November 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

A Time to Reflect; a New Year Ahead of Us

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With 2019 now upon us, we are now a new year, with new challenges and experiences waiting for us. In order to plan ahead we do have to look back. Look at what we went through, what we experienced. How we can better plan for those situations. Or even look to see how well we actually handled them.

So with a great year ahead of us. Let us reflect on the past to plan for the future. With some up and coming shows we are going to have a wonderful special guest but first to bring in the New year we will be doing a kids “Free-For-All”. The children of A Family Affair will be giving their insight, as well as getting off the subject as most children do. But what I want from you, My listeners, is too challenge us. Come up with any questions or ideas you would love to hear these kids answer or talk about. Remember that Prepping as a family involves everyone, even the littles. In an emergency situation everyone will have a role to play.

That’s right, lets see what these littles have to say on preppeing, and their prespective. My challenge to my listeners is to email, message, and ask them anything prepper. I know we all want to see how much they actually take in. Remember I have an email, facebook and I am even in the mists of putting together a show specific Instagram.

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