. Well, some of our stuff had been canceled or had been stopped. And I think it’s the cat toy. I think it’s because of our content. And I’m guessing that it’s mostly because of mine because I’m the gun guy and they don’t like guns.

2 (8m 12s):
They don’t like the second amendment. They don’t like freedom, you know? And I’m sure the Patriot power hour is another one that probably didn’t help. Okay. But these, these shadow bands, if you will, the shadow banning stuff has been going on for a while. Well, they finally reached us and there was some shadow banning going on. So our Intrepid demander, James, you know, this is a very succinct version of the events, but our Intrepid commander, James, you know, the, to my knowledge, this is the way it went down.

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He had this, these cancellation take place. And, you know, basically he called together all of us and said, you know, here’s what I’m going to do. Whoops, I’m going to make, I think I stepped on the box. There was a basically kind of a round table and another box, sorry, there was a round table of the hosts and we all talked about it from what I know.

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And then me and James talked about it, just me and James. And he decided to switch prepper broadcasting network over to being a membership site that you can actually become a member of membership sites are amazing. And they’re amazing for various reasons. But one of the biggest reasons that prepper broadcasting network being a membership site is amazing is this, you will have access to some of the best content on the web via those memberships.

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Okay. There are things that you can only learn from me. There are things that you can only learn from James or Fergie or, you know, Jafer or Dave, the NBC guy, the team at, at the next generation, you know, Ryan and his son, Collin, the Patriot power hour. There are things that you can only learn from us. And there are things that we hold back because you know, knowledge like that should not be free.

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Okay. I spent three years in school. Well, that’s three to four in school and I have, you know, over $20,000 in student loan debt. Okay. I paid for a lot of this knowledge. Okay. And I don’t give it all away for free. I give a lot of it away for free because I care about other preppers. I want us all to be as prepared as possible. But at the same time, I think that if you have a commodity or a skill, then you should be paid for it.

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You know, you wouldn’t go to a mechanic and have them fix your car and then not expect to have to pay him. It doesn’t work that way. You know, if you, if you want these services, if you want to learn stuff that, you know, preppers like me and James and the other guys has been a lifetime cultivating and a lot of time perfecting and, you know, researching and gathering and learning, then, you know, join up, get in the Mim, you know, get it, get on board, get your membership, come on in and learn from us.

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Okay. The worst thing that could happen is you being able to have all this information, you being able to listen to any of our podcasts from the beginning, but not being able to listen to it afterwards. What is there some big gigantic event, you know, EMP or something like that, power outage, you know, the grid goes down, whatever, and now you don’t have access to any of that information anymore.

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None of it, if you’re a member, you can go back to all of our old archives. You can go back to the stuff that we had from the beginning and you can download it, put it on a flash drive and keep it with you,

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You know? Oh, that’s how Dane said to do that tracking thing. Oh, that’s how he said to make a tracking stick. Oh, that was the ammo that Dane said would be best for a nine millimeter in his opinion, you know? Oh, that’s the stock that he recommended. Oh, okay. Well that’s how you clear a jam when an AR 15, if there’s a self Piper, you know, I mean

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1,000,001 things, all these tips, all this knowledge, it’s all right there at your fingertips. If you join up on paper, prepper broadcasting network, if you join up, it’s all right there for you, man. So don’t neglect it, do it now. Okay. I personally am going to be adding videos. Okay. I’m going to be putting them on, on my YouTube page, but

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I’m actually going to be showing my face. Most of my videos, you can’t see my face. You see my hands, but you never see my face. Now that we’re moved into our new house, I’m going to start doing live podcasts where you can see my face. I’m going to start doing videos for prepper broadcasting network, where I show, you know, various gunsmithing tips or I show ’em, you know, the ways to sharpen knife properly, or maybe I’ll even do one on how to make a knife.

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You know, I’ll do one on how to build an AR 15, you know, or maybe just how to switch out the barrel of an AR 15 or basic cleaning for various different types of guns. How I break in a Glock, I mean a million there’s I can’t tell you again, a million different things. I’m going to be doing videos on guys, and you will get to see my face as ugly as it is. So stay tuned for that guys, if you want tips, if you want tricks,

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If you want to learn and accelerate your prepper learning, if you want to accelerate your prepper learning, this is the way to do it. Join prepper broadcasting network as a member and accelerate your prepper journey. Okay. Instead of having to go through years and years and years and years, like all of us did, you can learn from us and accelerate your journey. Okay.

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Alright. So sorry. I know that was a long one moving on. Apparently there have been like a lot of Crack downs on the BLM and you know, the Antifa there’s that fucking cat. Oh, there’s our fricking cat toy. Again, there have been a lot of crackdowns on these BLM activists. You know, if you can even call them that and the anti fart people double a lot of them have been arrested by federal authorities.

2 (15m 59s):
A bunch of them. Apparently Trump is cracking down on these, on these, these bad groups, these, these groups that have been terrorizing people, you know, and terrorizing small towns, terrorizing large towns. You know, these, these small business sectors they’ve been terrorizing people. So Trump’s Trump and the DOJ are cracking down on him, which I think is awesome. Okay. Some all right. And they’re going after him, like never before. This is basically an all out counter offensive by the Trump administration and the department of justice.

2 (16m 36s):
According to what I read, seven individuals have been arrested outside of Portland, or they were arrested in Portland. Apparently multiple riders were showering the courthouse and launching fireworks, showering the courthouse with bricks, launching fireworks at the courthouse and you know, throwing bricks and fireworks and things like that at the police, they were doing that to the police. I knew they didn’t do anything wrong, but this whole, you know, defund the police movement is, is reaching a fever pitch, you know, is becoming extremely dangerous.

2 (17m 13s):
And this is part more part of what I was talking about. This is this all lines up, this all comes together and this is all that Marxist bridging extreme leftist point of view of these subjects and of these, these groups, you know, these groups, it’s, it’s just ridiculous what they’re doing and what they’re getting away with. Well, not anymore.

2 (17m 43s):
Hold on. I gotta take a drink. Hear that sound. That, that sound is my steel cup and my seal tumbler cup that I have my, my coffee in. That’s my disaster coffee. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Finally, got my hands on some disaster coffee. And let me tell you guys, I used to drink nothing but black rifle coffee. Now that I’m drinking disaster coffee, it’s a lot better.

2 (18m 15s):
I mean, I’ll be honest with you guys. It is a lot better. And I mean, I love black rifle coffee, but this stuff, it just tastes better. It honestly does guys try it. Try a side by side comparison. I was able to do that. I did a side by side comparison and I really honestly prefer the light roast disaster coffee, light roast over the light roast silencer, smooth of black rifle coffee.

2 (18m 46s):
So go to disaster coffee and get yourself. Some guys, you won’t be disappointed. Anyhow, these, the DOJ is cracking down. They’re, they’re cracking down. They’re tired of this crap. You know, and Trump has basically left the dog off the leash. Okay. The Trump administration and DOJ actually had to step in, had to step in because the attorney general of Portland seems to have a bad habit of dropping charges against these fringe leftist groups.

2 (19m 17s):
And he does it far too often. So the administration stepped in, the DOJ stepped in and now they’re going to prosecute and they’re going to prosecute on a federal level. Why are they going to prosecute on a federal level? I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that they were attacking the court house, the federal court house people. Okay. That I believe I’m not a hundred percent sure on this, but I believe that’s a crime, you know, call me crazy.

2 (19m 49s):
But I think that’s a crime guys anyways. Yeah. The ag of Portland, then dude, he might as well just be a fringe left this dude. He might as well just come out of the closet and say, that’s what he does. Might as well say, he’s an extremist because that’s the way it is. Any who in Iowa? The prosecutors, they’re not, not federal prosecutors, not from somebody from DOJ, but in Iowa, their own prosecutors have charged two leftists from a BLM or, or is it being visible movement or is it okay?

2 (20m 25s):
Sorry. Leftists from BLM with a little known and rarely use charge called the leak charge. Okay. Why? Well, let me explain it to you. The two activists actually stole a classified document from the pocket of a police officer during some sort of interaction. I don’t know how they stole it from, I don’t know what happened, but you can imagine if you’re a police officer and you’re in a crowd, you know, I mean it could happen. You bump into people and somebody can take some out of your pocket.

2 (20m 57s):
It’s not out of the realm of possibility at all. Any who they took this classified document from his, from, from this police officer and to add insult to injury, it wasn’t bad enough that they took a classified document with a lot of information on people who are subjects, who were wanted either for questioning or for various other reasons. They, they took this document. Now it’s not bad enough that they did that.

2 (21m 28s):
Okay. But when the, these, these activists, these rioters went on TV for an interview with the fake news, mainstream media, you know, the fake news, alphabet soup, you know, coalition of, of doom over here. They actually put that document on TV. They Le they, they held it up for everybody to see. So they basically showed classified documents on TV.

2 (22m 2s):
This that actually carries a five year sentence in the federal penitentiary, not freaking country club County jail. Okay. This is a federal pen, federal pen, squat and cough dude, federal penitentiary, man. That’s the scary stuff, dude. No fricking thank you. Okay. It is awesome. And I mean, fricking awesome to see the feds cracking down.

2 (22m 31s):
Finally. Now in New York, there were actually two radical left wing lawyers that were arrested and they were arrested for seven felonies guys. Seven that’s two more than one hand. Anyways, they’re arrested for seven felonies guys. That’s a lot. That’s a lot for two freaking lawyers that are fringe lawyers. Okay. That’s, that’s, that’s really, that’s a lot of felonies between them. I wonder if they both got seven felonies or if one got three and the other got four and the one that got three felt better, it was like, well, at least I didn’t get four.

2 (23m 9s):
And the one that got four is like, man, I got screwed. Anyways. They got charged with seven felony. They’re arrested and charged with seven felonies. And these radicals, guess how much time they’re facing in prison for those seven felonies? Yup. You guessed it. They’re facing life in prison. Life. L I F E life in prison, dude, over some bull crap over some BS.

2 (23m 42s):
They’re facing life in prison because they had to go out and be activists. They had to go out and be, you know, whatever. I don’t know, rioters or whatever you want to call them, dude. But you’re probably wondering what some of the charges are. Well, I don’t have all of them, but I have one of the ones that matters the most. Okay. They are facing potential life in prison for multiple charges. But the one that is really, you know, the one that sticks out to me the most is first throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars.

2 (24m 19s):
Okay. Now let me ask you a question here. Obviously we can’t see the video. I don’t know where the video is. I don’t know. You know how this all went down, but what kind of person does it take to throw a Molotov cocktail and a police car? And furthermore, what kind of piece of crap would throw a Molotov cocktail at a police car with a cop in it?

2 (24m 53s):
What kind of piece of crap would do that? What is wrong with people? I don’t, I can’t even, I can’t even right now. I can’t even, that’s just, I mean, okay. In my head, that’s evil. Okay. There’s no other way around that. It’s evil. Okay. So throwing Molotov cocktail at a, at a vehicle with someone inside is evil.

2 (25m 26s):
Okay. Because the intent is to kill that person. And the intent is to do it in a very, very horrible way. That’s not okay, man. That’s terrible. That’s just, gosh, man. Anyways. So they’re facing life in prison for that among other things. There’s multiple other crimes, but that’s one of the big ones there.

2 (26m 1s):
And the liberal fake news, the mainstream media quote, unquote calls. What they did get this. You guys are gonna love this. They call it in. Okay. Let me make sure I get this right. I got it in quotes. They call it an eruption of anger from peaceful protestors and eruption on anger from peaceful protest, interruption of anger.

2 (26m 33s):
Huh? Are you kidding me? Alright. I mean, are you serious? These were flat out riots. These were not peaceful protests. These were riots. As soon as Molotov cocktails start coming out. Come on, dude. There’s nothing peaceful about a Molotov cocktail. There just isn’t man. There’s nothing peaceful about throwing bricks. There’s nothing peaceful about flipping over vehicles or shooting at a mom and her daughter because they took a wrong turn.

2 (27m 7s):
There’s nothing peaceful about any of this. These are riots. This is civil unrest. This is wrong. And it has to stop. Okay. Patriots out there, guys. This has to stop. Okay. Some of you have been doing stuff. You know, like the bikers for Trump and these various different groups have been going out to counter protest. And to me it was these people and basically telling me, you know, this ain’t going to happen in our town.

2 (27m 39s):
I mean, I’ve seen so many videos where people are just lining the streets with firearms saying, no, not here, no, not here. And I could see that happening in my community very easily. In fact, in my community, I could see us stopping them right at the freeway and saying, turn around, go back. You ain’t coming up here. That ain’t happening. We doing that, homie. Don’t play that right? Anyhow. This has to stop guys, Patriots, get off, get off your, your Duffs and let’s get something done.

2 (28m 14s):
If they come to your town peacefully, nicely, cordially politely. If you can make it very well known that that’s not okay in your town, okay? This is not legal advice. This is not advice of any sort, but you need to make sure they know that this ain’t the place. This ain’t the place now NPR, you know, national public radio or whatever they want to call themselves this week.

2 (28m 47s):
That is a massive left wing radical company right now. And they’re advocating and pushing violence. A lot of these groups are pushing violence right now. I don’t know why. I don’t know what good it does them. I don’t know how that fits their narrative, but it does. I mean, they’re, they’re pushing violence for a lot of different reasons. And again, here is my metal cup with my disaster coffee in it.

2 (29m 19s):
And what I’m drinking my disaster coffee through is a straw. These straw that I’m drinking it through, you can actually find on Archangel I make these straws myself one at a time by hand. And I silly jokingly came up with the name for them, which is the last straw. That’s it? That’s the last straw. I thought it was hilarious. So they are the last straw they are in NPE weapon.

2 (29m 54s):
If you don’t know what NPE is, it means non permissible environment. Okay? It’s something that you can take into an environment with you. And no one will know that you have a weapon. There are two different ways, you know, or a self defense item. Anyway, you don’t have to call them up and call it a self defense tool. There are two different ways to deploy it or to carry it. Rather one with the sharpen tip down in your drink.

2 (30m 24s):
Like I do this, the a sharpened end. It looks like a syringe, like a, like a needle that you get stuck in your arm to draw blood or whatever that end is down in my drink. And the top end has the little rubber grommet mouth piece. So you can drink out of it without tipping your teeth on the stainless steel straw.

3 (30m 48s):
We’re also going to be doing some titanium ones, but not right this second. Anyhow, you have this little rubber grommet mouthpiece thing that you can put Nina Thrace. So it doesn’t tip your teeth. Okay. Number one, number two. The other way to deploy it would be to flip it over and have the sharpen Dan sticking out like you were going to stab yourself in the face. Every time you went to take a drink, however, you can take the little rubbish, the little rubber mouthpiece and put it over the sharpened.

3 (31m 18s):
And so that way, when you pull it out later, you will have that sharpened end right there at your fingertips. No big deal. Okay. I’ve I’ve probably got about 15 or 20 of them that have gone out. And each of those people, you know, this guy wants to do it this way. This girl wants to do it that way and so on and so forth. And what have you. So it’s up to you, how you want to roll it. It’s up to you, how you want to do it, but I don’t think there’s any like actual wrong answer.

3 (31m 53s):
Just J yourself one and try it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Any who, why don’t we take a quick break? And when we come back,

2 (32m 9s):
We’ll talk about the skewed viewpoint of the left. Why they’re so insane. And so permissive or, you know, maybe we’ll just let that die. I mean, that’s what Marxism is. That’s this is what Marxism is, guys. This is what the left is. This is what they do. This is what they believe in. If that’s the America you want, then let’s keep going in that direction. You know, it’s going to become a war. I guarantee it. But if it’s not the direction you want, if it’s not the America you want and up for yourself

3 (32m 40s):
And do something anyways, all right, guys, we’re going to take a break and we will be right back. Don’t go away.

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Hi, y’all Jordan here. You’re a host of a family affair touches every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM. Eastern, as we discuss prepping on every level and remember everybody, everybody,

9 (36m 17s):
And now we return to the gun metal armory.

3 (36m 22s):
Okay guys, we are back on the gunmetal armory. I am just working with some tentpoles here through, you can hear them. I’m actually working on that for a PR project for the garden that me and my wife are working on right now. Like I said, we just moved into our new place. Well, not new, but we just moved into our, our house that we’ve been working on for months now. And we’re trying to set up a garden. So, you know, we have to set up various different things.

3 (36m 57s):
One of them being some coops for, for the raised bed that we have in the garden, we got to set up some hoops so we can put some shade cloth in and some stuff like that. The keep the plant safe. You know, we’ve got jalapenos in there. We’ve got, whoops, dropped it. We’ve got jalapenos in there. We’ve got having euros in there. Let’s see what else we’ve got Halla. Yeah. I said jalapenos, habaneros, green peppers, tomatoes, and Mexican squash is what we have in there at the moment.

3 (37m 37s):
It’s all really, really good stuff. So far it’s, it’s working out pretty well so far, but we do have a ways to go. I don’t have a green thumb. I I’ve told you guys this a few times. I really really think at, you know, making stuff grow very, very bad at it, but I am trying to learn, you know, I am trying to get better at it because number one, I like gardening. I think it’s fun, man. It’s cool to see something grow that you planted yourself.

3 (38m 10s):
You know, at least that’s my opinion. I think it’s pretty, pretty freaking neat dude. But aside from that, you know, that, that, that aside, I think it’s going to get to a point in our, in our community and in our world where we’re going to need to know how to provide food for ourself. I think that we’re gonna need to know how to, how to provide food, because if we don’t, I think there’s a good chance that, you know, certain people may just go hungry because they don’t know how to provide food for themselves and it’s not their fault.

3 (38m 50s):
It’s just how they were raised. Right. So I think it’s important for, for people like us folks like us preppers, to be able to provide themselves with that food. I think that’s more important now than it’s ever, ever been. So that’s why I’m doing it. That’s why we’re doing it because we think it’s super, super necessary. Anyways. Sorry, went off on a little tangent there.

3 (39m 21s):
Let’s talk about self-defense and let’s talk about ways that we can spot if someone’s becoming aggressive or may become aggressive. Okay. But the first thing is my disclaimer. Okay. Keep in mind that this podcast is for information purposes only. This is not, and I repeat not legal advice. The topics discussed here in our, just to give an overview of each individual situation. Okay. It is for information purposes only. Don’t be dumb use common sense and always remember safety first.

3 (39m 54s):
Okay. So excuse me. Talk about ways to basically ways to pick up on if someone is going to become aggressive or violent. How do we know if someone’s about to become violent? Well, yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking vein. If they punched me in the face, that is a pretty good sign that they’re starting to become violent. Well, I mean, yeah, that’s a, that’s pretty good sign, but there are other ways to tell there are other ways to kind of get a handle on that.

3 (40m 34s):
Okay. So some of the, the thing that, the triggers that I look for, some of the various different things that I look for when it comes to someone becoming aggressive and a lot of police officers will tell you this because police officers are trained to see when someone is becoming angry versus when was becoming aggressive or whatever, because they need to know it for their job. They can give them a crucial moment ahead to react if they need to.

3 (41m 8s):
Okay. Mmm. So basically, you know, if you’re confronted with a situation, like I was a couple of weeks ago where a, that guy basically, you know, had road rage, he basically tried to get into a fight with me right. In the middle of a freeway, which is, I don’t know what the right word is for it, but insane, I guess is probably the best word for

2 (41m 34s):
It. I don’t want to fight anybody if I don’t have to, you know, I mean, I’ve been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. I really, it doesn’t bother me, you know, and it doesn’t bother me to walk away because I’ve done it I’ve been there. So, but if you have someone who’s acting aggressive or you’re in this situation, there are a couple of things that your, your attacker might do. The person might do that is about to attack you.

2 (42m 6s):
Okay. And you’ll see a lot of these reflected in other things too, in other scenarios and other locations. Okay. So the person who might try to attack you, they’re, they’re going to try to get as close as they can to you. Okay. If you guys are arguing, right. You know, like me and that guy, that was, you know, they got out of his truck, they’re going to try to close that distance. Right.

2 (42m 35s):
So he didn’t just yell at me while he was sitting in the truck. You know, he got out of the truck and came toward me. Okay. They’re going to try to close that distance to get close if they can’t. All right. So let’s see they, their threats, the way that they threaten you, as they’re becoming more and more aggressive, their, their threats are going to switch to, instead of being a full sentence, like, you know, get out of the truck.

2 (43m 12s):
So I can ask you up as soon as they’re about to attack those words, and those sentences are going to become one word sentences, they’re going to become one word statements, you know, go on, you know, bring it, bring it, come on, come on, come on. You know, things like that. Okay. I mean, I know bringing it’s two words, but you understand what I’m saying? They’re going to become very short and very succinct when it’s about to go down. Okay. That is how you know something’s about to happen. Those, those key indicators, those tiny little changes like that.

2 (43m 45s):
Okay. You can also see, obviously the difference in there, the difference in their stance, if you’re a kickboxer or a boxer, a martial artist of any type, any type you can tell, you know, someone is going into a fighting stance. You can look at their legs, you can look at their hands and see they’re, they’re getting into a fighting stance. Now, if you’re highly trained, they may not put their hands in a fighting stance.

2 (44m 21s):
They may just turn their feet and square up their shoulders and stuff. Okay. If you see that happening, that is a major indicator. Something’s about to happen. They probably about to throw a punch because they’re scoring up their legs and they’re trying to get their legs and their knees and their feet planted. So they can take a good solid punch. Unless of course they don’t know how to punch and they ended up slapping you or something. You know, you never know, people are afraid to wear it.

2 (44m 51s):
Anyways. Like I said, they’re, they’re the way they’re yelling at you. The words they’re saying, there’s going to be shorter. It’s going to be a lot shorter when they are yelling back and forth with you. Hopefully you’re not yelling. Hopefully you’re staying calm and hopefully you’re putting your hands up in front of you. Like, you know, like they’re robbing you if you will. Like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, calm down, dude. Both hands up. You know, it’s, it’s basically number one to give you some space between you and them. But number two, it is also, so you do not look like the aggressor.

2 (45m 28s):
You’re not the aggressor. So why would you look like the aggressor? Okay. There are reasons why you could look like an aggressor in that situation. For example, as you’re, if you’re trained in martial arts, or if you’ve been trained, you know, in the military or anything for, and in combat, you might drop that guy or that girl in the case, some new females, you might drop that guy or that girl relatively easy, you know, because they really don’t seem to know what they’re doing.

2 (45m 59s):
If that makes any sense. And you’re remaining calm. I hope that makes some sense. But anyways, another thing they’re going to do, especially when they’re at close range, when they’re really, really close to you, they’re going to make direct eye contact. I’m sure you guys have seen this in movies and on the football field and whatever, when they’re, when they’re flipping a coin, these guys are mad dogging each other dude, right in the eyes or, you know, I, ah, man, ready to rock and roll Yummy disaster coffee.

2 (46m 38s):
Yum, yum.

4 (46m 42s):

2 (46m 44s):
That is something to consider. There are going to be, there’s going to be eye contact. They’re going to be a lot of eye contact. Okay. That is something that is often used in aggressive cultures. It’s also used in the penitentiary. It’s also used in, you know, with gangs. You know, when you’re on their terms with the, are you looking at white boy? You know, stuff like that. Okay. So this is nothing that’s out of the ordinary for you to come in contact with.

2 (47m 17s):
Okay. And you should also keep these, these aggressive warning signs in contact for an end of the world. Scenario two. Okay. You’ve got to keep these in mind. End of the world scenarios

3 (47m 30s):
Too, because without rule of law or whatever, SHTF, even if it’s only temporary, you got to keep these in mind because if there’s civil unrest, if there’s a riot, anything like that, and you happen to go down the wrong alley and it’s just you and one other guy or you and two or three guys, then you need to be ready and willing and able to fight just in case that’s what’s on their mind. Now they may just walk right past you and don’t have two cares in the world for you.

3 (48m 1s):
They might be off to do something else and they don’t want to get mired down, you know, doing some sort of hand to hand, combat scrapped with you. Okay. In that case, you’ll want to know, are they making really, really hard eye contact with me? Are they surrounding me? Okay. When you’re walking down that alleyway doesn’t want them to stand in front of you and the other two, go back into your left and back into your right. Are you surrounded? Okay. You know, if so, if you do get surrounded, what are your options?

3 (48m 35s):
You know, do you attack the guy in front of you first? Do you attack the two behind you first? So on and so forth? How does this all work? Is there a right of way? Is there a wrong way? Okay. In that situation. And I know that this is a little, you know, I’m skewing from the topic of how to tell if someone’s being, you know, being aggressive and about to get more aggressive, but excuse me from the topic a little bit. But honestly there are a few things that I like to apply as far as rules go, when I’m outnumbered, number one, if you have a firearm, you know, that’s called disparity of force.

3 (49m 18s):
You know, not, not, if you have a firearm, this disparity of force, if there’s three of them and one of you that’s disparity of force right now, keep in mind is not legal advice. This is just me talking out loud. Okay. I am not giving you legal advice, but yeah. I mean, if there’s three of them and one of you that’s, what’s called disparity of force. Right? So if that’s there goes the mouse, that’s the case. If that’s the case, if it is a disparity of force incident, okay.

3 (49m 53s):
Every state differs on their laws for this stuff. So you probably want to look up yours, but I have heard of States saying, okay, you can equal the odds. You know, mean that if there’s three of them, you can take out two and then you’ve got one left. Okay. There’s also States that have the lawful display of a firearm. Right? So if you had the ability to you pull your firearm and let everyone see that you are armed and they are going to get hurt, if they don’t back off, right.

3 (50m 28s):
There’s a, there’s a lawful display of a firearm. Those are some of the options that I’ve heard of and seen in various different States. Now I’m in Arizona. So the laws here are going to be different than say New York. Okay. But anyhow, anyhow, anyhow, other signs that someone is becoming more and more aggressive or about to get aggressive with you.

3 (51m 0s):
Okay. What else? What else? What else? One thing is, this is one of the ones that I just popped into my head. I was talking to you guys about earlier. Remember when I said, what’d you looking at white boy? You know, that is something that a lot of them, you know, especially when they’re trying to get aggressive, they’ll have these little, little, tiny, little short, little, you know, little questions like that. Like, would you looking at your I man, would you be looking at me for what’s wrong with you?

3 (51m 34s):
What’s wrong with you? And there are always these really little short, tiny little sentences. They’re very, very short, you know, there’s and it’s, and it’s just a provoker reaction out of you. It’s just to provoke you to come down that way. You know what I’m saying? To throw you to get more angry or to get more on that level with them. Okay. They might be trying to convince you to get in a fight or something like that.

3 (52m 4s):
Okay. That is something that happens. Who white often. All right. See, Another thing that you can look at with these people, and this is a big one for me, this is something that I see a lot. Well, I used to see a lot when I lived down in South Phoenix, you can literally see the adrenaline start to pump through their body.

3 (52m 36s):
I remember getting in fights with people when I was in high school. And I always knew it was about to go down by all those signs that I just gave you the, you know, the short Pershing and the little tiny sentences and you know, really, really hard eye contact, you know, and of course you can literally look at their neck and you can see that their neck is pumping. You can see the adrenaline pumping in their neck.

3 (53m 6s):
It’s it’s crazy, dude. It’s so fricking nuts. How you can see how you can see that there’s like fricking adrenaline pumping through their body. It’s it’s crazy, dude. So keep an eye on that. You can tell when adrenaline pumping through their body, because you’ll see their neck bolding. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Okay. So you’ve got adrenaline pumping at that point.

3 (53m 37s):
Their pupils are probably going to dilate. You’re going to see that going on. Okay. Let’s see. Oh, breathing. Yes. They’re breathing. That is another big one. Okay. Have you ever seen those guys getting psyched up for a fight and they’re walking back and forth and they were going, They’re having trouble controlling their breathing because their body is getting dumped full of adrenaline. Okay. Their body is getting dump full of adrenaline and their body is trying to oxygenate their muscles and gin enough blood flow and muscles oxygenated and get enough blood flow to all of their body parts.

3 (54m 20s):
So they can literally get ready to rock and roll. Okay. They can literally get ready to rock and roll. All right. To fight. So you will see that heavy breathing, you know, the short, little, little succinct sentences, you know, the, the, the hard dog stare, you know, things like that. You’re going to see all of that stuff when you’re probably about to get into a fight or when someone is actually extremely threatening.

3 (54m 52s):
Okay. This is all very, very important. Okay. But you need the first thing you need to do when you start to see these signs, one sign. That’s one thing. And especially if it’s somewhat not directed at you, but the first thing you need to do, as soon as you started to see this, start these things happening, jet out of there, man, leave, go. There’s no reason to stay and watch you. There’s not a spectator sport. All right. Or if they’re directed at you, you know, if there’s a, you know, somebody trying to get into with you do swallow your pride and walk away.

3 (55m 30s):
Who cares? It’s not like it’s going to be on the nightly news. Who gives a damn. If you walk away from a fight, Oh cool. You didn’t break your hands or your, your nose or your jaw. You didn’t lose any teeth. Okay, good. Hey, not bad, dude. It’s not a bad day. If I’m not in the hospital or worse, if I’m not in jail because I didn’t have her or aggravated battery charge or, you know, assault or something like that, you know, I tell you, what do you, you may think, Oh, you know, I’m not a man.

3 (56m 2s):
If I don’t fight and somebody challenges me, I’ll tell you what, if you go home to your family that night safe and you can go to work next morning and support your family. That’s a man. Okay? If that person leaves you no other choice, but to fight if cannot walk away and then you fight that is a man. Okay. A man fights as his last resort.

3 (56m 34s):
Okay? Keep in mind. When you’re throwing punches, you can break your hand. You can break your arm, break your wrist, break any of the tiny bones in your hand, you can even break your trigger finger, guys, your trigger finger, a shooters. Know exactly how important that is. You need that. Okay. So keep that stuff in mind. Okay. Number one. Number two, if you do, for some strange reason, have to get into a fight, use a part of your body that is extremely hard and extremely efficient at putting people down.

3 (57m 16s):
Okay? Some examples, the knee really hard, really efficient. And putting someone down, knee, somebody in the nuts, dude, it is over bro. They’re not going to want to fight anymore. All right, when they go to the ground, you leave them alone. All right, you do not want them pulling a gun or something or a knife. While you’re wrestling around on the ground with them, you don’t want to be down there wrestling unless you know, ground fighting and you know what you’re doing. But even jujitsu practitioners, you’d presented you just to whatever those guys get stabbed, you know, because they’re on the ground.

3 (57m 51s):
And the guy that you know, they’re about to do a rear naked choke on, you know, they’ve got them and they’re choking them out and do pulls a knife and stabs him with it. This is a street fight, man. This is not a competition. This is not on the mat. You know, for a trophy, this is a real deal. So you’ve got to consider what those techniques is going to work on the street. And one of those techniques is not going to work on the street. Okay. Anyways, the knee, that’s a good one to use. If you know how to use it. Your elbow elbow is one of my favorite, favorite hand to hand weapons.

3 (58m 25s):
Okay. My elbows are well used because of my time spent in muy Thai. But if they aren’t used correctly, you can hurt yourself. Okay. You can really hurt yourself if you don’t use your elbows correctly. So make sure that you use your elbow. Well, it was right when you’re doing them. Okay. You know how to use it ahead, but ahead, but is amazing. Especially that person is right there. Nose to nose with you, you know, talking all that crap.

3 (58m 58s):
As soon as they take a swing, you take one step back, come back in and bam with your forehead, slam that part of your forehead right there at the, at your hairline, slam that right into their nose. Dude. That is, that’s a fight, Inder guaranteed, or another thing I really like to do if I use my fists is an uppercut. Someone throws a punch. I take a step back. I come in and throw an uppercut with my right or my left. It goes right to the tip of their chin. And they’re out.

3 (59m 28s):
I guarantee it, man. The shock from getting

2 (59m 31s):
Hit, the tip of the chin, the shockwave goes up through their mandible all the way through their teeth, into their maxilla, through those teeth all the way up through the, the bones of their face, through their nose, bones all the way through their orbits and through the entire

3 (59m 48s):
Face. Okay. That is a heck of a lot of shock to D to, to divvy out to the human head. Okay. That’s why usually hits the tip of the chin. Me and a knockout. You watch any boxing, kickboxing, Muay, Thai Ks fighting any of that shit. If you ever see someone catch an elbow or a hit or a chick, right to the tip of the chin, it’s always, it’s always knockout. Almost always. Dude,

2 (1h 0m 16s):
Very, very rarely. Is it not a knockout? And it’s because of the shockwave and the force that’s created when that person is hit right on the tip of the chin. Anyways, it’s been an hour guys that I would love to go more into self defense with you. I could talk days and days and days on this, but inevitably I do have to go. So keep your eyes out for the shows coming up on prem broadcasting network, go ahead and join up the membership. You’re going to see a lot, a lot, a lot of videos coming from me, videos coming from miles, videos, coming from our YouTube videos, coming from all the people on prepper broadcasting network.

2 (1h 0m 58s):
You’re going to love this guy. So join up and don’t forget to hit every single podcast over the week. Almost every day has a podcast on it. That’s new. So check them all out guys. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you for joining us tonight. I really appreciate each and every one of you guys to download this thing.

3 (1h 1m 18s):
I haven’t done a giveaway in a long time, but I think I’m going to do one coming up here pretty quick. Okay. If you guys have any ideas for a giveaway, email me and ask me, you know, and tell me what you think I should try to give away. You know, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know what product I’ll have or what I’ll try, but send me some of my ideas. I’ll I’ll see what I can do. Okay. All right guys. I hope everybody has a safe Thursday in a safe weekend. Take care of yourselves.

3 (1h 1m 48s):
Bod. Bless on. Not afraid to say God bless you. Okay. This is name calling it today and thanking you for joining us deep inside the dojo of the gun metal armory. Goodnight, everybody.

1 (1h 2m 6s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory.

12 (1h 2m 22s):
Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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