December 4, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Hello TEAM GUNMETAL!! This week, I’m going to finish up my 1911 Gunsmithing podcast, talk a bit more about some mods you can make to a 1911, ways to take care of common 1911 problems… and if I have enough time… I’ll discuss some other handguns and gunsmithing them. I will touch on the Bible again, in a different episode. We’ll see. This weeks episode is going to be a continuation of last week… but it will also be fun and interesting, especially for those of you who don’t know anything about the 1911 or handguns in general. We are also going to cover all of our usual stuff too… the my badass Product pick or choice of the week, any 2A news I wanna mention, Range stuff, and any other relevant info I feel needs talking about. So join us this Thursday at 6pm Pacific (AZ Time), as we travel back to the Gunsmithing Shop located inside…. the Gunmetal Armory. 



The 1911 and gunsmithing it are pivotal to any survival armory

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