October 3, 2022


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Can Preppers Influence Culture?

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Since about 2012 the word prepper has been synonymous with lots of ugly things. To be honest the influence has been primarily negative. It is our mission at PBN to try and find the avenues that put our beliefs and skills to the best use and allow us to make prepping a more digestible term.

One thing is for sure, survival is something we can all agree on and we are rarely all agreeing on anything these days!

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Here at Prepper Broadcasting Network we are interested in creating a culture of preparedness amongst our listeners and even beyond! In the age of total convenience this might seem like a tough goal to reach but, hey, that’s what makes for a good goal.

You see even if one person falls into buying a little extra food, storing water, bulking up a first aid kit or gives any thought to dealing with the next natural disaster, well, its a win for everyone!

So the answer to whether or not preppers can influence culture is a resounding, yes, with one caveat. We have to come out of our shells and tell the world that its ok to prepare for the seasons, naturals disasters and whatever else could come.


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