A.P.R. Announces…”Times are a changin’

Preppers Pointin moved up.
The Other Side moved back.
The Honey Hour moved up.
The Armchair moved forward.
The Hoss just moved on.

Confused? Tell me about it, but I think I got it down. Here is our new schedule loaded with some great shows, some new shows at times that may work better for you.
Join us for live shows in the interactive chat room at American Preppers Radio http://prepperbroadcasting.com
Miss a live show? Go to your favorite hosts show page for archives http://prepperbroadcasting.com/show-schedule/

Preppers Poitin Hour! Monday’s 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Central 7:00pm/Mt. 6:00pm/Pt.
“The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, join your host Chris as he talks about all things prepping, politics, disaster management, and maybe some humor. Controversial? Maybe. Intrigueing? Potentially. Thought provoking? Hopefully. Useful? Always. Chris will bring his decades of eclectic military and civilian experience to the table ashe sips the poitin with you and waxes poetic on prepping. Slainte!

The Other Side…A Preppers Path! Tuesday’s 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Ct. 7:00pm/Mt. 6:00pm/Pt.
Get ready for the prepper in you to celebrate life and peace of mind with host Lynna! A Preppers Path. The Other Side ……of prepping and life as a whole will be focused on YOU, by prepping the prepper with tips and trends relating to life and spirit, delving into topics addressing your spirit, emotional, physical and mental life. Be sure to find a comfortable chair and tune in.

Prepping with Goat Hollow! Wednesday’s 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Ct. 7:00pm/Mt. 6:00pm/Pt.
Doug, also know as Goat hollow on Youtube, says that he’s been “Prepping” for most of his life. He caught the sustainability bug in the mid 1970′s with his first “Mother Earth News” subscription, and it just stuck.
Always with great prepping ideas, great guests, and great conversations… He says his philosophy is to share, and learn.

The Armchair Survivalist! Thursday’s 6:00pm/Est. 5:00pm/Ct. 4:00pm/Mt. 3:00pm/Pt.
Kurt’s show will help you gain knowledge, it will be informative and is geared for the “urban survivalist” who just wants to keep his little piece of the Earth together. He can help you stay safe, well fed and healthy. Kurt will help you handle nearly anything that does, or could, lower your ability to survive. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he can tell you where to go to get it.

The Homestead Honey Hour! Thursday’s 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Central 7:00pm/Mt. 6:00pm/Pt.
The women of ‘The Homestead Honey Hour’ have many things in common. What initially drew them together was they each had a YouTube channel, where they discussed homesteading, preparedness, and self-sufficiency. They have partnered on Prepper Broadcasting Network because they see an opportunity to share their skills and abilities with many, like themselves, who are preparing for whatever the future brings. Current situations, both social, economical and geo-political, require a ‘no-nonsense approach’ to preparedness. These four ‘Homestead Honeys‘, Noreen, BexarPrepper, Katzcradul, and TheMrsVolfie, say “Bring it on!“, and are willing to lay down their, rolling pins, shovels, and canning jars, long enough to pass along sound information and answer some questions! So pull up a chair to their online kitchen table, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, and join the fun!

In Time of Disaster! Friday’s 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Ct. 7:00pm/Mt. 6:00pm/Pt.
In Time of Disaster is about what could happen, and how would you survive in the aftermath of a pandemic or other major global disaster, Covering topics from sheltering in place to surviving and rebuilding society. Your host will cover all aspects of this subject from beginning to end examining the alternatives that may be available to increase your ability to survive. Listeners with any question are welcome to call in during the show. Remember, no question is stupid especially if it is important to you!

The Eleventh Hour! Saturday’s 8:30pm/Est. 7:30pm/Ct. 6:30pm/Mt. 5:30pm/Pt.
The Eleventh Hour will cover a wide range of topics concerning the preparedness lifestyle. The show’s host, Mr. Smith, will interview guests from various fields of expertise that can benefit the preparedness community. From practical to tactical; we will provide information which will educate and empower our listeners. If you are interested in gaining insight on how to be better prepared, then join in the conversation. We encourage our listeners to become involved in each show. So don’t wait until the eleventh hour to prepare.

The Surreal News! Sunday’s 9:00pm/Est. 8:00pm/Ct. 7:00pm/Mt. 6:00pm/Pt.
Join us every week for a full thirty minutes of The Surreal news! Where our host Doug brings you the news that the “Main stream media” would rather not have you hear…. The stuff that they bury on page 56. The life is stranger than fiction stories, that make you wonder, if you are still living in the same world. Are you becoming certifiably insane? Or, have you simply entered the realm of…The Surreal News???


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