November 27, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Building a New Economy for Your Community

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Listen to “Bartering Basics – The Next Generation Show” on Spreaker.

Ryan and Colin Buford did an incredible show about bartering but it was not your average prepping barter show. It wasn’t about bartering in SHTF but it was real trade and barter experience in the real world and how Ryan had basically created some real benefits for himself. This is an important part of all this.

Bartering has long been considered something we would need to do in a depression or economic collapse. What if it is something we do to avoid doing business with these lunatic WOKE organizations.? What if this is an answer to unconstitutional vaccine restrictions? What if it becomes something that we do to build our own new economies in our communities?

This is something to explore here and now. Why wait?

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