December 3, 2022


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Daily Habits for the Prepper in 2019

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Daily Habits for the Prepper in 2019

Another year gives us another chance to find success and failure. Most people look at the new year as a time to reflect on all the things they screwed up the year before. GOOD! Failure is your friend. I have one of those two part friendship bracelets and I gave one half to failure.

In this touchy feely age, no one treats you as good as failure so lets start by embrassing that rather than trying to cover it up and make it go away.

The new year also brings a new set of responsibilities. Most people look to make sweeping changes in the form of NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS which are just the worst. There are ways we can hone ourselves in 2019 and its not as hard as you think

Daily Habits

Rather than focus on what you can do between January 1st and December 31st. Just put all of your effort into the 1st. Daily habits are the most important part of your progress. Rather than commit to a big goal without milestones that is aloft on a feather, you should put 99% of your effort into a program of daily habits.

You want to get strong: Do squats and pull ups everday

You want to get more prepared: Carry a personal EDC everday

Posse EDC Sling Pack

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Price: $32.95

Personal Goals

When you focus on daily habits you can then set personal goals that are attainable. These might require a bump in effort or a bump in finance. That’s ok but you should plan for this well in advanced. Personal goals need to be something you reflect on regularly.

I like to put mind in the front of my planner. I have a big full-sized planner for women. I love this planner because its got great sheets to fill out and dream about in the front. Goals and aspirations.

Preparedness Goals

Of course, you are going to want to reach a certain point in preparedness in 2019, as well. While you can drool over gear or fret over food and water storage, the way I like to improve quickly is to train. I like to take courses with experts. You can find them for cheap or even free. Local guns shows or prepper shows are great places to get  days’ worth of training for the cost of admission.

Lets talk about it all on the next episode of I AM Liberty

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