August 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Building a Fugitive Kit

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In this week’s episode we will be discussing how to drop off the grid.  Meaning how to disappear if you were ever to become a fugitive.  Hypothetically speaking, if a major event happens and we as prepper have to fade into black and become the grey man how would we do it.  This week’s episode comes for a listener and we are going to be talking about a different kind of Bug Our Bag…a Fugitive Kit.  If you were ever one the wrong side of the law and you committed no crime, what would you do?  Now, in all fairness we are not giving criminals a way to evade the law.  If you break the law you need to be an adult and pay the consequences of your crime.  However, if we as preppers or even Christians had to disappear in order to maintain our life or religion, how would we do it???  Join us on this Friday as we discuss building a fugitive kit.

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