December 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Calm Within Chaos II w/ I AM Liberty

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Prepper Broadcasting Network we have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age. Self train to all the way up. What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have a life? So dear or peace. So sweet. It has to be purchased at the price of Jayne’s and slavery for a bit.

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All mighty God, you know, not what give me death.

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and all the way up to a hundred. I do apologize for the crazy, a little crazy Christmas time. Get a little nuts.

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in the 1930s. There’s not a good old time. Slavery. You’ll never hear music like this. Again. You kidding me is dead. This is history. A bunch of guys and a quartet violins. What else?

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Piano. I mean, it’s, it’s done for some good reasons and some terrible reasons, right? The wholesomeness of it, or you like to think of the wholesomeness of it, right? This crew here, this quartet. Sometimes when I hear these old guys and I think about these old guys after the microphones go off, I think about enormous levels of sexual harassment. I don’t know why it’s the smoke pops into my head. You know, you guys, I didn’t know him. Bet anybody from back then, maybe that’s a little indoctrination, a layup welcoming to the I.

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When you show folks, it is a pleasure to be live with you tonight on the I AM Liberty show, what can I tell you? You know, it’s a hoot, God, this could be it folks. This most likely will be it as a matter of fact. Yeah. I, I think, I think that this will be the end. FOR I may do a show before the end of the year a live one, but I don’t think I’m going to be live next Wednesday. Nah, I don’t see it happening. It will be the Eve of Christmas Eve and that’s the thing.

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Okay. The Eve of Christmas Eve is a thing in our house. I mean it’s like Christmas Eve here every day. Really? From it’s madness. It’s madness. Look, I’ve got a tin of cookies here that I want to talk about tonight. I want to talk about Calm Within Chaos tonight. Listen, this is a big concept. I’m telling you we’re on a tricky road right now and I want you guys to be very careful. I want to talk about Calm Within Chaos I want to tell stories. I don’t know what yet about, but I want to I I’ve been very measured over the last couple of weeks on the I AM Liberty show to the point where it’s a borderline been boring.

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You know what I mean? But I had to meet the messages that I’m trying to get across. They require it. They kind of require some focus. And I don’t know, I don’t want to focus tonight. We’re too close to the holiday. Everybody on PBN is, is blasting you with the good information, right? Dave Jones on a regular basis is just, he’s a news headline in and of itself. I get a new reliance to go up. Yeah. I mean the news is all here. You know, it’s all in here and quite frankly, the news itself, I don’t know how excited about the news itself. I am what I will say.

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Okay. What I will say is there was a story. There was a story that grabbed me. What was it, man? I’m not going to be a bit of, Oh, that was it. Cuomo a mid, all this like amid all this nonsense Cuomo decides, right? While he’s battling pandemic, crushing New York city, it’s probably gonna, you know, just be a nightmare in New York city for a long time, until they recover. He decides to ban the sale of Confederate flags. Priorities. I don’t know what to tell you the volcanic, can you elaborate on the, I didn’t read it.

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I didn’t, I didn’t get the story on kids going back to school without masks. It’s not happening here. I would love to hear more about where it’s happening while I got your attention, though, we should talk about next Monday. Next Monday is going to be a very unique happening if you’re not an element and you didn’t get to see the cool invite, but we’re going to do a II eat drink and be ready. Prepper Broadcasting Network Christmas party. So it will be our typical preppers live Monday show, but will be doing, you know, ourselves. The guys from the matter of facts podcast will be there.

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Dave Jones says that he’s going to be Santa Claus. We’ll see how that goes.

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And will have a good time. Okay. So December 21st, next Monday, 8:00 PM. You know, the Prepper Broadcasting eat, drink and be ready. Christmas party, the virtual Christmas party. Cause we can’t have an actual Christmas party, not even for COVID reasons, just for the fact that you know, but

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It is. So

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Can you just mentioned, I’m trying to look and see the Vancouver sun and the 24 occasion cinema on this. I guess in Vancouver, people are going back to school. Good and not hurting my feelings. Ah, here we go.

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The Surrey

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Teachers’ association, which represents 6,000 teachers in Surrey, British Columbia’s largest school district has written an open letter to the provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry saying schools or unsafe and overcrowded. Some are so severely overcrowded that there are as many as 20 portables on the fields of parking lots fields or parking lots. Every small prep room cupboard and alcove is being used as a teacher space or workspace in normal times, overcrowding as the source of almost every problem and tension in our school, we are not safe. They are urging Henry to make masks mandatory in all indoor spaces, A 50% density in classrooms.

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We simply don’t have the space to ensure physical distancing. The letter says some teachers have contracted COVID-19 at school and at least one has been in the house.

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I see you. Hmm. Yeah.

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So it was so what I didn’t know is that kids in British Columbia were already going back to school without masks. So, and I had no idea. Listen, did I? I kids needed to learn it. I, you know, I understand work place a what’s the word I’m looking for hazards. Okay. I get it. It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal. You don’t want to put yourself at risk, but I think we know enough to not put ourselves or we know how to not put ourselves at risk DONT We my son goes to a preschool. They’re masked up.

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The teachers are super masked up. Always, always. Hand-washing always antibacterial Ling. I don’t know. I can tell you this much. I don’t like, I don’t like the thought of a full year of schooling going down the drain for any reason. I just don’t like it. I just don’t like it because I know there are far too many children whose net they’re never gonna cover. You know, are there going to read it is going to take years for them to recover. You know, there are kids in every school, in every classroom that are, you know, they can’t read when they’re supposed to be able to read.

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It’s just weird. And you take a kid like that and he’s that kind of attention. You tell them, look, you got to go home and figure this one out on your own with your babysitter. I don’t like the odds. And that’s all, I don’t like the odds. I wonder how everyone’s doing from the blizzard blizzard 2020 is anybody else underwhelmed by the blizzard? I was just looking at the numbers. I just was kind of underwhelmed, but I feel like the people that the blizzard hit also are probably pretty well prepared for what’s happening. Like I said, I would kind of want to avoid the news. I read a story about a Hunter asking for $10 million wire from Chinese chairman about the energy, the energy gig.

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And you know, it is what it is. It is what it is. What can you do? It’s the holidays. I don’t feel like being serious. I don’t feel like it. I don’t feel like you to be Calm Within Chaos that’s my mission for tonight. That’s about it. That’s about it. Calm Within Chaos come join us for the Christmas party Friday night. We’ll get back to the business of giving ourselves early on, set hypertension over the nation’s problems. Okay. Well there’s plenty of time for that right now. Right now I’d much rather have some hope on J Farragut and jet.

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What is up? She says what? Blizzard. We got a flurry that lasted five minutes. We didn’t even get a flurry. It’s still raining here. We just got to rain. I don’t know how to pronounce your name, but we love you. I will call you. H says we’re over 10 inches at this point with the heavy two to three per hour coming in tonight.

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Ooh. We where

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Are you at? H tell me more. Are you in PA or you up further in the Northeast? Are you in New York? Me Grey’s getting a foot or more watch out. Now you got to be careful about OPSEC. Can you tell us you were to snow totals? People can look you up on the internet and find out where you’re living. Just kidding. No, I get it. I get it. But I don’t know. You know what a Buffalo,

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I see the, the, that’s what I always hold it up to. Oh, Northeastern, Pennsylvania. Okay. Go up there and Scranton. But the crew from the office, we’ve had a perpetual loop of the office on my house after about 6:00 PM for the last three, four months. Really? I think it’s, I think it’s become therapy for us all. I’m not sure, but it’s literally w N they’re taking it off of Netflix. They’re taking it off the office off of Netflix at the end of December. And I have no idea what we’re going to do at night. None. We’re not, you know, there’s there’s first and foremost, when you have a, five-year-old a nine-year-old and a conservative wife.

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There’s a very little that everybody can sit down and watch that isn’t a children’s show.

3 (13m 24s):
You know what I mean? So it is what it is. Yeah.

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Snow is a fallen. I hope everybody’s a prepared. That’s all I can say about it. Listen, I’ve got a tin of cookies here that I also wouldn’t mind talking about, because number one is a tin of cookies.

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And it’s a tin of cookies that take me back. These are the type of cookies.

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Yeah. These things are magic right here.

2 (13m 59s):
You know, when it comes to Christmas cookies, it’s, there’s something special that goes on. If you’ve, if you know someone, or have you ever received a tin of Christmas cookies that are up there with, you know, the best of the best

3 (14m 13s):
Len I Lenna P wow. Jeez.

2 (14m 19s):
You expect some serious memories, man. I don’t remember exactly, but I think we use the visit some, some thing up there.

3 (14m 29s):
Yeah. In elementary school.

2 (14m 35s):
And I remember we would buy these weird tomahawks, these weird little tomahawks that had feathers in them. And they had like, you know, like soft foam blades. But I remember a man, the Leonard Leonard P that was probably pronouncing it wrong. Yeah. That brings back memories. Not sure what is on Netflix. We have been watching the curse of Oak Island. Hmm. The curse of Oak Island. Yeah. I don’t know. And I we’ve been watching Christmas movies almost every night and then sinking into the office. I haven’t really, to be quite honest with you. The only thing I’m looking forward to is outside of Christmas flakes, I haven’t watched national Lampoon’s yet.

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That’s usually a Christmas Eve. Oh, you haven’t watched a Grinch yet. But I think we’re going to do that with some friends Friday, for those who are unawares, we do every year. We’re not going to do it this year, But every year we typically do a, a, a Grinch party. We have a party at the house, a bunch of friends, people from the community over and we’d watch the Grinch. We eat like pigs are a little bit of a drink and we go out and Karel and then we’ve watched the Grinch, you know? And it’s, it’s a ball. It’s, it’s such a special thing. We I don’t watch it. But one time I don’t watch it, but one time a year.

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And it said that that time, you know, went to the kids, want to watch it in like March and stuff. And we’re going to try a wrench again. No, no, no, no, no. Save that. We save that, but anyhow, I guess we should talk Calm Within Chaos

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2 (16m 24s):
I guess we should talk Calm Within Chaos

0 (16m 30s):
Yeah, let’s

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Do it. Let’s do it. Cause it’s important. Operation petticoat.

0 (16m 39s):
Oh man.

2 (16m 41s):
You’re not playing. Yeah. I’m a child. Volcana that’s the problem. You know, I’m a child masquerading and men’s clothes. So of course we go FOR cartoons. Yeah. It’s weird. It’s a weird year. You know, you find out that some people you thought weren’t worried about coming over or worried about coming over and it gets to the point where you just say, you know what? Let’s just keep it, keep it in the family this year, we are inundated with each other. It’s funny. Most people or hate hating it. Right. When you’re at work, I never get to see the family. All, I still miss my lovely children and you get stuck with them for eight months straight.

2 (17m 26s):
And you know, my, so look, we’re being tricked into a DESPERATION mode. Okay. That’s what’s happening. Well, let’s just play a game. Let’s just play a game. Let’s just go to Drudge real quick. Prove my point. So you know, everything that is published anymore, it has to do with some level of fear, right? That’s what it seems like. It’s either fear or sex or voyeurism, right? If it, if it’s not fear, then it’s sex. If it’s not sex and it’s voyeurism into the life of someone you don’t know or don’t care about or shouldn’t care about or some starlet or something to that effect, right?

2 (18m 10s):
It’s fear, sex voyeurism, DESPERATION major snow and ice storm hits the Northeast. You know, the other level of DESPERATION comes from the climate change, right? Climate change is super DESPERATION tactics. We’ve got hours. We’ve got hours before. THE the rivers turned to fire. It’s only a matter of time to get two years, 12 years, one year, six months. If you don’t do something about this soon, AI controls military aircraft for the first time, It’s the Dawn of algorithmic warfare. We have to do something right now. If we don’t do something right now, all is lost.

3 (18m 55s):
It’s a very dangerous guys.

2 (18m 57s):
It’s a very dangerous man. And it’s, it’s a tricky business. It’s slick too. Don’t get me wrong. It’s, it’s one of those things where I look at it and I go, wow, I don’t know if this is by design or by accident, but we are being pushed. Ex-cop held AC repairman at gunpoint, over a false claim that he had 750,000 fake ballots.

3 (19m 27s):
I love it. I love it.

2 (19m 32s):
We can easily lose our minds in all of this, these drastic measures. I want you to understand it. Doesn’t it. I know a lot of you don’t like it. And you think that we need to line up outside of the white house or something. I don’t know. There may be a time for that. I’m not sure. You know, I’m just not sure, but I can tell you this much. We have to become Within Chaos in the moment we have to understand. I want to talk to you guys tonight about how I find myself in this weird situation where I read a thing.

2 (20m 14s):
I hear a thing. I converse about a thing. And I’m the type of guy. You know, there are things that I read that affect me deeply. There are conversations that I have that affect me deeply. You know, I’m not a big fan of the America is falling conversation. And I was having one of those conversations a about a week ago, you know, it’s all over. It’s one of my least favorite things to hear. It’s all over.

3 (20m 42s):
It’s all over

2 (20m 44s):
The hell. You talking about it. It’s all over. Look at it. It’s a more beautiful than ever it’s ever been around here. I mean, when I’m talking about it, the elbow thrashing level of humanity, right high up above all of the socialists are taken over. Terminator’s in the air planes. We’re never gonna survive. Climate is all coming to an end on the ground floor on the elbow threshing level of humanity. We’re still living in a beautiful homes that are heated. I mean, it’s the probably 34 degrees out right now in pouring rain. There is nothing in life that could probably be worse or kill you quicker from mother nature.

2 (21m 29s):
You know, aside from a major disaster, like 34 degree rain at night. I mean, is there any I I almost want to go out there and try to start a fire. I Oh, the Bush thing for Prepper is a group of fire in the rain and cold anyway, on video. So it’s, it wouldn’t be the worst idea, but I can tell you right now, I got a light shine in my, I got to turn that light up, by the way, I’m going to do a commercial. You know, I did a little pre-show video for our members. I haven’t done one of those in a while.

2 (22m 9s):
It’s a bit, I mean, the kids are upstairs screaming, playing with mom, having a ball. I get a tin full of some of the most beautiful Christmas cookies. I think I’ve ever seen in my life. And I know they’re shaped like Christmas tree. This is a snowman right here. Even when it’s bad. It’s good. Don’t you understand, even as the nation is fractured by a pandemic and a corrupt election, it’s still beautiful. I’m not saying we lean on that. I’m not saying for a second that we lean on the convenience and the wonder of our materialistic society, you know, I’m not, but I’m also saying don’t throw it out the window.

2 (22m 58s):
Don’t forget about it. Don’t be a liberal. Okay. That’s what, that’s what the liberals do. The lunatic left wing does that they throw all of the, the magic of modern society out the window. And they say it all of it’s bad. It was created by a white man. All of it’s terrible. It was created by the patriarchy. All of it, all of it has to be burned to the ground because it was created on the backs of slaves who built this nation. Right? You hear that crap all the time, all the time. Don’t be like that. Don’t be like them because you’re not, who knows that quote, don’t try to be like one of them, because you’re not the reality is it’s, FOR, II, it’s necessary to find a moment of calm within all this, you know, that’s how we can move forward.

2 (23m 55s):
That’s the only way we can move forward. And I’m telling you this level of Calm within me as, and it’s absolutely crazy. I am, I am always getting tightened up in the shoulders and in the stomach, when I hear certain things or talk with people about certain things, you know, the future is uncertain and what will happen to the children and this and that. And lately it’s been like, I just feel warmth, come over me. And it’s just Calm do you know what I mean? It’s the people give me their hypothesis about the way it’s going to go. And they’re going to stack the court’s and I’m going to take the garden’s and they’ll go to the Tacs and the vaccine’s or are you good?

2 (24m 39s):
This is going to be a hell. And I don’t know, man, just doesn’t charge me up. I say to myself, if, then I say to myself, lean on the plan and there are three things that have given me, well, there’s more than three, but there are three things that I returned to. Well, I should say probably four. And I know it’s Christmas time. I should be talking about Jesus. I probably should have probably should have done the show. I usually do a show on my relationship with God around this time of the year, because it’s weird, you know?

2 (25m 21s):
And it deserves clarification at least once a year. I’m not a, I’m not a good, the weird thing to say, but it’s true. And the further you get in this life, the harder it is, the harder it becomes to say this kind of thing, but it’s true. And I want you to understand that and I don’t want you to lose any faith in me over it. But if the reality is I’m not really an inherently, a good person, okay. That’s something you have to understand about the Intrepid commander.

2 (26m 4s):
You know, I just, I know inherently good people, you know, and I’m not that I’m good at doing the things that good people do. You know what I mean? I’m really good at that. I have, I have manipulated myself in such a way that yeah, I can come off as a very good person, but inherently the things that I like. I mean, the things that I enjoy in life, some of them, I don’t know, you know, I just don’t often find myself amongst the good, you know, and that’s the reality.

2 (26m 56s):
I mean, I’ve, I’ve come to that conclusion. You know, I don’t know if it’s the upbringing. I don’t know what it is. I really don’t care to be honest with you. I know the reality. So that makes my relationship with God kind of interesting, you know, because I understand what I can do, what I can learn from the Bible in there. I go through these ups and downs where I read and I think, and I act, and I, you know, I feel more godly than, than other times. Right. And then there are stints where it’s Satan.

2 (27m 36s):
I mean, it’s just, that’s the God’s honest truth, you know? So, but I always come back. I always make my return to God because God never FOR for all that I do. And all that I am, that’s terrible. He’s always there. God is always there and he’s always moving me in the right direction. And so long as I listen, you know, I know that sounds crazy to me. It does. Anyway. There’s some people eat this kind of stuff up. It’s probably another reason I can’t get too deep into religion and stuff because I don’t know.

2 (28m 18s):
I don’t know. It almost seems like one of those things where it’s like,

0 (28m 23s):

2 (28m 29s):
I’m sorry, there was a tremendous thump upstairs. It sounded low, louder than normal followed by kind of like a, like a voice of concern. So I’m trying to figure out if a kid jumped off of a bed, landed on his feet, or if that was a head slamming into the floor and now it’s time to go to the hospital. But anyhow, most of the time I do a show about my relationship, my faith, my relationship with God and that type of thing. And its just, you know, it’s a, it’s different, you know what I mean? It’s, it’s an interesting run we’ve had, but I have to be gracious and I have to be grateful because man, when it counts, things happen, inexplicably, inexplicably things happen in and you know, they happen often.

2 (29m 20s):
They happen often things just fall into place like magic. And I look at myself and I know what that is. That’s got to be the big man. It has to be. But despite all of that moving into this year, I wasn’t looking for a different God, first of all. Okay. So understand that. When I w when I was changing at the beginning of this year, preparing, I guess I was preparing to be Calm Within Chaos I just kind of have achieved something like that. Now, if there’s some work, I wasn’t looking for a new guy. Right. When I was, when I was paging through the tenants of Buddhism, I wasn’t looking for a new, false idol.

2 (30m 8s):
It wasn’t about that

3 (30m 11s):
Sometimes. Yeah.

2 (30m 12s):
It’s just about your antenna. You know what I mean? Some people have these great antennas for God, Stephen men, King, you know what I mean? He’s, he’s got this antenna that’s just designed for the heavenly father. You know, I feel like they can just touch. They, they touch wire’s, you know, my reception ain’t that good? I don’t know what it is, but that’s just a way it is, you know? And I knew that my reception would be better in this vein in particular of meditation, of, of, you know, really trying to figure out what can I do to best survive a lockdown ’cause I knew a lock-down or something to that effect would come following a pandemic.

2 (30m 59s):
We just, I mean, you know, you didn’t have to be a genius to figure it out. People get sick, people start dying. They, you know, I thought what I thought was I was going to be the catalyst for the lockdown. You know, I thought that it would be a family conversation, Carter, you you’re coming out of school. Jacob you’re coming out of preschool. Mom was going to work from home and we’re going to be here to ride this thing out. This is in the early days, you know, I did not suspect that the government would shut it down, but I was preparing for the lockdown, none the less, and you know, through, through an understanding of things like a tension, it sounds crazy, but we have to be intentional about attention can change a lot in your life, man, if you’re talking about adding Calm to the level of Chaos just in your daily life, when you become intentional about a tension, it is a big deal, you know?

2 (32m 4s):
So in other words, obviously, when you’re working, you had to pay attention to your work and sometimes you pulled away from it that happens. You’ve got to be prepared for that. You know, it shouldn’t surprise you. It shouldn’t take you off your games to say, I’m at home with family. I am not going to be able to focus the way I focus when I’m home alone. Right. Or you can do like I do and wake up early or stay up late. That’s it, you know, you can wake up early and work for two hours before anybody gets up and you will accomplish more in those two hours. Then you will probably the next five or six.

3 (32m 38s):
That’s just how the works. I don’t know,

2 (32m 41s):
But I’m talking II in life, life, not work, but life, most people spread themselves so thin that all they can do is scream. Right? I’m going to cook dinner or read emails on my phone. I’m going to try to have a conversation with my spouse. Why trying to explain a thing as a school thing to my kids while trying to deal with the stresses of my life. And you spread yourself out so thin, just put everything down and be intentional with your attention.

3 (33m 17s):
It is a great feeling. You know,

2 (33m 19s):
You don’t do it. I’m telling you, you don’t do it. You think you do it. You don’t do it. When I do it with my kids, it’s like, it’s like a super power almost. It’s like, okay, a little Jacob, come sit on the bench. I want you to talk to me about what’s going on in your mind. Tell me what you want to do tonight. Whatever you want to talk about, I’m going to close this computer, shut this phone down. I don’t want to hear from anybody else in the house, but

3 (33m 44s):

2 (33m 47s):
Look them in the eyes. I mean, it’s crazy. You don’t realize how parsed out you get.

3 (33m 53s):
Okay. So from these were the,

2 (33m 56s):
The types of gems that I was trying to dig out of Buddhas. Okay. Meditation, how to do that? Better. How to shut everything off. Okay. Right. More of an emphasis on yoga. I know nobody wants to hear about yoga. Nobody wants to do yoga. Everybody. I don’t know what the, what the deal is with the yoga. Okay. It’s 2000 years

3 (34m 21s):
The old, you know what I mean?

2 (34m 26s):
Do you think yoga and you think stay at home, mom, Hare in a bun stretch pants. I know what it is, but you have to understand its a process and a practice that’s been in play for a very long time. You know what I mean? It’s, it’s not a daycare center for bored moms. It’s not that it’s just been manipulated that way so that the, the American market can jump on it. You know, we can sell these pants and we could sell the sports bra and put this on and wear of that and all look how cute you look in the mirrors.

3 (35m 3s):

2 (35m 7s):
I can tell you this much. You do it a lot. You don’t get into trouble. You stopped doing it. You get injured. It’s just how my buddy works. I can tell you that right now. But anyway, all of these things, right? Understanding what makes you miserable and what makes you lash out on people? These were the things I was trying to eliminate. I did not want to be trapped inside with my kids and my wife and spend the whole time lashing out at the right. Just a focus, literal focused on being pleasant.

3 (35m 34s):
It’s a crazy, stupid idea. But you can

2 (35m 38s):
Literally wake up in the morning and drift on the idea of being pleasant.

3 (35m 46s):
That’s it.

2 (35m 47s):
And my interactions today, I’m going to be pleasant with people. If you don’t think that’s a tough year to year two on your two 60 miles an hour and got my coffee, I got to get my food. I got to get out the door. I’ve got to get on the highway. I got to get stuck in stupid traffic. I got to get to work. The boss is an asshole. He is going to yell at me. I got to get this done. I’ve got a presentation. There’s no time to sit there and say, I’m going to be pleasant with someone today. I’m going to pay some attention to a person today.

3 (36m 17s):
So I have my Calm

2 (36m 20s):
Most certainly has a lot to do with that, right. With a focus on those things that I mentioned.

3 (36m 26s):
I don’t

2 (36m 27s):
Know if you’re interested in a Calm. Some of you I think are just happy to be driven med by the adrenalized, a news, buy the DESPERATION and by the fear and by the, you know, get enraged and I’m going to make something happen in this nation. I’m just warning you against it. That’s all. I think that you are ineffective in that mindset and we need as many of you to be as effective as possible. But if you latch on to the idea that if something doesn’t happen tomorrow, it’s all over. It’s a very dangerous game.

3 (37m 2s):

2 (37m 2s):
What are some of the other things I cleave to in this sort of little exploration of mine, I’m going to be honest with you. Humanity has been one of them.

3 (37m 14s):
Yes. Faith in humanity. I know it sounds crazy.

2 (37m 22s):
It sounds crazy. Cause you don’t know humanity,

3 (37m 25s):

2 (37m 27s):
It sounds crazy. Cause you really don’t know humanity. You think, you know, humanity, you know, humanity again, through a certain lens, through a certain bit of websites through the six o’clock news through stories you hear from your spouse through stories that you hear from your coworker, you think, you know, you met it

3 (37m 48s):
When in reality, I mean,

2 (37m 51s):
Do you have to kind of get out in the streets and talk to people and meet people and where I get to, where I get a great vision of humanities through my children’s school, friends, you know, their families, their mothers, their fathers, you talk to them, you watch the kids play in the school yard and you could get a sense of these are the people who make up these United States. Right?

3 (38m 17s):
I know

2 (38m 18s):
There are a lot of, a lot of parents I’m sure who are Biden voters in that whole thing. But again, our whole political space is crowded and clouded right now by DESPERATION. I mean the, the drive to get Trump out of office was one of the most desperate and incredible drives I’ve ever seen. Period. Not just in politics. I mean, they had so many pieces looking at Donald Trump is someone who had to go or else. I mean, I don’t know what they thought. It seemed like they thought that women we’re going to be put back in aprons and then they were not going to be allowed to work or drive like Saudi Arabia.

2 (39m 1s):
They thought that Mexicans and the African-Americans we’re going to be put back in chains. Right. And I don’t know, it seemed like we had to get them out or else the whole world was going to come to an end. And it was a tremendous drive.

3 (39m 18s):
I don’t

2 (39m 18s):
Think it’s representative of humanity. I really think that that we’ve been basically, even though the pandemic has, has ravaged certain areas financially and economically we’ve hardly been touched. Our way of life has hardly been touched by the pandemic. You know, they’re not Brown outs across certain regions in the middle of winter because that many people have died, that they don’t have enough people to power the power plant type thing.

3 (39m 51s):
So I find myself putting faith in humanity

2 (39m 58s):
And saying that if parents are tested really tested now that they will choose life in security. And you know, many of the things that, that make humanity great. Many of the things that we have chosen over the, over the eons to focus on so that we can survive and adapt these hard times. I think I find even more faith in capitalism. I’ll be honest with you lately. And I went a little bit on a rant with this for the daily audio cash. So I want to focus on it too much, but I really do feel like capitalism is going to be a saving grace in 2021

3 (40m 47s):
Because like it or not,

2 (40m 50s):
We still thrive in a capitalist system. I know the government and some of the voices, some of the loud boisterous voices in our world. I want to push us towards socialism. But remember most socialists, particularly the rich ones, which is funny in and of itself. But you know, the, the, the actor’s and the musician’s and those people, the influencers, they’re all, FOR socialist ideas, but they don’t want anything to do with socialism when it comes to their life or their a career or a particularly their wallet. Right?

2 (41m 30s):
I mean, think about it tax the rich tax. Rich. How many rich, how many rich people in Hollywood have raised their hand to pay more taxes tax? The rich equality? Huh? Where are they at? Right. You see white girls is all the time. I don’t mean to single them out, but they just come to mind because they get it. They can dominate a pop culture very easily, but you see them all the time talking about minorities in any quality in this and the whole of this whole thing. And I always say to myself, why we’ll get, let them get up on stage and take your job.

2 (42m 13s):
Why, what do you mean? Why are you starring in movies? You know, a lot like The, it’s a lot like the eco warriors in our world. Isn’t it? It’s the same thing right here. You are yelling at me about the fact that people who don’t look like me, but were very much like me don’t have jobs in certain places in high positions. When you really do the research, you find out that, what are you talking about? There’s plenty of people have different rates and hybrids.

3 (42m 47s):
You know, all this stuff

2 (42m 50s):
Garbage though. It’s it’s socialism in name. Only the government itself operates somewhat in a socialist manner. But as far as the cultural revolution, yeah, there’s a ground swell of people in the streets who want action and you know what they want. They want money. Some of them want money because they’ve had a rough go of it. Cause there are some people who have a rough go of it. It’s just life. And some of them want money because they don’t want to do shit.

3 (43m 19s):
I mean, that’s just what it is.

2 (43m 21s):
That’s just what it is. That’s across the board too. That’s every race in this nation. So I find myself feeling very calm and comfortable with the fact that we live in a capitalist station and the people who make the money and make the products are still and will be, and have to be capitalists. And as we are routed and as we are rerouted, and as our voices are silenced on certain platforms, there will be new platforms that come there will be new places that appear because smart capitalists entrepreneurs are going to see the market. They’re going to see the opening there going to say, Oh, look at this, look at this.

2 (44m 2s):
A bunch of people who have been thrown off of this that can say that they like firearms. They liked their constitution and you know what? They all work hard and make money. So we need to either make a product or a service that will support these people that will capture the eye of these people and have them spend money because that’s the beauty of capitalism folks. And it is a beautiful thing. And I find myself more and more sitting back and smiling at the thought of it, smiling at the thought of it. So I find my Calm Within Chaos on in humanity and my faith in capitalism.

2 (44m 45s):
And of course my faith and preparedness in general, I mean really preparedness in general. I don’t need to go into that one, but we’ve all been prepping for some time. Have we not had we not been prepping for years now? I know many of you, I’ve known you for years. You should be in a position where you’re saying to yourself,

3 (45m 13s):
This is, this is, it seems

2 (45m 16s):
It was a really bad, but you know what we’ve been preparing for very bad for a very long time. And a God is important to have faith in your preps and faith in your level of preparedness. It’s a vital,

3 (45m 33s):
It’s a vital role.

2 (45m 35s):
And probably more than more than most things, more than most things. I find myself sitting back and looking at food and looking at firearms. I don’t really look at my firearms that much or longingly, but just, you know, in my head going over the things and saying, gee, w if we haven’t been doing all of this for a moment like this, if we’re going to be turned topsy turvy in a moment of Chaos like this,

3 (46m 8s):

2 (46m 8s):
What the hell have I been doing all this time?

3 (46m 13s):

2 (46m 16s):
If living through a pandemic in a corrupted election, when you look it’s been corrupted in some places, in some ways, as far as I can tell the things that I’ve read, the things that I’ve heard of, the things that I’ve seen, right. There was a level of corruption in this, in this election that we just have to be aware of. Now, did it exist before? Has it been used before? These are the questions I don’t know the answers to. Okay. So I liked to wonder not because I’m trying to make an excuse for Joe Biden and his crew, but I like the wonder has a good, has a Republican one in a similar fashion.

2 (47m 2s):
You know, there was a very contentious election, not long ago. You remember it in Florida? I don’t know. I can’t live in a world where I don’t have all the information and I don’t have all the evidence in front of me yet. I have to make these crazy decisions. You know what I mean? It just doesn’t work for me. I can’t get behind it. All I want see out of this whole election process is it goes as far as it has to go. That’s all. I just want to see it go to the full extent that it should go. If it’s contested up to the very last day and let it be contested up to the very last day, that’s all.

2 (47m 49s):
But I don’t really want to talk about the election, not in a lease.

3 (47m 52s):
The spit.

2 (47m 55s):
You mind talking about sugar cookies? I wouldn’t mind at all. Like I said, at the head of the show, I’ve got these, this tin of incredible Christmas cookies that was sent to me by my, my wife’s coworker.

3 (48m 13s):
Do you see things are so good?

2 (48m 14s):
I mean, this is a matter of a pot of coffee and maybe an all-nighter. I don’t know. You know, I could click the lights on an a, on the tree. That’s what I’m meeting right now. I can’t believe that Volcana that is so crazy that you would say that

3 (48m 33s):

2 (48m 34s):
Canon chats. You said shortbread cookies. I’m literally just been into a shortbread and you watching me, she’s watching me through my webcam. Vulcan has got power powers. You just not, you’re not aware of the level of power that a volcano has. You know, these shortbread cookies right here, outstanding.

3 (48m 57s):

2 (48m 58s):
And pardon me for eating on there, These cookies, they taste like love. You know what I mean? You know, there’s cookies that like you buy and they’re already in a square and you break them out in little squares and then you bake them. There’s a taste in there. There’s no love. You know what I mean? There’s no love in them. Cookies these guys, what else did we go? Oh, where’s that little, I want to talk to you about this one. So this guy right

3 (49m 29s):

2 (49m 32s):
Is a powdered he’s covered with a fine dusting of powdered sugar. Okay. And it looked, it looked like you, you know what it looks like, what are they called lemon? Tell me about those lemon cookies that are covered in powdered sugar. What are they called? I can’t FOR

3 (49m 58s):
If you can think of the name of my can’t, believe it.

2 (50m 2s):
Well, anyhow, there’s the, there are these great lemony cookies that are baked in a small mound and covered in powdered sugar. And when I seen this little dark cookie covered in powdered sugar, I said, okay, that’s just one of those me grade says we do between 12 and 18 types of cookies per a year.

3 (50m 22s):
You know? Well, anyway,

2 (50m 28s):
This is a little gem is like a gingerbread cookie with powdered sugar on it. And it was so damn good. You know, not ginger snap, but ginger bread just absolutely lemon drops. Is that what they’re called? Are they called lemon drops? Let’s look that up. I got to look it up. Lemon drop a cookie.

0 (50m 50s):

2 (50m 56s):
This is them right here. Yeah. That’s it. Lemon drop a cookie. Look at that. That’s what I thought I was biting into. Yeah, that’s what I thought I was by. I looked at this thing and I said, okay, I put it in my mouth. It’s a soft, it’s just so soft. It doesn’t even feel baked hardly.

0 (51m 17s):

2 (51m 21s):
Outstanding, outstanding gingerbread. Then we got these. These are just basic sugar cookies, but what makes these special to me? Ma’am and I’ve got a, I’ve got a warm red and blue or green snowman. I’ve got a green Christmas tree. I’ve got a weird red

0 (51m 41s):
Star with

2 (51m 42s):
Sprinkles on it, but what makes these things special or no, this is a different one here. We get to see what this is all about. What makes these special to me is the fact that they use the, the thick or, or sort of the course candy, sugar. You know, that kind of a wow. My brain, my culinary mind is shattered tonight. I’m sorry. There was a name for it. I want to say candy, sugar, but that’s not what it is. It’s a certain kind of sugar that you dust on cookies, you know, big, thick, coarse, absolutely wonderful. And when I used to go to bakeries, when I was a child, because where I grew up, there were bakeries multiple, there were multiple bakeries.

2 (52m 31s):
You know what I mean? Oh, that’s it. Me grey hit the, hit the, hit the nail on the head. Now how the hell do you go about pronouncing that word? Pfeffer nos furnace. FEV furnace. I can’t be right. The furnace Pfeffer nous, gingerbread cookie with confectioner’s sugar outstanding. But anyhow, when I used to go to local bakeries, they would have things, right. They would have

0 (53m 2s):

2 (53m 4s):
They would have bats. Would this kind of thick, crystallized sugar on them cookies. And then the holidays they’d have Christmas trees, just like this one here with the, with the sugar on it. They taste just like this too. All right. We’ve got a gym in chat. I’m going to stop eating. I apologize, but they’re so good. It’s unbelievable. We’ve got a gym in chat and elbow. Canada’s put her a grandma shortbread cookie recipe up on there.

3 (53m 45s):
A half a cup of, wow.

2 (53m 48s):
I never would have guessed the half a cup of cornstarch. I have a cup of icing sugar, one cup of flour, three quarters of a cup of butter.

3 (54m 1s):

2 (54m 2s):
I might have to play with that. Volcana see the magic of the element that IO chat is that I can go back and find this recipe whenever I want. That’s why it’s so great. I mean, since I was one of the first people in element, I can read every conversation. I can read every live chat conversation for eons

3 (54m 27s):
And that’s special, man.

2 (54m 31s):
Well, I don’t know what is, it’s nine 54. I don’t feel like I’m finished yet, but I don’t feel like talking to the hot and heavy. Okay. I just wanted to present you with some things. I wanted you to understand that the, the Intrepid commander is in a very calm place right now. I don’t know if it’s like the after effects of overstimulation. I don’t know if it’s intentional. If I got here intentionally, I tend to think as I do with everything in my life, that it’s a combination of something I’ve done and something I didn’t mean to do. Like I did some work to get here, but it’s not just that in and of itself.

2 (55m 11s):
I’m sure there’s some other contributing factors.

3 (55m 14s):
There’s what I’d much rather do.

2 (55m 21s):
Talk to us about holiday pie. Hmm. Holiday pie. Well savory or a sweet, I assume you’re talking about edible pie, The savory or sweet pies, because they’re all, they all have a place in the holiday setting. In my opinion, you know, as wonderful as Christmas morning is one of the things that I do enjoy is a, a serious quiche. I am not opposed to quiche me.

2 (56m 1s):
Gray says sweet. Okay, that’s fine. But you don’t discount a good quiche. I just want to touch on this for a moment. For those of you who were unawares or who were afraid of the word, right. Afraid of the word quiche. Cause it sounds weird, right? It’s not like a manly thing. You get that quiche Lorraine on Christmas morning, par Bigge the crust the night before eggs, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, or ham.

2 (56m 42s):
I mean, it’s just, it’s a magic way to begin though. The big morning, right? I’m a pretty straightforward pie guy to be quite honest with you. Hold on. I think Volcana had a question in here. I have a hard time with pie crust. I should try again. As I found another red, hopefully will work the next time. You know, I was just talking to Ferg about this not long ago. If you are concerned about pie crust, I will tell you what I do now. Yes, you can’t mix too much to mix with, to mix with hand can be very tough, but that’s the only way I do it.

2 (57m 27s):
You can bring it back. Well, you can’t necessarily bring it back if you’ve over mixed it, right? What are you looking to achieve with pie? Crust is just picture like you’ve got flour, you’ve got butter or you’ve got flour. You’ve got large or whatever it is your trying to do your trying to intermingle those things. Like in the same way that a dressing is emulsified, where the oil, a little tiny droplets of oil are spread throughout the vinegar, right? But they’re not separating. You know what I mean? An emulsified dressing is, is sort of the same idea as a good pie crust. A good pie crust is you want cold little bits of fat of whatever kind you are using.

2 (58m 14s):
I prefer butter, but little bits of fat all spread throughout that dough. You know what I mean? That’s, that’s the key where most people get it wrong. Is they, like you said, they overwork it. They work it with a warm hands and then work it too much. And the butter melts and just sort of, you know, separates out of the dough itself. And then you have sort of a, you know, a shiny kind of weird looking pie crust though. One tip that always works for me. When you start, obviously cut in your butter work in a bowl that is chilled, throw the bowl in the fridge.

2 (58m 57s):
If your using like a mixer, like a, what do they call it? A KitchenAid, throw it all in the freezer, not the unit, the bold, the mics, the mixer, whatever it is, you’re going to use a paddle or something like that. Throw it all in the freezer. I don’t even have a KitchenAid, but throw all that stuff in the freezer, whatever you’re going to be using, you can even freeze the butter. And if you freeze the butter, then you’re not starting with something that is a 38 degrees. You know what I mean? You just, and you’re going to cut it anyway. So its not the end of the world, but anyhow, pastry knife too, to butter knives, whatever you use, you cut cut the butter into the flour quickly, quickly, right?

2 (59m 46s):
You’re going to wind up after a while with a course mix in front of you in the bowl, it’ll be a quarter, a mix of butter and flour, little bits of butter that are speckled with flour, right? And then you’re going to add something else to it. And this is usually where people mess up. Typically what you want to do is to have a glass of ice water, okay. A glass of ice water. You can keep it in the fridge even really. And as you start to work this thing, or if you add water to it, add that ice water, okay. Then you’re adding water. That’s nearly 32 degrees and it’s going to help the integrity of that butter.

2 (1h 0m 30s):
When you are hot hands, touch the DOE. It’s gonna help keep the butter cold or longer. Keep it from melting because once it melts and you start folding it over itself, it’s a done deal. You know, it’s a done deal. So, so my secret weapon to all that obviously do it quick, use frozen implements, you know, not forever, but then a, keep it a little ice water around that. So me grey asks, if I’ve ever done the vodka trick for crust, I don’t even know what that is. Elaborate. I’d love to hear about it.

2 (1h 1m 10s):
I have no idea what the, the vodka trick with crustiness. So I mean the holiday pies, you know, I’m not a big fruit cake guy. I’ve have seen fruit cake pies in the past, a good Walnut mincemeat pie. I mean that could be a, I don’t know that. I always feel like that mince meat pies a PA thing. So I don’t know if that’s favored around the nation. I’m a big fan of like the over the top apples though. You know what I mean?

2 (1h 1m 51s):
You know like the The rather than it just be an Apple pie. I like the Apple crumb wall, nut caramel pie. That’s one of my favorite things. You know what I mean? You do that just a tremendous J Fergie said she likes fruitcake. Yeah. I bet I’ve been a fruitcake PI. You would probably dig that. Hang on one second, guys. We’ve got to we’ll talk pie, but we’ve got a talk commercials here for a minute and then I’m going to get back and talk about this vodka trick. Cause I’ve never heard that before. And I want you guys to hear the new fire edge commercial first time airing tonight.

2 (1h 2m 33s):
Okay. So let’s do some of that and then we’ll get back to you’re The ultimate in vehicular preparedness fire edge, universal mag carrier holds firearms, stunned, guns, flashlights, tourniquets, medical supplies, right in your DOR pocket. When you need the fire, you want the fire Use the promo code PBN, save seven bucks off the recorder and get free shipping promo code P B N all right. Visit fire

2 (1h 3m 13s):
Today are you prepared to be the family doctor in a disaster or emergency? This is the Intrepid commander and I’m a holding the Prepper’s medical handbook by William w for the M D in this great book. You’ll learn how to prepare for medical care off the grid. You’ll learn about assessment and stabilization you’ll even deal with things like bioterrorism response, radiation, and how to build the off-grid medical kit at home. The 2020 taught it’s a lot about the limitations of our medical infrastructure in America.

2 (1h 3m 55s):
Get the Prepper’s medical handbook Again, that’s the preppers medical handbook by William w 40. All right, PBM family. We are back tin of cookies in hand, somebody a little elf came running by the kitchen and said he wanted to pop in and say hi and talk pie as well. So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard young Carter on the air, but tell us about pie.

5 (1h 4m 26s):
Hello. My name is Carter. I like punk and Py the most. I don’t know. I just like pumpkin pie.

2 (1h 4m 34s):
That’s a good one. Definitely a good Thanksgiving pie. We’re talking holiday pie, but I imagine they’re also thinking Christmas pie as well. We don’t really do Christmas and pie that much. So do we? No, we’re not a big Christmas and pie kind of family. Christmas rice, crispy treats cookies. You can have one. Those were the cookies that came from Lynn today. Yeah. They’re astounding. You don’t need any more money. She’s fun, but what else? What else? Desserts do we do?

5 (1h 5m 11s):
No, I’m a cook cookies. Gingerbread bread.

2 (1h 5m 14s):
Yeah. We usually do a slew of cookies. We do a We dev done a number of gingerbread houses this year. We have done gingerbread row homes. We have done that one was that, that little gingerbread house. I don’t even know where that went. Mommy tossed that you got tired of looking at that. That thing either went out to the chickens are in the trash.

5 (1h 5m 40s):
The funny thing is we built the houses, but we never eat them.

2 (1h 5m 43s):
Yeah, that is true. We rarely eat or gingerbread houses. We probably should massacre that, that row home set up the next day.

5 (1h 5m 51s):
Swinging at it with a pickax. No, no, I don’t mean destroy it, eat it. It’s a little too much sugar.

2 (1h 5m 57s):
It is. It’s a lot, but that’s a lot.

5 (1h 5m 59s):
We put like all the icing on it.

2 (1h 6m 2s):
Ginger snaps are great. I liked to have those around volcanoes is a pumpkin pie is more of a Thanksgiving thing. I agree. That’s why I said I like the kind of, yeah, that’s what I said earlier. I said, I liked that luxurious Apple pie with some goodies in it. So Kara, Mel on it.

5 (1h 6m 23s):
I like pumpkin Ty with the whip cream on it.

2 (1h 6m 25s):
You have or ice cream. Oh, you know what? I made it a couple of weeks ago. It was an Apple crisp

5 (1h 6m 29s):
Pie with the cider or?

2 (1h 6m 31s):
Yeah. Well I was drinking cider today,

5 (1h 6m 33s):
But you would add, apply a pumpkin pie. Yeah.

2 (1h 6m 36s):
Yeah. I don’t like sweet drinks with my desserts, man. I think coffee with dessert. The best. What’s the best.

5 (1h 6m 44s):
Is there a Christmas pie on there?

2 (1h 6m 47s):
Oh yeah. There’s definitely Christmas pies. Cherry pie always touches me as a Christmas pie.

5 (1h 6m 55s):
Can you decorate a pie? That’s a tree shape. A tree,

2 (1h 6m 59s):
Apple cranberry pie. That’s one. And I always think of a boat and I could think of Christmas. You can always do a chocolate N like a chocolate peppermint, like a chocolate candy cane PI you know what I mean? Bash up to the candy canes. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’d be a winner. That’d be a winner. I mean, there’s a, you know, there’s a ton of them. There’s a ton of holiday deliciousness out there. Maple peak cam pies, you know, lemon bars are good to this time of year. I don’t think I’ve ever made you guys a lemon bar before, but that was a popular, that was always a popular dessert in the restaurant industry.

2 (1h 7m 41s):
It’s basically a, like a, sort of like a butter sorta like a pie crust. And then you make a, this kind of, I guess you call it like a lemon pudding cake,

5 (1h 7m 56s):

2 (1h 7m 56s):
Cake. I mean, K a D they asked about pie. So I don’t know. We’re just put cake is a big one. Remember WPA last night. And they had that giant German chocolate cake. I don’t eat a whole lot of cake. You know that candy and cake. I’ve never been a big candy and cake person, but there are some cakes I’ll get down with this. You don’t know. It’s just too much sugar. Really? For me, coffee, even the coffee, I just can’t do a bunch of cake. I don’t know. Jay Ferg says white wine cake. And I don’t know if I’ve ever had that. I tell you what I do want though, is that Southern and I don’t know the name of it, but you guys will.

2 (1h 8m 40s):
What is that? Southern old school cake that they would top with that kind of weird chocolate sauce and let it soak into the cake itself. It wasn’t a cake that was iced. This is an old thing. This is like an old Southern thing. Might even be, you might even be older than that. It’s the oldest taking Noah. Probably the, probably the Apple polenta cake, fluffy Duffy. I don’t know, but that sounds good. I got to look that up. Fluffy Duffy. You see what I’m looking at here?

2 (1h 9m 20s):
Carter, pets. This is, these are not fluffy. Oh, Jesus Christ. What, what is fluffy Duffy cake? I don’t know what this cake is called. That doesn’t look like it. It looked, it looked it’s a cake that, you know, it was probably even a pioneer cake. Let me see. Maybe that’s what I’m maybe it’s not Southern. Maybe it’s a pioneer cake. Let me see here. That looks like it. What is that?

5 (1h 9m 57s):
That’s a ginormous DONT well, not dry. Can you say

2 (1h 10m 2s):
They cannot see, you know, this is it. This thing here. What is this called? I keep getting craft. Pioneer women, prunes spice cake. That’s not it. That sounds kind of rough.

5 (1h 10m 18s):
It’s too much sugar for you to have you ever ate it?

2 (1h 10m 20s):
Well, I would probably like a prune spice cake, but I don’t think anybody in the house would touch it. I forget. I can’t. I’m sorry guys. It’s some kind of like a regular yellow cake thin and they, I want to say it was either like a, a L w liquidy chocolate kind of sauce.

5 (1h 10m 43s):
That doesn’t make sense to me, you know?

2 (1h 10m 48s):
And that could be it. I don’t know.

5 (1h 10m 50s):
Not discuss when you look at it, like you don’t know how, what is chocolate sauce? Like? Is it just like frosting?

2 (1h 11m 5s):
Not a frosting. It’s like a, it was like a portable kind of frosting. Cause you gotta think man. And the back those days, I don’t think I bet you this preppers will article has it. Preppers will six pioneer dessert recipes. You should try today. Let’s see. Idiot’s delight. Idiot’s delight.

5 (1h 11m 30s):
Vegetable cakes.

2 (1h 11m 31s):
You have like carrot cake. Carrot cake is a carrot cake is not bad at all carrots. No, it doesn’t taste like carrot. Do you never had anybody? A carrot cake before and that’s it great. It was like a glaze or a syrup. Yeah. I don’t know what it was and I can’t find it.

5 (1h 11m 48s):
What about cake to serve? Ella will be a really good,

2 (1h 11m 51s):
Well, anyway, the oldest cake that I know is there is a polenta and Apple cake.

5 (1h 11m 56s):
You asked that. What is that?

2 (1h 11m 59s):
It’s not bad. A little polenta and Apple cake is actually a pretty good, Oh, polenta is it’s basically like grits, ground corn. It’s a pretty good really? I don’t think. Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve ever had grits before ever. Yeah.

5 (1h 12m 19s):
Why would a horn be in a tape?

2 (1h 12m 23s):
Well, because you can do things with corn meal that are sweet, like corn bread, right? Or, or you can do things with cornmeal that are savory, like grits.

5 (1h 12m 33s):
Are you Sarah? What are you looking at?

2 (1h 12m 36s):
Well, I thought it would be fun to look at some 1990s toys, Christmas toys. What happened? How did I wind up with the Amazon? This was a cool thing right here at Carter, but this is not the old one. That’s the new one.

5 (1h 12m 51s):
Marker. Sweet.

2 (1h 12m 54s):
This was called the creepy crawlers and creepy crawlers was this little oven. Like the girls had something called the easy bake oven. Right. And they could bake, like, I don’t know what the hell they made it. To be honest with you. My sister was too old and I don’t have any idea what an easy bake oven made. But what they did for boys is they made the creepy crawler oven and you took this kind of liquidy plastic stuff. And then C the molds right here, the molds were bugs. They were like scorpions and spiders. And you would fill it up with the mold stuff.

2 (1h 13m 35s):
And then you would bake it in the oven. Was that working on it? Yeah. It got hot. It would burn you a little bit. I think. I don’t remember when you were, why they don’t sell them, but it was cool, man. You could make your own little scorpions and Oh, I’m sure someone Sue the creepy crawlers people.

5 (1h 13m 54s):
Well, you saw the bird whose loves, loved your fault.

2 (1h 13m 59s):
Yeah, I am sure of it. I am sure of it. Yeah.

5 (1h 14m 4s):
Why are you there?

2 (1h 14m 7s):
What else have we got a monster factory? The magic I books were big. They were these kinds of books that you looked at and you get it. I showed to you at my mom’s one time. Remember that? And you can see the pictures in the background. Oh, look, who’s in it to win the Nintendo 64 dropped, Oh my God. It costs $200. There’s a lot of money

5 (1h 14m 34s):
To a light switch,

2 (1h 14m 36s):
To a hundred dollars for a Nintendo 64.

5 (1h 14m 39s):
I’m going to be 60 or 50 bucks. I know that sounds crazy. But you know,

2 (1h 14m 42s):
No wonder I never had one. I would check these out. These were called the moon shoes.

5 (1h 14m 49s):
When you do the NICU, go back wards like Michael Jackson, you know,

2 (1h 14m 53s):
Not like moonwalk shoes. These just made you bounce. See this part of your foot would go in here. And it was tethered to this thing. And probably I had this and this was the Ninja turtles van. Oh God, I don’t know if you listeners remember the Ninja turtles van, but it shot rockets. And this door came down and the Ninja turtles came flying out of it. It was fun. I had a lot of the Ninja turtle toys. I was into them. What is that? I don’t know what this is. This is terrifying here.

2 (1h 15m 33s):
These nostalgic nineties toys or stocking stuffers. Let’s see what we’re looking at guys. There’s a little baby doll that is inside of a cupcake. No, this is a cupcake. So you put the cupcake over her head and she comes to the little brush. Keep the baby. I don’t know what that is, but I’d like to find out the name. Let’s go to the article. Oh, you’re right. Volcana that original music was the best. That original Ninja turtles. Koosh balls, bop. It is fun.

5 (1h 16m 11s):
Do you know what the district did? Did these guys don’t have the stress balls and all of the stress ball and they’re like, Oh, you squeeze in the air comes around. And why is that?

2 (1h 16m 19s):
That was a game boy. Kirby, hold on here. It is a cupcake. Surprise. God, that looks so creepy. She’s got a raid in a hat on. Check that out.

5 (1h 16m 30s):
That, that, that is nightmare stuff. That’s mama. I know from,

2 (1h 16m 35s):
From whatever that was called that you used the watch. What was it called? Tattletales yep.

5 (1h 16m 41s):
It hasn’t been, this was the problem with toy. I Rob, I have a problem with robots. They just stare at you moving towards that have even more problems. They just look at this.

2 (1h 16m 51s):
Simon was fun. What is Jakey down here

5 (1h 16m 59s):
On the switch

2 (1h 17m 2s):
In a like Jay Ferg said the same thing Furbies were terrifying. These were a little handheld video games back in the day.

5 (1h 17m 8s):
I agree with you. They just stare really? That’s my I’m a member of their calling. Oh yeah. I know. They just stare at you. If, if you had a sister and you had your, if you’re going to bed, why don’t you just go to bed? You wake up in the middle of the night and you just look at that thing standing right next to you. Yeah.

2 (1h 17m 25s):
The volt Canada said that those Furbies were declared a security risk.

5 (1h 17m 31s):
Okay. I DONT. Yeah.

2 (1h 17m 34s):
This is where the movie remember that movie trolls. This is where that came. People were insane for these trucks.

5 (1h 17m 41s):
I am a literary nightmares troll. What do they have any ice? Oh, then you wait.

2 (1h 17m 49s):
Oh, they were crazy for these, you know what they did come out with though? That was pretty cool. They came out with some battle trolls that I used to buy the battle. Trolls had weapons, guns, look, it’s doc holiday

5 (1h 18m 6s):
To look like. What’s the difference? What is the difference? Well, he said something. Yes. I woke up in the middle of the night.

2 (1h 18m 14s):
You said? Yes. I woke up in the middle of the night with a Furby talking to me with no batteries and I don’t think Carter is going to sleep. Now, after that,

5 (1h 18m 27s):
Whoever owned it printed, I could get my S I would literally leave on. I would probably leave it on. And then like on YouTube and probably wake up to like a scary video. Just a man, smiling cat on the nose. I don’t really know it. I bet you somebody on that before. And that’s just stretch. Oh my, Oh, I know. They still sell those

2 (1h 18m 52s):
Stretch. Armstrong was weird, man. But the bad guy was better than the bad guy was named. Was like something a vacuum. I can’t remember his name.

5 (1h 19m 2s):
You to the $1 story. Like that’s like $1. It’s not. It’s like, you know how the expensive toys or like $50, our easy to break. And the $1 toy was an ax. It’s like, you wouldn’t have to solve it.

2 (1h 19m 17s):
Yeah. Most of the time there was a, you know what they made, they made wrestlers like him that were GI Joe with the see-through. Oh God, no. Let’s see. What else do they get? By the way up,

5 (1h 19m 29s):
I have a toy with a full black eyes. Black eyes. Yes.

2 (1h 19m 33s):
Well, I’ll tell you what they did have was a guy called snake eyes and GI Joe. He was always my favorite. Oh, look at the crash test dummies. I used to wrestle these things, their heads and their arms and legs could come off. Like they’re all valid CRO here fit. You can wrestle them

5 (1h 19m 50s):
Dogs on it and you never see them. Well,

2 (1h 19m 51s):
My dogs aren’t like our dogs.

5 (1h 19m 54s):
Yeah. If you, if you guys got any chance on those, Oh, box and God, I don’t even know the name of it.

2 (1h 20m 1s):

5 (1h 20m 4s):
Nerves. No, I have to see

2 (1h 20m 6s):
That now. All right. Now we’re going to talk arsenal, PBM family. We’re going to talk arsenal. Here was the old

5 (1h 20m 16s):
Me almost own all Nerf guns. Me have many guns.

2 (1h 20m 20s):
Are you talking like captain cave? What does me have?

5 (1h 20m 25s):
He has all, I want to wait. I just don’t know what a person to do with all of them. Wait, has anybody used the app, like new nerve rival and hurt? Like I’m

2 (1h 20m 36s):
In the original Megatron now

5 (1h 20m 39s):
That the new Nerf, like, have you been hit by those I’ve actually, my dad shot me. One never shot or shot my brother. I shot myself.

2 (1h 20m 50s):
Nineties power ranger toys.

5 (1h 20m 53s):
Oh God, no. That’s like anything is a 90 cent is a toy that looks so small. This thing was it?

2 (1h 21m 6s):
That thing was it, man, I didn’t have the good Megatron I had like this little cheap one. I don’t know. But these things were what it was all about right here. See, this was the one

5 (1h 21m 16s):
That’s creepy. That’s kind of creepy.

2 (1h 21m 18s):
They were the best. Did you guys remember the flip head power Rangers?

5 (1h 21m 21s):
It’s kind of wait, what happened? And that reminds me of something in for NAF. You could transform something for NASA like that,

2 (1h 21m 30s):
But you could transform your power ranger,

5 (1h 21m 33s):
But what if you took one of the heads off and it weight, you know, interesting wear all the villains. What do you know? What is that?

2 (1h 21m 45s):
Let’s see. This is probably going to be good is as soon to be a GI Joe commercial from, you know,

6 (1h 21m 51s):
Hello, boys and girls and storyteller. All right, here we go. GI Joe, the search with a stolen idol of the year.

2 (1h 22m 5s):
So this was a on a record player. Oh my God. And when it was, you know,

6 (1h 22m 14s):
This is like those little,

2 (1h 22m 18s):
Those books that we buy, like the Thomas, the train books that you press.

5 (1h 22m 22s):
Yeah. No, I see. Why are you booked? You’re so successful. But they were pretty crappy back then. No, you hear the sound quality. I’m sure people love dos.

2 (1h 22m 33s):
You got to remember. We had nothing to compare it to.

5 (1h 22m 35s):
Oh, you know, to that kid kid’s backpack else.

2 (1h 22m 40s):
Power Rangers were a huge, I mean, you know, there’s a power Rangers comic out right now. I went to the comic store today.

5 (1h 22m 46s):
You’re a take where or how I saw how Rangers tank.

2 (1h 22m 53s):
Well, there was one little lust. It was like a Brontosaurus that turned into it too.

5 (1h 22m 59s):
It looks like a tank. Like, you know, I lost it. You lost, it looks like a tank. There’s a lot.

2 (1h 23m 7s):
I don’t know. But I would, I wouldn’t mind having that green ranger dag or today, or what is this thing? Let’s see. Let’s drill down on the, well, you can’t buy it now. That’s why there’s things.

5 (1h 23m 27s):
Oh, I’m like, well

2 (1h 23m 33s):
They were good times. The nineties star Wars. Mighty max. No, I’m getting ready to call it. It’s no big wait. So what else? PBN family power ranger sucked. I was a Voltron kid. Well, yeah. Carter knows all about Voltron. We made Carter in the Voltron early well, iron man. You were saying about iron man.

5 (1h 24m 2s):
How many times or a dress off twice. Third feet. I don’t know. That was basically what I get nervous. There’s always send the thing thong and then sat it on the couch and just watched it. I bet you, I couldn’t watch that whole series. If I had all different times, you went nowhere.

2 (1h 24m 20s):
You got it on Disney plus. I know

5 (1h 24m 23s):
I would watch the whole series over and over and I got bored of it.

2 (1h 24m 27s):
I to the Voltron is still good. Gray. I’m telling you, I watched it not long ago. It was on Netflix.

5 (1h 24m 35s):
It’s like books that never get old or movies and stuff that like games’ and never get old. But instead of a movie, Voltron was ancient, man. I know. It’s like, I don’t know.

2 (1h 24m 49s):
Like I watched it in when I was younger than you even in the nineties, but I think Vultron came out and like the seventies, I think let’s see Voltron defender of the universe.

5 (1h 25m 5s):
Wait, we’re still on this kind of, I mean stop. I’m stuck.

2 (1h 25m 11s):
Oh, no. 1984. I was a little off.

5 (1h 25m 14s):
I want to know something is tiring. Just a rip off a

2 (1h 25m 18s):
Of course it’s a total rip off,

5 (1h 25m 22s):
But the main more successful or that probably because it looked cooler and they did more cooler stuff. But the point is I don’t want the parent juice. Is there so many crap now? It’s like, there’s so many. It’s like Japanese. It’s just a weird, when I go and do power Rangers on you, you took the day. Like, I don’t know, like, like I don’t like weird power range.

2 (1h 25m 49s):
There are a lot of different varieties of power Rangers. Now they’ve been almost everything

5 (1h 25m 54s):
Good. And some are like ruined. When you look at them,

2 (1h 25m 57s):
I don’t know. It’s been so long, Jake. He never got into the power Rangers. Like you did him. You were into ’em for a little, you were. Yeah. You were into the, to the guys who looked like pirates,

5 (1h 26m 9s):
But that the wouldn’t they reboot the show.

2 (1h 26m 13s):
That’s what they do. Well, what,

5 (1h 26m 15s):
Why would you remove a perfectly good show? And then they add these G w I I was like, why would you watch this? It’s just going to ruin it. Like, what’s the point? Rebooting. Okay.

2 (1h 26m 26s):
No, no, no. The reboot is like part of the, the way the power Rangers company does it. They only do a couple seasons and then they do a whole new thing. Well, it’s really good. FOR

5 (1h 26m 39s):
The one with the bad effects would they come? And they have the sweet swords and most of the part, they turned into the giant mess. And now I love them. I love to a favorite thing when they fought their metal clone, I think,

2 (1h 26m 55s):
Well, but you gotta think about it from their standpoint, their, the out to make money. So if they start a whole new group of kids with all new weapons and all new bad guys, then you have to go out and buy it all. And then when that goes over, they start a new group. These ones started and the firemen and apes, and you’ve got to go by all of them and the bad guy’s in the weapons. I

5 (1h 27m 16s):
Know the old,

2 (1h 27m 18s):
Oh yeah. Well, I mean, you don’t get it.

5 (1h 27m 20s):
You too many reboots you watch it. And you’re like, what? This is like, no, so many reboots is boring. It’s like, what’s going to happen here. Oh, we’re good. There going to defeat. The bad guy is going to happen here to every story, right? The bad guys. Yeah. But when you do reboot, it’s a perfectly good show when you reboot it so many times, it’s not good anymore.

2 (1h 27m 45s):
You are living through the age of reboots. Unfortunately

5 (1h 27m 48s):
I know every show, a movie I love. I just wish they would respect some Shows can never get rebooted. But why does the best shows like SpongeBob?

2 (1h 28m 3s):
Yeah. SpongeBob. I will probably never be rebooted. I hope not. Anyway,

5 (1h 28m 6s):
If they rebooted that I would probably have nightmares. I, if I want to see if they get it, if they would do a reboot, it’d probably be a live action. The SpongeBob, I don’t know if they hear what’s the problem.

2 (1h 28m 22s):
How would they do a live action SpongeBob?

5 (1h 28m 25s):
But if they did a reboot, the man’s so old, you played SpongeBob DONT nah, he probably wouldn’t be able to do it. I don’t know, like great shows. Like what, what else can you give me a couple of a show that had got rebooted than you wanted to say perfectly fine. It,

2 (1h 28m 42s):
It happened to the X-Men several times the animated series was gold and then they made, you know, X-Men evolution. They made X-Men Wolverine in the X-Men. They made new X men

5 (1h 29m 0s):
In different to put a ring. But when you use to keep going with the episodes,

2 (1h 29m 6s):
They changed the characters or add new care, all that, you know,

5 (1h 29m 10s):
You, new characters, you get onto them. Right. Dad, the next season out, even more at the end, they were like, we’re on the South, the volt overpowered group. And then you don’t even know who these characters are. What about

2 (1h 29m 28s):
One of them cookies, man? They’re good. Yeah. The music from the original X-Men you know, if you get Disney plus Volcana you can watch it all the X-Men Spiderman. Yup. It’s the animated Spider-Man series is great.

5 (1h 29m 43s):
Great. That show is great. Everything about it. It’s great. I respect the reboot live. Action’s pretty sweet.

2 (1h 29m 52s):
I like that one. Spider-Man reboot that we use to watch. It’s pretty cool.

5 (1h 29m 58s):
You have to nail a reboot or if you don’t nail reboot, you know, the company goes to the downfall.

2 (1h 30m 4s):
Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but I guess it depends on the company.

5 (1h 30m 7s):
You’re like, no, no. There’s some Shows that if you reboot, there’s a high chance that it’s in a fail. Like what, what ho what showed you or do you think would fail over rebooted? I bet.

2 (1h 30m 28s):
Yeah. That’s a good one. I hear you telling me cheat answers, but that’s a good one. Yeah. I was just telling them earlier about the office obsession in the office or a reboot of the office will probably be terrible. They probably turned Michael Scott into a woman to

5 (1h 30m 47s):
God. It didn’t. Oh, wait, how would that

2 (1h 30m 49s):
Work? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter if it works anymore.

5 (1h 30m 51s):
The J and I’m like, no, that wouldn’t work out. It doesn’t matter. What is the light turned into the dad? Will you be, you have the office would not even be the office. See what I have to redo basically. Every single option.

2 (1h 31m 6s):
Well, that’s what a reboot is. Wow.

5 (1h 31m 9s):
Well, I knew that it’s just crazy. II nine seasons.

2 (1h 31m 13s):
Is that how many there are? Yes.

5 (1h 31m 16s):
And watching them four times. I still haven’t seen every single episode because my mom

2 (1h 31m 22s):
It’s about, it’s about to be time’s up 12, 16. We’ve only got what? Six, 15, more days of office left. And then it’s gone. What will we do now? Coming? It’s going to be off Netflix. We’re going to be able to watch it. Wait. Oh, Oh, the 60 Spider-Man. Did any of you ever watched the old 1970 Spider-Man movie? Oh God, that must been back. When I was obsessed with Spider-Man the animated series. I found the lone Spider-Man please don’t eat my fire edge. I found the lone Spider-Man movie in existence, which was from 1970 or something.

2 (1h 32m 3s):
And it was so bad. Oh my God. Was it terrible? You wouldn’t card or you would just, you would roll all over the floor, laughing at this movie.

5 (1h 32m 14s):
Hmm. What’s the CGI, when you talk about the CGI in Shana, like Christmas, what’s the worst.

2 (1h 32m 20s):
Oh, the Santa Claus. That was pretty good, actually. Yeah.

5 (1h 32m 23s):
It’s like, no, no. It’s I just loved the CVI and old movies. It’s literary. Like it’s like some clickbait you would, do you want you to like this

2 (1h 32m 33s):
CGI in what you call an old movie was actually a pretty good

5 (1h 32m 36s):
Fake sighting Santa. And then you just got a slight it’s so fake. It’s like now back here to teach you how it looks so real. But the funny thing is they usually use costumes, which I like this because we did the CGI

2 (1h 32m 52s):
Thing about those original star Wars.

5 (1h 32m 54s):
You know, there’s a better way with star. A star rivers were looked so real. It looks like just, you can go a light red light. No, those star Wars movies. You were amazing. You’ve been now that the lifesavers look like they’re real. I just wish they had a real lightsaber. I don’t know if you still want to go to one to me. I don’t think you can probably get arrested.

2 (1h 33m 16s):
Oh, and I always use to think about with a light saber. I might add. So the lightsaber cuts through most things. Yeah.

5 (1h 33m 24s):
Can you cut through treats? I would actually probably go to the gym.

2 (1h 33m 27s):
This is what I always use to wonder what happens if you turned your light saber on it and you dropped it straight down on the ground, what would happen? Would it fall forever or what?

5 (1h 33m 40s):
Oh my God. Yeah. That’s true.

2 (1h 33m 42s):
Wouldn’t it just like slice right straight down.

5 (1h 33m 48s):
I guess. That’s all it is the method of mining. Yeah. I don’t know. But if it lands sideways, it might not touch the ground far enough or it to, I want to know. Yeah. That’s pretty cool.

2 (1h 34m 1s):
This has turned into absolute insane banter on Christmas ad hoc toys slash movies slash

5 (1h 34m 12s):
I want to know what was the scariest tore you ever owned or scariest or disturbing? I own about basically, I feel like all the doors are in the stove. I want to know. But is there a most disturbing the people

2 (1h 34m 27s):
You said her most disturbing toy was the a was the Furby.

5 (1h 34m 32s):
That’s fine. Where did the Teletubbies, how will that show is Mike mare nightmare fuel? Does I hate the sun? Smiles at you

2 (1h 34m 42s):
A little drunk card or you must be tired too.

5 (1h 34m 45s):
You know, when you look at that sun, what did I ever? Sales, telephone. We toys.

2 (1h 34m 50s):
Oh man. Tell the Toby’s where you use

5 (1h 34m 52s):
It. I would say if you hung up, it’s hard to tell you a picture of a son. I would like to probably cry and the scariest I ha like when you look at that, it’s like, it’s just no soul, no soul. I hate when I watch those videos on the tub, you know, battery and toy walking around. I know it’s fake, but you still believe it’s real when you see it.

2 (1h 35m 27s):
All right. Vivi and family, we’re going to hit the road. I do appreciate you. Listen, heed my warning. Calm Within Chaos okay. It’s very important. Why don’t you say goodbye to the listening audience, Carter, thank you for joining us. And you know, we got a bunch of a good shows coming up still this week. I gave Dane D an article about the lawsuit that a Smith and Wesson is levying against the New Jersey. I think he’ll bring that up tomorrow night. And what else? What else? Make sure you guys are prepared for the Christmas party Monday night.

2 (1h 36m 10s):
Okay. And we’ll see you soon. Thanks to everybody saying by to you and Chet. We’ll talk soon and PBM family.

7 (1h 36m 21s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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