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Ammo Storage & Stockpiling w/ The Gunmetal Armory

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Prepper Broadcasting Network we have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gun metal armory. Here’s your host Dane. What’s a team gunmetal. How is everybody doing tonight? I’ve been a little under the weather, as I’m sure you can hear in my voice for the last couple of days. So, you know, this is not, this is not going to be my best podcasts on the planet, but I’m going to do my darn best for y’all.

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So I was informed by our Intrepid commander that we have had some requests umm, for a show on Ammo Storage okay. So I’m going to go ahead and do a show on Ammo Storage for you guys. I’m sorry. I’ve been away for a little while. I a as I’m sure you guys could probably here a few weeks back as well. When I did that show with miles, I was not exactly at the top of my game.

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I figured it was probably just a simple, a 24 hour flew or something like that. But it wasn’t, it was not COVID but it was not The it wasn’t something simple either. So that being said after a, a, a little while of fighting it and treating it S basically I got the right medicine I needed and now I’m kicking its butt. So it’s good. I’m on the man.

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I’m, you know, throat and lungs are a little messed up, but I’ll make it. So that’s good. That being said, don’t be an idiot. Don’t do what I do or don’t do what I did. Don’t just, you know, get a fever of 99.6 and say, Oh, I’m probably just exhausted from the day and expect your body’s going to fight it off the next day. I’m going to go to the damn doctor. OK. If you feel sick, go to the doctor, don’t just think that you can fix this thing.

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I really honestly wish I had gone sooner. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time feeling bad. It, it was a real massive waste. So anyways, just a little bit of Monday morning quarterbacking for you. I’m a man the last few weeks have been crazy. And like I said, you know, we’ve been getting other requests as well in the EOC, but a, a, a TGA show on Stockpiling and storing Ammo has been a big one.

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So that’s what we’re doing. How do we do it? Where do we do it? How long can it last? So on and so forth, we’re gonna, we’re gonna look into all that stuff is the best you can. So listen to a request tonight, we’re going to talk all about ammunition. Storage the dilemmas and such. There are a lot of factors involved and various ammunition types, for example, you know, Steelcase Ammo versus brass K Sammo versus your shot shells of your plastic and a brass wholes, you know, rimfire type primers involved versus centerfire primers, yada, yada, yada.

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Right? So how do we store these? How does each one differ Storage wise? How do those differ? Can we store we’re in flier longer than rim, a Senator fire, you know, as someone and so forth. We’re, you know, we’re, you know, we’re going to try and touch on as much as we can tonight. We have me a little bit of time, obviously, you know, we got our hour, so we’re going to touch on as much as we can and get into as much as we can.

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Speaking of getting into as much as we can here, you are probably gonna notice me to take a drink every once in a while, because like I said, you know, am a little dehydrated itself, do the best we can here. All right. So the news, my gosh, if you guys seen the craziness and the news, it has become just a and all of our free for all.

1 (5m 12s):
I don’t, I don’t even know what to think anymore. It’s like, you know, you could see any one of these things being really, really bad for any country, any, you know, anything, but all these things happening. It’s the same time. And then on top of all that, all the unrest and all this other crap, but, you know, I was just keep it to the gun thing for now.

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Let me tell you guys what you people and I mean, everybody listening, I mean, everybody out there in the country, you all just keep buying guns in Ammo don’t you, which is good. I like that. That’s good. The September numbers are in for the FBI NICs checks, and you can see them If you want, AWR Hawkins always puts out a great monthly article on it, or a little monthly update, if you will.

1 (6m 16s):
He’s one of my favorite all the time, all time. Favorite gun riders really, really well-spoken. And I believe he lives here in Arizona as well. Anyways. So according to that article, there were 2,892,115 Nick’s checks in September of 2020, as opposed to two, a 2 million, 200,319, which was in September of 2019.

1 (6m 52s):
Okay. That that’s a fairly significant increase of about 600,000, you know, a more NICs checks, again, a very high record set there. September, 2020 is the highest September on record for Nick’s checks, just like August, 2020 was the highest a record for next checks.

1 (7m 22s):
And on and on and on 2020 has and continues to be a record setting year for gun sales. And I’m talking all the time records here. I’m not talking. Yeah, yeah. Five-year records 10 year records, whatever it is continuing to be a major, major force. Anyways, those are the only records in sales though.

1 (7m 54s):
We all know that with the record gun sales, you know, come record and Ammo sales, as well as, you know, you’ve got to feed the damn thing, but keep in mind, they’re another record setting sales item right now. And I don’t have the figures in front of me, but I know their record setting sales item right now is body armor. Okay? Yes, body armor is, you know, a big sales item right now. I’m you need to be thinking about this and factoring it into your a defensive plan because you know, it’s really hard not to dive head first into this piece and pause indices to the puzzle and give you a really good explanation on everything, but I’m sure I’ll have a chance to do a show on fighting up armored bad guys.

1 (8m 52s):
And you know, all the stuff that we saw back in the 1990s during the North Hollywood shootout and all that crap, I’m, you know, bad guys are getting smarter, bad guys are getting more armored, bad guys are getting better and better and better and better gear all the time. It is not difficult to get ahold of this stuff anymore. And also keep in mind that there are some armors out there, like the AR 500 body armor, that stuff it is made of AR 500 steel.

1 (9m 30s):
And granted it is heavy. The actual AR 500 steel stuff is heavy. I’m not going to, you know, sugarcoat that it’s heavy, but on top of it being heavy, it’s extremely resilient, meaning that it can take shot after shot, after shot, after shot, after shot and keep it barely deforms. You know, granted you are going to get spalling. You know, you’re going to get fragments bouncing out of the vest or the plate carrier or whatever it is hitting the, the person who’s wearing, the vest you are going to be, that’s going to be hitting them in their arms and you know, their, their body parts and stuff.

1 (10m 11s):
But I mean, that may not be enough to actually stop them. So that’s something that you needed keep in mind is that that AR 500 stuff is a real pain in the ass. So keep that in mind for your, you know, your bug out bag, your retreat, whatever. There are multiple different types of body armor, and there are different weights and it all comes down to what you want.

1 (10m 43s):
Different coverages, you know, different types, you know, helmets, Legg, you know, coverings, growing coverings, you know, obviously chest midsection, arms. I mean, it, the options are endless, but your, your biggest budget, your biggest thing is going to be your budget. Your biggest limiting factor is going to be your budget. Okay. OK. So keep that in there mind and will do a show on that another time.

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Now, normally I would do a quick product pic of the week you are right now, but with less than a month ago, until one of the most important elections of our lives, I don’t think you guys need to know about any products to buy right now and betting you probably just want to talk about knowledge and skills and things like that. So that’s, that’s what we’re going to dive into you. Okay. Let’s see. It’s been about 12 minutes. So let’s get down to brass tacks here.

1 (11m 45s):
Okay. Stockpiling Ammo Storage, Ammo, it’s really, it’s legitimately. It’s a really, not that hard guys. It’s not difficult to do. If it’s done correctly from the beginning, there are very there or there aren’t any divergent schools of thought on this, and there’s a reason that you don’t really see, you know, ammunition stored in some kind of special, you know, hermetically sealed container or something.

1 (12m 19s):
When you go into a sporting goods store or a gunshot. Okay. It’s because ambulance pretty doggone resilient. And as long as you’re, you know, a store decently, generally you are going to be fine. Umm, but you do, you want to consider a few factors. Okay. And you’ll want to consider, you know, why you’re storing it. You know, the reasons that the Ammo are going to be foot away are always going to be simple ones.

1 (12m 50s):
Of course, you’re going to be thinking about things like, you know, hunting, self-defense defending your compound. Mmm. You may even think about using it for barter down the road. If you know, it’s crap, it’s the fan, which is a massive subject in an of itself and gave you a quick tip on this. Do not ever barter Ammo to anyone who’s done a friend, especially like high power stuff. I mean, I tend to be in agreeance with John Wesley Rawles on this one.

1 (13m 23s):
I’m if you don’t know, John Wesley Rawles is Rawls or Rawless, I’m not sure exactly how he pronounces it, but that guy has a lot of good books on prepping out there, fiction and nonfiction. And he says in a few of his books that he thinks the 20 shoe LR is kind of going to be like the nickel and dime, you know of The a post apocalyptic barter, you know, to kind of making change for something. If you will, is a couple of 23 LR shells, you know, to make change.

1 (13m 57s):
I tend to be in agreement with him on that one. So something to keep in mind there anyways, you know, you could also possibly be storing the Ammo for the components themselves. The components themselves may be the big deal that you want there instead. So I’m not sure which one you’re going with.

1 (14m 28s):
You may have a whole host of different reasons that you’re going with here, but there are outside factors that can affect the life of your ammunition. You know, storing Ammo as is, you know, its it’s a lot like storing your you’re a medic. You’re your Mexicans, you know your medicines, not Mexicans. Ah, the last few Mohicans anyways, it’s a, it’s a lot like storing your medications.

1 (15m 3s):
Okay. It’s it’s kind of a cool dry place type of thing. Okay. Starting on a cool dry place. I’m not gonna say Storage in the dark. Some people do say to Storage and the dark and I I’ve even mentioned it myself a few times, but most cool dry places generally came to be Tim. So you know, the whole store, that’s an, a dark place thing seems redundant.

1 (15m 36s):
I guess, if that makes any sense for most things, you know, except certain antibiotics, but that’s, that’s not ammunition. Right? So that aside, if you have to protect your stockpile from these different factors, that can cause main major problems for your ammunition. Because you know, like I said, storing ammunition is simple, but if you just throw it on the ground and your shop, then a lot of things can go wrong.

1 (16m 15s):
Okay. Mmm. You need to be aware of what those things are. All right. Don’t, don’t be complacent just because it’s supposed to be easy. All right. The things that can really affect your ammunition and its viability over a long term are going to be things like moisture, corrosion, heat, aging, component’s a primer or sensitivity.

1 (16m 54s):
You know, the, the problems with them, the, the Mo the form of the mercury or, or whatever they use for primary. You know, some companies use anyways, primers can become more or less sensitive over time. You can also have problems with case rupture, so on and so forth. So if you keep your Ammo away from wetness humidity, and it’s stored at a consistent temperature, that’s not too hot, your Ammo can last a good number of years.

1 (17m 31s):
I mean, you, you can easily, easily get gosh, 50 years or more out of it. I mean, I don’t see any reason you couldn’t, you know, and if you continually rotate it, like most of us do, and you’ll be in even better shape. You know, some people even suggest that, umm, if you store at a level where you take really good care of your ammo, you know, to keep it away from moisture and, and fluctuations of temperature and things like that, you can even store the Ammo longer than you can survive basically.

1 (18m 20s):
And you can store the Ammo long enough to Alesse you and make it to your kids and make a nice cache available for your kids, kids, even too. You never know. I even recently read an article about a, what was it? I believe the author was a guy here in America and he had an old Lee Enfield rifle and a stash of world war three or three British Ammo this world war one, a three to three British Ammo was bought at the same time as this old, the infield rifle and the guy’s dad had actually purchased this old Lee Enfield rifle from a pawn shop when the author was a young boy.

1 (19m 12s):
Well, you know, dad had since passed on and according to the author at the time, the article was written, which was 2019. He was still shooting that same gun and he was still shooting that same Ammo the Ammo was easily a hundred years old. So his dad, you know, use some super secret squirrel magic formula to keep his Ammo viable or was it just good Storage practices?

1 (19m 45s):
I mean, think about it on the inverse on, on the other side of that. Okay. This can be bad on the other side. Okay. At my work about a month ago, there was a box of Ammo returned to the store, which they normally don’t allow. There’s a box Ammo returned to the store. That box of Ammo had a couple of cartridges in it that were badly corroded and oxidized.

1 (20m 17s):
I saw myself and they looked pretty bad, but what happened? I don’t know. I have some theories, but only a couple of cartridges were oxidized. Only a couple of cartridges were ugly and beat up. Right. So I, I’m not sure what happened there, but even in brand new box of rounds, oxidation, and this kind of crap can

2 (20m 48s):
Actually happen. Right. Think about that. Right. So check your Ammo check it extremely often because you never know what can happen with your ammunition. You have to pay attention to this stuff. Right. Like I said, it was brand new Ammo so shouldn’t happen should not have happened anyway. So let’s talk about ammunition.

2 (21m 21s):
Storage okay to talk about ammunition Storage options. All right. We need it in a cold place. Right? Nothing like an Arctic place or anything like that. You know, I don’t need it to be in the Arctic, you know, or in the Antarctica, nothing like that, but we do need it to be in a cooler place. Okay. So that’s kind of important.

2 (21m 56s):
A root cellar might be good as long as it wasn’t on the floor, a little long as it was dry. It’d be good. As long as a root cellar was a consistent temperature and well-built, that’d be good. Remember humidity can be a problem. Well, let’s give that some thought too. Okay. Each Brown consists of a bullet, whether it be, Oh, well, okay.

2 (22m 27s):
I’m going to get to deep into this. It consists of a bullet, the, the brass case, or, you know, the cartridge, whatever you want to call that the brass part, the primer and the pattern for basic combines. The, the cartridge, the bullet, the primer, the breath of a pattern. Okay. When properly assembled and the round has a primer crimped or pressed into the rear of the cartridges.

2 (22m 58s):
Self into its primer pocket. OK. The powder is funneled or loaded in from the mouth of the case. Okay. And then the bullet itself is inserted and it’s crimped into the mouth of the case, making a loaded cartridge. All right. And generally there’s going to be a bit of space in between the bullet and the powder. All right. This is not a normal, there are lots of the cartridges you can pick up and you can shake and you can hear the pattern going back and forth in there.

2 (23m 37s):
That’s fine. Perfectly fine. Occasionally there’s even enough space that, you know, it’ll it’ll sound altogether wrong. But again, don’t worry about that. What I’m getting at is the airspace that’s in there. The, the, the airspace that’s in there, that’s not being used up by the powder itself.

2 (24m 12s):
OK. If the Ammo was a hit with a cooler weather and then it was hit with hotter weather, cooler, hotter, cooler, hotter, cooler, hotter, cooler. Well, what do you think would happen to that? You know? Cause there’s that a little space inside there. Right. So if it got cool and then got hot again and then got cool and then got hot again. There’s that a little space inside there where there’s nothing. There’s no powder. There’s no bullet. It’s just open air.

2 (24m 45s):
All right. Let’s think about what happens with a glass of ice water on a hot day. What happens? The glass, right? Moisture, condensation, things like that. Of course, you know, when, and you had a, witness’s introduced to certain metals over time. It cause the corrosion, right. That’s a given, but we want to keep these factors in mind that, you know, we don’t want to introduce any kind of outside factors that are going to create more problems for us.

2 (25m 23s):
Then we need, okay. One of my favorite options for Ammo Storage and don’t worry, I’ll get into the moisture thing. And a little while, one of my favorite options for Ammo Storage is, and still remains the same. And that is a, a good old fashion Ammo can. Now there are a lot of knockoffs out there nowadays.

2 (25m 54s):
There’s a lot of a, you know, imported crap. If you can go to your local army surplus stores, places like that, you know, they should have some really good Ammo cans, their like the actual military one’s if you don’t readily see them, ask them, do you guys have any us military issue?

2 (26m 25s):
Ammo cans laying around. You can’t necessarily, you know, you don’t want to get the ones from, maybe you can get the ones from Walmart and you can get the ones from wherever. It doesn’t matter. It’s a big a deal. But I prefer the military ones just because I know who made them, I know how tough they are. And to keep in mind, everything has the limits. But when you’re looking at those, keep in mind that they are surplus.

2 (26m 55s):
So you’ll definitely want to take a look at them to make sure that are in good working condition or things like that. I’m go to this. You know, like I said, I go to the surplus store, take a look at them and you’ll want to check all the corners of the Ammo. Can you make sure that all the corners are still solid? Make sure that all of them are still in good working order, no cracks, no daylight coming through, nothing like that.

2 (27m 31s):
You’ll want to make sure that that’s all solid. You’ll want to make sure that the latch works just fine on it and everything, you know, want to make sure that the handle is still attached properly on it. Because I know I’ve had a few in my time that have actually broken off. And I’m not saying that I didn’t load them down with quite a bit of stuff.

2 (28m 3s):
You know, it’s probably a hundred percent, mostly in a hundred percent my fault. I won’t deny that, but you’ll want to make sure that the latch, this part here is working just fine. You don’t want to make sure that the handle is working just fine. And finally, of course, you’ll want to lift the lid off of Ammo can and take a look inside and you’ll want to make sure that the rubber gasket around the inside of the lid is set where it needs to be.

2 (28m 43s):
Number one, number two, you’ll hopefully want to see that it is not cracked on there is at least working well. OK. And you may find some of the little, tiny bit a micro cracking in ’em and stuff like that, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that thing. Didn’t you buy for a little while, or you can just get that one and then get some new gaskets online. They’re really not hard to get. Okay.

2 (29m 13s):
So go ahead and get those. I don’t know how much Ammo you have. I generally tend to find that I can store about a thousand rounds, a nine mil still in their boxes of nine miserable, still in their boxes and a, a 50 Cal ammo can, does a, the send a print work pretty well for that. I sorted out a nos, lets see the little small 30 cow ones, how much five or six I can store in.

2 (29m 52s):
Those kind of depends. As far as the big 50 Cal Ammo cans go again. I can easily store a thousand rounds of five, five, six in there will lose the fact, of course not with the, you know, not in their boxes Lewis pack, you know, just letting it be in its bag or whatever, but that can actually create some other problems that you’ll want to be aware of too. When it comes to storing Ammo loose like that.

2 (30m 26s):
So let’s take a break real quick and play some commercials and then I’ll come back and I’ll talk to you about loose pack Ammo and starring Ammo and packed formational or various other ways you can store it if it is loose. Okay? So don’t go away. We will be right back.

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5 (34m 7s):
Eastern, as we discussed prepping on every level and remember everybody, everybody,

4 (34m 19s):
And now we were turned to the gun.

5 (34m 24s):
Oh, okay. Everybody. We are back. So when we left off, we were talking about ammunition. Storage loose pack Ammo or Storage loose fact Ammo anyway. So one of the things that some people don’t like about storing Luce packed Ammo is, I dunno, if you ever had a miss feed in one of your AR fifteens or anything like that, but sometimes the bullet can get canted inside of the brass case for various different reasons.

5 (35m 9s):
And sometimes the bullets can give beaten down into the breast case if they’re hit on that. Okay. There’s all kinds of crap that can happen. Okay. But needless to say, some people really don’t like this when it comes to their firearms or when it comes to their bullets. So storing Ammo loose, packed tends to rub people the wrong way a little bit.

5 (35m 45s):
So I mean, I don’t, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t care either way generally when it comes to storing Ammo, you know, I usually leave it in its boxes, but I have bought bulk pack Ammo before. And generally what I will do to protect that Ammo is go to the sporting goods store or wherever and get myself some of those boxes that reloaders use to store their ammunition after they reloaded it and made a special, you know, cartridges for a certain things.

5 (36m 25s):
And I’ll just put all the Ammo on those. That’s a really, they’re really not terribly expensive. It’s like three bucks for one of those little boxes to put all the Ammo in there will be a deal done and done that or save a few year old box is the next time you got shooting, save a few a year old boxes and use those. It’s really not that big of a deal. It also, when you store your Ammo in a boxes inside boxes, it does tend to help protect them a lot better.

5 (36m 59s):
So I am an advocate of that and it does help quite a bit to keep moisture away because the, the cartridges aren’t touching each other directly. So that’s something to keep in mind while you are looking at that stuff. OK. Anyways. So we talked about Ammo cans. My favorite. We talked about how to check them, to look them over, check out the rubber seal, things like that.

5 (37m 35s):
We were just talking about loose pack to Ammo. Now there are ways to protect ammunition, regardless of whether it’s still in its boxes or loose packed or not. Okay. There’s some various different things you can do with a metal Ammo cans to enhance the protection that they offer on the inside. All right, sorry about that. Some people prefer to a line the inside with a, you know, like a great foam from mattresses, things like that.

5 (38m 19s):
Me personally, I find that a little, I don’t know, ugly looking. So I have lined a few of my crates with a film on the inside, but I usually use the, the blue camp pad phone. It’s about a half inch thick. It’s a really, really closed cell foam, really FIC closed cell phone. So it’s easy to use, easy to cut, easy to make pieces to fit inside.

5 (38m 55s):
And a works works like a charm works extremely well. You can cut a piece from the bottom pieces for all sides. And if you want a piece from the topic, got to be to the top and to put it in their, you know, it protects the ammunition on the inside, protects the boxes, keeps them from banging into each other too much. It’s it’s a decent little setup now is necessary.

5 (39m 27s):
That’s a personal preference thing for you, dude. Not for me to decide. I would go deeper into why I did it for a specific Ammo cans, but that’s, that’s just me. Now. I’ve also heard of guys doing the same exact technique with the phone or on the inside for their primers. Now I don’t know if they did that because they didn’t want them to become more sensitive lessons.

5 (40m 0s):
I don’t know. I’m not sure why. Maybe they’re worried about dropping the Ammo can maybe that’s where they like to store their primers or whatever. I don’t know, but I have heard of guys doing this and putting their primers into their Ammo cans and putting them that way. Okay. You can also do things like putting a layer of cardboard around the inside. If you want to, that’s an option, even a layer of plastic around the inside and then a, a, the, the layer of cardboard.

5 (40m 34s):
Okay. Back and help with the moisture thing. If you have the silica gel packets in there as well, of course, you gotta have the silica gel packets. It’s really all kind of comes down to what you prefer to do another option for Storage. As far as Ammo goes, this is more of a kind of stand by itself, stand alone option.

5 (41m 6s):
Or you could use it with Ammo Cannes or really with umm, totes or anything you want to put your Ammo in is going to be something that me and my wife both actually enjoy using. And that’s our food saver. The food saver vacuum storage machines are fricking gold, absolute gold to any Prepper there’s. Things are just amazing.

5 (41m 38s):
There are very few preps that we have that we look at the way that we look at the food saver. Anyways, for example, you can take the food saver. You’ll want to get the, the heavy duty food saver bags, and you don’t have to have them.

5 (42m 9s):
You can use normal food saver bags of all you have is the normal food saver bags. That’s fine, but you get yourself some food saver bags. They’re great. Get the heavy duty ones you can basically, you know, you take to the ammunition. Doesn’t matter what the caliber is. Grab the Ammo and you can seal it up. And a little 50 round, 100 around 200 around 250 round little battle packs.

5 (42m 43s):
Okay. It does depend on the size of the ammunition though. Okay. Caliber size differences, all that stuff dictates how much, excuse me, how much ammunition is practical to put in each package. Okay. So, you know, like if you have 50, 45 caliber rounds in there or cartridges, whatever you want to call it in there, that that’s a lot of weight. Okay.

5 (43m 14s):
And it takes up a lot of space. So you want to keep that in mind. All right. Just, you got to figure out what’s best for you. Another cool thing you can do is those little baby Silicon gel packets you get, you know, like, I dunno if you take antacids from the store, anything like that, or, you know, various different little items that you been like a, I dunno, a refrigerator or a, you know, appliances, new electronics.

5 (43m 50s):
You always got these little tiny Silicon gel packets in him, his little, little packets. Okay. Keep those every single time you find one, keep it, keep on keeping, keeping, keeping, okay. You can you pop one of those and to each and every one a year, a little 50 round Hunter round, whatever battle PACS that you make a pop on those into every single one that you make. And that is going to protect that Ammo against any moisture they got in their, when you were a sealing it up, okay, this will help a lot more than, than you can imagine.

5 (44m 25s):
Trust me on that one moisture should be kept away and kept at Bay as often as possible. It’s going to be kept quite a bit, you know, back anyway because of the vacuum sealing process, but it never hurts to have a tiny bit of backup for any minor, you know, tiny little the air or whatever. The it’s still stuck in there. OK.

5 (44m 55s):
Anything you can do to keep that ammunition viable for as long as possible. Okay. It’s going to be to your benefit in the long run. Now, like I was saying 50 rounds of 45 ACP is having okay. As far as a rifle rounds go though, I prefer whenever possible to seal up my, my rifle rounds into 250 round packs, or sometimes I’ll do a 90 round pack, you know, three 30 rounders.

5 (45m 28s):
Right. It kinda just depends on what kind of, what kind of situation I might find myself in or what I want to do. Okay. And I can tell you right there right now, though, all the Ammo and it’s in my bug out bag, it is definitely vacuum sealed because if I have to go through a river, if I have to go in the rain, you know, and I don’t like being your coladas all that much.

5 (45m 58s):
Doesn’t matter if I get caught in the rain, my gun is a vacuum sealed and my Ammo is vacuum sealed. So I don’t have to worry about the moisture, getting to my Ammo my gun, which is a good thing. Now you don’t necessarily have to go that far. I’m I tend to be kind of overkill when it comes to these things, but well, you can’t hurt that bad might as well, might as well give it a shot.

5 (46m 33s):
Right? Let’s see. Sometimes, like I was saying, you know, 250 round pack of Ammo sealed up. That’s kind of heavy. Okay. So that’s going to be for more for like longterm. Storage going back to the 90 round packs that are sealed up. If you have your truck done, you know, like you’re a 15 year truck gun. If you got that and you’ve got three mags with it and one inside of it, obviously, then that’s formatics, right?

5 (47m 13s):
So you need at least one reload, at least one reload. So you want to seal up monitor 20 rounds, right? To put with your truck gun, all right. Along with your cleaning stuff, your sling, you know,

2 (47m 31s):
And the gun itself, the, any optics you may want to use flashlight, extra flashlight batteries. You may even want to vacuum, seal up a couple extra flashlight batteries in there for yourself too. Certainly could not hurt guise and just keep all this stuff in mind. That’s something that you don’t want to pay attention to until it’s a far, far too late, and we’re less than 30 days away from an election that could potentially be causing quite a few problems in this country on both sides.

2 (48m 10s):
The, I mean, I’m literally talking about both sides here. The whole thing is freaking nuts. So this is something we keep in mind. Okay. Need to be prepared for this stuff. You, you need to be getting ready for this stuff. This is a good thing. I’m glad that you guys reached out and asked for us to do a show on Stockpiling Storage Ammo okay.

2 (48m 45s):
This is a really good thing. Now keep in mind that you don’t have to have a food saver to store it either. You don’t have to have that food saver and you know, a vacuum seal it all up. You know, there’s no need for that. It’s just really, really nice too. Like I said, you know, I read that article about that guy whose dad had the lead infield, and then Ammo instead, the guys still shoot in that same Linfield and the same Ammo so were a hundred years old. So there’s nothing stopping you from Storage Ammo for a really exceedingly long time.

2 (49m 21s):
Okay. Keep that in mind. It’s a, it’s a very good thing to have a good stockpile of Ammo and having plenty of it, you know, keep in mind that a minimum of 500 rounds per gun is the bare minimum. You, you need a bare minimum of 500 per gun. Okay. 20 to, if you take care of nine mil, I don’t know if Suzy anymore, but you know that shouldn’t be that hard, a five, five, six, it’s going to cost you, but you can do, you know, so on and so forth.

2 (50m 2s):
Okay. And don’t diversify your Ammo so much that you have to stockpile and you know, or Prepper stockpile, if you will, 14 different calibers, because that’s just a massive logistical problem. It really is. But at the same time, if you bought a gun that you wanted to try for deer, like, I dunno, let’s just say two 43, you bought a new twofer for, you want to try it for deer hunting and you took it out when season shot it didn’t like it didn’t do what you wanted, sell the gun, you know, sell the gun off, but keep the Ammo, you know, I’m going to get any more money out of it than you would have without it.

2 (50m 47s):
So yeah, just keeping them off to the site. You may need it for components. You may want the powder out of the gun. Ah, the cartridges, you may want the bullets themselves. You never know. You could switch the brass. There’s a million trillion different options there. So don’t sell off the Ammo doesn’t even matter if you have the gun anymore or not keep all the AMA that you can. Okay. Anyways, I think that’s gonna wrap it up for me. I know it’s not quite one hour, but things get to wrap it up for me guys.

2 (51m 20s):
I’m a little worn out. So I’m going to relax. Hydrate. Tried to feel a little bit better. Thank you guys for being with me tonight. I appreciate each and everyone. You guys, please get out there and vote. Do it in person. Make your voice heard. Okay? Do not let anybody stop you from getting to that pole. All right. Get out there and vote. Vote, vote, vote. All right. This is the one. This is the big one guys. This is it. All right.

2 (51m 51s):
Anyways. Don’t forget to check out all the other shows on all the other nights, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, a matter of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, you know, you got my gum, got all the whole team there guys. So check all of this out. You’ll be glad you did. Hopefully when I’m feeling a little bit better, I will be joining you. You guys in some of the chat rooms and things like that. But until then, thanks for joining me. I’ll see you guys next time as we go deeper inside the gun metal armory, goodnight guy.

0 (52m 25s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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