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Christmas and Such on A Family Affair w/ JFURG

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It helps if I actually have the volume on, well, hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. That is your host, Jay Fergie, with a family affair. It is great to have you on this December 26, the post Christmas. And I hope everybody survived well, and I had a great evening. Yes, I am live tonight. I do apologize. It did jump on it just a little bit. Early two minutes. I accidentally hit live a little bit too soon as it’s. So what the heck? We’ll roll with it. Alright, folks, a Christmas in the Smith household was something else. I definitely think you will get a humor out of this.

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I do believe my children deserve Emmys or eventually will hit a point in their life where it’s determined. I’d love to hear your funny or your Christmas stories. So we will begin with this before we go to the other side topics, big red man, right? The big man in the suit, the man with the beard, the main with the president’s, the persons that are for the children, right? Proceeded to put out the presence, but failed to get to bed till a hundred, 200 low and behold. What was upon me that I did not know my children two at the three, the older two might think goodness for an inside security camera caught the two older children running a mad dash into the living room to eyeball all the Christmas goodies at zero to 49, zero 300.

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Now it was probably about two something. I woke up with a child in bed next to me, zero 300. Exactly. I heard of a funny sound rolled over to check the clock on my phone to see what time it is. And lo and behold, there was a child, two inches from my face to say the least I audibly hollered, probably sent a few curse words. Possibly. I was quite out of it did startle the crud out of me, zero four or 40. Well, if they asked, can we open presents? I said, give just one moment. I figured they get like 10 minutes right now. They let me actually sleep till four or 40.

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I feel this horrible weight on my legs. I feel pinned down. I can’t move. My knees are hurting. What do I find a human body with all of his 11 year old weight crushing my knees and my two here. Can we open our presents? I said, yes, let’s go. This should have been the key tip that those children had been up unbeknownst to me. They let their youngest sister go for a while. We let Finley go first. Let her go ahead. And I’m like, okay, that’s very nice. Have you on my camera? You see us walking out at four 44. My children put on such a good front. I couldn’t read the script coordinate.

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Oh my God, Santa brought this. Oh my God, dah, dah, dah. To realize I have an alert on my phone about the security cameras. And I see it. And I looked at the message. You already scoped at your gifts. And my middle child gave me the HEA and I’m like, damn, they are good because I did not even know. They had put on set a good front of the excitement and jubilation and everything else. Yeah. So since four o’clock zero four or 40 yesterday morning, I drank three cups of caffeinated tea.

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Mind you, we pigged out all day on food because I am that mother who slow cook the Turkey all night, precooked all the cats rows the night before. So all you had to do is pop them in the oven, heat them up. And we eat that for breakfast throughout the day. I was dragon dragon. I am not 20, I’m not 20 anymore or, or the age of my children long gone are the days of staying up and getting 30 minutes asleep and trying to function. But that’s besides the fact, I figured you’d like that little story, but my children do deserve enemies because of the amount of elation in joy and excitement, they were able to put on their faces already having seen what Santa had left.

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All right. So Christmas was not only at a time of happiness, but something else had happened yesterday that had struck fear and concern and the hearts of many, it even caused some distraction destruction. Fortunately, only three people were injured. As far as I have read, I will have to recheck several dozens of buildings have been greatly damaged and destroyed. If you did not hear this and Nashville yesterday, someone said off a bomb at first it was uncertain.

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And I actually have some of the videos of it. The explosion was quite grand. I will try to play the audio for you. There was audio heard before it exploded. And here’s the crazy part. Let me see if I can get it to you.

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Sorry. I try, I did meant to pull it back before the loud explosion. I apologize. So what if you could not hear that very clearly. Sorry. I’m trying to do it from my phone and be able to sit with mass or the computer without losing it. So what it says, if you can hear this message evacuated from the area now, and it sounds like a woman’s voice and it repeatedly says that seconds before it finally explodes the amount of damage, fortunately enough. Okay. So you did hear the alert. Yeah. So it kept saying if you were in the area evacuate, now, if you can hear this message evacuate now, so it’s, it’s concerning, but it makes you think is whoever set this off had no intentions of hurting a person, but they did have intentions of causing damage.

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Now, I don’t know how far this has spread on the news. Hemi, gray. Hey volcano. Yes. Volcano heard it. Thank you, volcanoes. She is our tech goddess. Let me, you know, I’ve heard from some people that it made news for a minute and then was quickly dismissed to talk about, which was a better preference of real trees or fake trees. I have not heard whether or not they have even tried to find whoever they did it. I’m not saying they aren’t, but are there has been a lot of tips for this?

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I mean, we are honestly lucky. Oh no. Okay. And pulling up the newest report and there looks like there may have been a death. Okay. So as if the most current report, and this was two hours ago, they are looking into the morning and explosion. I’m going to read this to you is now believe to be the blast. That was really likely the result, a suicide bombing. According to, to law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation. Officials have previously said they have recorded recovered human remains at the scene of the bombing in downtown Nashville.

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And the FBI official on Saturday said, agents are not looking for another suspect, but that explains a lot because they did not announce this earlier. Agents are also at home in Antioch, just Southeast of Nashville to conduct court authorized activity and makes you wonder they know where it’s coming from a lot. So they’re not releasing. So, okay. So, okay. There was a death, I guess that was in it. So it looks like a suicide bomb, but whoever, whoever it was had no intentions of hurting other individuals.

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I mean, how crazy is that? I mean, I, when I made my deck yesterday, I wanted to mention it. But the last thing I wanted to do was take away the joy of other people’s Christmas with something like this. I’m sorry. I did get a lot, my dog at the show, just so he wouldn’t be running and accidentally disconnect my system. So if you hear him whining, I apologize, but it is safe for the safety of all of our technology and for my sanity, I’m not breaking something. All right. Let’s see.

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I think they’re going to leave it at this. I don’t. I think it’s going to end up stopping past here. You were. Right. So as Volcana says, and chat is Christmas time can be the tipping point for a lot of people. You’re right. And unfortunately, that’s not something I wanted to do. Or do you have individuals who Christmas time for example is a tipping point, right? But what happens when you are in a situation? I mean, think about it this way. Several years ago. And I’ve said this story before several years ago, just a couple of days before Christmas, we had a tornado hit.

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We had a tornado destroy, several houses, maybe six houses down for where I live, literally came across the freeway maiden and it made news. And you can find the video on YouTube and destroyed the houses. My brother called me to let me know. He saw a tornado coming straight towards me. We lucked out a lot can happen and it can make or break a situation. Okay. So me gray says someone who wants to check out, but still be remembered. Death by cop is a big thing. You’re right. You have individuals who want be the martyr who want to be a cymbal. The only issue is The the one thing that stands out with this was the warn and message.

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I really would like to understand. You’re going to blow things up. You do it in a highly populated area. That’s definitely going to get attention, but you have no intentions of intentionally hurting someone else. Even though, you know, there is a potential risk. So the blast was so large that it tore through at least 41 businesses, just on second Avenue. Okay. It is a street full of historic buildings. People are now, you know, they have the issue with wondering about the structural integrity, how it affected these buildings, how the people are going to be affected. I mean, it’s crazy. But apparently before the warnings there was gunshots.

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I know, I know this is, this is supposed to be a Prepper show, but it goes to show you anything can happen when you least expect it. This is why we prep. So they had warning gunshots, gunshots before The, I’m sorry. They had gunshots before the warnings went off. Okay. And there was a report of shots fired at five 30. I actually had my scanner radio app on which will tell me everything that’s going on across the entire unit. It States I actually dismissed these because it was Christmas morning. I didn’t want to listen to that kind of stuff. You know, shots fired, man, down that sort of thing, not something that I want to add on my Christmas morning.

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It was something else, you know? Yeah. And then the SSAT. And then before that, right before you know the gunshots right before the message started scoping, it said this vehicle will explode in 15 minutes and continue to go on saying that counting down until the 15 minutes was up, you know, it will explode in 14 minutes, so on and so forth. So there was an officer who lost their hearing. I believe it was temporary. The three civilians who were hurt are in stable condition. So it goes to show, this is why we, Prepper not for something like this, but for the unexpected, for the unplanned on days that people let their guard down, that people believe nothing bad can happen.

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Christmas is supposed to be a time of magic and love and peace and unity and people coming together. Perfect. The time to catch them on is when their pants are down terrible analogy, but it’s very true. People let their guard down. People are less attentive, are less aware and are less likely to pay attention to their surroundings. During times like this. Yes. Enjoy the holidays. Yes. Enjoy your family and loved ones, but be aware of what’s going on around you.

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What happened if someone entered the and be like, Oh, I was just a prank. And then a family member died because of it. It could have been, I’m not saying wasn’t devastating. It could have been absolutely a hundred times worse, three cars were set on fire. Trees were down bricks and glass everywhere. And someone said it was a deceiver. And here’s a quote from, from this article. It was, it says that the scene of destruction was like that of an apocalyptic movie.

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Could you imagine being in that situation, this is a highly populated area. Nashville is a big city. They get a lot of, a lot of forest. People think about Christmas and Nashville. I mean, you still eat. What about if this had been at Dollywood or something? It’s what if it had been down the street from you, local neighborhood, local area? Have you thought about what you would do? I hear a warning like that. Whether it’s a prank or not, I’m booking, I’m grabbing my children.

1 (16m 25s):
I’m grabbing my family and grabbing whoever is next to me. And I’m removing ourselves from that area. Hold on one second. I do apologize. Let me mute this for a second. Hold on. Okay. I do apologize. He is very mad at me. Yes. As, as me grey in the chat says, run like, hell, do not stop. Do not collect 200. You just do that. Just keep going.

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Yes. Volcani he does. He is a Rottler puppy and he’s huge. And I love him, but he is cumbersome. And the last time I tried to, to do this, he actually about ripped the wifi cable completely out of the sh out of the machine and almost tore it. He’s also has destroyed several things while I’m trying to do this. So it’s just easier to have him contained then than potentially lose my equipment. Yes. So as volcano said in chat is anyhow. Yes. A warning like that is for someone else to figure out, yeah. I’m not going to stay in there. I am not going to run.

1 (17m 46s):
If it says it’s going to explode, run,

4 (17m 51s):
Run. I’ve never known. I understand what you see people running towards a firefight. I mean, depending on your career, but depending on your training, I mean, We, I’ve had that incident where I was going towards the threat because I was the only one who understood the potential way to neutralize that threat. Whether it be to talk to him down, you know, that that’s fine and well, it’s not fine, but you know what I mean? It’s, it’s a different situation than people are used to. I was fortunate that that situation that I was put in was nothing, but I understood the risk of people getting hurt.

4 (18m 31s):
Had that situation been dangerous. Someone with the bomb, you get the hell out of Dodge.

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4 (18m 43s):
For Canna, he eats everything. I am so sick of rainbow poops from the crayons. Not that y’all wanted to hear the SOA. She says in here on the puppy destroyed equipment, we have two headsets that have been eaten by the same puppy. I demanded a picture of the puppy. It makes a good story. And it happens. Yes. Let me see. I’m gonna have to do it from my phone because I do not keep any pictures on the computer. Oddly enough.

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Yeah. So it’s,

4 (19m 17s):
I would not ever suggest someone to run into a situation that could be fatal. I wouldn’t suggest it. Now, if you get the training, that’s, that’s different. You follow your training, follow your gut. But if, you know, for a fact that something is going to happen, my goal, would it be get as many people out of that situation as possible to remove them and yourself from the apparent risk? So my question for you listeners is what would you do in this situation? If that was you on Christmas and you hear a warning, let’s say, it’s you live in the city and you hear that Warren, and from your living room or your din, or your kitchen or your bedroom or wherever you’re at, or even if you were out and about strolling view in the Christmas scenery, what would you do?

4 (20m 9s):
How would you handle that situation? Because it’s instances like this that we really need to think again, how prepared are we? How ready are we? You know, a volcano what’s funny is the picture of him is actually my profile picture. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on a jump on element, it is a little bit of a process to get signed in. But once you’re in element, it’s, it’s a great, we’ll get you in the chat room, send me or James or one of the hosts and email. Once you get signed up, I’ll get you invited to all these chat rooms and get you hooked up. These are where Shows are at this cord.

4 (20m 49s):
Booted us. You know, we had finally decided to go completely independent with our chat rooms. And we are now able to, it is all encrypted as well. It stays in here. And once you join, you won’t be able to see previous. But everything that is said in here stays in here. We have great rooms, great people and great content because I promise you what you hear is only half the show or the other half is literally the live listeners and the listeners in the chat room. Whether it be today, tomorrow, or next week, I just had to put that plug in there. A volcano. Let me see if I can find another picture. But the profile picture I have is, is Ozzy.

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Yes, me grey. The chat is like Vegas. What happens in chat? I don’t know if I read it. It don’t stay in check.

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4 (21m 49s):
Yes. The chat is like Vegas, volcanic concurred with him on that one. The chat tends to be like Vegas. If you are not like in the live chat. Yes. We read them aloud. If you are not in chat or any of the other groups in this chat, you are missing out on so much the categories, the items that feel better for you are a fit you and you can put in and it’s, it’s a great show. It’s great. It’s a great room with great people. Why not add an extra person? Come on. All right, let me, He is, but he is definitely a giant puppy, giant puppy.

4 (22m 32s):
Okay. He won’t be a year until February 2nd. I know I have a picture of him in here because he, what he likes to do is either run up between my legs and lift me off the ground

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4 (22m 50s):
Run and stick his head under my feet and lift them up in the air. So then I have feet on top of his head. He’s a good boy. He’s just a lot of energy. And unfortunately, with a cold and the neighbor’s dogs, I have to consider what I need to do for him and with him. Cause our fence is broken. I do need to, Oh, I have a good picture in here that y’all would like and not have me skin and a deer for my son.

3 (23m 42s):
Here it is. Okay. So

4 (23m 51s):
New year’s literally new year’s is just around the corner. I mean, literally jest around the corner. There you go. Can you all see it? Ooh, what just popped up on that? Yeah. He’s a big boy. I mean, he’s, he’s still a puppy. He is smiling and he likes to do that and he likes to run up and pick my leg up. So then my legs resting on him.

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4 (24m 36s):
So new year’s is coming up, literally around the corner. We are quickly approaching the end of 2020 and the new of 2021. And our pray to God. It’s a lot. I’m over 20 to 20. So my Prepper all right, Dave Jones, I’m calling you out. Yes. I heard your news. Yes. You will have to respond via a message or in chat. But I have been inspired. I am making a less a list of goals for 2021. What I hope to accomplish by the end of the year.

4 (25m 18s):
And I’m actually going to try to set timeframes for each of those set goals based on where I think I can get them finished and accomplished. Now, I’m not saying I’m not hoping for the whole year, but I am making my Prepper goals as well as personal goals. No, I’m not making a new year’s resolution because goals are a little more important than that. To me, not saying they’re not the same thing. Just I prefer saying goals. It seems more realistic because anytime I’ve heard someone say they’ve made a resolution, it never happens. That being said, I’m also James, I’m calling you out, James.

4 (25m 60s):
I am now inspired by both of you men to do a daily list of things I need to accomplish. And I will write them the night before where the day before, and I will stick or attempt to not as, as thorough in or as well-organized as these two men to stick to those daily things. So then maybe I can get more done in a day because somehow James and Dave are able to accomplish so much. Oh my God, me grey. I hope, I hope not.

4 (26m 41s):
Oh my God. That would be atrocious. Oh my gosh. If you are not in this chat, you are completely missing out. Hold on again. Yeah. Oh my God. Me grey. That is absolutely hilarious. Oh, okay. For those who want to know, because it is a man jumping in a Speedo in the ocean say nippy 2020 is almost over. And as you proceed in the jump, he’s not looking down to see a German shepherd mouth wide open about to chop down on his soft bits.

4 (27m 26s):
And on that dog has written 20, 21. I hope to hell or not. You’re not a bad man. It’s hilarious because we pray. We pray and we prep that 2021 will not be 2020 or worse. This is 2020 was our first pandemic for us. Right? The 2020 was also should have been an eye opening experience of where our strengths and our weaknesses were. If 2021 is not your goal to fix those weaknesses or to add more strengths, we’ve got some issues.

4 (28m 7s):
Yes. Soft bits. I don’t know how to call it. It is his soft bits. It is his website. Okay. It is his levels. I know it’s more than his levels in this picture is going to get it. All

5 (28m 20s):

4 (28m 23s):
20, 21 should be your time to make strengths out of your weaknesses to make your strengths even stronger and to set forth your goals. Oh, I am playing for lady gray every day. I pray for a lady gray and a little gray loving me gray. But I do. I want to know what your goals are. I would like to know what are you hoping to have accomplished by 2021 or by the end? You know? Or is there, is there a timeline? What, what do you hope to accomplish by the first quarter are the second or however, the timeline is that you are setting for yourself because I can tell you right now, I’m not going to let 2021 be anything like this.

4 (29m 14s):
I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, but for me personally, Oh, a volcano. You, you got to look up at the picture for me personally, I’m going to make 2020 will be a good year. I I’m going to make it a better year than it was this year. I born to be teaching at more places this year. I’m excited that right there is already a good sign. Now I did not turn in my paperwork. I will have to accomplish that this weekend before the first a year.

4 (29m 55s):
So I can get that to miss Ms. Dot room because I do plan on Oh, okay. Oh, I plan on, Oh, she wrote that. I’m glad. She’s fine. Hi lady gray. Miss you booboo. Oh no, no, no volcano. No one sick. Yeah. I think, I think one of them would have told me if someone wasn’t ill, but I am going to be teaching. I’m working on crocheting more. I’m working on, I’m working on a lot of things.

4 (30m 37s):
I plan on doing. I’ve got some goals I plan on actually like fully achieving. No per only issue is shacking up with me. Gray. What was your prep? And on that one, did you make sure she was drunk or well convinced. Sorry. I will admit this. My mother is amazing. So I asked for a prep and item right for Christmas. And my mom went and got me a food saver with the bags and she was like, Oh, it’s not much. I’m like, do you not realize how much that is for me? Like, yes. It may not seem like a lot to you, but that food saver is glorious to me.

4 (31m 20s):
Oh yeah. I love it. So I would love to hear, Hey, volcano, me, grace into your here and lady gray. I know she’s in the sidelines. What did y’all get for Christmas? What prep item did you get that you want to feature? All right. So that being said, while they’re typing, I am going to run to a quick commercial break. I need a little bit of more water to pet me up and we will be right back

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6 (33m 39s):
The a good game by a kill switch. Bunker,

0 (33m 46s):
A person who advocates, some practices preparedness one ready for any event that would disrupt their daily routine. That is a Prepper

3 (34m 3s):
all right,

4 (34m 20s):
Folks. We’re back from that quick break. I needed more water. I was dying. Oh. So I asked before the quick commercial break, what were some goals and what prep and items did you receive for Christmas? For Christmas? Yes. My item was the food saver as well can assess on the chat. Food savers are wonderful toys. You have that right? I actually bought more rice. I’m the food saver I was using. I had to double and triple seal. So I’m looking forward to reseal and some of those items, as well as using them, I got one when I was married, have already killed the pump on that one, bought a new one. You know, they have, and people like us who use them frequently tend to go through and pretty quickly.

4 (35m 4s):
So me gray says goals is more training. He signed up for a class already learning more about curing meat. Yes. Me gray. That is definitely something I want to do. I actually still have the prints and the book where I want to build my own smokehouse. I had mentioned doing it last year and I’m going to get to that goal. I am going to learn and, and smoke my own meat. I’ll learned the bill. I don’t know what that word is. I’m afraid. I’m going to Jack that up. What is that? And this year and next year is and salami. Oh, okay. So Volcana says the only Prepper an item of God was battery flairs and flashlights from the car. The old wounds died.

4 (35m 44s):
There is nothing wrong with that. I also apparently also have a mini greenhouse, but I don’t have it yet. Still at my parents’ place. They were wrapped the wrong presence.

3 (35m 55s):

4 (35m 56s):
Amazon stuff delivered right to them. They wrapped it thinking it was my present. So when I got that, we shall see what it is or what they call a greenhouse. That is awesome. I would love to have him or anyone with how everything went with the issues with the garden. I don’t see myself having another garden. This coming season I should have already, probably is going to have prepped the soil now for next year. I didn’t. So we’ll see. I, if I do, it’s gonna have to be containers. I may let anything that volunteers on its own come up just being that there was so many plants that grew from last year.

4 (36m 37s):
This year that I almost have no need and growing. I mean, I’m going to get an abundance of pumpkin’s and cucumber and squash and green beans all from just the ones that I let seed into the garden itself. As well as tomatoes, I ended up with over 60 tomato plants because I just let them go wild. I have never in my life, seen tomato plants go wild like that. And I’ll be honest with you. I’m not upset over it. And I did enjoy seeing them do their own thing. And I felt like the plants were stronger, even though yes, they were dripping everywhere. The root systems, they handled the weather. Great.

4 (37m 19s):
It may be a cold frame. We shall see. Oh, that’s awesome. Christmas, new pots and pans for a little place in the woods, a little freezer, dried foods, tradition, gift, fun gifts. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s great. What was funny is my mother was devastated because I did ask for a kitchen aid with a meat grinder attachment. Yes. I have been instructed. If I’m going to get a meat grinder, I need to get a solo meat grinder because they’re going to be sturdier. The only reason I had looked at that was because of the fact I do cook. I do bake all the attachments to it just gives a little more versatility. I am one for multifunction items as you know.

4 (38m 2s):
So yeah, there’s that she was devastated because she couldn’t find any I’m like, it’s no big deal. The world is not ending. My birthday’s in February. My garden may not happen this next year as I may be moving. But that is another story, which means giving up the grapevine, which, Oh, volcano, you can just move out here. Will, will, will love you. When you say, come on. We’ll love you.

3 (38m 36s):

4 (38m 36s):
For those who don’t know, I hope it’s okay. If I mentioned Volcana is far North, like far North, she’s a Canadian,

5 (38m 46s):
But she’s awesome.

4 (38m 48s):
All right. So what’s funny is while I was on commercial break, I actually had to bring in my dehydrator. I forgot that I left it off. So it’s been out there for a couple of days.

5 (39m 2s):
Oh, that’s awesome. So I’m not disclosing that that’s far North

4 (39m 9s):
Far West. Yeah, she is very far North and very far West. I, I don’t know a volcano. I mentioned the dehydrate and onions. Correct. Did I tell you all about that last, the last time I was

5 (39m 24s):

4 (39m 26s):
Well, why or why I’m waiting on that? Cause I will be honest with you. I don’t remember. I started dehydrating garlic. I did go ahead. And I bought two huge bags, not a huge two really good sized bags of garlic. Yes. Chemical warfare. Okay. So I did. And I did mention that I used the coffee grinder to make powder. I did do outside so well. Okay. I did it in my garage. Mind you, when I did the onions, I kept the garage door open so I could keep the smell out. But the older of onions stayed in the garage for over

5 (40m 8s):
A week.

4 (40m 11s):
Now I have a smell of kerosene. I accidentally spilled some killer kerosene on the cement. And it said to use baking soda because kerosene does not evaporate, I guess, because it’s all based on a sec.

5 (40m 23s):
That’s correct. Yeah. But okay. I’ll digress.

4 (40m 31s):
I ended up doing garlic. I will tell you right now, thank God for the little technique of putting the individual gloves in a container with the lid and shake in the hell out of it to remove the skin. Because I will tell, I tell you sitting there and bopping it with a knife just to flatten it in order to get the skin off was an absolute pain in the butt. Absolutely.

5 (40m 57s):
Hold on. So,

4 (41m 5s):
So the, the issue after that is I actually enjoy the smell of the garlic. Yes, I did do it in the garage. Again, I, because we had several cold days and if you rainy days, I leave my garage door shut because anytime we opened that garage door, a WAF Dakota air, I’m not heating up the outside. Okay. I like keeping on the inside of the house warm and the outside can stay cold.

5 (41m 30s):
I like

4 (41m 30s):
The smell, my children more. We had to get to the car to leave, to go, Oh my God, what is that smell? I will tell you, I prefer garlic over onion. They said they would rather have the onion smell than the garlic smell. But I don’t think they realized that they were lucky with the fact that I kept the garage open the entire time I was dehydrating the onion because my kids couldn’t stand the smell of meat grind in the onion. I’m looking forward to cleaning out that grinder and grinding up garlic. Now I didn’t, I didn’t dehydrate as much. Garlic is I would have liked starting out, but I do have several clothes already pilled in the frigerator that I did a small batch to see how it did that.

4 (42m 15s):
I will be doing a larger batch in a minute.

0 (42m 20s):

4 (42m 22s):
It is a learning Experience. I still loved the smell of garlic. Like I prefer garlic over a onion a a hundred times. I still have a whole gallon sized bag of dehydrated onion and probably a whole nother bag and a half an onion to dehydrate that I have put off.

0 (42m 47s):

4 (42m 47s):
Because I don’t want to deal with the chemical warfare. How about you all’s experience with it? Have y’all dealt with it because I’m loving the garlic. I don’t like the onion. It really is a hate relationship. There, there is no love to it. I love to cook while I live. And there is a love hate. I love to cook with it. I hate to dehydrate it. That is something else on my skills that I would like to learn. I’d like to expand my ability to dehydrate, to Cannes and to process my own foods. Oh Lord. Y’all give me a second. This is, he is so mad. Cause he can hear me and I’m right here and I’m not letting him out at this moment because I will let them out.

4 (43m 30s):
As soon as the show is over, there we go. Just fruit and veggies. Not brave enough or onion yet. I will tell you this, it, the smell of onion will permeate everything. So your trays will smell like onion. So a good thing to do is to actually lay down parchment paper before you dehydrate your onions. Me grey. I did not. I’m not worried. I mean, I guess I should be, but it’s so Airaid it as it is the smell, permeated, everything else. I do mine directly on their like bananas and stuff.

4 (44m 11s):
Well, I had parchment paper. I right now I’ve used parchment for like bananas. I’ve used parchment for anything that’s going to produce and really stick. I do tend to do parchment, but I have a parchment helps lifts it right up. You’re able to turn it into a funnel and poured in or put it wherever you need it. Well, canisters, I haven’t done garlic. I keep them in their bulbs and storm and mash. I’m eating in 2019 garlic right now, 2020 garlic in a different bag onions I did once. Okay. Although we can do a bunch of this year, meat, soups and pie fillings, even fiddleheads I have never had fiddleheads me.

4 (44m 52s):
Great. I have never had it. I, you know, what’s funny is I actually have a bunch of dehydrated elderberry. I even have frozen fresh elderberry. I did not even make my syrup this year. I did not make my a fire cider. I’m so behind on stuff that those are probably parts of my goal or goals is to get a head on my fireside or to get ahead on my syrups and my, you know, me gray. Why don’t you answer the answer on that one? Because isn’t, fiddleheads, I’m a type of mushroom or is it no, it’s a wild plant animal, vegetable fruit.

4 (45m 34s):
I think it’s a plant either a plane or a fungus because I hear James talking about it, that he will go, you know, it’s a plant because James will talk about it and he’ll talk about going fishing and picking some fiddleheads and cooking them up and eating them. They are awesome. We found a patch of fiddleheads and another patch of ramps. Okay. I don’t know what that is. You are above my head. So I’m Googling this fiddleheads or a Fern. I knew that I did know that. I don’t know why I thought, I didn’t know that baby ferns. Right? What are ramps?

4 (46m 14s):
It is a plane as well. It looks like a little radish. Okay. It is a type of wild onion in this picture. It looks like a radish. So a ramp is a wild onion that is widespread across Eastern Canada in the Eastern United States. Most common are the English names are used for aluminum, a loo yum, Oh Lord. Particularly the submarine Syrian, which is native to Europe and Asia. I’ve seen these. I didn’t know. That’s what that was. It is a type of wild onion ramps are.

4 (46m 56s):
That is interesting. I am not a forger. I am not going to lie on that one. Like there are certain plants I can recall. I used to be really good with tree identification. I’ve lost that over the years. So that is something I would like to learn more. But I am one of those people that if I can not identify it 110%, I am not going to risk eating it. One bad judgment could be lethal, could be fatal or can make you very, very sick that you wish you were dead. Yeah. So I mean, I think that’s great. I’ve never had either. I’ve never had fiddleheads or ramps, but I mean, I would trust you.

4 (47m 41s):
I will trust James. There are several people who I know, know their plants and know their fungus. Fungus is definitely something that I would not, I personally would not try to forge just because it’s so easy to misidentify. I’m not that confident. I’ve seen some and I’m sat there and I think this is it. So that being said can either be you or any of my listeners. You all are welcome to message me or email me. If you email me for my show email, it’s a dot Family underscore Affair at You can hit me up on Instagram. I don’t really get on Facebook.

4 (48m 22s):
I’ve actually stayed away from that. I have maybe checked on their once or twice in the last couple of weeks where you can message me directly through the Network.

5 (48m 31s):

4 (48m 31s):
Is a good book for forging, for natural plants like that I would love or a good book for identifying fungus. If anyone has a good suggestion on a book for fungus, that would be amazing because I would rather read and study and learn as much as I can.

5 (48m 50s):
Wait, hold on. Let me hold on. I’m checking something real quick. I don’t have, sorry. Y’all okay. Sorry.

4 (49m 17s):
Okay. Thank you. Me grey. Definitely. Definitely do. I’m all up for a list. I am all up for books. I am a book fanatic and the one thing that isn’t driving me insane is that my books are put up right now. I need a bookshelf so bad. I want to build a bookshelf, but I definitely have to sell some, sell some more crochet in order to be able to afford the bookshelf that I want to build because I’m building it. I don’t care. I would rather build it and have it and be happy. Then go to Walmart and buy one and it fall apart and a year or two because I love my books. All right. So, okay. Well me gray. If you can give me a suggestion or a list of classes for that, that would be wonderful.

4 (50m 2s):
All right. So me gray says, yep. We collect the grains and dry them as well as the grill, as well as grill them to dry. Oh, as well as grill them then dry and make it a powder. It has a great smoky flavor and could make an old boot taste. I have no intentions of eating a boot, but if times get hard enough, that sounds wonderful. I mean, I’ve heard stories of people eating a leather from the bottom of their shoes. Was that what the Donner party did before they started eating each other. I’ve heard different stories of different situations where people ate the leather from their boots, mushrooms. You need to take a class.

4 (50m 42s):
Yes. Please give me a list or a suggestion of the type of class. I mean, those are things I would love to learn things that I don’t know, and I’m not confident in. I would love to be more confident in that area. You know, what’s funny is my son killed that deer and we really did not end. We ended up with a lot of ground beef, a few, you know, a couple of medallion States and one roast. And I took that roast and I actually made jerky out of it. I did end up accidentally going a little salty, but I know what I did.

4 (51m 23s):
I, you know, I’ve thought about Megan some soup and came in it, but I’m not a fan of ground meat in a soup. So if anyone has a suggestion on good recipes with the ground meat that I could can, or practice pressure cannon with I’m Ford, but that stuff is like gold in this house.

5 (51m 49s):
My phone

4 (51m 51s):
Is just blowing up. Yeah. I would love, love that. Where do I get that? There you go.

5 (52m 6s):
Oh, wait,

4 (52m 10s):
I’ve lost the chatroom. Somehow. There it is. Volcana I figured you would have the recipes on stuff like that.

5 (52m 31s):
So, sorry.

4 (52m 34s):
It’s this time of the year that it is overwhelming. The amount of people who reach out, but I love every bit of it. I mean, I love my friends. I love my family. I have actually made it a goal to try to bring more and more people to prep as much as possible. You know, this, I feel like this end of the year is yes. Is there’s not going to be any set content, but coming the first, the year I plan on actually having set content. There’s a lot of things. And the work James is made a few announcements for some stuff that I’m excited to hear about that I’m excited to see coming from our Network.

4 (53m 14s):
So it’s, it’s gonna be a good year, hell or high water is going to be because we’re going to make it a great year for preppers. We’re going to make it a year where preppers are, are more open, more confident because I’m seeing just from this pandemic alone, even at the beginning, I have more and more people asking, well, what would you do in this situation? How do you think I should handle this? I like to play devil’s advocate. What do you think you should do in this situation? How would you handle it? And then discuss it out. I’m finding that this time of the year with everything that has gone back, when I sit with my friends and we do a matter of a moment of reflection, we get down to the core is what is it that they need because what I need and what you need are two different things.

4 (54m 10s):
I know where my goals are going. And like I said, I will be writing all of that up this weekend. I plan on having that finished with my goals, my daily goals and things. I need to get done more in my daily list. And then I will have my list of my goals for next year, as well as a timeline to achieve and finish those goals. So, you know, for one person, it may be a new skill like me grey, or for someone else. It may be an additional prep, something that they want to focus on. And that’s okay. That is wonderful.

4 (54m 50s):
You know, we’re parents, we’re, we’re adults. We have lives, not all of this has to be done today or next week or next month you have time. But set that timeline and get started somewhere, start somewhere, look, I’m over here hitting the table because I’m passionate about this. I hope I hope you are as passionate about this as I am. I hope to see, you know, halfway in or by the end of 2021, that you’ve achieved your goals, that you were able to learn something and take something away that you had planned on, that you had hoped for. And that you had put an effort towards because I promise you making that list and walking away does not achieve anything.

4 (55m 36s):
It’s sticking to it. Changing my eating habits. I’m just using this for an example. I ha I changed my eating habits, right, was a big step in its own. And that first month of removing refined sugar and Carr, or a majority of carbs from my diet was hard, was not an easy task, but I stuck to it. No matter how many times I was offered something. Now my palette palette has changed a 72%. Dark chocolate is sometimes sweet for me that that’s as low as I’ll go and darker.

4 (56m 16s):
I have stuck to it. Now I did mess up deer in our little like quarantine time. I, I do not have high protein or safe snacks other than peanut butter for me in this house. And I slipped quite a bit and I felt it, the amount of drag and physical effect it had on me was astounding. So there’s another thing is for me to be aware of having some non-carbs snacks available, what did I do? I went and bought a giant container of pickles because I didn’t, I didn’t have enough canned obviously, which hopefully would be a goal is to can or jar a huge amount of just a big pickles.

4 (57m 5s):
It doesn’t have to be pickle slices, whole pickles. My kids love it. More pickled eggs. That’s a huge one. My kids love it. High protein, great snack. I mean, my youngest one, like I’ve told y’all before will run around with a half eaten, pickled egg in one hand and an uneaten pickled HEG EG, and the other hand, because she’s going to want it. So, I mean, don’t get me wrong for the kids that the Cheez-Its and the crackers and stuff are great snacks, but having a high protein snack makes a huge difference. Maybe having some more dehydrated fruit or fruit in a house for it tends to not last very long.

4 (57m 49s):
So dehydrated food and beets, you know what I’ve had beats. I like them. I should do some pickled beets. I think I would enjoy it, but having some, some dehydrated snacks or any sort of snacks, nuts, berries, anything would be a huge increase. So that is something that I need to look at food wise. I was actually devastated because I ran out a spam because I’m that person who likes fried spam as a snack or even a fried spam sandwich. I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches. So a few carbs every now and then is not going to hurt. But like I said, I wouldn’t cart crazy. And the sense that I was eating crackers and shit, just stuff I normally do not eat on a daily basis because I have better control over it.

4 (58m 35s):
Outside of the home. I keep those snacks for the kids. I failed to keep snacks in the house for me. So that was an eye-opener. I’m not saying I need more snacks. I just, it’s nice to make sure I have an alternative for people. You know, people who do like I do have an alternative, have a healthy second choice. I, my kids eat very healthy, but yes, I let them have carbs. I don’t let them go super crazy. But I do let them have those kinds of snacks by arenas is usually something we keep in the house, not saying they’re healthiest, but they are a protein. I’ve had an issue finding Venus has anybody else, like I got a Libby’s brand and it was disgusting.

4 (59m 22s):
If that is one thing I’m going to say, I’m picky on, on taste. I prefer GV VITAS or a different brand. I can’t think of the name off the top of my head. I find that I run into less gristle in the GV than I do the other, me gray. I can’t believe you said that. So he started keto last January. His favorite snack is Jeff peanut Jif, peanut butter, one gram of carbs for a heaping tablespoon. But dude, have you seen the sugar content in it? No, it’s not as high as Peter pan. Peter pan is pure sugar. I love organic, but the oil in it, if you spill, it goes everywhere.

4 (1h 0m 7s):
I can’t do Jif. I do use the GV. It’s funny to me. The consistency is better, but I’m that person. I looked at the amount of carbs as well as the amount of sugar in there. So you’ve got to look at the fact that both the carbs will end up being a sugar at some point, as well as the sugar itself, Jif is way too sweet for me. I do tend to go towards the drier butters, the peanut boat dryer, peanut butters that have no sugar or have very little sugar in comparison.

4 (1h 0m 48s):
So sit there. I actually I’m that person. Like I said, I looked at the back of the container. We go through a pound, I get the big tubs of peanut butter. Don’t get me wrong. I’d get this little ones from Kroger. When there, when I can get ’em on a good, a good buy. We go through a big tub of peanut butter and less than a month in this household, because peanut butter is a huge go-to snack. I do keep one of the little containers at my job at my desk and will just end up eating straight out of the container when I need to snack. If I don’t have jerky or something else. So peanut butter is amazing.

4 (1h 1m 29s):
I do keep NABS. Since I’m on taking such a strict vitamin regiment, I do have to have a little more than use peanut butter on my stomach, or I will feel nauseous after taking a dozen frickin vitamins. That being said, ah, you know, you all give me a list of snacks that you all like that are me. Great. Let me know any other snacks. ’cause like peanut butter, pickles, pickled eggs, that sort of stuff. I know we’re safe, but if you have any other suggestions, because that’s a hard one for me, like I love protein shakes, but a lot of protein powders are so high in carbs.

4 (1h 2m 12s):
It’s way too much. Like I literally crash. I crash from them. So I’m open.

5 (1h 2m 23s):
See what

4 (1h 2m 24s):
He’s typing before I close this up

5 (1h 2m 34s):
To, to do

4 (1h 2m 36s):
All right, folks. I hope you don’t know what biltong is. I do drink a lot of tea. I’ve actually found. I probably have upped the normal amount of caffeine. My body has taken just on the tea, but in the last few days I’ve needed it. I’ve needed it. I do drink a lot of elderberry and tea that has no caffeine. And I really enjoy it to me. It’s it’s a very fruity, almost pemmican dude and cottage cheese II. I can’t do the cottage cheese and I have a dairy allergy, dairy sensitivity.

4 (1h 3m 17s):
Kids have a dairy allergy. So that’s not in the house as well as we have a soy allergy. So that’s out for us. Tiered beef or venison. I love the innocent. And if I’m going to eat beef, I don’t like ground meat. All right, folks, we have hit the hour. So unless there’s anything else you want it to go over real quick? I think we’ve hit some good points.

5 (1h 3m 45s):

4 (1h 3m 48s):
Okay. I’m gonna have to Google this. They keep saying biltong. Am I saying that right? Built. Is it built on or built on bill Tom? What is it? Is it like a jerky? It looks like a jerky built, built. How do you say this? Biltong is a form of dried cured meat that originated in South Southern African countries, various types of meat to use it ranging from beef to game meats, such as ostrich or kudu. I have no clue what this is though. So it’s between what is the difference?

4 (1h 4m 31s):
Oh, okay. So built on requires vinegar, salt and simple spices, secure marinade. The meat as well as jerky is marinated and spices and sauces and is immediately dried out. Huh? Thank you for the links. I will have to, we’re going to click these now. So they pull up on my desktop. I appreciate that. I don’t know what happened. Why, why did that change? There we go.

5 (1h 5m 6s):

4 (1h 5m 6s):
You even have a recipe on here that is amazing. I will look into this and I will have to let the listeners know how it turned out. Oh yeah. It’s not going to let me, I’ll have to copy that. All right, folks. Well, I’m going to end it here. I hope everybody has a, a wonderful evening. A great week. I don’t know. I probably won’t be alive next week. I am, you know, like I said, alternating weekends. I am working on having y’all some sort of show or content. Okay. A for the days that I’m not here, but Oh, no, I won’t. I won’t be here because I will have my children that weekend and it is new year’s weekend.

4 (1h 5m 51s):
So I do plan on enjoying the new year’s and bring it in with my children. Not that I don’t love y’all I do. I do love my listeners very, very much, especially my dedicated, dedicated little individuals who come in and to chat. So I won’t be live next week and I will be alive the weekend of the ninth. So we will bring in the new year and you know what? Maybe I will give a list then of what some of my goals are or where I’m going with them, but right. Folks, I hope you have a great night, a great rest of your weekend and week coming up. I will speak to you on the ninth and until then, hang in there. Keep prepping, get your goals and lists ready.

4 (1h 6m 31s):
I’m ready to hear him. All right, folks, take care. And I will be seeing you later.

3 (1h 6m 38s):
thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting Network where we promote reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit us at Prepper Broadcasting dot com.

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