December 2, 2022


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Conspiracy Theories and Prepping – The Next Generation Show

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button and create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and still train all the way up.

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Hello everyone. And welcome to the next generation show where we delve deeper into the little things in life. Here, we explore the lost art of fatherhood Parenthood and fundamental preparedness for the world today. I’m your host, Ryan Buford, along with my cohost young master Collin, and today we’re broadcasting from the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We thank you for joining us and there’s not a moment to lose. So let’s dig right in first off, a couple of quick announcements for those of you out there listening. If you’re listening to the podcast, we do thank you for the support and for downloading our show and all the shows on prepper broadcasting.

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If you’d like you can come over during the live streaming sessions of these shows and join us in the chat room. By going over to prepper, there should be a link there available to you directly beneath the player to where you can sign in with a username and get plugged in with the rest of us. We should have some good conversation in the background today. Hopefully the audio is coming through.

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Okay. It sounds like we’re, we’re dialed in. And if there’s any, any challenges that folks are having out there, please be sure to let us know so we can get that chat room dialed back up, or dial back in. Let’s see. Oh yeah. Special. Thanks to the folks out in Kingwood, Texas. You all are the top listeners in one location this week. So thanks for that. And it’s nice to know that the folks down there tuning in to support us, same for the folks really across the pond and around the world.

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So thanks to those of you out there who are listening, and it looks like we actually have some new listeners in the New Zealand and Netherland areas. So thanks for joining us. Thanks for tuning in for many of you out there who have been long time listeners, there’s a good chance that you’ve actually been patrons or, you know, switched over to our new platform, but we’re actually changing some of the things that we do around here to allow for more content and, and more delivery of content insecure, our own ability to retain that content so that we’re not at the mercy of, you know, YouTube or other types of things that have been kind of demonetizing or deleting work for people that, that they’ve come up with over years coming, you know, hundreds of thousands of followers in some cases, and, and content just completely lost because folks have just been deleted in, you know, for whatever reason, this is how we can prevent that from happening.

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And we’re doing that through a direct member portal on prepper So if you’d like what you’re listening to you, like what you’re hearing you like, what you’re seeing the member portal offers some additional things specifically to members, things like downloads, added content, things of that nature videos, added podcasts, all sorts of different stuff. So check it out. If you’re interested, and while you’re over there, you can check out our show page, we’re over there at the next generation show page.

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And it’s got all of our contact information over there for Twitter, Instagram. I think I don’t want to say that once. I think we’ve got LinkedIn up there, Facebook, all that kind of good stuff. And if you’d like to reach out to me, that’s one way to do it also, excuse me, you can reach out to me If you’d like to get any of the links that we drop into the shows, or if you have any followup questions or if you have show ideas, send them my way, happy to hear from our listeners. And you know, if you’ve got a preparedness story you want to share, send it my way.

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Maybe I’ll read it on air quick, tactical update. So we’ve got additional videos that we shot for the foldable kayaks that we’ve been reviewing. And they’re pretty impressive. They’ve done pretty well. We got them out on some pretty chopper choppy water on some of the lakes in the Northern Idaho region. And it, I was pretty impressed. So, so far so good. We’re gonna do a little bit more probably this weekend and then probably released that final video here in the next week or so.

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And other than that, I think we’re we’re fit to be tied and hopefully we’ll be able to take these things out to be, to do a lightweight kayak camp out. So I’m looking forward to that too. And maybe we’ll do an episode on a kayak, dry run or kayak, water, water, born kayak camp out dry run type of scenario to, to share it with folks. So should be a good time. Hope folks are interested in that. And I think with that, let’s get on with today’s show. We’ve got a great chat room tonight. It looks like Volcana volcano.

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I have Liberty just showed up. Colin’s trying to get in himself and several folks in chat. So it should be a good show. And we got to special guests tonight. So if you’re interested, now’s the time to ask those questions and get them dialed in. So today we are talking about conspiracies and preparedness with special guests, Ron foster, that was a short, you know, introduction to today’s show. I don’t really need to get too much into the weeds when it comes to conspiracies.

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Cause we’re going to get into that a little bit later on, but I just wanted to kind of give you a little bit of my background and context when it came to conspiracies and, you know, into a little bit of other things as well. But when I, when I was in high school, there was a popular TV series called the X files and it was, it ran for several years and it was one, it was a really cool show that I really enjoyed watching with my dad. And at the time it was like, Oh, you know, it’s all government conspiracy and they’re hiding the truth.

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And all of these things in area 51 was a big deal and Fox molder and, and Dana Scully were the main characters and they were always trying to hunt down the truth. They were always trying to find this truth, right. Do, do aliens exist, who took my sister are abductions real things like this. So it was definitely dramaticized and all these things were happening on, on the TV screen. And it was, it was hyped up, but in a way it was kinda like, well, yeah, I mean, the government is kind of weird too. They could be hiding something like that.

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So there’s a lot of stuff that happened as a result of the X files. A lot of people got, you know, we’re more aware of it and it was kind of made to be a pop culture thing. So fast forward almost 30 years, it hasn’t been 30 years. I’m not going to say 30 years, but probably 25 years, 20, 25 years. And all of a sudden in 2020, we’ve got confirmation of unidentified flying objects running around from our own Navy pilots, right.

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This is declassified information. So the 25 years ago, you know, this was a massive conspiracy theory that, Oh yeah, the government was hiding things or there’s things, you know, aliens, they existed and they don’t exist. And you know, now here in 2020, it’s completely flipped like, Oh, aliens are real. Okay. Now we get to, you know, kinda open up the other can of worms that are associated with that. Well then all of a sudden you’ve got, you know, all these other conspiracy theories, that’s people start to shed a little bit of light on, you know, what about, you know, I don’t know, I’ve, well, we’ll get into some of the different kinds of conspiracies later and especially some of the modern things that we’re we’re contending with, but it really sets in that idea of, you know, if a conspiracy is out there, obviously something had to have happened for there to be some fact or facts that could be traced back to some source to confirm whether or not it’s true.

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And as preppers, a lot of the things that we’ve been touting for decades has been seen as conspiracy theories, you know, things like, you know, martial law, supply chain, shortages, you know, and, and other different forms of, you know, insurgencies and political turmoil and, and all these things that could cripple a nation on a large scale, even our nation as powerful and, and capable as we are the potential for these things to cripple who we are as, as a country, they were just conspiracy series.

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But in the last couple of months, we’ve realized that, you know, even as a conspiracy theory, there, there’s a lot of fact in that. And just that theory, well, what does this have to do with prepping? Well, as preppers, we have a tendency to think ahead. We tend to also think outside the box. And sometimes that comes at a high price, like losing your followers, losing your reputation or worse, you know, maybe losing your job. And many people have called us out as fools or conspiracy theorists. But if there’s anything the entire nation has learned and likely will learn in the coming months, it’s that certain concerns we have as preppers are not only valid and becoming valid, but in some cases they’re just on the horizon and thinking about what’s on the horizon is what sets us as preppers.

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Apart from John Q public, the sheep, the sheep, or whatever you want to say. And today we are joined with special guests, Ron foster, to hash out a few of these conspiracies and how that may or may not have played a role in some of his upcoming works as well. But first, before we get on with today’s show, we’ll call him. Would you like to share your fun fact of the week? What it do? My name is Colin, and I’m the cohost here at the next generation show as always pleasure to be a pleasure to be joining dad and everyone else here in the flesh where today we’ll be diving into a little bit of Jay Ron’s, recent ventures, Ron foster.

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He is a reoccurring guest here on our show. Some of you may know, or be familiar with his works either from our show. He’s been on twice before or just his works with prepper broadcasting in general. So we’re excited to have him on today. Now we know the sound quality is better when I’m, I’m actually here in the studio and we apologize for not always being, you know, not always being able to give you that top Knox listening experience, but look forward to the next four weeks when I am going to be in the studio.

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And so it’s going to be better on my part and hopefully better on dads too. Cause we’re looking into some new software that will hopefully help the quality of this, the, the podcast. So before we get too far into that, I’d like to quickly cover the craft to call and fun fact of the week. For those of you who have been listening to the show since pretty much the beginning, you know, it’s just a short segment on our show that gives you a fun tidbit of information, something that’s typically related to the show topics.

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So let’s get right into it today is to go and fun fact of the week is the air force research lab built a super computer called the condor cluster to analyze HD satellite imagery. The supercontinent the super computer made up was made up entirely of 1,760 PlayStation threes. And it is the 30th is the 33rd, most powerful supercomputer in the world. Oh, wait a second.

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So this is recent. They plugged together 1,760 PlayStations PlayStation threes. So to create a supercomputer, right. I don’t know how recent it would be, but I mean, it’s, it’s fairly recent play it. You know, the PlayStation four came out not too long ago or I mean a year or two ago, so it is a little bit outdated. And so I’m sure as the technology has advanced, it’s not, it’s, it’s, it’s older and it’s not quite as fast, but it is still really cool how they use nothing.

1 (13m 39s):
But PlayStation three is to make a super computer for the air force. That’s kind of scary a little bit. Yeah. But it’s kinda neat the way they are thinking out of the box, like, Oh, let’s just play all these together and see what happens. Just build a super computer. Okay. So, all right, great. Without any further ado, let’s, let’s bring on the man, the myth, the legend himself, mr. Ron foster. So for those of you who are familiar with Ron foster, he’s a man who needs little or no introduction, the patriarch of preparedness the master of disaster.

1 (14m 12s):
Welcome mr. Ron Fox.

2 (14m 17s):
Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it. Absolutely. A great, great show. Sound look. Yeah. Okay.

1 (14m 25s):
So we thought we’d start off with just a quick synopsis of who you are so that we can give our listeners who may not be familiar with you or your works, an idea of you know, who you are and why you are relevant to today’s conversation in the prepping world. In general, maybe you can give us a, just a quick, a quick bio. And then if Colin has a couple of questions, he can chime in real quick.

2 (14m 55s):
Sure. Am I a prepper fiction and nonfiction author? I’ve got over 65 books published. I’ve got two master’s degrees and seven graduate certificates and everything. Emergency management, Homeland security, et cetera. With the military background also includes special forces, kind of one of the originators of the prepper fiction. Back when I started first doing it, there was only three of us two, and now there’s thousands everybody’s out here speculating and I keep plugging along.

3 (15m 30s):
Nice. Well, did you want to ask a couple of things, call them while we got a few seconds to chat about it? Yeah, sure. So Ron, you write fiction and nonfiction novels about preparedness. You have for a while. And from what I understand, your novels provide knowledge of a prepper mindset and a self-reliance techniques. And you come from fields of Jim ology, an investment banker and army soldier, as you said, and an air force airmen I could go on and on about all your credentials and all that.

3 (16m 3s):
But if the folks are really interested, they can go check out your website, Ron They’re all listed right there. So if you, if you want, you can go check that out. But what I’m curious about is is before this long journey of different careers, w where, where did you start maybe for the people? Like what, what kind of beginnings did you have an experience just for, you know, the folks who aren’t really familiar with who you are and where you started, because you’ve really come a long way.

3 (16m 32s):
And from when you first started your, your, a number of careers up till now, when you live this prepper lifestyle and you write all these, you’ve written all of these different novels. W where did, where did it start? Like what, what were the beginnings?

2 (16m 55s):
Well, I grew up in the country, also grew up on a military base for a long time. Always liked the country. And then I w I was during the hippie era, if you won’t call it that everybody’s going back to the land. So I had both sides of the coin, you know, no one Southern Alabama ways of doing things. And then watching people try to do the, do back to the land holistic way of doing things.

2 (17m 26s):
Basically, I look at finances, et cetera. And when I was going through it, I always want to try to make money. So I changed careers very quickly all the time, but I always wanted to have a place. And, and I know for living, I can always feed myself. So I, I did that. Now. I’ve been through all kinds of hurricanes and the master garden. And as an emergency measure of, of got out of here raised crops, just for general living nowadays, I wrote a book called the possum prepper, try chill while these baby boomers, how to get it.

2 (18m 2s):
If you don’t have about an, if you’re about to retire, you need to get you a small place and, you know, get back to basics, you know, cheap rent, be able to provide for yourself, et cetera. A lot of people don’t have to do that these days as something comes naturally, to me, there’s a, my area down here.

3 (18m 21s):
That was pretty sweet. So, so on the writing side side of things, so you, you were kind of born into, you could say this sort of style of this lifestyle of prepping on the writing side of things, though. What, what inspires you to write? So, so let me prompt this a little bit differently. For example, some people who have experienced trauma in their life will, will write about their story and then share it with the world or people who have been on the same career path, their whole life we’ll write about their passion and their expertise.

3 (18m 55s):
But for you, since you have a wider array of expertise and this, this knowledge and, and different careers, what, what do you, why do you choose to write about prepping? Is, is it something you would consider to be your passion and your expertise, or do you just like putting it on paper or is it just fun to write about or what, why prepping?

2 (19m 22s):
I do a bit of both. Yeah. When I first started, I came in from immersion management and then I saw the governor spent millions of dollars trying to get everybody on the Gulf coast, down here, hurricane prone to prepare nobody was prepared. 70% of all emergency managers didn’t even have a 72 hour kit. They just don’t do that. They don’t have basic techniques. My coat that I’m most known for prepare to lose everything, but your mind, all my books teach you tips and tricks that you don’t need equipment for.

2 (19m 56s):
So you, when you get put into a disaster situation, you will have knowledge. You need to get out of it without needing your giveaways, your devices, filters, whatever you can make, what you need. And it’s easier for people to learn survival and where my bus cause. Remember what a character does versus reading the trash, a Bible book, not having it with them or forgetting about it. So all my books contain various forms of survival going into barter and et cetera.

2 (20m 29s):
And I, Scott, let people put their minds where they’re at, how would they react to this situation? What tips or tricks would they use to get out of it and kind of live? It, it was totally different than the shoot them ups. I don’t, you know, I understand they began things with not like watching gun smoke, where the sheriff, the shot, every week I oversee five books. I haven’t shot anybody yet, which is hard to do in a prep book. But I talk about, you know, how do you beat a Hunter out in the woods?

2 (20m 59s):
Right. He’s got a gun, I got a gun and I do this all the time down here. You know, we wandered around with guns in a society. That’s, everybody’s got a gun. It’s not a video, but we there’s no do overs. How do y’all relate to each other? How do you keep from having accidents happen or having things escalate out of control? What can you find that might be valuable? For example, I have a set of characters. We, we got a, a restaurant supply truck. It was full of toilet paper, and we were scared to talk to neighbors.

2 (21m 33s):
So we stuck some toilet paper in the mail box, you know, like here’s our ingredient gear, so we could start our burgers and we had a high value item and they were after she, just for walking up to the house.

3 (21m 45s):
So, so for you, it’s, it’s about like helping people in a, in a, in a realistic way that isn’t just a, you know, information, information it’s, it’s personable and it’s a user-friendly or I guess reader friendly.

2 (22m 3s):
Yeah, sure. Yeah. My first book preppers Roadmarch kind of started off struggle. A lot of people prepping that they said, well, I need a book that so I can give it to somebody that’s not into prepping, you know? And again, this book and kind of scared the hell out of it is like a month after one second after come out. And I did one sober, strong, really. I was talking about sober story back then. And I basically got my guys stranded. Aren’t 40 miles from home without his bug out bag in Atlanta and walking home.

2 (22m 33s):
And what, you know, crazy characters spent on the road and what he did cause a city is basically a desert. And if you don’t know how to get, you know, food, water, shelter means a medical way of defending yourself. You’re not going to make a truth. So I started my guy out instead of having a pack full of this step. The other thing let’s start out with nothing now, teach you how to do it all the way home. So once you read that, then everybody had a basis in survival. They could actually do that. And then I put, came out before 2012 and it took the government two years, tell us that we only missed the big sober storm, you know, carriage and event by two weeks, you know, it should have happened.

2 (23m 15s):
And space, time continuum. We only missed it by two weeks for eclipse, but I was prepping for that one. Nobody else was and got everybody aware of that particular situation with the MPH center.

3 (23m 29s):
Yeah. Well, and that’s kind of, you know, back in 2012, that was for preppers. That was like, Hey, you know, we gotta pay attention to this thing because there’s, it’s right there. And on the horizon, literally from the sun, and now we’re looking at some new current events that, you know, are

4 (23m 46s):
Really opening up some other, you know, possibilities and potential for preppers to pay attention to different things, or at least, you know, validate some of the things that preppers have been talking about for years. So, I mean, lockdowns contact, tracing, pandemic, preparedness, insurgencies, like from Antifa food, supply chain, weaknesses, firearms, and second amendment, you know, being under fire itself, you know, having a police state and the potential for martial law at the same time while defending police riots and racial separations and all kind of, you know, all these things that have just been mounting one thing after another all year long.

4 (24m 31s):
And it’s kinda hard not to take a step back and look at these things and be like, you know, is there something bigger going on here? And that’s kind of why I wanted to have you come on to, to share us, share with us a little bit of some of the things that you might be thinking that we should be ready for as preppers or, you know, as Americans or as just, you know, human beings.

2 (24m 57s):
Yeah. Well, a lot of people just were talking about this cause they call queue now, conspiracy, I don’t not believe in myself. If you know the messages they’re putting out, you will be more aware, excuse me, one sec aware, informed, etc. You’re not going to be surprised about whatever it is. And then they constantly proven what time continues, et cetera. Like, look, this message is basically impossible to discount.

2 (25m 32s):
This is conspiracy, but that’s for whatever people want. One thing has been said from Q that would have other 10 days of darkness. Basically there’s no internet, no phones, TV, et cetera. And Trump’s already been working on talking to us over the emergency broadcast system. What do you do?

2 (26m 2s):
How do you prepare for not having that now? Q all should know we’re not going to be out of power aisle. And supposedly we got some way to keep the power on, but I know as mercy measure, I know in the military you take the electricity down off any, anything it’s very easy to do it at trial. Room’s a terrorist out there in the Silicon Valley, all they were doing and they were shooting up transformers and they almost took all electricity out of that grid. Now it’s very easy to take it down without cyber hack next, sir, we’ve got all these stress everyday that can easily take down our power, but just say, if you didn’t have your combo, how are you going to deal kids that need entertaining people, that Jones for their phone oldest, that’s it.

2 (26m 49s):
And we’re not a generation people like to play board games and cards and such like I do, you know, or what do you do? Type thing. So go ahead and plan on that. And how are you going to change my next book? I’m working on, I’m dealing with the COVID type thing that we’re playing horn and whatnot. And I’m prepping with a girlfriend I’m playing with squirrel calls and she’s laughing at me about that. I put it in a garden, the Washington agro, we’re doing all pasta stuff in a prepping thing.

2 (27m 22s):
And if nothing happens good, but if something does happen, we’re already way ahead of the curve and entertain ourselves. So you turn off the, the fake media and you just keep on going life.

4 (27m 37s):
Yeah. And you know, I, I gotta say, you know, it’s a good thing that we had power during these lockdowns. I’m just going to say that because if there was a massive power outage in any community, it would have been, it would have been way more violent, I think, than, than people. I mean, it would have been pretty bad if like some of the darker scenes and even your books, which don’t go into the dark side of things as much, but you can tell that there’s something going on in the background. And I think, you know, the idea with communications, that’s a pretty big deal.

4 (28m 13s):
A lot of people rely on communications. We even had a show recently about, you know, what do you do when your communications go down because of this threat? You know, this idea that cell phones could be out well, you know, when there was riots happening all across the nation, several of them, them were happening in locations where I had family members or close friends. I mean, you, yourself, Ron, I, I was checking in on you here and there because it was like, Hey, you know, what’s going on? Is everybody okay? And do I need, you know, first couple of my brothers, I was like, Hey, do we need to get you guys out?

4 (28m 44s):
You know, doing you guys good on food. And that was all over cell phone. It was all over zoom. It was all over Skype. It was over Twitter or whatever means I could use to communicate. But if all that’s down, then it’s me, myself and my family. And I just kinda had to hope that everything was okay or at least, you know, hope that everything that, that my family is able to sustain on their own. And it kind of developed into a new form of preparedness where it’s like, it’s not just me, who needs to be ready?

4 (29m 14s):
It’s the people that I’m connected to. I want to make sure that they’re ready as well. It wasn’t really a question.

2 (29m 21s):
Well, you have to understand also now you have to understand also the lack of communication as part of the military way of taking care of business in two directions. One, if you don’t have communication, then you re you reduced the people that arrived the BSU, which were, I got a plan for those foods. So over here you forget maybe, or people forget that, you know what it would do our rock. You know, we take down and rebuild cities that we, this are replant of recovery.

2 (29m 58s):
That’s what we’re going to fall back on because I told you I’m a mercy manager and I know we ain’t got plans, so we’re going to use a military plan, just how they going to do it. Right. And we’re good at that. Let ed leaf and everybody else try to mess up when we’re used to dealing with terrorists, right. That’s just going in and then we get the country back and then, then communications goes back up and then it’s going to be monitors. The fake news is not going to be allowed as much.

2 (30m 29s):
There’s going to be penalties, et cetera. But in the meantime, their bicycle be freaking the hell out. You know? And if the deep state gets you in there, the seed that they’re trying to sell pandemic crap right now. So voter Malin, well, how about if you take the power down? So El voting day or whatever. So the machines didn’t work. So we had to do hand bows. I think I’m gonna trash and shit. So we gotta be ready for that.

2 (30m 60s):
And just keep coasting right along. You know, we got our preps and, and then we gotta be the people that expect this. So we can call others around us that are not as aware and maybe help them out and keep them calm and ready for this.

4 (31m 17s):
Yeah. And that’s, I mean, that’s a short, small word, but just that idea of calm is very important because the opposite of calm is panic. And I mean, if you are in a community, that’s surrounded by panic. You’re not going to be able to accomplish anything. Cause nobody’s going to have their head on the street, whether that’s the community

2 (31m 39s):
And everybody got new guns and bullets don’t know how to use them. Right. Yeah. You know, it’s like a new, old Bard. Yeah. So it’s a, Oh, just here, we’ve got some extra to chill out. There’ll be pointing a gun at nobody. You know, this is Q guy that y’all didn’t believe. And he said, this is going to happen. This is going to be over. See if you can tell him, get him out of this is going to be over his predicted service, talked about, and we’re at the moment that they’re releasing data daily and this, because people got to learn so much why you see pedophile stuff, because it was so shocking that that’s the one thing that hold rural, getting back, not the Mueller investigation, whatever they can condemn to where something can actually happen according to accused theories on this thing.

2 (32m 39s):
So knowing this, and then the reduced lease and all this, stuff’s where, Oh, I got my eyes wide. I’m like, yeah, I did hear about that. That’s not so much of a conspiracy, but they got that guy usually in an actual, the other day, this was going on, you know, he didn’t kill herself, yada yada,

4 (32m 58s):
All of a sudden, you know, the whole Epstein thing. And we haven’t covered that really on this show, but I’ve been following that. And I mean, it’s hard if you, if you don’t have your head in the sand to not see that, you know, there’s, there’s several things that, that people became aware of in the last six months is that Epstein didn’t kill himself. And what’s a tiger. The tiger King Turkey. What was the name of that lady? I think everybody knows this lady’s name. No, it’s a different, yeah.

4 (33m 30s):
If Carol Baskin didn’t or Carol basketball murdered her husband. Right. So it’s just like, okay, there’s these things where it’s like, there’s there’s facts and they’re out there, but you have to go and look for them or you have to be able to be receptive to certain things. So, yeah, it’s definitely a, it’s crazy.

2 (33m 47s):
They don’t want to keep you divided by X, religion and shutter and masks. Oh, the mesh thing, you know, you were mad, don’t worry. I’m asking, you know, masks are for control. They don’t work. You know, a virus is so tidy.

4 (34m 8s):
I’m glad you bring this up because we did a show several months ago, maybe in April or March, when we talk specifically about building a quarantine and how to do that in your home. Because we, there wasn’t enough information out there about what was happening. But I work in hazardous materials and we have a certain level of respiratory protection that we use to protect ourselves against biohazards dust hazards. You know, radiation hazards. I mean, it goes up the chain, but a dust mask is not going to protect you against a biological threat.

4 (34m 43s):
You know, our particles are MIS or aerosols unless you get the right ones. And even at that, it’s only gonna offer a small amount of protection. So the idea of wearing masks is something that’s very debatable right now, because is it effective?

2 (34m 59s):
There’s no debate as soon as effective. I mean, I I’ll send y’all some links. Like I said, you do an hazardous material. I know that. Cause I got immersed in that. I’m also military that I got into it with a respiratory therapist on Facebook. They, I said, you know, basically look at this, a regular military grade gas mask or a police tear, gas mask or whatever.

2 (35m 31s):
They got a filter in it. That’s good for tear gas. If you want it for bio weapons, you got change filter out. How does that pay per cow on your face? You know, do anything, facts, your facts. So it’s about control, right?

4 (35m 48s):
So if it’s about control, why are, why, why is there this, this sudden push for control and that’s kind of where these conspiracy theories start to really percolate in your brain. Well, you know, why is mascot form of control? What does that do to people? And we talked a little bit about this on last, last,

2 (36m 10s):
Yeah. We look at people getting shot over mask and killing each other because the mask, no mask, you got to the hall monitors, I call, Oh, you don’t have a mask on water, but they don’t do any good. And it’s whatever they want to do. And the disinformation or the owning in a faucet, don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, you know, Oh, well, you know, this is back and forth. So they don’t know what to look at, you know? And then it keeps, it’s another way to Nevada. Some more, right. As long as we don’t all pull in one direction, which is what they fear most, then it helps.

2 (36m 48s):
And plus, you know, the, you know, you have people that just naturally lack debt, like, you know, Michigan, California, whatever, you know, Oh, you got to do what I say. You know? And the people, you know, if everybody walk in a Walmart, took the mask off, but what were they going to do? We’re a mess today. So it’s, it’s whatever, it’s just division thing going on, do it by race, do by whatever you can.

4 (37m 18s):
You know, one of the things that we might actually skip going to break today, cause I want to keep talking if that’s all right with the folks in chat, but the idea that it’s about control, but it’s also about compliance. Who’s falling into these, you know, things who’s, who’s, you know, forced compliance or noncompliance or people who are just openly complying, but not realizing what they’re sacrificing by complying without giving it a second thought, you know?

2 (37m 49s):
Yeah, look what they’ve done in four months. I mean, they got, they got people just doing all kinds of crazy stuff. You know, a lot of videos out there on that socialist crap, you know, defund the police. I mean the whole socialist book that if they’d taught actually history in school in the more everybody would recognize for what it was, you know, they know they tear down statues. They don’t even know what the statute is or turn now, you know?

4 (38m 21s):
Right. And it’s kind of a, it makes you really wonder, well, why what’s all the chaos for, is this a greater plot? Is this a bigger plan? Is there something, you know, is this a worldwide new world order shift and people are so upset about Donald Trump that they’ll do anything to get him out of office. Is it about a president at all?

2 (38m 43s):
Yeah. Have you seen Trump in UK? I mean thousands of people turning out all over the world, then the key movement all over the world. So it’s, it’s a darker light shift. It’s actually nice to be alive right now to see it because it couldn’t happen back in the day and was like JFK, et cetera. We didn’t have the internet. We didn’t have the communications, the amount of information come out here. The amount of research people could do for themselves, et cetera ever before.

2 (39m 16s):
So this was a, a counter coup that they said that 16 year old plan to take down the United States that we did sign. It’s not Democrat Republican. It’s either you won’t live civil last chapter, not the next election, you know?

4 (39m 34s):
And it’s weird that it’s all coming to a head right now. I mean, in one way, it’s kind of exciting because you ha I mean, you’re living essentially in the movies that we watch and fantasize about in some cases. But on the other hand, it’s like, wait a second. This is real life. And people are actually getting shot. People are actually getting, you know, losing their jobs or even committing suicide for losing their jobs or not. You know, I heard a story about captain America. They called him who, I’m fine. I’m probably getting my facts wrong. But he was like, we went to Afghanistan, six tours and then wound up committing suicide in part, because of, you know, what was happening here in the United States.

4 (40m 14s):
I mean, he was doing all this work and then watching his own country, you know, eat itself alive. And

2 (40m 20s):
Yeah, well the military suicides, I mean, it’s a terrible that too. And it’s just amazing the number of suicides we have, but that’s because I kept doing one after, after the next, it wasn’t like some Vietnam, here you go do your year, you come home or you re up did there just sit, not one after the other. And then to award that you can’t win that it wasn’t even declared war, you know? So that wears on people heavily. And then the non-patriotic type folks, the don’t appreciate you, you know, it just wears them down.

2 (40m 59s):
It’s a serious, serious problem.

4 (41m 2s):
And yet here we are, you know, chasing down statues and spray painting monuments instead of taking care of vets that are,

2 (41m 13s):
Yeah. I mean, we never had the number of vets committed suicide, or you look at everybody what roar to on up Korea every time we never had the number of visits per day, what is it? 200 per day? That day? I don’t know what the current status. 200 per day killing.

4 (41m 36s):
Yeah. It’s just it’s. I mean, it’s, I like to think that things are going to get better because every time you turn around and you think, Oh, it can’t get worse. So I’d like to that

2 (41m 49s):
We haven’t got into gear up in August, but black flags going to be in August for the, because we got the November election. So then we were there. He tried to murder Horner’s up with some other stuff that was going to scare the hell out of you.

4 (42m 5s):
So what kind of things do you think are coming right around the corner?

2 (42m 12s):
Oh, you’re going to have a, gotta be a major one back when I was doing my terrorism degrees, et cetera, we used to do military called red team, or pretend like you’re a terrorist or whatever. How would you take down the United States? And then you look at torch. Like Clinton gave a long beach to the Chinese for awhile, you know, be home for that one, but we got it back. But if you take down a major port like that with a dirty bomb, which would be very simple, everything around it, she don’t realize how much we get from California.

2 (42m 57s):
You’d like 70% of your dairy products, a majority of all your nuts and all that sort of thing, all these different things. And then we’re already on edge. And then we already have supply chain problems and we live chat cannibis, Smithfield for our pork, et cetera. And then they got the home virus over there now, and then we’re going to have regular flu coming in with COVID and they can really play with the numbers. And normally you got pandemics coming ways.

2 (43m 29s):
Your first, second, third. But I wrote a book a long time ago called the quarantine. Those nylon. One lot of people don’t understand. We haven’t had locked down quarantine yet. If we get some really serious get released out there, any variation there where we’re going crazy with what I call shit fan light was, this is nothing. There’s a walk in the park to me, what people are.

2 (43m 59s):
So is right now at a tipping point, it’s not going to take much to upset the Apple cart and then totally go crazy. And if they allow stuff to go on like these crazy democratic mirrors and whatnot, the sound of Jordan gonna rise up and then it’s gonna get really screw with.

4 (44m 23s):
Yeah. Yeah. I’m just kind of curious myself. I, and we have a show that we did a couple of weeks ago. I think with on a Monday night, we did it with James and Davey NBC guy. And I think Steven mankind, a couple other folks, it was one of the COVID updates and it was kind of our predictions. And you know, one of the things that I mentioned was, you know, I, I work in higher education and you know, one of the things that I’m seeing is if students don’t return to campus and you know, whether it’s a university student or high school student or a grad, you know, a grade stool student in August and life, doesn’t go back to normal.

4 (45m 10s):
Things are gonna get even more, you know, amplified, you know, when students are physically distracted for, with their schoolwork and with nothing else left to do, you’re gonna have some serious economic impacts as a result of that. And people, I mean, like you said, I mean, it’s, this is, I don’t think this is anything really compared to what could potentially happen in the next,

2 (45m 35s):
Well, the mental stability where you see Trump right now saying he’s going to defund it. They don’t want to do nothing but teach black lives matter. You know, which says political thing, not, you know, all lives do matter, but I’m saying black lives matter. If you see the, where the money goes, it goes to the democratic party. That’s pretty much out there everywhere on the news. But he said, look, if you’re not just teaching, you know, the basics and you’re trying to do all this diversity and all this step and amplify that we’re just going to fund you.

2 (46m 10s):
So you’re going to see a lot of that crap going on is anything to keep the news media filled up with all these different things as to what’s actually going on and taking down, you know, that they tried to get rid of a duly electric president, et cetera, keep it out of the news. It’s because mainstream media is going to try to squash it with anything like that. And plus all the people that, you know, I have kids, you glad when they go to school, come on, we get along, get away from their parents. You know, you know, you got a child abuse is way up right now.

2 (46m 47s):
Spousal abuse is way up right now. You got to get people back into normal living and just being contained all by themselves, you know?

4 (46m 56s):
Yeah. And you know, we’re, I’m facing that right now with people coming out of containment, they’re more paranoid, you know, like more paranoid than before and you know, for well for, you know, folks who’ve been essential workers, they’ve been living through it. And I was like, well, I, you know, we got gotta handled and everybody else is, you know, freaking out. And you know, the thing is, is looking into the facts. What part of what is what, and being able to make a decision on your own and take appropriate action.

4 (47m 32s):
What are some of the things that

2 (47m 33s):
The teachers can’t teach in a mask, you can’t do that. And then you can’t have the kids wearing it. It goes, you can’t breathe. It reduces oxygen, mental capacity, all that kind of stuff. Plus they don’t get to things to begin with. And so it’s, it’s just, it’s, it’s it’s hell, just for that part. But see if everything was actually normal, they can pull their crap for the election. Hey, this Kobe’s going to disappear after November 3rd. Nope. That’d be it.

2 (48m 4s):
I gotta do everything they can do all the way up till then. Yeah.

4 (48m 8s):
So what kind of preps are you looking into? I know that you and I have had some conversations behind the scene and you’ve sent me a couple of extremely helpful links, especially on, you know, certain products. Well, before the, you know, food started leaving the shelves or whatever, and what are the things that you are looking at right now to be ready in the next, you know, well, I guess the next election cycle as this plays out,

2 (48m 35s):
All right now, I mean, if they’re concerned about health and the questions on the Hill, it’s huge for everybody. And you know, I remember I broke a pocket lip Papa three, six months ago when I was coming up with a way of dealing with just what kind of disease you get that grid down or living in the woods or whatever. But other watching and monitoring very closely, a rural wide, what traditional herbal myths, et cetera, are being studied or trials in Nastase or something makes a trial I’ll look at as worthy, you know, like ashwagandha and bee propolis right now, India.

2 (49m 21s):
We’re, we’re trying it out over here. That’s an easy one artismal which is in my formula also called sweet. And he is a based on my phone. It was back then on malaria type things, which is kind of me with hydrochloric, went in there and now hardcore clinch back. And after they squashed that and we got a whole bunch of it, but anyway, sweet coffee, he was kinda like, you know, that we found out, you know, with curcumin tumor that you need some black pepper or peppery to absorb in the body better, but they found out, you know, arches and coffee were verified together, this trial going on in Kentucky about that.

2 (50m 4s):
So you put a couple drops in your coffee and Hey, you had a game. He didn’t do anything bad to yourself and it can help you. It’s healthy. So to study earth while you, you know, if you can’t go to work everyday, you got extra time on the internet or something like that. And just watching see is just trying to learn herbalism, scratch, look at what herbal trials would be being done. Cause China is also doing that. Or I can’t ever say that we’re here to be India medicine, traditional India, Indian medicine, us doing a ton of stuff out there.

2 (50m 37s):
And you can just see what’s going on to those herbs. And, and they’re good for a lot of other things other than just, you know, trying to get afford to or help you know, anything. This is a good way just to look at things

4 (50m 55s):
Well, yeah. So knowledge and kind of getting ready for, you know, what’s, what’s out there that you don’t know.

2 (51m 2s):
Yeah. Yeah. We’ve been sitting here that is so hot. I’ve sat up and sitting into the air conditioned office, you know, I’m like, I’m used to going out there and working in my garden or something, you know, bigger about I’m taking care of my own with me. Most I’ll walk out, but he’s right now, like about to fall out aside, I get reacclimated, I got to do something. So get ready, get back in shape. Cause we’re going to need it. Right. It’s like, Oh, they don’t wear me down. Mentally is what you’re, you know,

4 (51m 30s):
You got to cover both hands. Yup. So Alexa, let’s talk a little bit about some of the books that you’ve written recently and some of the things that some of your readers and fans and maybe new readers can look forward to in the next couple of months.

2 (51m 47s):
Well, I’m going to Florida in the month, which, you know, freaking them out. I haven’t got the numbers that, you know, real high down there and knows that the numbers of active retest from were plus anywhere the GOP is going to go for a meeting and the number’s going to go up so they don’t have it or something. Anyway, I’m going down there. It got a really neat place. Air B, a B, and a. I’m going to write the book about that place. It’s a really cool spot is there’s seven units there and you got two great big old docks.

2 (52m 22s):
And the guy lets you use kayak free or sub standup boards, free crab traps would be fishing rods. And they closed on the favorite bars at the moment. So that’s kinda messed up, but I’ll have somebody around there actually with us today. I thought if I can get myself stuck down there during the 10 days of dark, right. And I’m gonna call this mask and you remember the plague doctors from the 15th century, the warrants that you know, or the bird hat you’re seeing like duck.

2 (52m 60s):
Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, I got a bash. It looks like that. Right. And how about me would an AK and a kayak would that match for the cover? And I’ll write about everything that masks do to people in there, you know, kind of give everybody a heads up and I’ll have it out at the end to August. Tell you what’s coming up next a little bit. How to, you know, get by, but I’m going to break myself down there where I have you, you remember?

2 (53m 33s):
I nicknamed a Banda who Nick and Maori, the two big boys that came down to my prepper, Alameda that you came down to. Yeah. Put them in there, put you in there. Nice and deep South homestead have all of us down there for a little prepper beat together that we escape. But you know, everybody gets to go home after 10 days writing a whole book about you, but we can have fun for 10 days. Like we might as well shoot right here. Right. And fish and play.

2 (54m 5s):
And I might just take, you know, yeah.

4 (54m 9s):
Nice. Well, yeah, looking forward to that. The apologetic apothecary, that one is already out. That’s available on Amazon. If I don’t.

2 (54m 19s):
Yeah. Specter alums, spectra. Alan was right before that. That was because that was the Island that we went to. Jackson Island was the, where they filmed movie, big fish. And we went down there and they left the, we, we sat down there and I said, it’d be good for writers to get around, you know, a bunch of abandoned buildings and our float to little goats run around and we went to lecture. That’s why we hollered the prepper beat down that way. It was a lot of fun. And what happens if yeah.

4 (54m 53s):
And that one, there was a, a fault line earthquake flood that, that changed our lives quite a bit. So that was kind of interesting. I like that book. So if you guys are interested, please do check them out. There’s several books. I mean, geez. How many books are you up to at this point, Ron? 60 something

2 (55m 17s):
I’m old, I’m over 65. I don’t really combine stuff every once in a while, I’ll take three books sometimes and turn it into one book so I can save somebody some money or whatever, but a counselor’s a book, you know? So I don’t know. Then I also do anonymous name, which y’all don’t follow, but, and I’ve read some fantasy once in a while. But, but then under my name, I did the water, which well, but you know what a swamp, this will freak me out.

2 (55m 51s):
I don’t know. I knew what was squawk was from folklore. And that was something that it was a creature that cried all the time. Right. And I thought I’d make a cool book out of that. And I did that and I was in it. So I wrote, and I said, I’m good enough author. I entered Amazon. College’s I’m a bigger as a squonk smile. Right. So I had this phone book I wrote. And then I come to find out that, Oh, the millennials, everybody else I spoke is this e-cigarette thing.

2 (56m 21s):
I said, I’ve never even heard of this. Right. That’s what they thought it was. Yeah. I don’t know. It’s just like a reservoir. They call it a squawk. I’m like, damn man. I feel like I’m a stagecoach speaker or something. I don’t keep up with everybody

4 (56m 39s):
For what it’s worth. I haven’t heard of either of them, but I, I,

2 (56m 45s):
Yeah, I had, I had all the, yeah, I had, well, I have a group of kids that grew up around me writing fiction books and what not. I call them the mobile was cause they told me when I came over there. Cause it, well, when the mom went on vacation, they’ve dug a hole from talking to me, they’d be able to fall out shelter, which I got in trouble for. I had nothing to do with that. And then they took me to root cellar. I have to fill that in NSA. If you ever need a hole dug, I’ll do it for you. I said, don’t ever tell an old man, if you think there’s something.

2 (57m 19s):
So I called him, the mobile is, and that’s what they do. They got in the book, you know? So I need something I call on the mobile.

4 (57m 27s):
That’s great. I think was he, was he down at the spectrum Island event? I think he was one of them.

2 (57m 33s):
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One of them. Was it? Yeah. Yeah. Brent. Brent. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I mean he carry a bag of Shantrelle mushrooms by the house. Just three pounds. You just drop him off. I mean, this thing costs money, but it’s like nothing for us where we live. That’s Brent.

4 (57m 58s):
Yeah. Cool people. Good people. So. Well, cool deal. Let’s do you have anything else or any questions from chat that we want to send out to Ron real quick before we let them go? I know we’re at the top of the hour. We’re going a little bit long, so hopefully that’s okay for y’all.

2 (58m 17s):

4 (58m 18s):
I’m not sure if there’s anything that’s come across. Do you have any, do you want to share any of your contact information or website information, anything you want to pitch or promote before we wrap it up for the night?

2 (58m 31s):
No, they go out to Amazon, just put a Ron foster prepper in there. They’ll see me all over the place. That’s, that’s kind of all the books on there. I’ll have them all on the website at either, but just go straight to Amazon and my background and all that silver on left hand side thereby needs to just work on their plan. And the main plan I need to work on is what are you going to do? If you got no internet for a few days to entertain yourself and not freak out, what prep are you going to practice?

2 (59m 7s):
Or what are you going to do? Go do something right? You’ll need something take up your time.

4 (59m 16s):
No, I don’t think so. I think we, we covered, covered what we needed to do you have any weird conspiracy you want to throw in before we wrap it up? None. That

2 (59m 27s):
Next is the aliens aliens. Hey, when they run out of everything else, then we’re going to see the aliens. I’ve been putting beings out there for awhile. It’s kind of a standing joke.

4 (59m 42s):
Nice. Well, it’s the truth is out there and it’s a matter of whether or not you’re willing to disseminate it for yourself. And that’s kind of where we get into today’s pint-sized pepper project. Ron. You’re welcome to stick around if you want until the end. I’m happy to have you. We’re just for the project today. It’s it’s brought to you by power film, solar, and really the dog agrees.

2 (1h 0m 7s):
That’s one of my sponsors, by the way, they’re a great company. Hey, power films. One of my sponsors, by the way. Excellent. Yeah. I used their material to run electric, trolling motors on a whole bunch of my boats. I got from Siegel inflatables, and then my petrify, which is like a big plastic folding trailer that turns into a job. But

4 (1h 0m 32s):
Yeah. And we actually took those out and about when we were down there as part of your prepper where it wasn’t really a camp, it was more of a, what do we call it? Preppers on the beach kind of thing. The spectra Island event. And that’s, you know,

2 (1h 0m 46s):
No, just a camp. I had too many officers there. I didn’t have enough preppers. You know, that was a weird one for me. Usually I have a bunch of preppers and then I had a bunch of them. I don’t know what I, anyway, I did it.

4 (1h 0m 58s):
So yeah. Special shout out to power of film, solar CEO and a tetrapod boats. We’ll just say they all contributed today’s pint-sized prepper project since we got Ron in the foreground. So, but the project today is actually pretty simple. It’s just to fact, check something like a conspiracy. So to do this, it’s pretty simple. You find a conspiracy and number one, find a conspiracy that you can get on board with, or at least the curious that makes you curious or, and, you know, get you interested and get as much information as you can on that conspiracy in doing so.

4 (1h 1m 36s):
You’re going to learn how to do several things that we’ll get into in a second. But once you have found the conspiracy, you’ve gotten as much information as you can use that information to make an informed decision on whether or not that conspiracy holds water and you can exchange the term conspiracy for anything. It could be a rumor. It can be, you know, he can even be educated guests and educated guests. It could be a theory. It could be, you know, you know, whether or not the earth is flat.

4 (1h 2m 8s):
It could be a hypothesis, some kind of an idea, but whatever it is, seek it out, get as much information as you can and compare the two, you know, compare the truth from the untruth and what is real and what isn’t real. And in doing this, you’ll lose learn some significant skills. Number one is research, and this is an important skill for, for anybody to learn, but especially kids, because what it does is it brings out another skill with, you know, how do I say this by basically just learning how to apply the scientific method?

4 (1h 2m 50s):
I think, I think also too, it changes the way of thinking critical, right? So like outside of the box, kinda like how we, how we mentioned before, earlier on the podcast and just thinking differently and more open minded to possibilities, I guess would be another and both sides. Yeah. And you know, like what does it, what does that call it? It’s what’s the other side of the argument.

4 (1h 3m 20s):
Yeah. Critical thinking for sure. But yeah. So, and then, you know, lastly a N a S yeah, exactly. So reliable sources and things like that. And you know, another key skill that’s learned through this practice is stopping the rumor mill because in some cases, you know, if you have something that you presume is true, you might very well be able to disprove that, like for example, a mask, whether or not that’s effective or not.

4 (1h 3m 54s):
And in doing your own research, you’ll be able to think outside the box and realize how much of this is true, how much of it is, you know, a guy’s for something else. So these are all great skills that you can learn by doing a project, as simple as finding conspiracy, researching it and making your own decisions. Hey, we hope to keep these projects coming. And if you’d like to see more of these and support our work here directly on the next generation show, head on over to Amazon and type in my name or Collin’s name or just pint-sized per project.

4 (1h 4m 24s):
And our book will pop right up where you can click on the link at our show page and download a copy today for about 30, 28 to 30 more projects, just like this one that you can do with you and your family, a special thanks to our guests tonight, Ron foster, Ron, thanks for joining us or how always happy to have you on. And it’s always a good time. So thanks for, for coming in. And I think for the final takeaway today, conspiracies are fun to bat around.

4 (1h 4m 56s):
And sometimes, you know, it’s worthwhile to spit them out at times and see what kind of reactions you get from people. But knowing the difference between a conspiracy and reality is a major point of critical thought, knowing how to disseminate truth. And reality is a skill that few people and fewer people these days seem to have, but lies conspiracies and false hoods. If they’re not validated can destroy your group from the inside out, whether it’s a country or a family or a community or a neighborhood.

4 (1h 5m 30s):
And in many ways, our country is divided on numerous things as a result of poor or lacking information, or even flat out misinformation. But you do have the ability to think for yourself and in doing so, you can be ready for the things that other people aren’t prepared for. You can take the time to look into what you think might be considered conspiracies and punch some holes into them. See if they hold water, if you can’t, there might be a good chance that there’s enough truth there to give it some serious thought, it’s a great exercise and it can be fun to do debate, debate these kinds of things, and look at both sides to see where you sit and talk about them with likeminded people.

4 (1h 6m 16s):
You know, there might be other information that you can gleam from friends or family or other preppers in your group. If nothing else, it’s good for conversation. I had a little bit of lighthearted fun, Ron, thank you for coming on. We appreciate your time here. If you have any closing statements, feel free to chime in now. Otherwise we wish you the best and

2 (1h 6m 41s):
No, I greatly appreciate you have me on there. Thank you. Absolutely. All of this. Yeah.

4 (1h 6m 47s):
Lastly, in case you missed it on last week’s show, we did preparing for the next school year where we talked about how some of the things you might need to be ready for. In addition to just your run of the mill, back to the school shopping. Remember if you missed out, you can always check out our previous episodes on the show page or on your favorite streaming service. And while you’re there, be sure to leave us a five star review, it does help to boost our presence and share this message with others next week, we’re going to have another special guest on, so stay tuned for that.

4 (1h 7m 17s):
It’s going to be a good one. There was a woman who ran for president and this year she was in the running and she wrote a book on her experience doing that. So we’re going to have her on talking a little bit about what it’s like from the inside on the campaign trail and what her perception of the government and the side of things that she had to go through. You know, how it all applied. It’s going to be pretty interesting and she’d give us a different take on the education side of things for sure.

4 (1h 7m 48s):
Well, that’s it for today, everyone. Thanks for joining us on the next generation show. And don’t forget to tune in next time where we explore another aspect of the little things in life that make all the difference in the world. This is your host, Ryan Buford, and your cohost in Buford, reminding you to stay informed, get involved and be prepared, have a great night and everybody, and make it a great week.

0 (1h 8m 23s):
thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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