November 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Gratitude in Choas with I AM Liberty

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up

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Thunder cracks at my back. And I feel like a dr. Frankenstein or something piecing together this monster that has become the prepper broadcasting network. What is up PBN family? How is everyone doing? We are, for those of you in the know, we are currently chatting through double end encryption, which is very exciting for me.

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And first and foremost, I want to thank chin Gibson for making this happen, making this possible our very own Lucius Fox. He took his time. He figured out the process, he set up the rooms and now despite discord doing what you know, everyone does at this juncture in history we’ve overcome and we’ve adapted. And I want you to understand you’re a part of something very important.

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Okay. The prepper broadcasting network. Sure. We’re a podcast network, right? We have great hosts. We have great content and I’m credibly proud of everything that we put up. And I mean everything. And that’s a lot to say because we put out a lot, you know, we put out a lot of content and I love it all. In fact, one of the, one of the SSRIs points, today’s the fact that I haven’t heard any of the shows from last night yet, but that’s a FA a fun story for later in the episode, because we’re doing a show about gratitude.

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Oh, you know what? I saw a lawn sign that I have to tell you about, you know, this is the season of lawn signs, not even for political reasons, but I seen a lawn sign that said make Orwell fiction again. Has anybody seen that I’m half tempted to be quite honest with you. I’m half tempted to throw it up on a tee shirt, make Orwell fiction again. Is that too?

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Does that resonate? I don’t know. Does that resonate with people? Make Orwell fiction again? I loved it. I was like ready to get out and knock on the guy’s door. Like thank you for thinking something interesting and thought provoking. I really do appreciate it. So we are over on a software called element and we’ll get a, if you’re out there listening Volcana is in chat.

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Me, gray is in chat. Melinda Lee is in chat migration over to this new double end encrypted software is we’re figuring it out. Okay. So it’s not a, it’s not an easy on board. Kind of like discord was maybe a setting. I don’t know what it is, but we’re getting there. And if you want to join us, all you gotta do is go sign up for element. Just, just search And anybody’s welcome.

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We’re going to have some sections over there that are, you may not be welcome because we’re going to do our continuity meetings over there. We’re going to do our, our members only chats over there also. So, you know, to the spoils, the spoils go to the members in, in those cases, if you want full access, I don’t really mind throwing it in your face on a regular basis. Cause I’m really just asking five bucks a month. If you sign up for a year and it does, does incredible things.

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And to be quite honest, you know, if, if we’re going to take this element idea even further, if it turns out to be what we want and a lot of the way we’re going to do that is through our membership fees where we’re gonna place this element. We’re going to create our own server, you know, so that now we can just have just eat a whole nother level of independence. And that’s what it’s been all about with this thing. You know, we, we invested what really killed me. What really killed me about discord was not the fact that some video game server chat room thing said PBN wasn’t fit for a service over there.

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I wasn’t too heartbroken over that. What I was heartbroken over was the incredible collection of conversations, links, stories, and data in general, that just disappeared. Now it’s gone, you know, all the work that you guys did to build that EOC and up to what it was got pulled away from us because that’s the age in which we live, right? Make Orwell fiction again, make Orwell fiction again.

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So tonight I want to talk something it’s probably seems pretty silly to most people at a time like this, but it, what it is. I want to talk about gratitude, gratitude in the face of chaos. Now you might say to yourself, gratitude, what, what, what good can that do me in my journey to preparedness to Penn ultimate preparedness, we are quickly approaching an election that looks to be like a, a pre play.

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Well, you know what? The election, the election looks to be like, the situation that it looks like it’s planned to be exactly like the situation in Beirut, right? What happened in Bay yesterday or the day before yesterday is exactly what the election in the United States is going to look like. Just like that, right? We’re at the smoldering fire phase, the ammonium chloride or whatever it was, has not yet ignited, but once those ballots start getting counted, I think that’s when we’re going to see the big explosion, it’s it is what it is.

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It is what it is. And I understand that. Well, I don’t know really. I, you know, I don’t know exactly. There are some levels of this preparedness thing that I assume many of you have already traversed, surpass even. And I think a lot of you are, you know, the thing about PBN is we have to be as informative as we, as we are entertaining because I don’t want suicides.

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And that has a lot to do with a lot. So tonight I want to talk about gratitude. Gratitude will power. You gratitude will actually motivate you more than you think. You know, and gratitude is one of those things, you know, it’s like one of those gross words, kind of, you hear gratitude and you hear it come from the wrong person. It’s like, yeah, well it’s like, it puts a film on your tongue, puts a fit. Oh, did you hear that? LA deputy’s LA LA LA is, is one of my, I am most nervous about a few cities in particular over the next three months, LA might be on the top of the list.

1 (8m 26s):
But anyway, LA deputy’s accused of being in secret societies. Did you hear that headline today? I think we should reach out to them. See if they want to join the continuity. What do you think to all my rogues in the listening audience? How would you feel about a few deputies joining us? Dave Jones. And I talked about levels of preparedness. We were talking about, we were talking about really measuring it out, leveling it, maybe attributing that level to you to sort of help you out with goals.

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You know, X amount of this que amount of that, this skill, that skill, yada, yada, yada, what, what level are you? I don’t know. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. My Angela, I’ve got a few, I’ve got a few good quotes for you, but that’s a good one. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. It gratitude is a important thing to discuss.

1 (9m 34s):
When you have people in the streets, when you have terrorist organizations woven into our society, you know, the black lives matter movement is woven into our society. Already. Think about it, think about it. And I, you just have to put it in context with history. You know, there was something called the Hitler youth and all throughout history. In other words, here, here’s the thing you see BLM, you see a Beyonce Knowles put out or whatever her name is now, she’s married.

1 (10m 11s):
You see Beyonce put out a, a film. If you will called black is King. And you see these things. This is on Disney plus. Now I almost fell out of my chair, but you see these things popping up in society, right? Black lives matter in the lawns and at the school houses. And we need to have these people. They’re going to be speaking at, at college graduations next year. I promise you unless it all falls apart before then, but you see these things surrounding the youth and you think to yourself, how bad can they be?

1 (10m 48s):
If the kids shows God I’m on Disney and this and that, how bad can it all be? And it’s easy to fall into that little trap. Isn’t it? It’s easy to fall in that little trap because, well, what you think if it’s, if there’s no way a giant company like Disney could align themselves with a terrorist organization, that would be crazy. There’s no way that the NFL, this and the group, and that could align themselves with just look back in history.

1 (11m 25s):
Just look back in history. In fact, children are usually one of the earliest targets of radical movements like these. When you look back in history, have a, a, Have a look at Cambodia, I’ve been paying close attention to Cambodia lately. I’ve really fallen in love with pole pod lately, POL pot.

1 (11m 55s):
Yes, the good man who went to France and he wanted just simply wanted to learn how to better serve his people. How could Carl Marx better teach me how to serve? He says, and he comes back and you know, things get out of hand to say the least millions die. I watched an astounding documentary.

1 (12m 26s):
If you, if you want me to tell you the name of it, I will, but it was heartbreaking. You know, it was one of those. And you know, there’s a lot of documentaries out there. The following user may not exist. Oh, shoot Tony of the North word up. I think I just sent you a invite. My ma’am.

1 (12m 58s):
Oh, so what made this documentary stand out more than any others was, it was, it was made in Cambodia by a Cambodian man whose family was basically ruined by the Camair Rouge. And he bit his tongue to go and interview murderers from the Camair Rouge who are basically in hiding, you know, not that you know, not that they really had to hide much.

1 (13m 38s):
They just will. They’re out there on a rice Patty. And on I’ll tell you what you look at these guys. Well, let me go through, let me go through it line by line. Cause this, this was a hell of an interesting one. Volcanic, thank you so much for taking the lead on that with me grey. I will get him in here and just a sick, what was his throw that chat name in real quick for me?

1 (14m 9s):
What is his a username? I’m trying to see it. Me gray. Throw your username into the chat for me. Once I get that, I’ll do okay. That’s it. Jim, what do you think it is? So anyway, you got people that work murderers, right? For the Camair Rouge. And at the time of the documentary, they were seeking out. The UN was seeking out people who, who basically took part in these crimes.

1 (14m 43s):
They wanted to find them. They wanted them to be brought to justice because millions of people died unnecessarily. In the, in the, in the rural areas of Cambodia, they were marched out of the cities into the rural nightmare work camps, making rice, making clothing, making whatever the Camair Rouge needed. They were hardly, you know, fed much at all. And, And, you know, after a hard day’s worth work, many of them were taken over to giant mass graves and smashed in the head or had their throats cut.

1 (15m 23s):
And big piles of bodies were covered up by dirt and forgotten about. So all that said, I’m watching this guy, who’s a brilliant Cambodian holding his tongue. His family destroyed by the Camair Rouge. She’s talking to the second in command, which makes the documentary just incredible. So Paul Potts, right hand, man, I forget the guy’s name. He’s talking about three to five other killers. And he says that I have to talk to these guys for a year.

1 (15m 57s):
I have to talk to him a little bit. And, and you know, a few times we meet and we talk and I just ask them, did they know about the conveyor Rouge? And they say yes, but I wasn’t in it. And then after a while they say, yes, I was in it, but I didn’t kill anybody. And then after about a year, they start to say, yeah, you know, I was in the Camaro Rouge, Ben and I, I had to kill maybe one or two people. And this guy just is like a, like an expert. It’s just peeling the layers back on these people. And, and over time and on camera, they start talking about things.

1 (16m 29s):
I don’t know how many people I killed. I just, just, you know, it was a few every day for a couple months, it’s insanity. And you watch, you know, listen up out there, BLM and listen up out there, a radical Antifa. Okay. And you and our kits out there that think this thing is going to do you good? You watch these men, right?

1 (16m 58s):
Some women too, you watch them and you watch the grief on their face because they know the end is near. They’re older. Now they’re older now. And they know the end is coming forth. They know the people are hunting for them. And they know that they have something to answer for in the afterlife. And they also know they can take back none of what they did and the horror and the shame in their eyes and the guilt.

1 (17m 30s):
You can see the punishment in their souls for what they’ve done, you know? And maybe at the time it was a thing that they felt they had to do maybe at the time it was, I don’t know, you know, maybe they thought it was, I don’t know. I have no idea. I couldn’t be in that mind frame, you know, but what I can tell you is in the moment, it felt justified. I’m sure for them, for those monsters people, but you see revolutions pass radicals in the streets, move on, they grow up, right?

1 (18m 6s):
They meet the one, they want a family. They realize that capitalism is what keeps people free and what keeps tables filled with turkeys and ducks and geese and lamb and big giant potatoes and gravy and, and meats. Larded with pork fat and deliciousness. And they realized that the movement they’ve been behind. Well, you know, the communist revolution, the socialist revolution, you get a bowl of rice at once a week.

1 (18m 41s):
If you’re lucky, you know, maybe a flatbread. So I’ve been paying close attention to Cambodia for that reason, for the fact that the youth were penetrated. So early on the youth were at were misguided. The youth were led astray. And when you see the connection between the kids and BLM and the kids and this radical movement against, or this anti-racist movement, now, I’m gonna be honest with you.

1 (19m 14s):
You want me to be real honest with you? No, please lie to us. I’m gonna lie to you. It’s fine. I write fiction. So a lot of people think that the North, you know, the North, the Northern States are like this wonderful place where racism died long ago. And, and the battle against the mean racist South.

1 (19m 49s):
Hold on one sec. Oh man, can’t get Tony of the North end at Tony of the North. I thought I put it in correctly. No worries. We’ll get there. We’ve got some people working on it. Thank you guys. So anyhow, we think that this thing being tied to children means that it’s a good thing, right? It’s hard. It’s hard to understand how can it be tied to the children?

1 (20m 20s):
How did it make its way into the schools? How did it this? How did that, why is everybody got it hanging on their business? Or we know, you know why it’s sagging in the business, right? The children are always targeted first. See easy. It’s easy Pickens. Plus it’s generational. You get them to buy in early. Then all of a sudden, they’re no big deal. We got who we need. We’ve got the next generation. All we gotta do is wait for the older generation to die off, shut their mouths.

1 (20m 51s):
A lot of people like to think that the North is this, this angelic place where racism died a long, long time ago. And they fought the evil southerner, right? The evil, racist southerner. But I can tell you right now, I saw a lot of racism growing up. Oh, hell yes. Lots of racism growing up. Well, I don’t know that I saw a lot of racism growing up, but I heard a lot of racist things being said, growing up, let me put it that way. I don’t think I saw a lot of racism growing up now that I think about it, but it was alive and well in the words, in the words.

1 (21m 32s):
Okay. All that said it was a very different kind of racism than it kind of racism we’re watching now in the anti-racist movement, the anti-racist movement is about the most racist thing. I think I’ve ever seen him in my life. Never before. Have I seen as much fire power backing a movement that is clearly racist against white people just put that, put that together in your head.

1 (22m 6s):
Maybe you’re even older than me. Maybe there’s a good chance. You’re older than me. Based on our demographic. You probably saw some racist things in your life. Did you live through a time where major media corporations, members of Congress leadership in some of the biggest businesses in the world were behind a blatantly racist movement.

1 (22m 39s):
There was a time like this in America, for sure. There’s cartoons that prove it. They’re right. There was a time like this in America, but man, you gotta go back ways. You gotta go a long way back. You got to go a long way back to see Walt Disney writing up a racist cartoons that you know what I mean? Now we got black as King on, on Disney plus it’s real.

1 (23m 9s):
There’s no getting around it and it’s happened slowly, but it’s happened. It’s not going away. So I just want you to understand from my point of view, I don’t think I’ve ever seen, I don’t ever, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more racist movement than that, of the anti-racist, but I’m not going to give them my airtime all night tonight. No, thank you. It’s nine 23. It seems like the storm has passed.

1 (23m 39s):
I thought for sure, we would be listening to boomers all night. It’s me and mocha tonight, by the way. Oh yeah. I’m in a different room. I’m in the old office that was stolen from me by lady Liberty, lady, Liberty totally took over. I’m still drinking coffee. It’s nine 30 at night. I don’t know when I’ll go to bed tonight. If I go to bed at all here, I am preparing to do a show on gratitude right now. It’s time for the distortion of the day.

1 (24m 10s):
The story of the day. That’s hilarious here. I am preparing for a show on gratitude, right? No pressure. Cause you know, you gotta be in the right mind frame to do a show like a show on gratitude and you know, all night, the night before and all morning, I’m thinking to myself, if you go on here, like cynical, you know, madman, James, and I don’t know if your gratitude shows going to work.

1 (24m 40s):
And I hit every road bump you could hit today, everyone in the morning, just everything that could go went. And the whole thing, the day was half over before I even got into doing work. I mean, it was like, what? One thing after another thing I got to bed at a decent hour, I woke up late. I don’t know. You know, I don’t put a lot of, I don’t put a lot of faith in alarms because I’m just, I wake up pretty much.

1 (25m 12s):
You know, when I get up at 4:00 AM, four 30 in the morning, I do set an alarm. But for the most part, I’m up before six every day, you know, that’s all there is to it. But outside of that today, wake up late. It’s it’s strange to me. You know what I mean? It’s really strange to me. And the whole thing gets wacky. And then at the end of the day, at the end of the day, it all pans out. The end of the day, I wind up chilling out at home. Typically on Wednesday nights, lady Liberty takes the kids.

1 (25m 45s):
But tonight I say, you know what? Just leave him with me. We’ll play, we’ll have fun. And I’ll get them down in the bed before the show goes on and it’ll be all good. Nothing to worry about. And boom, gratitude, gratitude for all that I have. Do you take time? Do you, do you take time to be grateful?

1 (26m 19s):
I don’t know. It’s a question that you have to ask. It’s a daily thing for me. I want you folks out there to understand that between this podcast, between disaster coffee and my writing business, those three things, those three things in my life, I have tremendous gratitude for every morning.

1 (26m 52s):
And when I decided that I was going to jump ship on the safe paycheck every week lifestyle and in turn, download that stress for an upload of tremendous freedom or yeah, that kind of works. I was going to take on the stress of, Oh my God, there’s nobody around. That’s going to make sure I get paid that amount of money again next week, except me, you know, it’s a really weird feeling when you sit down at your desk and you say, I need X amount of dollars at the end of the week and I got to get it.

1 (27m 31s):
I got to get it. I gotta go get it. There’s no exceptions. You just got to go find it. So, but along with that, stress comes this incredible feeling of I’m going to do my job here at home and it’s going to be fantastic and I’m going to enjoy myself. I don’t have no boss to worry about over my head. It it’s a powerful thing. But when I first started, I told myself, you know what?

1 (28m 2s):
You need to appreciate this. And you need to appreciate this years and years and years down the line it’s vital. The one thing you don’t want to do is to turn this opportunity, this amazing opportunity into the drudgery of a day to day work job a day to day, 40 hour week for somebody else, because they’re very different things. Make no mistake about it. So because of you folks, how terrible is that noise folks in chat?

1 (28m 35s):
You let me know. If you can hear something in the background, tell me if you can hear something tremendously annoying in the background. So anyway, when, when I wake up, I have that overwhelming gratitude and that overwhelming gratitude comes from you. I mean, you were a huge part of it. You’re a massive part of it. You’re a part of it, even though you probably don’t even understand what it is you guys do for me, you probably think, yeah, we created membership at PBN and maybe it gets some sponsorship money and that type of thing.

1 (29m 15s):
And you know, we’re a great listenership and all that. And what you do at PBN is one piece of the puzzle, but you also add tremendous validity to my position as a freelance writer, as a freelance writer, I call upon what happens at this network all the time. And I say know, am I, am I really loud tonight?

1 (29m 47s):
Vocab? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to get the volume on this thing. I listened to the show after I actually turned it down pretty much. I’m going to cut it a little more, but anyway, If the, if the banging in the background keeps going, I’m going to have to take a quick break and move my cohost or executive producer mocha out of the room. You see MOCA is a, a hamster. And to be quite honest, it’s his time.

1 (30m 19s):
So No is going to have to go, go do his nightly workout somewhere else. Listen, I’m going to throw some music on for you and take care of this. I’ll be right back.

1 (31m 37s):
Yeah, I have yet to find a cohost as good as a, as a dog, I guess the hamsters don’t quite cut it. Thank you so much folks. Sorry for the quick delay, we should be quiet. Now me, grace says roasted mocha. They’re little man. Maybe if they were like a durable size, something like maybe if they were durable size.

1 (32m 8s):
Oh, did you guys not get any of that music? Don’t tell me you missed out on that. Oh man. Hey, are you feeling like he says everybody’s on the fitness planet at the Intrepid commander’s house? Well, you know, it is what it is. It is what it is. So yeah, just, just understanding that this, this was a gift. This is a gift.

1 (32m 40s):
It’s a gift from you guys. Really? To be quite honest, I don’t want to get too heady. Right? I don’t want to, I’m not going to do the Glenn Beck thing. You start crying. I’ll tell you what. I’ve been listening to Glen a lot lately. I it’s almost like full circle because when I used to deliver pretzels at five o’clock in the morning when I was operating, managing a pred soft pretzel bakery outside of Philly, I would listen to Glenn Beck. I had one delivery around nine, nine ish to a kiosk in the mall and I would listen to Glenn Beck.

1 (33m 16s):
And this was like 2008 long before I ever knew I was going to be into prepping. And I listened to Glenn and I stoke some stuff in me. I was too young, you know, I think it was 22 or something, 23. I was too young. It’d be like, yeah, rah, I’m gonna Hank. You imagine if I had got started all the way back then that would have been something. But we moved the whole state. We moved to a whole new state before all that went down before I finagle my way into the, the lavish lifestyle of prepper podcasting.

1 (33m 55s):
Right? I mean, these, these things that I do are so insane. I can’t even understand it. Did everybody get, get dead silence or did you guys get the music? It’s it’s a damn shame. If nobody got that great key, low cost, that great Cuban jazz, but it is what it is. Hail the chalkboard living on the foot. We’re going to have to get you over to the new, to the new element as well.

1 (34m 27s):
The fifth element, Oh God guys, you will not believe what I found in the freaking mountains last week. Talk about gratitude. I took my 11 year old bulldog pit bull mix. Lola, you know, hear a lot from Lola because Lola Lola’s old and quiet now, but your Lola used to be a monster she’s like 80 pounds, beautiful dark Brindle, really just, just another one of these gems that I stumbled upon in his short life of mine.

1 (35m 6s):
And I say, you know what? I ain’t been out with my Lola in a long time, just me and Lola. So I took her up up into the Shenandoah national park and we hike up hawksbill mountain and the fog was thick. And I’ll tell you what, you couldn’t see anything. The views were trash. No, the views were very cool. If you can be grateful. And if you can appreciate what you’re at, you know, for the most part, people were up there and they were whining and they were, you know, all upset about this fact that it was really no view whatsoever.

1 (35m 49s):
You know, I can’t really see anything. I mean, there were some incredible Glen, you know, I’ll tell you what grey it’s even better than Shan trails. It’s even better just because of the rarity of it, because I’ve stumbled upon Shan trails. And I’ve stumbled a bunch of Shan trails in Richmond, Virginia, to be quite honest with you once you know what you’re looking for. It’s like you, you see weird things everywhere. And one of, one of the edible mushrooms that I run into all the time is the coral fungus.

1 (36m 26s):
I run into that stuff like many times per year, Melinda Lee says, I am so happy. I’ve converted non preppers to full fledged preppers. You know, that’s another thing about this PBN audience that stands out to a lot of other, I’m a part of two other huge communities, prepper communities. And I read comments and stuff like that sometimes, but I’ll tell you what.

0 (36m 56s):

1 (36m 59s):
I’ll tell you what, it seems more, more like there’s a conversion kind of a, a desire to convert in this listening audience. Most others are kind of like, I’m going to stay in my lane, leave me the hell alone. I’ll watch your videos and support you and that type of thing. But you know, for the most part, it’s, it’s kind of a, kind of a stay in the lane audience. We’re happy to do what we do. This group here. There’s a little more is some teeth you guys want to sink into people.

1 (37m 32s):
Jordan is phenomenal at it. Jordan is, she’s just a, she, you know, she’s a, what is she? I don’t know. I’m trying to think of a, something like her, but she’s got this incredible gift to be like, let me tell you what you need to do. And I didn’t even see this common. James is three D printing chicken McNuggets. I don’t have any idea why I would be printing chicken McNuggets, but that’s hilarious and element won’t allow me to scoot up and see who did it quit playing games with my heart element.

1 (38m 14s):
I want to see who made that comics. That’s funny. Okay. Go away. Go or word. You know what it is? I got this invite bar ups got to go see you. There we go. Lucky, lucky look. So I do appreciate you guys working that sort of conversion angle. You guys are like vampires, but you sinking your teeth.

1 (38m 48s):
And for some reason, people take note. I don’t know what it is. You’re great. You’re great. Ambassadors of the prepping movement. Jen, Jen is asking, how do you see all of the messages? I think I’m not seeing hardly any. So there are a bunch of rooms in the element community in the prepper broadcasting community. You’re only invited to one at the moment, okay, we’re going to roll out the other rooms sooner or later.

1 (39m 18s):
It’s going to be a bit of a pain though. We’re going to have to invite you to each and every room. So we haven’t quite figured out a fix for that, but I can tell you right now, you’re going to love it. You’re going to love it. Oh, three D printed chicken McNuggets from ice age farmer. That makes sense. I like that guy, Tony, the North claims that we are all very passionate and well-informed easy to convert.

1 (39m 48s):
We can convert people easy. We’re like a marketing mavens. So when it comes to the encrypted chat, you’re only gonna see the chat from when you signed up anything before that will be encrypted and you won’t be able to see it because the system is designed that way. If you lose your pass key or your key phrase, you will not be able to see any chats of the past until you sign up.

1 (40m 23s):
Well, no, no. You’ll never again, be able to see the chats of the past, which is why we keep telling everyone, make sure you keep that passphrase and that past key, very close. You know what I mean? Keep it very close because everything disappears. Once you lose that pass phrase and pass key, you can get another one and you can join us again here at element with a new Passkey, but you’re starting from scratch all the old, you know, the, the, the biggest benefit of doing the live show chat here in element is we’ll be able to look back on live show chats forever.

1 (41m 4s):
And you know what? We probably should do somebody do this for me in live chat real quick, do me like a nice space, stout date and show, if you can. You know, so rather than it be a one liner do like an old AOL message where you’re trying to draw something with characters, something like that, where you can do like today’s date, maybe just the month name, space, the date space, make big and stand out it.

1 (41m 34s):
Maybe if you can even change the color or something, because what I’d like to do is at least have a date somewhere and the show named somewhere so that as we scroll up, we’ll be able to go, Oh, okay, here we go. I am, Liberty’s show at this certain point. So I know where we’re at. We got it. Anything you can do to help. Yeah. There you go. That’ll work. That’ll work something along those lines. Maybe we’ll make it bigger. I don’t know.

1 (42m 5s):
We’ll figure it out in the long run, but this way you’ll be able to easily go back in time and say, okay, cool. This is what we got going on. There you go. Volcana now we got it. We got it in bold. Perfect, perfect. I’ll could discuss that with all the hosts and maybe that’ll be something they do at the beginning of their show in bold, because I don’t usually throw a lot of links in chat, but I know we have other shows that that do, and it also gives us a way to, you know, share other things with you guys.

1 (42m 39s):
Where were we? What is up with you guys? What’s on your minds, nine 43. I’m going to read something from Epicurious do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not remember. The, what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. How true is that? Remember that what you now have was amongst once amongst the things you only hoped for. I mean, do you remember those days?

1 (43m 11s):
Do you remember those days? I remember like yesterday, like literally I can remember this, like yesterday, my friend, Walter Wiley, Wiley, and I remember sitting on his big reclining couches front of the big screen TV. We had to be 14. Something like that. 13, 14, no, you may be younger. Maybe 12. Yeah. We had to be like 12 years old. And at 12 years old, you know, we had these crushes that are way out of our league and we wanted a band and we didn’t have a band.

1 (43m 49s):
And I remember to this day, sitting on that couch, reclined out as sleep over, you know, you should have been asleep like hours ago, reclined in those, in those chairs and saying, man, if we just had, if I just had a girlfriend and if we had just set a band with just, just one song, you know, just one song that we could go to practice and play. And it was good. And we, these desires that were so they were so important at the time, you know?

1 (44m 19s):
And they were just everything to us at the moment. And these were the things that we were yearning for, you know, and fast forward, you know, not even five years, not even five years fast. And we add all that stuff in more, you know, we had all that stuff and more. And, and then, then, you know, when you look at the grand scale of life, when you’re playing the real game with the wife and the kids and house and job, it’s just like, you can weep, you can weep.

1 (44m 51s):
I wrote something about that on Instagram, like months ago, just how you can weep over the thick of good coffee in the morning. I tell you this all the time I lay in bed at night and I’m, I’m nervous about just, I took out the coffee and the eggs in the morning. I just can’t wait. I’m anxious. And I can’t wait, wake up, drink some water, flip the laptop up and just get going and just get it.

1 (45m 23s):
Look at the emails. Hey, what’s up? Do that. We want to do this. We want to do that. You know, talk to some clients, do some writing. Ooh, I like that idea. A sticker for each show. Hmm. Are they bigger than that? Is that a sticker right there? That’s kind of small. I wonder if we can get a bigger stick? What we, you know what we could do low I’ll show you what we can do. This is what we can do right here.

1 (45m 58s):
Where’s my one drive.

2 (45m 60s):

1 (46m 5s):
Oh, no way. You guys are fine. Here we go. This is what we can do. What do you think about this? That should let everybody know what’s up. That should let everybody know. What’s up 10 24 by 10 24. Yeah. That’s the way we’ll do it. That’ll catch their eye. I think we’ll do that in a date. Everybody’s got their own logo.

1 (46m 36s):
I’ll just tell them, upload your logo and upload the date and then we’ll know for sure. What’s what perfect. My first encrypted logo. Look at that. So anyhow, it’s gratitude. You know, when do you, when do you practice this? You know, when is it good? Let’s talk about some, some gratitude in a moment like this, let’s talk about gratitude in a moment like this, right? What do we have in this world? Literally a document comes out a few days ago, we received the BLM, you know, threatening force against people who are not doing things the way they want them to do them and running their businesses the way they want them to run.

1 (47m 22s):
I think it was in Tennessee. Pretty sure it was Tennessee. And they were BLM was putting these letters out to business owners and basically saying, look, we need 20.3% of your staff to be black. And that’s across the board. It has to be leadership and down. They sent them out to nonprofits as well. And they said your board needs to be made up of 23% black people as well. And if not, we’re basically going to a protest outside your place of business.

1 (47m 55s):
We’re going to boy catch you on social media. I love the one line where they said that they were going to set up. They were going to set up basically a market where we’re black people who sell and nuts. These are not my words. This is their words. Black people who sell comparable items to what the retailer is selling will be set up outside of their shop. So the, so the people, you know, basically to, to hurt their sales, the basically to hurt their sales, I don’t even understand how this stuff can happen.

1 (48m 30s):
Just doesn’t even make sense to me. You know what I mean? I just don’t understand it, but that’s not, that’s not what I’m getting at. I’m just so befuddled by the weakness that it’s, it’s outrageous. When I hear about these things. When I think about groups of thugs, standing outside of stores, where business owners are trying to feed their family, no matter what color they are, it makes me want to, well, I’ll tell you what it makes me want to do, even though I won’t, it makes me want to put my COVID mask on and, and head down there with baseball bats and a bunch of guys.

1 (49m 13s):
That’s what it makes me wanna do. That’s what I feel like when I read things like that. I say I w you know, I would like to plink hear the plinking sound of baseball bats off of people’s heads who were trying to intimidate law, abiding citizens and ruin their businesses based off of this laughable anti-racist movement. That is the most racist movement I have ever seen enacted in the nation, in my lifetime plink.

1 (49m 52s):
But I’m a good man. Like I said, I’m a good, quiet man. Maybe not quiet. So in times where things like this are happening right in times where we are still wrestling with the pandemic and killing people. And there’s no doubt about the deaths. There’s a lot of doubt about how dangerous mask and don’t wear a mask and we’re fighting over masks. And we got lawmakers and representatives who have no idea where they stand and we need to shut everything down.

1 (50m 24s):
We need to open everything up. We need to get kids in school. The last thing we want to do is have kids in school. We need it. Teachers are afraid and terrified. We either that, or they want a longer vacation. Nobody really knows. But, but I know if you question it you’re a bad guy, right? You can’t even question teachers. Teachers are protected class too. They are a part of that. Well, there, some animals are more equal than others. Let’s just put it that way, right?

1 (50m 55s):
If a, if the trash man, the trash men decided they didn’t want to go to work because of COVID, people would say, put your, put your masks on and come pick my garbage up, man. Come on. But if the teacher say they’re scared to get sick or the kids to get sick and that type of thing, you can’t say anything. That’s the problem with it. You can’t say anything else. You’re a bad guy. Oh, come on. What are you talking about? Try and keep the children safe here. We try to keep our teachers safe here. And what’s the PRA.

1 (51m 26s):
And I can’t seem to figure out what the hell is going on because people tell me if you wear a mask and you’re safe, wear a mask, be safe. Can’t go anywhere without your mask. Jim, put your mask on. You. Can’t get somebody sick. I put the mask on, put the mask on. When I go to the gym, I don’t work out with it. You figure that one out. You don’t have to put the mask on. You know, you’re safe with the mask on. Okay.

1 (51m 57s):
Well, tell the teachers put the damn mask on. It’s a problem. Oh no, no, no. That won’t work. That mask is not that safe. It’s not wait, hold on. What are you talking about? So in these kinds of confusing times, right? In these kinds of confusing times, there’s still a ton to be thankful for. There’s a ton of gratitude to have. Look, family is home.

1 (52m 27s):
I mean, here we are looking down the barrel of, of real state level collapse. That’s coming in the next two months, three months. But one thing you don’t have to worry about that plan, that, that get everybody home together, plan, you know, for a lot of people, that’s not something you’re going to have to worry about for a lot of people. You’re not going to have to worry about meeting at a, you know, at rally point alpha, it’s nothing to worry about.

1 (52m 57s):
Rally point out alpha is home. Everybody’s there, nobody’s at school. Nobody. You know what I mean? And it could get more, more families might be like that. Cause I’m not, I’m not true to convince that a lockdown two’s not going to happen. If I have to make a sensible call, you know what I say, when it comes to lockdown to I say, no, we’re not going to see a lock down to. And I think the reason we’re not going to see a wholesale log down to is because the virus isn’t killing as many people as most models thought it would.

1 (53m 36s):
And there’s something to be said about that. We’re not going to hear anything about that because the headlines are a person dies every 80 seconds or something like that. What’s another thing, you know, the pandemic has given us tremendous lead time to prepare and motivation. And in many ways you can be grateful about it. You can be grateful about the fact that wow, most of you, even if you were, even if you were kind of languishing in this inability to motivate yourself, to prepare this pandemic kicked you in the ass.

1 (54m 16s):
For sure. And now here you are hustling, hustling at the time or collapsed seems more, more possible than ever before. I worry about Christmas, quite frankly, because I’m out at Christmas hall, but I worry about Christmas. Cause I don’t know how we go through depression, you know, 2.0 and deal with the, the anti-racist in the streets, the racist anti-racist in the streets, the communist takeover that is just under the surface of the anti-racist racists and the election chaos.

1 (54m 59s):
How do we, you know, not sure the other big thing that I find myself being grateful for all the time is the fact that so many more people have been put on alert. So many people have been put on, notice the pandemic opened everyone’s eyes. Now not everyone’s going to take action. Some people, no matter what you do, they’ll never do anything. They’ll never act. They’ll never act, you know, they’ll just, they’ll just wait until the bitter end.

1 (55m 29s):
And they’ll just try to fight it out and survive and probably die trying, but more people than ever are out hustling, listening to shows like these preparing, buying chest freezer so they can throw meat in that thing all the way to the top so that they don’t have to worry about, Oh God, there’s no meat at the supermarket, right? Stockpiling, toilet, paper, buying guns, buying ammo. That’s real, you know, and you see these guns in this ammo and I’m telling you what it is.

1 (56m 2s):
It’s not a bunch of anti for people buying guns and ammo and stocking them up for some big takeover. It’s people that, you know, at work dads, moms, they’re watching the news going, I don’t know about this pepper spray. This things are getting a little crazy out there. I don’t know how good I feel about the old pepper spray. So even when it’s dark, you know, even when it’s dark, I, I still find myself being grateful.

1 (56m 37s):
Now let me get back to the story about what I found up on the mountains and what I was grateful for finding. Yeah. I’ll tell you what finding Shan trails is. Very cool. There’s no doubt about that. Shannon trails were magic to a young chef like me morals even more so morels, even more so because they were, they were so distinct and you could go find them yourself and you know, there’s something magic about, and they really were, as a chef for me, spring was always my favorite time.

1 (57m 13s):
It really was. I mean, there’s just something about the food of spring that, that really worked me just the way I like to be worked in the kitchen. It was just perfect. You know, the fiddleheads the young asparagus, the morels, the fresh English peas, you know, all of the ingredients work tremendously well with homemade pasta, there was something about spring and homemade pasta that just, there was like nothing better.

1 (57m 48s):
You know, I w I once worked with a chef who told me wherever, wherever there’s tomatoes, I believe there should be Bazell where and mozzarella and that type of thing. But, you know, when it came to the spring season, you know, one of the, in an, in an early book, in an early, early book, the first quote on quote book, I still have a copy of it too, that I ever wrote in its entirety, which was basically a diary of a young, and that’s what I wound up calling it to diary of a young cook.

1 (58m 25s):
But it really was just a gushing little diary about a kid who was exploring a big city, falling in love with it, exploring a new love, falling in love with her and following his dreams, you know? And, and it’s, I’m sure it’s riddled with I’m sure it’s terrible. It’s probably impossible to read. But one of the recipes in that book was a spring, a spring pasta.

1 (58m 56s):
I think it was a pepper Del. Yeah. It was a pepper Dell, which is a big thick ribbon pasta. I mean, it’s just, it’s my, probably my favorite. And you can buy it in the stores. Now, if you look in like the top shelf of near the pasta rack, they have some, some better pasta. You can buy some dried pepper, Adele, it’s pretty good. But anyway, it was basically the ultimate spring Pepperdine. And I remember it to this day, you need good olive oil to pull it off.

1 (59m 28s):
And it was a saute of Morel mushrooms. It was adding blanched asparagus to that saute, Morel mushrooms, little, little garlic, not a lot. This is an Italian pasta. You know what I mean? It’s not, maybe I probably even did shallots to be quite honest with you back in those days, then it was a, you know, a bunch of gloves that day, good olive oil before taking the tagline, tell pasta and tossing it into the mix, then I’d add the good fresh peas toss that.

1 (1h 0m 9s):
And then there were two ingredients that you added off the heat that really made this thing magic. Okay. So imagine you have the positive with the mushrooms and the asparagus olive oil you could do with butter, too, salt, pepper, you know, maybe a little shell, a little garlic, take it off the heat. And then I would sprinkle baby a rugala another just gem of the spring, baby, a rugala over the top, toss it a little, a little more baby, a rugal.

1 (1h 0m 41s):
And then finally, to finish this thing, which is, I would just love to have a bowl of this right now, but it’s one of those seasonal things to finish the dish. You break up little bits, not too small, but little, little bits of good goat cheese on top. You know, and to me, when I made that dish, I would look at that dish. And I would say, you know, I’m not the best chef in the world. And I probably will never be, but I don’t know that there is a dish that captures what spring is all about for a chef.

1 (1h 1m 15s):
Better than that. One with the morels, the asparagus, the green piece, the young arugula, the baby little leaves of peppery Rugola, you know, a good, fresh pepper Del pasta and the goat cheese crumbled on top. Just, I was probably about 19 two at the time, but that was a winner. And then just came that recipe just came as I have a bunch of ingredients that I really like. I want to put them together in a pasta man.

1 (1h 1m 49s):
Oh man. Am I grateful for learning how to cook? Tell you right now, if you want to learn a survival skill, I know it’s really cool to learn like survival skills. I want to make a bowl, throw fire, James. I need to know how to do that. It’s nothing wrong with that. Learning how to cook is much more important though. In fact, learning how to cook is much more important than most things preppers do, to be quite honest.

1 (1h 2m 21s):
So, no, I didn’t find morels. I didn’t find Shane trails. I didn’t even my dog, Lola didn’t even unearth some, some truffles, which I don’t. I don’t even think they occur in the East coast. I’ve found something called Indian pipe, Indian pipe. Does anybody even know what Indian pipe is? I’ve never seen it in real life. I’ve never seen Indian pipe in person before.

1 (1h 2m 54s):
Instead. I’ve only seen it in pictures. I’ve read about it. I’ve read about how it’s an incredible medicinal flower plant. And so often mistaken as a fungus. It’s an eerie looking thing. I don’t think I’d call it Indians pipe. I’d probably call it like ghost plant or something like that, because that’s what it looks like. It looks like the ghost of a plant that should be it’s this eerie white pipe looking thing, right?

1 (1h 3m 26s):
Like these long, well, not long. It’s a very small collection of plant plants. They usually punch together and the stems are about, I don’t know, three inches long. And then there’s an overhanging flower. If you will. That looks like a pipe, you know, except to kind of bend over because of gravity and this stuff was used by the Indians for all sorts of things, man. One of the most amazing things about it is the sort of sedative properties and the pain relieving properties.

1 (1h 3m 59s):
I mean, I’ve read that it’s comparable to like opium without the narcotic affects. So to me, you know, I looked down and I see this stuff and I said, wow, yep. There it is in the element chat, chin threw up Indian pipe, a picture of it, ghost plant. That’s what I would called it. Ghost medicine. Yeah. So for a long time, I thought Indian pipe was a, was a fungus.

1 (1h 4m 32s):
I thought it was a mushroom. It’s a white plant, the whole thing. And the, and the way that’s possible. See, most plants can’t be white. They don’t have, they don’t have a, a choice in the matter class. Why can’t plants be white? It’s not because they’re racist. It’s because they need chlorophyll. Right? You have to have chlorophyll to be able to a filter that sunlight into food. So you don’t see white stems and white plants.

1 (1h 5m 4s):
Indian pipe is white because it wraps around the micro rhizome, my psyllium in the ground and SAPs and nutrients off of it. Yes. Basically wraps around mushroom roots, which is what, you know, the mycelium under the ground is. And it SAPs the and sucks nutrients off of it. So it doesn’t need to have chlorophyll.

1 (1h 5m 37s):
It’s an amazing plant, but some breathtaking plant and to run into it firsthand was very special for a guy who’s really been reading forging books for a long time. And if you know, I’ve just had, I’ve never, once in my life, gone out with the intent of foraging, a certain thing outside of a Paul Paul fruit, I have gone on very real Paul Paul fruit foraging adventures, which are about 25 days away.

1 (1h 6m 13s):
But what I will tell you is that I’ve found almost every kind of forageable mushroom and plant that I’ve ever wanted to. I mean, there’s a S a short list of things I’ve never happened upon, but I think there are areas specific, but man, I’ve never run into indium pipe. Never, never once. So I see it up in the mountains. I tomorrow, I don’t know how many of you follow me on Instagram, but tomorrow I’ll post some pictures of it. The one that I found, Oh, the Paul Paul Tony is, it’s a magic.

1 (1h 6m 50s):
I’ll tell you what the here’s, how magic the Paul Paul fruit is for years, I’ve been reading a what, Virginia wildlife magazine. And I just got lucky enough to publish in their magazine in March or something like that. Something along those lines, it was, it was before actually it was before March because it was before all this COVID actually was right before Christmas. I remember, yeah, it was right before Christmas. And they love the, the article. And they said, you know, let’s do another one.

1 (1h 7m 21s):
And they said, well, we want to do something about kids in the outdoors. So long story short, we’re going to do this great article about what to do with your kids outside, not outside, like, let’s go to the jungle gym, but like outside swimming in the river, turning over rocks, collecting Paul, Paul fruit. And they’re going to do a photo shoot and everything. So it’s going to be really cool because we collect these Paul Paul’s ban every year. And I’ll tell you what, Tony, one of the things I was thinking about doing this year, one of the things I was thinking about doing with some Paul Paul this year was dehydrating it.

1 (1h 7m 57s):
I’ve never tried that before. I’ve had ideas of like pulping it up and canning it. But I’m thinking, you know what? Maybe I’ll pull the seeds out dehydrated with the skin on. If it works out, I’ll send you some, the Paul Paul tastes like a mango. I had sex with a banana. That’s exactly what it tastes like. So if you’ve ever had a banana and if you’ve had a mango, just imagine the two had children, that would be the Paul, Paul fruit.

1 (1h 8m 31s):
And it is unbelievable. It’s like a little, it’s like a little gamey custard that sort of reminds me of my kids. Love it. Volcana says you need to join the freeze dryer club. Yeah, I probably do. You’re probably a hundred percent right. While Ken it’s that that’s down the line. That’s down the line, but it’ll it’ll happen eventually. I’m sure. Anyhow, gratitude, gratitude.

1 (1h 9m 5s):
Your calm will never cost you your life. That was something that was going through my head today. Your calm will never cost you your life. Cause I’m putting together. You guys can help me out with this. I’m going to do some ad reads. Yeah. I’m going to do some ad reads and some announcements here after this hour. And what I want you guys to think about is this. So we’re on this show on gratitude.

1 (1h 9m 38s):
I’ve been very open about mindfulness and that kind of thing. And been reading about Buddhism a lot. And one of the things that I did today in Canva, well, you know what I can show you. Let me show you one of the things I did today in CAMBA. You guys let me know if my voice gets all broken up, because I’m about to download something that might mess it up. Let’s see if it’s, I’m just going to throw this up in our chat room.

1 (1h 10m 8s):
I’d ask that you I’d ask that you don’t really share it out because it’s not anywhere near where it needs to be. It’s just kind of an idea. Okay. But I was looking to combine sort of my new found healing method, if you will. And sort of this mindfulness that I’ve been using that really helped me deal with being locked in with the family and all that’s going on in the world.

1 (1h 10m 47s):
So I really wanted to blend the lines between, I wanted to blend the lines and maybe come up with a tee shirt that kind of captures prepping and meditation all in one and kind of a funny, you know what I mean? And kind of a witty little look, but what I’m looking for and what I need is a good quote, the shirt, you know what I mean? I’m looking for a good quote for the tee shirt that will reflect the mindfulness in the meditative aspect, but also kind of jokingly, jokingly hint at the preparedness of it all.

1 (1h 11m 30s):
So this is a little, just a little thing I threw together today. It’s probably, probably won’t wind up looking this way once it’s done, but I wanted to capture the idea. It might be, it’ll be way cooler once I’m through with it. But, you know, just sorta that, that meditative sit with the gas mask on as a prepper and we’ll do a lot more to it. But that said, what I’m really looking for is the key phrase.

1 (1h 12m 3s):
You know what I mean? I’m looking for the key phrase, the kind of funny laugh line and, and w what all brought it on was this quote, your calm will never cost you your life. You know, there’s, there’s, there’s this very weird link between preparedness and that sort of calming, you know, that sort of calming situation that you have to find. You have to find that center. You have to find that groove in calamity, right?

1 (1h 12m 36s):
And in disaster or else, you’re going to suffer a fate that you’re not prepared to suffer, but let’s do some announcements. If something comes up some kind of quote, some kind of funny phrase, ology that would tie that picture into a really nice shirt. You let me know and we’ll carry on from there. So announcements, I think we might be pretty much wrapping the show up after announcements. I really don’t want to sit here and just list all the things that I’m grateful about.

1 (1h 13m 8s):
It doesn’t seem like good show material, but anyhow, tsunami over a disaster coffee. I’m drinking it right now. It’s out of control. It is Flavor we’ve had to date in my opinion. And I will tell you honestly, I’ve put out some flavors that have been great, but they were not. My favorite. This right here is my favorite tsunami. So check it out.

1 (1h 13m 39s):
Also probably worth mentioning if you’re preparing for serious chaos in the fall, and you’re a big time coffee drinker, you should really check out bunker beans. Bunker beans is, is they’re essentially five pounds, raw green coffee beans. You can roast in a cast iron skillet, over an open fire and a well ventilated kitchen, grind them. If you have a mill and you have coffee, you know, but the beauty of the green coffee bean is that it can be stored longterm in my law with oxygen absorbers, the way you store your beans, the way you store your rice.

1 (1h 14m 15s):
Okay? So yes, you can buy coffee and put it on the shelf and yes, it’ll give you that same buzz and do that whole thing. I’m a chef man taste matters to me. You know what I mean? If I’m going through hell, if I’m literally surviving a collapse of society, I’m going to want good coffee in the morning to get the day started. Okay. I might even be bartering, great coffee.

1 (1h 14m 46s):
You know, never forget this is a drug. This is something you’re addicted to. And when the, when the balloon goes up, as many say, people are going to want that hit. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some coffee around it. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to be able, particularly for your neighbors, to be able to become a little bit of a barista station, to be able to just say, you know what? You lost your job. He lost her job.

1 (1h 15m 16s):
He lost her job. He lost his job and money’s tight. You bring me a quarter and you got a cup of coffee, okay? You bring me a 10th piece of silver, 10 pounds of silver. And you got yourself, a cup of coffee, whatever you want to do, you know, you could become the barista in the neighborhood and people would love you for it. But you got to have a supply. You know, the EPC is rolling right along members. I am still going to get you a community drill video.

1 (1h 15m 52s):
I have another big video. Well, you know what? I don’t know if this one translates, but it is what it is. The, the EPC going out this week, which I didn’t get to today. Cause today was such a whirlwind. I might put it out tonight though. It’s going to be late night for the Intrepid commander. It’s going to be about that fateful letter. It’s going to be about how to phrase that fateful note, that important note that I want you guys to consider putting out. I want you guys to consider putting out one message capturing the parents in your community, in your neighborhood, through your communications method, whatever it might be.

1 (1h 16m 33s):
If it’s a small email group, if it’s the next door app, I want you to consider generating a small message about security in the neighborhood for the election. Because I think every neighborhood in this nation deserves to have that conversation. Where do we live? What are the threats and what are we going to do during, after the election?

1 (1h 17m 3s):
If things go totally haywire, which I think they are, they’re designed to, I think things are designed to go haywire for this next election. I think it’s very much part of the game plan. I do not think that Joe Biden is the candidate. I don’t think they care who the candidate is. I don’t think there’s going to be some magic person who shows up in the VP role. That’s going to save the day. I really don’t think the Democrats are worried about winning this election at all.

1 (1h 17m 42s):
I think it would benefit them much more to see the country blow into chaos. I really do. I really think that I think this whole thing is set up to fail. You know, I don’t think that the mail in ballot game is about Democrats fudging the numbers and winning. I think the mail in ballot game is about mail in ballots, failing. It’s about blaming it on Donald Trump.

1 (1h 18m 14s):
It’s about being able to say this election was rigged. So the cities must burn. I’m just telling you, it’s telling you what I see when I look at it and less and less. Here’s the only other thing that I think of unless Biden can come out and, and turns out he’s playing rope a dope this whole time, which is hardly feasible.

1 (1h 18m 45s):
But, but, you know, I remember in the first debate of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, you go back and watch that debate. And it looked like the election was won by Mitt Romney. Barack Obama was mostly quiet, reserved that first debate. You let Mitt Romney do. Most of the talking and most of the winning, it was playing a Lee against the George Foreman. He was playing Ali against George Foreman.

1 (1h 19m 16s):
A man got out there and he threw bombs and Obama took some hits and he just sat on the ropes and got battered for a little bit. And then in the second debate, Obama came out and thrashed Mitt Romney. He really did. And it was all part of a game plan. It was all part of a game plan. And you know, I don’t put that. Obama’s not Joe, bud. You know, they’re two very different entities. What it looks like to me is they’re setting up for chaos, unfortunately.

1 (1h 19m 51s):
So the wind you reap the whirlwind. So how it goes. So anyway, all of you out there listening one quick reminder,,, go get it on your desktop. I will put invites out probably on our Facebook page. I’ll put in bites out through emails. We’ve captured a goodly swath of the people that I really want to talk to in our chat, but we’re going to build on that also and hosts.

1 (1h 20m 22s):
They’re going to be able to invite people as well. So you’re going to be hearing more about element over the next few weeks as we build and build and build and, and add rooms and add things. And it’s all going to be very important to what we do here at PBN. And you know, this technology is not just about the prepper broadcasting network, being able to post articles and pictures and laugh and joke. And, but it really is part of a bigger picture. And that’s figuring out where content creators like ourselves can go and be safe and, and have a community of our own, where we belong.

1 (1h 20m 57s):
You know, that’s the big problem with social media and I’m on some of it. But the big problem with social media, it’s very clear. You’re not wanted, you’re on a playground where you’re not wanted a what else? Prepper camps coming up last week in September. Don’t miss it. Get your tickets. Cheap flights COVID has made flying very cheap pay attention to the prices, book a cheap flight. Now, if you can, if you can drive the Saluda North Carolina, buy your tickets, come see us.

1 (1h 21m 32s):
Okay. We’re going to be there in droves. The PBN audience, the PBS family, the PBN hosts. There’ll be some of us there in all those aspects. All right. And finally, PI pod They are the great company that is making the transcriptions of our podcasts possible. I do apologize. I don’t have the transcripts for last night’s podcasts up yet, but we’ll just knock them all out. Mine included and get a host whole host of new content up on the network website, prepper,

1 (1h 22m 6s):
So check them out. Pod You know what? It’s not pod And I didn’t write the URL down. Just search pod scribe. They’ll come up. Okay. If you have transcription needs, if you know of another podcast that you like and listen to, you can get them a great deal on transcription with an incredible ability to search those transcriptions and go right to wherever you want to go in that podcast. Audio. So that’s the story folks.

1 (1h 22m 41s):
That’s the story. I’m going to jump out at this point. I’m going to draw maybe not six. It’s still popping over there. Melinda Lee, we got to get Melinda into element for sure. Show audio would give our snarky comments. Context low. Yeah. There’s something to be said about that. Definitely.

1 (1h 23m 12s):
Tony, the North said, he’s still contemplating a prepper camp. Jen says maybe next year for prepper camp. I get it. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Travel is not that easy. Especially for you up North Tony. They may not let you in there. They may not let you back home. Who knows?

2 (1h 23m 32s):

1 (1h 23m 35s):
But I’ll tell you one thing. It’s a great time. There’s no doubt about it. We are likely most likely also going to be doing some, a mission for the continuity. I think at prepper camp, we’re going to burn an effigy for the, for our secret society known only as the continuity, just because one of the funniest things that these secret societies do is burn effigies.

1 (1h 24m 5s):
So I said to myself, you know what? Why not? Why not get a little effigy? Could make it something funny, like a rooster, a rooster built out of hay and we’ll burn that rooster effigy. It’d be fun. Okay. Volcana and Tony, both in agreement that travel at this point is going to be a problem who knows what it looked like in September. God, I would hate to see prepper came canceled.

1 (1h 24m 39s):
It is such a good time. Well, listen, folks. I think I’m going to wrap it up 10 25 gratitude. Okay. Let’s see what Seneca has to say. And then I’ll give my goodbye. So Seneca,

2 (1h 24m 55s):
Excuse me.

1 (1h 24m 58s):
True. Happiness is to enjoy the present without anxious dependence upon the future. Not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears, but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient for he, that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us. And within our reach a wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be without wishing for what he has now, Seneca newest stuff.

1 (1h 25m 34s):
There’s no doubt about it. Are you happy with your lot? Are you happy with your lot in life? It’s tough to be happy with the lot in life. I could tell you that much nowadays. Why? Because everyone else’s lot is flaunted in front of you, right? Everyone else’s lot is flaunted before your very eyes. And that can be brutal in some people You always want. What you can have.

1 (1h 26m 3s):
Gratitude is a practice. This thing, right? Gratitude. It’s a practice. It’s a full scale practice. It’s something you have to practice every day. I watch my children there. They’re just like that. You know, if they work on it, they tend to be grateful. If they just run on the pure adrenaline of what toy I want next, or what game I want next to it, then they’re not as grateful it is what it is.

1 (1h 26m 37s):
All I can tell you is gratitude and mindfulness make better preppers. I know it sounds hippy and that kind of thing and whatever, and progressive, whatever, when you’re grateful for all that you have, you want to prepare to protect it. You want to protect what you have RA. You want to take you there’s value in it. There’s value in it, you know? And when you find peace during the day, you’ll be amazed at what comes up in your mind.

1 (1h 27m 12s):
The solutions that come up in your mind when you find peace, you know, a quiet walk through the woods, turn off everything off. Don’t think about the bills. Don’t think about the fights. Don’t think about the kids, nothing, just a quiet walk through the woods. And the, the solutions to life’s problems will just start beaming at you. I’m liking the stickers in element. We’re going to have fun with them.

1 (1h 27m 43s):
All right, guys, don’t forget about membership. Come join members, join. Join the rest of the members here. We’ve got the, the continuity we’ll be meeting this month. 11 and other members only podcasts coming out. I wanted to post hammer talk today. You guys are gonna love hammer talk, hammer talk is a new membership segment where we’re going to be at the forge, not necessarily instructional, but I’m going to be working on things and talking to you about different concepts and that type of thing.

1 (1h 28m 14s):
Well, I guess it’s time to go. You don’t blow my phone up like this. I thought we were about to have a tornado. This was an Amber, Amber alert. Let’s have a look And then it disappears.

2 (1h 28m 38s):

1 (1h 28m 41s):
Be grateful for your safety. It’s a mad world out there. Folks. We’ll talk soon. I hope everybody’s loving PBN. I put up a contact form. One final announcement. I put up a contact form up on prepper, Check that out and I’ll have a newsletter sign up up there as well for all you new folks out there, issues and concerns. Feel free to reach out. We take criticism very well here at PBN. We’re all adults.

1 (1h 29m 12s):
Listen guys. When I said I was grateful for all of you because of what, you know, the life that I live because of what you guys do, right. By supporting the network and showing up and chatting and you know, even just spreading the word, it’s a hundred percent, it’s a hundred percent. It’s no joking around. No you’ve given me something that is a astounding. And I know it doesn’t matter how many shows I do. How many videos I record, what kind of information I give you.

1 (1h 29m 45s):
I’ll probably never be able to pay you guys back for that. You know? So thank you. And we’ll talk soon.

4 (1h 29m 54s):
Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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