December 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Attrition and Liberty w/ I AM Liberty

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Up a broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture, preparedness, starting at a very young age all the way up. What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have is life?

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So dear or peace, so sweet as to be purchased at the price of Jaynes and slavery for a bit, all mighty God or give me ladies and gentlemen of Liberty insurgence of Liberty.

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If you will, our war, our war is a war of attrition and the way we win well will get to the way we win. Because I think I’m comfortable with this, the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or some thing through sustained attack or pressure Attrition.

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So what is our great resource? What is w what is it? What w what is our power in this war of attrition? We’re preppers, you know, we own Attrition. We have built layers and layers and layers in order to win the war of attrition. This is our, a, this is our home base, but our great resource in this war is not necessarily the food storage or even the ammo for that matter.

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A great resource is our lifestyle, and I’m going to expand on that. So don’t you worry, but our great resources, our lifestyle, one of the ways that we attack what is happening in this nation right now is with lifestyle. So what I’m telling you is live well, and let it be known. You follow me, live well, eat well.

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You see many of us do this already. This is part and parcel of what it is to be self reliant and independent self reliance. And Independence is action. And it is our greatest resource. It is our lifestyle. We live the life that the Monster’s in the distance Moen and whine about.

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Think about it. We are busy pursuing happiness while our enemies are standing in the still of misery. I’ll say it again, because it is the greatest truth of today. We are busy pursuing happiness, and you know, you are, if you are a Prepper, if you are a homesteader, if you are living this lifestyle of self reliance, and Independence, you are busy daily pursuing happiness, while our enemies are standing still in misery misery, they’re literally sifting through history to find more misery.

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There’s not enough misery on the planet for these people that they have to go by. They have to open the history books and page through them for more ms. Whereas the misery, I need more misery. You can’t win anything that way. So let them have their day. We are in a war of attrition. Now we were in a war of attrition. Now, PBN family, and this word came to me this morning.

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Out of nowhere, it came to me out of nowhere. Really. That’s why I went, ran outside and did a quick daily audio cache early, early this morning. I don’t usually do them that early, but I ran outside because this idea showed up to me. And for me, this is everything. This is everything you have to understand that our greatest weapon at this moment in time is to live well and let it be known.

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And in the Mo for most of us, that just happens. It’s just the way that is. But think about this for a moment. Okay? Think about this for a moment while they Bray about factory farming, eating meat from factory farms and yada yada, yada, we raising in our backyard sustainably harvesting meat, eggs from the backyard lifestyle while they’re attacking and putting up signs and burning buildings and throwing carbon into the atmosphere and in the same breath complaining about climate change, we’re using solar power where you were living in off-grid lifestyle.

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Do you understand the correlation here? I mean, I truly believe that that there is, there is a way to win in the, the dope farm says he’s raising deer, raising them on a healthy diet of corn and soy I’m. Sure. So yes, your lifestyle, your lifestyle is not only, it’s not only a kick in the pants to these people who are standing out in the, in the streets and whatever they’re yelling about today, right?

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It’s, it’s not just that. It’s a kick in the pants though. It’s an example. And that’s what we have to be as preppers is homesteaders, whatever you call yourself, a member of the Self reliance. And Independence where we are. The example for the future. I’m laying a heavy burden on you today. Cause you think you just wake up and have a nice, simple life where you drink your disaster coffee.

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You go outside, you tend to guard and you attend chickens, whatever else it is you have to do. You know, but the reality folks, if people lived this way, if more people lived the way that you live, most of you, or many of you, I don’t know all of your situation, the way that you might be dreaming of living, right? We would solve a lot of problems. We would solve way more problems than ripping down statues ever can then paging through the history to find the next great villain who woods Gangas Kahn.

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Let’s go after him next, stay busy, pursuing happiness. That’s my gift to you. Tonight stay busy, pursuing happiness and know that your enemy is standing still in their misery. Some are even backpedaling in their misery. And to be quite honest with you, we represent not just, well, it’s tough. You, you don’t want to, Oh, you don’t want to focus too much on the us and them mentality because I think our place, to be honest with you, I think our place really is in, in insurgency of our Verio.

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And I don’t mean a mil militaristic, violent insurgency. I’m talking about a war of attrition and a war of hearts and minds. That’s what I’m talking about. Right? That’s what I’m talking about. We walk the walk, we talk the talk in terms of what these people want to do if they really want to improve or what future generations should aspire for anyway, to aspire to so live well and let it be known.

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Okay. That’s The, that’s the tagline live well and let it be known that you’re living well because people need to understand it. They need to understand what you can, what can be done. And for you urban preppers out there, you urban homesteaders, you guys are very valuable. Let it be known. Chickens, gardens, rain, catchment, whatever you it is that you do and your little urban homestead, right?

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It, it opens people’s eyes and you know what else it does folks. It gives people something to do, because I think that the majority of our problems is people have nothing to do, but stare at Donald Trump all day in growl, they just look at him all day and get angry. I don’t understand it because as a, as a human, as a human, if I take myself out of it, all taking myself out of the red, the blue and the Republican in a dental girl and left and right.

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And prepers, and, and and Patriots and militias and this. But if I just step back and I look at it through the lens of, of humanity, the humanity lens, and you go back to your base, right? Which is what you want people to be happy, fulfilled a world of happy and fulfilled people damn be a nice place, be a nice place to live.

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You see that? I mean, it’d be almost stingy to hang on to a recipe for happy and fulfilled if you had one, right. And it’s not to say that we all work walk right in perfect. There’s struggles in everyone’s life, mine as well. But we got some pieces. We got some pieces to the puzzle that our hard to deny. Now we have a mass of a, from all over the country who are buying land and building homes out there.

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What is going to come of it? What is going to come of it is the question is humanity, or is the American population, particularly the young, but not, you know, I guess, yeah. The young are the young people in America. Not necessarily the ones in the streets, but the ones that are old enough maybe to be married or have a career, are they going to move out onto that property in the rural parts of America and begin to transform the way that we need to transform?

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I’m not so sure about that. I’m not so sure about that. And I’ll tell you what, it’s one of the, I’ll give you a little peek under my brain and my thought process on, on rural property. At the moment, I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to balk. I have a feeling that a lot of people are buying homes and buying land that they have no idea what to do with.

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And I think that they’re going to find out that they really don’t like being as far away from everything as they thought they would. And I plan maybe the next three years to swoop in and find the right person that wants to come back and hopefully handle some of that land for them. Maybe buy some of that land off of them when they’re ready to run away. And the bar than the big boom is gone, we’re gone awry.

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Right? I don’t know. I don’t know. But what I can tell you is this folks live well and let it be known. Keep that in your back pocket. Okay. Don’t take what you have for granted. Don’t take any of it for granted. There is, there is no way we can’t. We can go silent on what we do if you’re worried. You know, my, my initial idea for Tonight show was 2021 worst case scenario.

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That was what it was 20, 21 worst case scenario. Think about that. And you know what I said to myself, I said, what am I doing? What am I doing? I should not induce fear, but I should inspire competence and confidence, right? I mean, being who I am here at PBN, what good is it? If what good is it?

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If I did you show up to inspire fear? Oh God, 2021 is going to be so bad. I think we’re in the driver’s seat folks. When it comes to, when it comes to the long game, I really do. I really do, because it doesn’t seem to me, like there is much of a base and in Donald Trump has exposed a lot of that. He really has. He’s exposed that there’s a level of, of anger and hatred out there that is nearly impossible to strategize.

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And I think these people will burn out. I really do. I mean, they’ll have their leaders who have their endurance, Cortez will be with us for a long time. I can tell just by looking at her, she, she has a hatred in her that is it’s rare. It’s rare, you know, and she’s labeled to be in office as long as Pelosi. I do believe that some of those monsters out there will be with us for a very long time. But as far as the, as far as the people in the streets, as far as the woe is me mentality it’ll wear off.

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I do believe it. I do believe it. I believe it won’t be long before people in those crowds. Maybe not everyone. I’m not saying everyone goes away in every qualm and every issue disappears, right? Not in a nation of nearing 400 million. No, but I do mean the masses. The massive people will start to say, you know, maybe I better just shut my mouth and get that banking, finance job or whatever, and do it and do life or a little while this whole standing out here in the freezing Koch is don’t forget.

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Cold is coming. The cold is a common protesting is fun and games in the summer, baby. It’s a great summer night. You kidding me out in the summer night, got my mass gone, got my phone up. Life is good when its a, you know, 20 degrees out in Chicago with cutting wins, which is not far away.

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I don’t know that we’re going to have such a fervor for our little protests. Be it Donald Trump is president or not. So we’ll see, you know, maybe they’ll show me something. Maybe they’ll show me a little more toughness than I give them. But what I can tell you right now is, is what we do our lifestyle. It is the true answer. It is the true answer. When I will talk to people back in time, they’d call or talk to you about prepping and preppers and a pandemic.

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And I would tell them, you know, I think what I think preppers have figured out how to save the world through preparing for the end of the world in the S for the phone would go dead silent. I think preppers have figured out how to save the world by preparing for the end of the world. No one quoted me on that. Nobody, which I think is a brilliant quote, but you know what I mean? I, I guess I assume people understand, people don’t understand the things that I say a lot of times.

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And that’s probably because I don’t give enough context. Cause I’m in my head all day, I’m in my own head all day, I already have a base of knowledge built up around what Prepper is do and what I believe preppers do and what I believe Prepper should do. So when you say the word Prepper to me, I see a hero. I see an environmental con conservation hero who has accidentally stumbled into a lifestyle that is literally the best thing for the planet, right?

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I mean, if you take it to the extreme, there’s no better way to live on this world to live in harmony with this world. Pause for a sip of water, big announcement. Okay. Big announcement. I think I’m just going to do an hour Tonight folks. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. Big announcement. Okay. Listen. Up today, I recorded.

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This is going to be a succession of cool announcements, but there is a money saving announcement here. For those of you who are not yet members today, I recorded the first episode of our new bushcraft series for a long time. I’ve had patrons and members asked me about bushcraft and Bush crafting Bush crafting. Okay. And I do apologize. I do apologize that it’s taken me this long to bring it to light.

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But today I recorded the intro to our Bush crafting for preppers series, which is going to start for members. Look, we taking a layered approach. It preparedness. It’s what I call prepping from a standpoint or from a position of power rather. Okay. Prepping from a position of power and to prepare from a position of power, you need to prepare in many layers, okay? In almost every category of preparedness that I’ve focused on.

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There’s some level there’s, there is a layer of bushcraft, so we’re not going to do every skill, but we’re going to do bushcraft skills that pertain to food, water shelter, right? We’re going to do things that pertain to wild medicine, wild food will do some building. We’ll do some tying in some little hatch lashing and, and the whole nine yards. Alright, we’ll do plenty of content. What I want you to understand about this series is it will be instructional rather than philosophy philosophical.

0 (21m 17s):
Okay. So it will be, for instance, if we’re going to talk about the medicinal properties of white Willow bark, then we are going to go to the white Willow tree, take off the bark, bring it back to the house, put it in the pot, boil the tea, simmer the tea for 20 minutes, drink the tea. Okay. And remark on the tea because that’s what a bushcraft series and needs to be gay. There’s a lot of things that I can do Velocify about.

0 (21m 49s):
Talk about whatever, but that’s what the series that’s like. Hammer talk, hammer talk is another series that we’ve started for members, right? Yes. We do a little bit of talk about preparedness and SHTF scenarios. But at the end of the day, we’re trying to create something with hammer and forge and fire and blacksmithing. Okay. And I am do a new hammer. Talk to be quite honest with you. And I have, I have this cool piece of a, I don’t know what the proper name for it is.

0 (22m 20s):
I got to look it up, but there’s a piece of the railroad track, not the Tai and not the nail and not the track. It’s a, we’re not, The, it’s a weird, kinda looks like a Clover, almost piece of metal. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to turn that into a single block of metal. Okay. A single block of metal that we can repurpose, you know? So this is going to be sort of a scavenging episode.

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Membership is going to continue to grow in this fashion. Okay. We’re going to be starting a story soon or at least by 2021. And in 2021, at the very least, we’re going to have a fully interactive story where the members and people who visit the website consistently will be able to dictate the direction of our story.

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You know, I’m not stopping there, but that’s just what I want you to understand about numbers and prep. Then the Prepper is exchanged as well. We’re going to start the Prepper is exchanged very soon to probably a two weeks. Two weeks is probably what I need. So all of this leads, this one announcement, okay. Today I sold its and I’m going to let you guys in on this. If you didn’t see it already, but the deal section Sam’s giving Sam Culper over the Ford observers, giving a great discount on, on one of his information or products.

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And he inspired me. He inspired me and I said, you know what? It’s a great idea. So if you go to the Prepper Broadcasting website, Prepper, click on the membership, get yourself a one year membership and use the promo code election. You’ll get 10 bucks off. Okay. 10 bucks off. So that means for the year you’ll be spending less than $5 a month.

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Okay. Is as good as I can do. I can tell you this much, it’ll be the best deal that we do. I don’t think we’ll ever do another deal like this. Probably not even at Christmas time and beyond that. I mean, I can’t imagine what the amount of stuff that we’re doing and going to be doing in the future with membership that it’s ever going to be this cheap. Okay. So promo code election go to become a member today.

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This will expire on the third. All right. So on the third, this will expire between now and election day. This is our big push. Our election preparedness campaign is coming to a close we’ve. We’ve tossed, prepared this information at you about this election for a full year now and now it’s time to join up. Okay? Ah, here we go. None of these are it? Oh, here you go.

0 (25m 33s):
What is this? No, that’s not it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not part of the railroad track. Steel rail railway, fish plate, fish, bolt, railroad spike. I got plenty of those. It’s not the rail tie plate. I don’t know what it is, man. It’s a, it’s like a Clover. It looks like, like a Clover. That’s been out. I’ve seen them on railroad tracks before. I think they’re actually under what is this? This, this is the ballast.

0 (26m 4s):
That’s what it is. I think that’s what it is. Yeah. I think that’s the ballast Volcana. I mean, honestly, volcanic, volcanic says the longtime members get a discount when we renew now, listen, I don’t want anybody to take well, I don’t really care if anybody takes offense to this, but volcanic, you do so much great stuff for this. Network you’ll probably never pay for a membership again.

0 (26m 36s):
I mean, let’s be honest. How could I charge you for a membership next year with all the great work you do us? Oh, it’s not the ballast and I don’t know what it is. I’m not really that concerned about it. All I want you to know is that we’re going to try to take it and turn it into a block so that we could maybe make an ax out of it after that or another hammer. Right? I know you weren’t serious while cannabis, but to be honest, you have more than earned yourself or you’ve more than earned your keep around here.

0 (27m 9s):
So yeah. Black going on. Okay. Lot gonna keep going on. And my I’m going to say one more thing about content creation, just cause I want you guys to understand something about your commander and his energy levels. My son, my youngest son, who as much as I’m around on these kids, when they leave it’s woeful for me like a woman, I’m not really.

0 (27m 42s):
I mean, they leave, they give me the evening on Wednesday, they leave and I get all night to be alone and contemplate and work and you know, whatever. And by the end of the night rolls around. I miss him already. So anyway, my youngest is turned five. Okay. This is a big deal. Because when I started this endeavor, my youngest was one here’s a one year old. So I built this freelance writing business with a one year old in a house.

0 (28m 16s):
Okay. We’ve been together essentially every day since then. Now as much as I want to see him grow up and be happy, what you used to doing, you don’t want to see them leave. You don’t want to see them go off to school because you realize that you can’t hang out with them whenever you want anymore. And I’m spoiled in this way. I’m spoiled in this way. That I’m a, I’m a rare case. Have a father who has the ability to, you know, hang out with his kids at will.

0 (28m 46s):
But again, this was a goal of mine. Okay. This was a big goal of mine that I went after and I got lucky and I worked hard and

1 (28m 55s):
Bought a big,

0 (28m 58s):
But what’s coming. What and why? This matters to you. What’s coming is an eight hour work day. Okay. I haven’t had an uninterrupted eight hour Workday since the year 2016. Since I, since I quit my full time job and started this, I’ve been juggling. I’ve been juggling at least one to two kids every day Kids’ and meals.

0 (29m 32s):
And a whole, the whole thing to do is at school too. The preschool back, pick up the preschool, go back to the school, pick up the other one.

1 (29m 42s):

0 (29m 42s):
Not really unleashed myself completely on any one of these careers or businesses, but come this time next year, unless my governor is still totally insane. Come this time. Next year, I will literally be in a quiet home for eight hours and I don’t know what’s going to happen. Then I have no idea what is going to happen, but a lot will be happening.

0 (30m 13s):
That’s my guarantee to you. Okay. A judging by the dogs. I think family has arrived. So let’s take a quick break.

2 (30m 24s):

0 (32m 36s):
Yeah. Whatever the thing that when posted is that’s it. So you see that this image, I will like it so that you know which one I’m talking about, but this one has bent a bit. Actually it’s bent quite a bit. This post right here is the one, its like this, it’s got this initial cook, but then it’s got two more hooks. This one looks like it got bent out by something, some kind of damage to it.

0 (33m 10s):
But anyhow, my game plan is to fold. You see that sort of bend that exaggerated, bend that hook shape. My plan is to heat that so that I can smash it together, folded back on itself the other way, smash that smash the final hook and come away with the square it out and come away with just, you know, a block of usable mettle. And ideally, ideally you want to have, you know, a bunch of them.

0 (33m 43s):
So when you harvest one of these things, whatever they’re called, I’ll figure it out. You keep them and then you mash them and smash them down into blocks. And once they’re smashed into blocks, you just build a cash full of these blocks of steel and then you have whatever you need. You know, all you’re doing then is going out to the Hickory trees out back. I mean, I got a lot of Hickory back. It’s really kind of sad that I haven’t made my own ax handle or anything yet.

0 (34m 17s):
Now that I think about it, but any how you go back, their, you get what you need, keep a lot of linseed oil around and then you turn those blocks into whatever. You know, ideally for me, I look at it, you know, I look at it as an opportunity to make things for other people who need stuff and want to barter for things or pay for things in a situation like that. You know what I mean? I need a hammer. My hammer broke. I need an ax. I needed this.

0 (34m 48s):
Well, that’s what it is then its a rail clip. Yeah. That’s where it goes, where I’ve seen them is coming out of the ballast and onto the, onto the, let me use the properly lingo here out of the ballast and onto the railway fish plate. That’s what I’ve seen them, how I’ve seen them. But yeah, that’s it. I don’t know how, how rare they are or whatever. I’m not really that concerned about it, but that will be our next hammer.

0 (35m 18s):
Talk for those of you enjoy the old black smithing. It’s a good time chat room looking good. Tonight look at, you fell as in ladies, Tony of the North wind to the dope farm Volcana of the, I don’t know, I’m gonna give everybody of the me gray of the great white, I don’t know North, I guess Volcana really would be of the great white North. Huh? Can I say the great white North? What will they do to me? If I say the great white North will try and shut us down

1 (35m 51s):
White supremacy. I knew it.

0 (35m 55s):
So look, the day of the dead is upcoming. I don’t know if that’s a big deal to anybody but me, but here at the Casa de Liberty we have culturally appropriated the hell out of the day of the debt. I mean we really have, we’ve adopted it over the last three, four years, no two or three years, a and O well Tony of the great white North, there you go. We’ve adopted the day of the dead umm, for the last three years.

0 (36m 30s):
And it’s an interesting how, I mean, you know, if I’m honest about it, folks, this is the deal. This is why we culturally appropriated it in the eyes of the lunatic left wing. It’s an, it’s a tradition, but you know what? It is a fundamentally, a better holiday in all ways than Halloween. Halloween is a party. I mean, it’s not really, it’s not really anything. Is it?

0 (37m 1s):
I mean, what really is it outside of costumes and candy? What do you really do with Halloween? You don’t really do anything. Right? However, what I really like is the tradition of sitting around the, a friend, a, we build a little altar on the dining room table. We put pictures of all the people who have died, that we’ve loved on the alter. And it gives me a chance to sit down with both of my sons and even my wife and look at them and talk about them.

0 (37m 36s):
We could talk about dead great-grandparents that are kids will never know and never know in person, we get to talk about our family and what is their family and the lineage. You know, we could talk about world war two and what their great grandfather did to contribute to the battle against a monstrous, not the real Nazis now not the, yeah, there they are. Rail anchors. That’s them. That’s them.

0 (38m 7s):
Thank you guys. You really didn’t have to do that homework for me. I do appreciate it though. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the real anchor. We’ll see what we can get done with a real anchor. So anyhow that the celebration begins on really supposed to begin on the 31st. And if you do it traditionally, you’re supposed to have the children that you’ve the dead children pay homage to them on the 31st,

3 (38m 40s):
The first and

0 (38m 43s):
We don’t, we don’t do everything right. Okay. We do the day of the dead, the way that we want to do it. But there are very few holidays. If you really sit down and think about, I know it’s one of those weird things where, because we’ve come up in an age where we know without being malicious, without having anything to do with a racism whatsoever or, or, or xenophobia, we know that an influx of illegal immigrants into this nation has had, well, it’s had good effects on the nation, but it also has had very damning and damaging effects on the nation.

0 (39m 23s):
And when people draw comparisons to the United States of America and Europe or Sweden or Australia, they almost always forget about what it is we’re dealing with from an immigration level. OK. All that said, I’m always going to look for the good in the situation. You know what I mean? But, but coming up in that time, it’s sometimes its hard, you know, I can see the, I can see the eye Twitch in my parents and my in law.

0 (39m 57s):
When I, when I talk about the day of the dead and that we celebrate a holiday that is essentially Mexican and even, even as tech in its roots, you know? So there was a what’s her name? Ms. Tech, ms. N Misha tech. I don’t know something like that, but she, she, her job in the underworld was to watch the bones of the dead. And I think that’s where the beginning of the day of the dead began.

0 (40m 29s):
But anyhow, I’m going to talk about this for a little bit because I think you all should give it a whirl. I really do. I mean, I know many of you have abandoned Halloween or you don’t have kids, so you there’s no really reason to have Halloween or I don’t know, this gives meaning to this time of year. It, it creates a tradition that doesn’t focus around food. Doesn’t focus around presence. Doesn’t feel it focuses around family.

0 (40m 59s):
You know, how many holidays exist, where the focus is on people who are not of this world anymore. When you look back and you diagnose the issues of our day, you’ll come to realize that a lot of the problems that people have with these dead old white men have to do with the fact that they weren’t taught about their lineage. They don’t understand that they’re part and parcel of America.

0 (41m 32s):
They have American that may be tethered to some of the things that they hate. And some of the things that they love about this nation. And the reason that has happened is because they grew up in a time where grandparents go live in homes, grandparents go away, grandparents disappear when they get to old and become a problem, they don’t move into the house and share stories about when they were young and yada yada yada.

0 (42m 7s):
So we forget about our debt. It’s not hard. We forget about our long debt. You know, I have, I have my grandparents pictures on the altar, on my father’s side, who I didn’t really see that much growing up, but you know what? The young picture of my grandmother, young, a red hair to Italian woman, she looks so beautiful. And that’s part of me, you know what I mean?

0 (42m 41s):
That’s part of me. There’s no getting around that. And you’ll, you’ll find very few opportunities with your children to sit down and intentionally discuss your family and your friends, maybe, and they’re friends or, or extended family, or, you know, we even put pets up on the thing, but we’re psychopaths with our dogs. So Baxter’s up their, you know what I mean?

0 (43m 11s):
And you, you, another interesting thing that you get to do, which brings these people to life even more, the idea is that you take the things that they loved in life and you set them out on the a friend, you know? So each year I’ll do like a really nice spaghetti Pomodoro for my grandmother, Tahlia bays, or, you know what I mean, good tomatoes.

0 (43m 41s):
And I’ll sit down next to her picture. I’ll put a beer next to my grandfather or, or, or old Bay seasoning. Cause he was in Maryland and we would go down to his trailer and he would, we would catch crabs and bring him home and cook them for my mother in law. Will I make canolas and make them, you’re not really supposed to eat this stuff. You put it up there. I mean will eat the extras, but you’d just put it up.

0 (44m 15s):
They’re you know, and what the Mexican say is they cross over, they cross over and they eat this food and they spend time with you and your family, their there, you know what I mean? You’ve set out of like a beacon and they’re there and they’re eating this food. And what Mexican people say is that if you eat the food from the altar, after the celebration, doesn’t taste like anything, there’s no more taste in it.

0 (44m 46s):
Or the tastes is very vague because it’s been consumed by their spirit. I don’t, you know, for some of you, I know it doesn’t have the effect, but particularly if you win, when in the chatroom says that his son has a hard time with death. If you have children, see, my son lost his grandma when he was three or four, something like that. And his grandma was, is, you know, was the sitter. It was, she was the person that he was with all day.

0 (45m 18s):
Mom and dad would get off work and pick him up around four or five, whatever. But she took him to preschool every day for a few hours a day, hung with him in the morning, hung with them and they afternoon. And then she is gone, you know? And you can, you can let them deal with that. You can have that happen and have that moment in time where you sit down with them and say, how do you feel? And you’re doing okay. You know, she’s a bit of lace, yada, yada, yada, you can talk to them about it on the anniversaries of the birthday’s or whatever.

0 (45m 53s):
But when you sit down in front of the altar, in front of the a friend and it’s beautiful, if you put Mary Gold’s all over this thing, right? You like candles with the Virgin, Mary and or at least that’s what we do. And you decorate the table purple cloths. And it looks great. And you sit down in all this glory and you talk to them about it each and every year and tell them stories. And you tell them that they’re coming back. Tonight sure. You know, Nan is going to eat.

0 (46m 24s):
Her canola is Tonight helped me make the canolas it’s number one. It’s far superior today. The Vulcan asks how old, Oh, you know, you mentioned she is probably talking to wind, uhm, it’s a far superior holiday to Halloween. And in this age where American traditions are dying, you know what I mean?

0 (46m 55s):
American traditions are, are under attack in almost every way. I don’t feel at all bad about co-opting a better use of this seat. Now we still do Halloween. Don’t get me wrong. We still do the trick or treating thing. We love it. But this is better. This is better. And I encourage you, give it a whirl. What’s the, what’s the harm. You know what I mean? You go out spend, I don’t know, 30, 50 or something on some small shelving, create your little shelves, picture frames, pictures, some food from the people that pass their favorite things.

0 (47m 40s):
You know, from my grandfather, you know what I put out. I never, I never, I only buy cigarettes for the Oh Brenda. I’ve never bought them in my life ever other than well, you know what? I’ve picked them up from my mother before when I was younger. But yeah, I’ll buy cigarettes. I’ll put ’em on a friend of her, but the kid is like it or not. That was his deal. That was his deal.

0 (48m 11s):
So yeah, day the dead. Give it a try. Okay. Culturally appropriate the day of the dead yourself. You’re going to enjoy it. Holograms that the next thing I need from the PBN audience, this idea, this is a crazy idea. I posed it to my wife today and she just kind of looked at me, but I do want to bring it up. I do want to bring it up because I think there’s value in it.

0 (48m 46s):
Have you ever seen those little lamps, those little hologram lamps that or like you turn it on and a picture of the while the name of Falcon or show up or Batman’s head or iron man’s head or captain America’s shield. Put them in kids’ rooms. Usually like a black base, plug it in, hit the light at me. Gray. You paying attention. Cause somebody told me, you might know about this topic. So I want to know how hard it would be to make a monument into a hologram for disruption purposes.

0 (49m 27s):
I know no better way to phrase it than that. For the purpose of disrupting the America haters in this nation. See I’m looking for ways to attack that. Aren’t violent because I think we can drive people totally insane. Again, back to the war of attrition, we’ve seen these lunatics. Did you see the video about when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died? I mean is a person you, did you see that video with the woman in the car freaking out because Ruth Bader Ginsburg died driving, losing her mind.

0 (50m 11s):
I’m sorry, but I can never be concerned with an, with an opposition that, that is that off their kilter. If you’re that far off, listen, it’s not going to be that hard to strategize. Take someone like that off of their game. So all that said, I need somebody who knows something about holograms, big ones or a big enough, you know, what does it take to make a four or five foot hologram?

0 (50m 46s):
What does it take to make eight foot hologram? Because what I would like to do is I would like to put together a very simple but effective game plan on how to create Washington Lincoln, Roosevelt Reagan, maybe in hologram form. You know what I mean? So imagine you have a something you can carry in your hand box or maybe something you need to carry in two hands.

0 (51m 22s):
I dunno and imagined that you can turn this thing on. And then you get a pretty decent hologram of one of our great leaders, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, or whatever. Now you can do a lot of things would that you can put it on your kitchen. If you can put it in your dining room, your bedroom, there you go. That’s how you set the room. The mood. Rather you set the mood on date night by clicking on the old Benjamin Franklin hologram in a corner of the bedroom, or maybe, maybe that bloody stump where there used to be a monument.

0 (52m 9s):
You go out there and you click that a hologram on and people start losing their mind in your town because they rip that thing down. And last night, when I drove by, I saw it was back. It was some kind of crazy hologram. It came back. Christopher Columbus was back on his pedestal illicit. I dunno what you think about when you hear a crazy idea like this, but I get excited.

0 (52m 42s):
I get excited. I have no idea what the cost of something like that would be, but I’m going to do some research. And if I find out that it’s relatively reasonable, I may just start a Kickstarter up and let all the Patriots, all the content producers who love this nation help me create some sort of Kickstarter where we can start pumping out these holographic monuments to our great leaders and basically use them to p**s people off.

0 (53m 20s):
Really basically use them to fight back, okay. Nobody has to get hurt. You know, ideally, ideally I’d like a Kickstarter to be successful enough that we can send them all over the nation free of charge to be basically sacrificed. So in other words, let’s say the 4th of July is coming. We just put these things across the cities in the parks, in the standing at a pond is a Ben Franklin over the top of the steps of a, the library is George Washington, right?

0 (54m 3s):
And you just like the cities up with these things and The, and the monsters who hate America will lose their minds. Just a match. Just imagine what one of these lunatics would think in Portland, where they just ripped Abraham Lincoln down. And if the night after they rip Abraham Lincoln down, they return to see that there’s a hologram that may be even bigger than the actual monument of Abraham Lincoln. Of course, look, of course, they’re going to take the projector and they’re going to destroy it.

0 (54m 37s):
Right? Cause that’s all they do. That’s all they know. All they know is destroy misery from the past destroyed. That’s their whole emo. We can’t stop that. But again, Attrition ladies and gentlemen, the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure. I’d like to sustain the pressure of America on these American hating groups with some tactically placed ghostly apparitions.

0 (55m 17s):
I like that. Some ghostly apparitions of our great leaders, the people who have literally given they’ve literally given these a cretins in the streets, the right to be in the streets. I liked this little project here. That’s pretty cool. You know, I wonder if that’s better. This is why the PBN audience is the greatest Volcana sends me and an instructable.

0 (55m 53s):
Does everybody know about Instructables? We should talk about Instructables for a quick second. Go to You’re welcome. That’s it. Any project you ever want to DIY? These people are magicians. I can’t believe, I never told you guys about Maybe I did. Anyhow. They’re they’re amazing. But you can find almost anything. We were going to build a pirate ship for the kids out back. Thank God we didn’t because it would have literally away when we got flooded The I don’t know, three months ago or so, but anyhow, maybe we could figure out how to DIY them or maybe there’s a way to simply DIY them.

0 (56m 37s):
I don’t know. We’ll see, I’m going to look into it though. I’m going to see what hologram technology looks like, what it costs. If it’s reasonable, then we’re going to create some kind of email campaign to reach out to all these big names, these big names I’m talking the big boys. I want to hear from Sean Hannity. Cause I know he can fund the whole damn thing you just hadn’t thought of.

1 (57m 4s):

0 (57m 6s):
Get those guys to, to, to tell their audience, send them to a go-fund mirror or a kickstart or something like that and get these things made and get them shipped all over the nation, like a V for vendetta mask, ship them everywhere, ship them everywhere and have just have these great leaders popping up everywhere. Pooh. That would be fun. Can you imagine the news and what is beautiful about it is there’s no way to react other than to destroy it, right?

0 (57m 43s):
And that’s where you see exactly what you see. The farthest reaching goals of this group. The furthest reaching goals of this group is seek destroy and seek out more misery. There’s no happiness for these people. And if you exist only in that kind of misery, you will never last. You’ll never outlast me. How are you going to last me? There’s no way you can outlast me.

0 (58m 14s):
I wake up excited about my coffee and my toast in the morning. I get to come downstairs, walk my dogs, beautiful pit bulls. When I was young, we had one pit bull and I used to say to myself, God is so cool. If I had a house full of these dogs, I just love these dogs so much. There’s just huge. You know, muscles, big heads. I mean, I just love him. I don’t know what it is, but they’re loyal and loving and warm. And they’re just my preference.

0 (58m 47s):
And I used to say to myself, when I was a little kid, basically 19, whatever I would say to myself, it’d be so cool. If one day Michelle and I had just a house full of these pit bulls and we have a house full of pit bulls. You know what I mean? So when I wake up on cloud nine kids wake up, come down, give me a hug, sit on my lap. I mean, I’ve had so much love and so much joy by 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM.

0 (59m 17s):
And I look out across the nation and I see these miserable m***********s, pardon my language that they just there’s no way they can sustain that. There’s no way you can sustain that. They’re going to crumble or they’re going to move on. And if we can do a little something with our holographic ghostly, apparitions of the great men of American history to help that along then, I think that’s a worthwhile endeavor. What do you think that may be it folks that may be it.

0 (59m 54s):
I a Eric Swanson says potty mouth, Eric. You’re from Philly, man. Aren’t you. So I was going to do a show about food banking. We’ll after to do that, I do want to talk food banking with you guys. I also want to talk to you a little bit about this kind of cold weather training and suffering that I have coming up.

0 (1h 0m 25s):
I don’t know if anybody else is gonna want to do this, but I’m going to let you guys in not members only. I’m gonna let everybody in on kind of what, what I’m going to be doing this winter, because it’s going to suck, but I hate it. You got to understand, I hate the cold. I hide from it. I am not built for it. I have like this hypermetabolism so I don’t have a lot of fat on my body and I get cold easily. And you know, I’ve always hated it.

0 (1h 0m 56s):
And those things that we hate, we must embrace. We must suffer through those things that we hate until they’re a nonissue. So if anybody out, there’s listening to this and saying, you know what? I’m really, I’m really interested in the idea of freezing to death and working out in the cold and sitting in the ice. And you know, if you crazy like me, I’ll let you know.

0 (1h 1m 27s):
I’ll let you know what I’m doing, but I’m not gonna do that. Tonight that was on my to do list, but that’s okay. So the big takeaway Tonight folks, again, everyone is up in arms about the situation in our nation, right? Everyone hates me and people get jumped and beat on and cars broken in dogs, scared and kids scared and cars. We are in a war of Attrition. That’s what this is, who will out last the other live well.

0 (1h 2m 4s):
And let it be known. You already own the battlefield, the lifestyle you’re living the life. You are busy, pursuing happiness while the enemy is standing in misery. And I’m telling you right now, your position is sustainable. Their position is not. Now. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be violence. That doesn’t mean there won’t be death.

0 (1h 2m 36s):
I have a feeling that these, these, these groups are going to have a lot to answer to if we can get Donald Trump in as president. Again, I do, but even if not, we can put our faith in one man. That’s a failed idea. Okay? To put your faith in one, man is a failed idea. The lifestyle of self reliance and Independence, it is our job to spread it. We are insurgents of Liberty folks’ and, and our quickest route there is to end Independence right?

0 (1h 3m 13s):
What is the great enemy of Liberty dependence? So the way around dependence is to inspire people with self reliance. And Independence those of you who live that kind of lifestyle. You understand what a freeing, what a freeing and fulfilling lifestyle it is. For those of you working towards that lifestyle, you realize how freeing and fulfilling it is just to be trying to get there.

0 (1h 3m 46s):
Like me. I’m not there yet. I’m not where I want to be yet. But working towards it is just fulfilling. So that’s your focus. When we focus on them, when we get scared, when we share videos of people, Oh my God, look what they’ve done. I cannot believe none of them live well. And let it be known that you’re living well and why you’re living well.

0 (1h 4m 16s):
Despite the lunatics, despite what has happened in the nation, you’re already prepared, right? You’re not, you’re not Joe. Blow’s getting out of his nine to five, who has nothing to eat at home and whatever else, right? Spends all his money on golf. I don’t know people spend their money on, but you’re already prepared. Hopefully you’re already prepared with people. Hopefully if there is a riot that will truly concerned you and the people that you love, you already know how to track it.

0 (1h 4m 51s):
You already know how to avoid it. And you’re not going to put yourself in a position where any port Landee and style violence will even be close to you. So don’t let it ruin your day. Their days are ruined. They wake up, ruined no agenda. There’s no happiness. It’s misery all around the clock.

0 (1h 5m 21s):
Don’t let them win. Don’t let them scare you. Don’t let them eat up a portion of your brain because they’re doing heinous is s**t. It’s just, Y Y you are doing things you’re pursuing your own happiness. And that’s the greatest calling you can have. That’s the compass. That’s the compass through which you navigate life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And that’s it. All right. So LivWell and let it be known and we’ll talk soon.

0 (1h 5m 52s):
All right, Dane. Oh, I got to tell you this real quick. Sorry. I don’t remember who it was, but last week, one of you in the EOC asked for a show on ammo storage. Do you remember? It could have been Tony of the North, actually, somebody, I don’t remember who, but anyhow, someone requested the ammo storage show. I went to Dane, a man, can we get an ammo storage show? Has you would imagine Dane got incredibly excited.

0 (1h 6m 27s):
This is why Dane is the greatest. This is why Dane is the gun metal armory host. You know what? Nobody can, you can’t replicate a guy like that. He is literally invaluable. So I tell him about the show. He get super excited about ammo storage show tomorrow. The prerecorded ammo storage show will drop. So enjoy that. And yeah, I can tell you what it’s going to be a big night. We’ll talk soon PBN family.

0 (1h 6m 58s):
Oh, and don’t forget. It’s time to become a member, uses the promo code election and get 10 bucks off your annual membership. Save the money now. Okay. We’ll talk soon.

4 (1h 7m 11s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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