May 24, 2022


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Disaster Prep Guides Inaugural Show!

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Disaster Prep Guides Inaugural Show!
John Smith “Disaster Prep Guides” Audio in player below!

On this first episode of Disaster Prep Guides, we go over different scenarios from different disaster events and what could happen when different variables are introduced. Imagine if you were hiking in the woods and got lost on the trail? What would you do? Would you panic and fear that you’re lost or destined to die? Or would you utilize the pack that you’ve got and setup a base camp? Hopefully, you’re finding a safe spot to setup camp and foraging for food!

What if a Hurricane such as “Matthew” or “Katrina” came through and left you stranded in the area that you reside. Have you already “Hurricane Proofed” your home? Do you have your supplies already in place? Or have you setup a perimeter around your home to prevent flooding? How do you communicate?

Also on this inaugural show of “Disaster Prep Guides” with Dirty Lew, we discuss the creation of, an online website that gives tips and tricks on survival in the wilderness, rural, sub and urban environments. We discuss what led to the creation of “DPG,” and what the goals we hope to achieve with the website and the podcast.
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