September 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 111)

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You are now listening to the Patriot Power Hour the newest show up.

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Prepper Broadcasting Network this live Episode features the situational awareness. You need to practice self reliance and Independence introducing your hosts. Ben,

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A break or a bankster and

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Sure. Deanne, the editor of future Folks we’re live September 15th, 20, 20 Patriot Power Hour back in your life. Ben, the break or a bank stirs Cochran with my cohost future. Dan, how you doing there, buddy?

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I’m hoping all the people down on the Gulf tonight have their preps in order. Cause they’re going to get hit absolutely big rainstorm, at least. What is hurricane Sally coming in tonight as we speak,

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You know, and we’ve talked about this there’s different levels to prepping, but even having just level one, preparedness, it pays dividends. Even if it’s just for comfort level, let alone the survival in a situation where you lose power for three days, five days a week, or have other issues from a natural disaster, let alone something to wear. It’s like a EMP like Dave Jones tries to prepare for that’s a new level, but do it in stages, do it in levels. So, but definitely a thoughts out to those people. And there’s the wildfires. I mean, there’s just so much going on with a little ANCOVA this year.

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So yeah. Preparedness is a new, it might be the, a word of the year for 2020, at least in our community. We’re saying, Hey, we tried to tell you so, but it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

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Yeah. And in those flooding situations, sometimes when, when you know, normal expectation is FIMA or the national guard, or at least local state authorities are going to come in and set up, right. They can come in and with some kind of support structure it’s supposed to happen, right? That’s that’s planned. But tonight, if it’s catastrophic flooding where

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You are, it’s not the preps in terms of material that’s gonna necessarily, you know, make you safer. Its the skillsets how you want to know to do a tremendous storm like that. If you weren’t able to evacuate and a lot of people, don’t

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No great point. And it’s just being even just mindful of, Hey, this thing’s coming to me. Maybe I should get outta town or Hey, there’s a fire, you know, five, 10 miles away. Maybe I should get out of here instead of just kind of being in Lala land. Like a lot of us are, you know, being guilty of that myself, but that’s what we try to do here. Patriot Power Hour not it. Especially the second segment is a new segment is hammer at home. Just keep hammering all the current events and how these trends are developing because it’s so easy to tune it out. And I’m guilty of that sometimes. But can’t do that.

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Whether it’s for preparedness or for the news and they really intertwined.

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Yeah. Meanwhile out West, we do have a lot of wildfire and a lot of reports. Farson we’re going to get into that. What it means across several indicators, not good news. There are a lot of people setting fires while more fires are going on. Like that’s deliberately putting stress on the firefighting capability, have to believe that there’s felonies resulting in these people are just caught by the authorities, Molotov cocktails into the woods nearby the set fires that’s happening right now.

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And I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that. Well, this is,

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That is disconcerting because if you think about it and I’m a risk I’m in risk management insurance. So I think C things go badly for a professional to handle that. But society is really held together by threads and all it takes as a very few percent and they can destroy pretty much everything. So you got that and people are starting to come on whined a lot by, but you also have some maybe terrorism or sabotage. How easy would it be for another state or another, you know, some other actor set, some of those brush fires or I’m still thinking other terrorist attacks could be pending to be honest.

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And that could come as a, as simply as staged shots and, and murders at, at a protest, you know, especially around election season. So that could be, you know, we do speculate a little bit here, but we must’ve tried to stick to the news. But what I’m trying to say is the environment is ripe, especially the heading of his election season for not just natural disasters, but manmade disasters that either looked natural. I E and maybe some of these fires or even COVID to, you know, the financial disasters as a manmade, certainly

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You got the storms, you got financial disasters, we got wildfires, you know,

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And just random, crazy people that are just losing it. And just setting fires like arsenal, just setting, brush, you know, massive walls. They start as brush fires, turn and a massive wildfires. Like you said, you never really seen that before. Well, when society starts to come on hinges or those kind of fringe, people will start really getting a lot worse, you know,

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It’s what six weeks to presidential election. So, yeah.

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Right. So we’ve got a lot of stuff adding up a lot of kindling and I see a little fires. I’m hoping we can extinguish it to some degree, but a lot of this, this is going to have to play out one way or another. She’s a lot of pinup energy there.

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I should do better research. Cause I’m sure there are people in this community preparedness, you know, community that talk about surviving wildfire. I’ve seen articles, I’ve seen him, but it strikes me that, you know, the decision to attempt to wait out a, a hurricane and the Gulf tonight versus waiting to see if the fire burns in your direction before heading out is not.

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It wouldn’t, you think it’s a much more severe penalty for being wrong, frankly, with the fire,

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That’s a good way to put it. It’s that variability or that extreme tail risk as much. I’m not gonna say much, much worse, but it’s definitely worse. On average for fire to hit your total destruction, you can still have, you know, you can still die and have massive property damage from hurricane, but being engulfed in a while, a wildfire. And thankfully that never happened to anyone. I know, but I did grow up in Colorado in pretty much forested areas in areas that I visited.

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Did you mention the fire? No, but I moved away in 2000 and the area where I lived in evacuated twice in the last few years, but didn’t burn down, did not burn down. However, a few of the kids that I knew and the elementary school there you did. Yeah. So my point is, this is pretty new, but it’s also just these fires happen. We’re living in these forests as well. That’s fine to me,

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The person in the West it’s like those people are burning down there that the land it’s like, there’s so many

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Factors at play. There is, it is really hot. There are those hot winds, wildfires happen. Some of the trees in the forest, I was taught this when I was like eight years old and they had the pine cones there and they’re like these pine cones only open up and a work after a wildfire. And the only happens every like a hundred years, but it literally like the forest regenerates every 50, a hundred, 150 years, we’ve been living in them 40, 50, 60, 70 years, right? Since world war two, a lot of these kind of suburb X excerpt. And we’ve been putting out the fires and We, and we haven’t been clearing the brush and we’ve been putting out the fires.

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So, and w some of it is like, hello, they should have happened battling management, and it just needed to happen. Some of it is crazy art, and it’s some of it’s just like, kind of unusually hot weather doesn’t mean pay all the carbon taxes Al Gore, but it is pretty damn and dry out. And then there’s other factors too. So, I mean, this is multifaceted. So that’s what we try to cut in the issues and topics this way. And it can sound verbose and kinda like we’re just pontificated and rambling. Sometimes we are, but there are a lot of factors that play and just looking at the wildfires, there’s three, four or five factors or more, but it all relates to, if you live in that area, you need to identify these factors and at least have some sort of plan to be prepared.

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You know, I’m sure many people will for forethought. And the last we do live in the mountains near the forests, you know, pur know perfectly well, how to get out. And I think they leave and they have two properties probably. And one of their properties is closer to civilization where they’re going to have a better opportunity to, you’re not going to see huge towns burning down. Right. But this a good point. But up in the rural areas, its, you know, you, you have to have a way out for, cause that’s going to happen.

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You’re living in, you know, a Western forest fire. Those major fires would happen in the East up until the sixties as well.

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And that’s crazy. No, I never really considered a thought of that, but I would think that it had to write and

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Yeah, I’m from the Northeast and they fought fires in the fifties. I met people who were released from high school to go, you know, volunteers who would go up and put them up, but they’d put those fires out. Right. And it’s a much damper climate anyways. So it’s not going to ever be like the Rockies.

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Sure. Yeah. Definitely a California is even more so, but no. Okay. Interesting. So one more quick tidbit, like the head of the Rocky mountain firefighting, like the PR was my good friend. I played baseball with the mother, but it was horrible because she had to give the news when seven to firefighters died on, on the mountain. It’s like 1998. It was really famous, actually a ton for a quick story. So yeah, go for it. So anyway, yeah, go for it

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In, in, ah, and I spoke about this on my daily audio cash Friday on September 11th, spoke a little bit about my personal background, what I was doing on September 11th. But yeah, I was an engineer officer and we did the explosive range, which the discovery channel film that I could talk about another day. But one of the finales of engineer officer basic course is a food gas bomb where, you know, 50 gallon oil drum is filled with flammable, liquid and seed is packed around it.

2 (11m 34s):
These were done in Vietnam to protect fire bases and it was a traditional distill set. One off, it blew out backwards, throwing this flaming napalm essentially into the woods. We rushed into the woods, the commander of our class, which has said, get your eTools. And I tried to put that fire out hats. The guys that fight

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Fires because within minutes of being near maybe a 10th, 10 by twin tens, a square yard area of a forest burning, I was getting choked out. It’s a hard job. So hats off the guys that actually guys and gals that go fight those fires. No joke. We’ll be back Patriot Power Hour The Prepper Broadcasting Network backed over the pier at the Prepper Broadcasting Network our mission has expanded and we have decided to use our influence to aid in disaster recovery PBN is offering up our airwaves to nonprofits and boots on the ground organizations that are affecting disaster recovery.

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The real people out there rebuilding lives from organizations that reestablish the supply chain to those who deliver aid and even organizations that rebuild shattered homes and lives. The future of disaster response does not lay in the hands of some government organizations. No it’s up to us. Disaster coffee. You only make sense that PBN would partner with disaster coffee, disaster coffee is selling outstanding coffee that is roasted to order and shipped right to your door.

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A portion of their profits will be directly donated to disaster recovery organizations like grindstone, ministries, healthcare ready, and citizens assisting citizens, disaster, coffee sources, top quality beans that are roasted to order you get coffee at its very best, but you also make a difference with every purchase disaster. Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort. Get

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Well, I didn’t think you had it in you on the Hawk. I’m better. Johnny lingo. Somebody just walked over the Hill. Grade five, not with you. A holiday I’ll bet. The deficit. We started the game. We never got to finish playful blood. Remember I was just fooling about I wasn’t to situational awareness of multiple threats indicators in one view, be prepared.

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Future Episode one 11 September 15th, 2020

2 (14m 54s):
News blitz straight off a future danger. This Tuesday night, calm one, got a outrageous sexualized, minor film controversy on Netflix, CNN interviews, Netflix CEO fails to ask any questions about it. As the, as the scandal rage rages, FBI claims Antifa is not starting a West coast wildfires carrying that under censorship because they said it before eight to 10 other arrests occurred news censorship, Twitter suspends the account of Chinese scientists who published a paper alleging COVID was created in the Wu Han lab.

2 (15m 44s):
After less than two days of having a Twitter account linking to her scientific paper, she was removed with zero explanation from Twitter, high school football player suspended for flying flags to honor nine 11 cops and firefighters police stay conditioned at school, the president and the CDC major controversy or a government statistics being falsified. If so, by who?

2 (16m 16s):
The CDC scientists or the white house, the debate rages this week, meanwhile, a $194 million in anonymous donations are funneled the Democrat party presidential campaign, all supposedly small donations from people mainly unemployed. How’s that make sense? Call them to black ops watch and for spying espionage, clandestine operation evidence indicators got a couple news article off of YouTube from a major meteorological and seismic forecaster, Dutch sensei asking the question on a directed energy weapons, starting the fires in California and Oregon.

2 (17m 6s):
It’s got some interesting analysis by video mystery, drone encouraged and reported over us missile battery in Guam Drive, or runs over a B on the BLM protester and breaks. Both of his legs, brutal political violence continues into the fall over a NATO tensions between allies and the Eastern Mediterranean Greece Turkey at loggerheads, France coming and backing up Turkey corrects in Greece.

2 (17m 41s):
And now news tonight reports that the U S is holding armored exercises near the Turkish border wi with the Greek army. Again, all The all these actors are NATO allies. How long does NATO survive? If any of that comes to blows, probably won’t with us tanks there in the Pacific. China said the booster, TJ commodity reserves as their newspaper tells their people straight up, prepare for war who Thies in Arabia strike the capital of Saudi Arabia, who Thies or proxies of the Iranians.

2 (18m 23s):
They striked the capital of missiles and drones. They’d done it before has an escalated, but it isn’t typical. And the president says he will put down an insurrection if opponent’s riot on election night or early for a warning of the indicator, insurrection declared, going to maximum alert, jumped up calm for, we get several earthquakes. Yellowstone gets a swarm of 91. Meanwhile, big ones in the sea off to Japan and Fiji birds dropping dead in New Mexico, potentially hundreds of thousands what’s causing that.

2 (19m 2s):
And again, wildfire recap, three dead in California. Bear fire two in Oregon is, and as many as 200 major fires, continuing to burn half a million people in Oregon forced to flee death toll later jumped up 15 across California, Oregon, and Washington. It’s higher tonight. Eastern Washington woman arrested for starting on a false fire man arrested on arson allegations in wildfires West of Eugene man scene starting fires at Oregon state park, California woman accused of intentionally setting fires on highway one Oh one, Oregon man, freed after starting Brushfire set six more.

2 (19m 46s):
The Molotov cocktails, none of those headlines on the Drudge report this week in the pestilence category. You way the threats Ebola in the Congo outbreak has killed 121. The newest outbreak, meanwhile, Glo global COVID-19 cases attributed to 19, a 29 million deaths check out the Gulf wind map from windy.

2 (20m 16s):
Show’s the eye of hurricane. Sally do that for all tropical storms, great map, great resource. And that eye is probably a hundred miles off the coast tonight right now. And finally an article I want to get into a little bit later. Ben precision breeding scientists creating gene edited livestock like never before now, column three economics job claims come in worse than forecast. Still many red flags in the markets, federal spending top 6 trillion for first time deficit tops, 3 trillion for first time, GDP debt to GDP ratio.

2 (20m 58s):
One 36% new indicator heating up much of a trailing indicator. We’re seeing this now on September. It was March when it really hit us. Americans are rating their retirement savings 401ks or getting rated. Don’t usually see that headline, but it is dire. Maybe people are checking out of the equity markets before crashes again, big economic test. Still the comm with corporate insolvencies firms widely could fail volatilities in the 20 fives.

2 (21m 35s):
Dow Jones is even for the night foreign debt held us debt held by foreigners is increasing us. Dollar is hovering near 93 on the DX Y dollar index and gold tonight Ben is night teen 61. How’s that strike you for a rapid our current situation.

1 (21m 59s):
Great news blitz as always. Should you Dan going to go ahead and actually go in reverse order and give a little bit of commentary. So I’m almost going to go comment all the way through. We’ll get some commentary commentary. I start with that 401k funds rated, as you said, a lagging indicator here, six months, and this data, a lot of state as you know, a three to six months. So, you know, it’s this past summer and it’s just being reported now. And that’s essentially worst case scenario because generally when you’re rating your 401k or taking a 10% penalty on some of that taxes and stuff.

1 (22m 36s):
So, you know, he can make sense and an emergency, you need the F those funds ASAP, but it isn’t really about an emergency operation. Exactly. So, I mean, that’s really a lot of the times, that’s the only way you’ll qualify one for one. Anyway, you have to qualify for you. This isn’t really your money until you qualify for it. By the way, real quickly wrap up the economics. We’ll keep going to sum all the other columns.

1 (23m 6s):
Can we

2 (23m 7s):
Episode without really talking about debt again, after raising the issue,

1 (23m 12s):
Of course not. It’s tough all the time, every time. Cause it goes up billions, every Episode

2 (23m 20s):
6 trillion, the first time ever,

1 (23m 23s):
That’s pretty insane. 6 trillion spent half of that. 3 trillion is borrowed a lot of it from the federal reserve. Some of it from China and some from the American people. Yeah. You could say we’re borrowing from ourselves. No, the government is borrowing from the people when the government defaults, the people are not going to get paid back. How by their treasuries or inflation, of course the stealth tax.

2 (23m 49s):
I wonder if we can get to 222 episodes of Patriot Power Hour while that is still less than $6 trillion government spending or, or I’m sorry, 12 trillion, double, double the, and everything will be just fine,

1 (24m 9s):
But I really want to help you find at that point. I don’t, I wouldn’t, I would not put it past as a, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens, but a dollar may not be worth a dollar in the future if that makes sense. So it may see some inflation there, but I don’t know if I’m not, I’m not making a bet on that, but we can definitely data mine. This for Episode to 20 to 2022, Episode one 11 tonight on a September 15 to 2020 real quick on the economic finished up, we’re still seeing 884,000 initial jobless claims.

1 (24m 41s):
You were telling me before the show, Hey, should I readjust this indicator? Because it’s red pretty much all the way through because of the record job losses on a gauge on the exact economic gauge, long story short in the near to midterm, it’s damn near impossible for us to see three, four or 5 million new jobless claims in a week because we’ve already lost so many. If we see multiple millions loss in a week, anytime, anytime soon, that is all muscle being cut off.

2 (25m 17s):
It’s the top of the charts scale. If I will tell you right now, as tonight, it sits on future dangerous set at 5 million, because at the peak it looked like we could possibly start reaching a $5 million a million.

1 (25m 30s):
Yeah. Right. Well right now, I mean, it could still hit 5 million in theory, but I don’t think so. I, well, I gotta set the gauge on there at this point. It’s like what used to be 5 million is probably like two and a half or 3 million now cut it in half. Yeah. Cause I’m not saying half people got laid off, but a very large percentage of people lost their jobs, so it’s not even possible. So anyway, back in, down, down that rabbit hole, I think he should adjust it in my opinion, maybe a two or 3 million to the far. Right. And keep that red pretty much where it is and 1 million or so, or even less anyway, going on, we talked, I talked a lot about wildfires already.

1 (26m 5s):
I’ll leave that be pretty much where it is. And as well as a hurricane, the precision breeding scientists, creating gene edited livestock saving for later we’re to talk about, okay,

2 (26m 18s):
Dig right into like what that, why is that bad?

1 (26m 22s):
Well, maybe it’s good, but maybe it’s bad. I mean it’s technology good or bad. Well, gene editing is that good or bad. That’s a whole debate. But does anyone even have that debated or are we just having foisted upon us? It’s just doing it exactly. That’s where my big problem is. So we are running out of time on the second segment. We’re going to be going to break, check out Prepper Broadcasting dot or Prepper a home for not just the Patriot Power Hour but multiple other awesome Shows here on the PBN.

1 (26m 54s):
We’ll be right back on the other side, covering this and many other topics. Patriot Power Hour stick with us. We’ll be right back. Well, Prepper Broadcasting, Network the six principles for a disaster preparedness. Use them to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster.

1 (27m 25s):
Find them and

0 (27m 34s):
It was right after the revolution, right after a piece had been concluded. And Ethan Allen went to London to help our new country conducted his business with the King, the English sneered at how rough we are rude and simple minded. Unlike that everywhere he went to one day, he was invited to the townhouse of a great English. Lord dinner was served. Beverages imbibed. The time passed has happened.

0 (28m 5s):
And mr. Allen found he needed the privy. He was grateful to be directed. Then relieved. You might say mr. Allen discovered on entering the water closet, that the only decoration they’re in was, or a portrait, a George Washington even now and done what he came to do and returned to the drawing room is hosted.

0 (28m 41s):
And the others were disappointed when he didn’t mention Washington’s portrait. And finally, his Lordship couldn’t resist and asked mr. Allen had he noticed it, the picture of Washington he had, what did he think of its placement? Did it seem appropriately located to mr. Allen drown and said it did Joseph was astounded appropriate. George Washington looks like this and a water closet. Yes, sir. Mr. Allen, where it’ll do good service. The whole world knows nothing to make an Englishman s**t quicker than the sight of George Washington achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators.

0 (29m 29s):

1 (29m 46s):
Patriot Power Hour Ben the breaker, a bank servers. One big note for everybody, by the way, as we enter the second half of the show, next week season finale, that’ll be the end of our summer season. We follow the seasons here at the Patriot Power Hour and fall Equinox. Excuse me. Yeah. Equinox. I almost call the solstice. Of course it’s an Equinox next week. Next Tuesday, 22nd of September will be live 8:00 PM Eastern 7:00 PM central for that season finale.

1 (30m 20s):
Look forward to that. In fact, I think we might even start early. I’ll let you guys know on social media is, but at a minimum we’ll be at live eight to nine. Might make it an hour and a half special TBD, but a season finale looking forward to that, it brings some special stuff to the table too.

2 (30m 40s):
Yeah, we should do a summer and review look at some of the unprecedented events and a try to draw conclusions on what has to be worse than that to really get our attention. Cause some of this is like a, the boiling frog metaphor. You’re just, you’re just being, you know, a Bijal Ally’s to a terrible, terrible news. And then things sneak up on you even worse because you kind of start to tune it.

2 (31m 11s):

1 (31m 11s):
Yeah, no, I think that’s actually perfect. You nailed it. This summer was it seemed like not much was going on. Cause everything, everything was cooking, police bacon. Well that, okay, there you go. But I was talking 90% of the other stuff. It was relatively quiet in the last couple of months. Writing social issues definitely started may and lasted the entire summer, but I was talking more of like financial emergency financial measures and potential economic collapse.

1 (31m 45s):
COVID problems real. We’ve seen some saber rattling, but kind of that next level between East and West, let’s just call it that. But I think it’s starting to gear up now compared to a month ago, especially two months ago. There’s a, it seems like there’s a lot more development on, on the news blitz. People are back from their vacations. I know every year I say this and maybe it’s old tripe, but it seems like once you hit labor day, that’s when stuff kicks into gear and that’s not even on an election year.

1 (32m 17s):
So I do like that idea though, kind of going back to summer and review what really did take place. What maybe did not take place that we thought if you went back to March or April, how we foresaw, you know, July, what did or did not take place as we thought and tried to get that kind of retrospective and then of course, focus on the future, focus on that next season, up into the winter and obviously the election.

2 (32m 42s):
Yeah. And Eddie at any point between tonight and the next Tuesday night, there could be some insane news that comes out and completely a obliviated need to do a retro

1 (32m 56s):
Perspective. That’s a good point. Yeah. We we’ll keep it flexible. Stay on our toes. I mean, there’s

2 (33m 3s):
A lot going on in this. A The both campaigns. And one of the articles that we read the headline two last segment where, where a foreign cash is coming in, could be just, just in plain sight, corrupt and a and D and passes because some portion of the media just won’t, it won’t even read

1 (33m 25s):
And so easily to the Barry. And even if they, you know, even if they weren’t intentionally doing so, it’d get buried with some of the crazy stuff going on. But long story short, all of the issues we were facing, almost none of them have been solved. And there’s been a lot of new ones over the summer. So we’ll definitely hit that next week. We the season finale heading back to future danger talking about now, finish up now, live in the now not the past, not the future, tried to do that, even though it is future And right now

2 (33m 57s):
You just a little bit of that precision breeding, where you just raised the lead to that article, it’s considered what the scientists are doing with that CRISPR technology. Right

1 (34m 10s):
Here we go. Scientists create gene edited animals has a surrogate sires to boost food production is that a London scientists have created gene edited, pigs, goats, and cattle to produce sperm with traits such as disease resistance, higher meat, quality, et cetera. And what they say is a step towards a genetically enhancing livestock to improve food production and continues to go on. Of course, read the entire article as a future and a Blinky to the source article that was published yesterday.

1 (34m 41s):
You know, I’m all about efficiency and seed food production, but there’s just so many other potential problems off of this.

2 (34m 49s):
Explain that surrogate sire. What they’re doing here is that they’re using CRISPR CAS nine. It’s a version of CRISPR, but Krista is the computer based gene editing technology. It’s a tool and they can slice and dice genetics and, and build forms a life or characteristics of life forms. They’re doing this thing called surrogate sires. It’s essentially a sterile blank slate that can be transplanted with STEM cells to produce the sperm necessary for the, you know, what would normally have happened through husbandry?

2 (35m 31s):
You, you, you gain the sires. I mean, there’s, there’s a champion bowls that have sired tens and tens and tens of thousands of offspring because they’re so genetically fit, right? This is doing it and, and, and slicing and dicing and creating sperm without there ever being the, the, the, the, the sire, their surrogate, just templates. And now they’re using it to impregnate, you know, to, to produce the offspring of a, of a father animal that was never there.

1 (36m 7s):
That’s pretty insane if you think about it that way, I think it totally replaces one of the oldest professions, maybe not the oldest profession, if you know what I mean, but one of the oldest husbandry and just kind of managing a flock, managing, you know, animals and trying to get the most efficiency by breeding them. That was actually breeding them. And, okay, this is my strongest male. Let’s make him a sire. There you go. That’s pretty honest face that works. There’s not much risk to that. Modifying the genetics at the core and that all of the stuff they’re doing here that hasn’t been tested before, that’s a totally unchartered waters for better.

2 (36m 44s):
So the conspiracy theory mantra stops really working when you start thinking in terms of covert warfare has always existed. It’s probably highly accelerated right now, and it’s hitting new dimensions that it never has been any before. And the fact that they can create surrogate desires with CRISPR means they can make bio weapons that are non-attributable to respiratory diseases.

2 (37m 14s):
And again, the, the, the scientists that published just yet another paper saying, that’s exactly what this was out of. Wu Han for COVID-19 is being a sensor tonight. But the papers there, you can read it off of the link on future danger with many others in the archive under the indicator labs, lose control or a pathogen pathogens. Yeah. So if they’re doing this to animals with CRISPR, why wouldn’t it be possible with a disease? And more importantly, if you’re reading a headline about this, where they’re doing this to the food supply, what a target that would be to covert bio wor, you know, you can, you can, you can do terrible things within this new, a new industry of precision breeding and bring a country’s food supply to its knees.

1 (38m 3s):
Well, and that’s honestly where I was going with it in my mind, like kinda worst case, or it could be either on purpose or accidental

2 (38m 10s):
Or combination of the two, or like wildfires tonight.

1 (38m 14s):
There you go. Perfect segue to what we’re talking on. The very beginning, almost nothing is one single variable. It’s a hybrid environment. Yep. That’s threats. Definitely. So it’s, I’ve in this case, I’m more worried about us not knowing what the hell we’re doing and screwing up just as a species almost in who knows what that can mean. Some plague that kills all of a certain crop, or, you know, kills off 90% of cows worldwide and, you know, meat productions out of. And like, literally if that happens, millions of people will start because the first world won’t start or they’ll just eat, you know, grains and other types of meat.

1 (38m 50s):
There’ll be the third world that will no longer have access to that kind of basic food because worrying it coz all the pigs, all the cows died off just, you know, one small example of what could happen. I’m a worried about that. You bring up terrorism or even state sponsored, you know, pretty much sabotage and biological warfare very possible, possibly what we saw with COVID. So now this isn’t just about making, you know, 20% more efficient factory farms. This is a lot bigger picture

2 (39m 21s):
And there’s a large share Prepper Broadcasting, Network listener’s, you know, are, are, are raising their own animals, obviously listen to the show.

1 (39m 33s):
Yeah, no, for sure. How many, here’s another reason too? How many hens of the right number of heads, right? You got that might as well, if there’s these other reasons,

2 (39m 41s):
Factories, corrupted, and, or incompetent and, or infiltrated by black ops at insert some kind of technology in, you know, edits gene edits to cause a, basically a blight, right?

1 (39m 57s):
Yup. That’s the word I was looking for blight more or less. What’s the word you use for crops?

2 (40m 1s):
I’m not sure if you use it for livestock, but whatever the correct word for the equivalent of livestock is a way that would be, you know, there’d be even more people pointing to the homesteading movement and saying maybe I ought to be doing.

1 (40m 20s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. So

2 (40m 22s):
You should have had, maybe I need to get a hold of basically organic and yeah.

1 (40m 26s):
Yeah. And that that’s where it really branches out to preparedness. And this is what I like about Patriot Power Hour we bring this news and then it’s up to, how do you prepare for it? How do you think about it? There’s different ways you can say, okay, I’m going to get an extra freezer and pack it full of meat. So some like has happened, guess what? Or if the price got to meet doubles and the next year, or for whatever reason, there’s a problem, this is, well, that’s what I’m saying. Like the very basic level, right in front of you, you can say, this is a reason to have a lot of cases.

2 (40m 55s):
You just don’t be a science.

1 (40m 58s):
Well, that’s like the level for preparedness as we use. In our example, for that, you need to go have a 50 acre ranch and do this and theirs, or maybe fortitude ranch. There’s a plug for you, but where are you on that continuum? And where do you see this at? Is the question to what we try to parse out, I guess you’re right. Absolutely. For a big picture. This is generational. Like what will this be in 20 years or 50 years from now has the question, but kind of at the high level, what, what would happen or excuse me at the micro level, what happens if beef becomes unavailable or meat goes up to three, a factor of two or three in the next year, maybe even

2 (41m 34s):
Just because of financial crisis, let alone this. That’s what I, that’s how I look the full spectrum kind of right, right, right. In front of you, but 20, 30, 50 years down the road too. Well, I, I’m going to look at it. Optimistically. We get, I just went to Walmart and I bought a product men’s grooming kit had like the things to clip your nails. All the stuff is a little, you know, personal hygiene had nine metal tools, all black of good quality.

2 (42m 5s):
And I looked at the package and it was made in America has made Georgia, but it was the best product I bought Walmart and years. And I just picked it up. Really? Yes. This seems almost unbelievable there. Right now, I was literally in the back of my head saying, why was it made in China where you get into the store before it was it wasn’t. So I’m hopeful that American ingenuity, local farms, local production will immediately spring to action. If a pollution or a corruption or a sabotage of our food supply comes about from precision breeding, because it’s has to be a covert by a warfare target.

2 (42m 44s):
I’d hope so. I’d hope. So. I still got faith in America, even though it gets bashed left and right. All over the place, we can have an American Renaissance. Maybe we’ll talk a little bit about that on the other side, what do you think let’s do it. Alright, we’ll be right back. Patriot Power Hour it to stick with us. Prepper Broadcasting, Network the six principles for a disaster.

2 (43m 15s):
Preparedness. Use them to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster. Find them and

0 (43m 32s):
These things you say we will have, we already have. That’s true. I ain’t promising them the next month. I’m just giving you life and you’re giving me life. And I’m saying that men can live together without a butcher in one another sad than the government’s are cheaper. Buy the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death, for all command, she to see you and solar is Arne. And your words of life, no sign the paper and whole the iron.

0 (44m 7s):
It must come from men. The words of 10 bearers, Kerry, the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet and the struggle of life or death, the Shelby life, situational awareness of multiple threat indicators in one view, be

2 (44m 32s):
Prepared. Future

1 (44m 50s):
All right, folks. Final segment, a hundred and 11th episode. Patriot Power Hour been the breaker a banksters follow me at bankster breaker on Twitter at a bank stir breaker and a future. Dan, where can people find you tell them you, you said it better than I do. Future danger. Six uses the numeral six. So a future danger, number six, all one word, no hyphenation or any of that stuff feature dangerous six.

1 (45m 22s):
And there’s not just future danger six, but you have some, a, what do you call them? I guess like 12 or I think there’s 12, but there’s a few other accounts you have on Twitter that also tried to keep a theme of some of the news and there kinda like blast the news out.

2 (45m 40s):
Yeah. The I call them bots.

1 (45m 44s):
You got, you got 12 bots that really aggregate the news. So the reason I’m bringing this up is a lot of people, especially to be honest, the younger generation, but not, it’s not always based on age, but if you use mobile devices a lot more than the PC, or you use Twitter app a lot more than you use, like Google Chrome to get your news, right. Well, follow those bots and follow a future, dangerous six. You don’t have to go to a future to get your news. You can just follow it on Twitter. There you go.

1 (46m 14s):
It’s right there for you. Bam. Click it. And it’ll take you right to the articles.

2 (46m 18s):
Yeah. Yeah. And the bots are set up to kind of categorize news. So you really, you really care about the financials and the other stuff that comes out of comm one and two, or call them for don’t concern you as much, you can subscribe to, you know, one of the bots and they’re all on a list that we got on Twitter. If you don’t understand how this works, you’re new to Twitter. Just hit me up at the handle that Ben just announced, feature danger, six I’ve guide you to them, but you can, you can kind of watch and aggregation within future danger of the stuff you care more about.

1 (46m 59s):
Yup, exactly. And to be honest, I obviously a future danger six, I follow, but I think five or six of your bots, not every one of them, but the great majority, but really, I mean, you find this stuff obviously, but a future and you can find all the social media on the right hand column, scroll down a little bit.

2 (47m 17s):
There’s a feature of the website though, that we should talk about. It’s not necessarily an indicator that we talk about as a threat, but it’s kind of odd. Some somebody might argue with what I just said, but a four about a year, maybe more we’ve carried a feed off of a Q Anon site. Most three recent posts from, from Q as aggregated. Well, the guy who

1 (47m 45s):
It’s just out it

2 (47m 46s):
As a financial kind of trader kind of guy living in New Jersey, somehow you got tracked down by some mainstream outlet and they devil

1 (47m 58s):
Really? Yeah. And it’s

2 (48m 0s):
Can on the website tonight. I got, and we were not cuing on promoters We, but its on the website because that’s a big, that has a sizeable movement that shares a common interest in most of the news on the future danger. So we posted it and it automatically fed. So right now if you go to the website, it’s it’s dead because that guy took the site down. Interesting. You got to remove that.

1 (48m 28s):
I think you put it right. It’s like whether it’s totally fake or totally true or something in the middle. I mean Q a non exactly. It’s moving the needle. People are paying attention and if it is fake it shouldn’t probably, maybe I’m not gonna say more important to follow if it’s fake, but who’s putting it out there. Why is it getting so much time? But if it has real, I mean that’s a whole nother level. Anyway, we got only like seven minutes left, even less when you put the time on, I want to cover a couple more articles, but I don’t want to leave, leave things, hanging with what we were covering kind of that American resurgence, a American Renaissance.

1 (49m 7s):
Even I feel like we can do it, but we’re almost to that point of no return. And a lot of ways I even just wanna focus on from what kinda like a cultural civilization society point of view, we’re starting to get to that point of no return. I still think we can have that a Renaissance and kick kick the crap out of all the competition worldwide when it comes to not just economics, but it’s sports and art.

1 (49m 39s):
Just like we’ve been doing proud to be American here. For sure. There’s a reason we would kick you so much ass, but we’re starting to fall off. We’re starting to slip. It seems like it’s fallen even quicker. I guess the question is, do you believe that there’s a point of no return number one, number two or are we there or are we heading their, or do you think just because of what America is not even from the constitution, but just is such a melting pot of people and ideas. And so many natural resources is such a big area that it’s some way or another America will still kind of come back, even if we’re corrupted at some point.

2 (50m 18s):
Yeah. Well I talked about the daily audio cash last Friday, you know, the country coming apart. There’s several major questions about how that could happen. And the security apparatus is so sound and intact. And I guess you could call it the deep state that how a breakdown happens. I don’t know, but moving through generational norms towards a new understanding of what it means to be American.

2 (50m 50s):
I’m not sure if that’s happening. I can tell you that when I was little, we had lost the Vietnam war and you know, we, we saw our Iranian hostages humiliated. We attempted a rescue mission and that failed out desert one and Soviets invaded Afghanistan. And we were in stagflation and then the eighties were better. And the early nineties weren’t and the late nineties economically boomed, then, you know, back and forth, back and forth.

2 (51m 26s):
These unprecedented interventions in central banking are probably what drive your viewpoint of, of, of point of no return in that sphere. And we talk about it constantly on this show, we are way beyond ever being normal again, but just socially as Americans and in pulling together, I think it ebbs and flows and this election is gonna definitely be a low.

1 (51m 55s):
Yeah, no, I know. Right? Hopefully hopefully it’s the very low probably won’t be. But I, I like where you’re going with that. When it comes, I talk a lot about money and finance and stuff, but I think from that, or mathematically upper river, so it’s like, okay, once the financial systems and solve it and we bankrupt and we go into receivership, hopefully we can come out of it because guess what? We still have tons of resources and tons of assets just because the banksters screw us over, put us into 50 trillion in debt. Look, we still have a lot of productivity here.

1 (52m 26s):
You just gotta think of it almost like war time. Like, okay, fine. You’re going to crash a stock market and everything’s gone fine while we still have lots of, you know, lots of powerful assets, militarily, factories technology. We can still come back from this, but in a way they’re convincing us that we’re falling apart and trying to make it kind of come true on that hand. Also, I don’t know. We’re running low on time. Again. Don’t want to go too deep down on this, but do you want to just wonder almost from, from a society’s point of view though, and I’m thinking of almost like the welfare state and the surveillance state and kinda the big Agra slash big pharma.

1 (53m 7s):
So those right there have their hooks in us and each one of them is kind of drawn dragging down the average American coming a little sicker, a little fatter, a little poorer or a little bit more of a slave, a little more surveilled. So add that all up. Even just the finances out of it. And people are becoming almost like meaner, shorter attention span, you know, addicted to all types of stuff these days. I mean, America’s never been perfect, but I feel like people are starting them regress. Hopefully I’m not being too pessimistic.

1 (53m 39s):
I still think we can come back from this, but it’s not going in the right direction. And a lot of ways

2 (53m 43s):
You had a lot of this networks dedicated to making sure spiritually financially, you know, materially skill-based you’re you’re you’re not letting that happen, right?

1 (53m 57s):
Yep. No, absolutely. You gotta look at it from all those different ways to you. Can’t just like, okay, I’m getting my finances and gear or, Oh, I’m only going to worry about my bug out bag or only going to worry about XYZ. You gotta think about a lot of stuff is a pain in the ass, but that’s life.

2 (54m 12s):
Yeah. And waking others up to it so that there’s more resilience and the society is what Jeff and commander puts out constantly and were a hundred percent behind that message.

1 (54m 25s):
Yeah, no, that’s like the next level. Once you get yourself and your family and your neighbor’s, then you got all, then you look at that kind of a metal level and introverted commander is a great example. There’s one guy busting his butt, got a lot of people that also wanted to bust their butt, brought them together. That’s what you got to do, whether it’s just yourself, you and your wife, just your family or an entire community all the way up the scale you gotta. And that’s what you got to try to do.

2 (54m 51s):
Yes. Skills-based is my, my focus point pay attention to as Network and people will tell you what it takes to do these things. Even if you’re not practicing, merely being familiar with a, with a knowledge base is a massive step towards doing it yourself in an extreme situation. So if you’re not practicing prepping tonight and you’re down in the golf or you’re out in the West and you have these problems, you might wake up to the idea that this year 2020 is the time to start.

1 (55m 28s):
Absolutely. Absolutely. So folks, that’s it for the Patriot Power Hour if you do Dan and have a good show in the box. Thanks a lot, guys. We’re going to make way for the next generation show coming up on PBN again will be live next Tuesday, September 22nd to none live one 12 Episode one 12 season finale. There’ll be a lot of fun until then guys have a good week. We’ll catch you later. Patriot Power Hour side and off.

2 (56m 7s):
I wonder if he’s a Mexican guy, margarita, listen to them. .

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