December 3, 2022


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First Steps for New Preppers in 2019

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This month we are going to look at the first month of the New Year as a time to talk about basics and prepping for beginners. The doors are opening for new preppers like never before. Suddenly major government officials and media outlets are printing articles that make prepping sound like a necessity. They are making it sound empowering!

This is incredible news and play right into our singular motivation here at Prepper Broadcasting Network: To Redefine the 21st Century Prepper.

Still, those who find themselves afloat on the rough seas of early preparedness need some help. There are a ton of tremendous resources out there and I would never but I have to say that the show lineup at Prepper Broadcasting is a powerful one. It might be the best place to get this diverse range of prepping audio on a weekly basis.

All month long we are going to look at things like mentality, first steps and what it takes to get on the right track, early!

This week we are talking first steps. The critical first steps for beginning preppers can save you money and time. We are going to look at some categories and how to affect them early in the year. This will make a huge difference as 2019 moves forward. You will find your level of preparedness only increasing if you stay in the vein of these first steps.

I hope you enjoy these fundamentals but we will also be talking about all the news. We will be adding the 4 pillars of I AM Liberty to this show. There is a ton in the news to discuss so don’t miss this one! I have community news, health news and a great article about women in prepping!

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