September 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

State of the Union with I AM Liberty

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture, starting at a very young age and still train all the way up.

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Well, come into this state of the union, PV and family. And I know why that sounded like chaos to you. I’m going to throw that link. Police charge the Antifa shield wall. Hard, not holding back on beating riders, Portland riots posted a one week ago. Yes. I overlaid that on my country. TIS of thee, because I’m going to be honest with you and straight up, when you see this video and you see the riot police come running full clip down the streets of Portland, which has been taken over by the insurgency that is spreading across this nation, which is insane to me because I’m telling you right now, I’m telling you right now, this movement, this, well, it’s not a movement.

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This insurrection doesn’t have very strong legs. I’m not saying we wait until the legs get strong, but I’m telling you, when you watch a video like this, when you see force against force, it becomes immediately clear what we’re dealing with. Now that doesn’t mean it can transform into something worse, but when you see these police come running down the street, full clip and smash into the wall of plastic shields, little, little toy shields that the Antifa creeps have made to try to look intimidating and your town and city be honest with me now, and be honest with yourself.

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You’ve seen pictures. There’s fear. There’s a little fear because there’s, there’s a power in numbers, right? So you see these people standing there with their helmets and their little homemade shields with their, a spray painted on it in your town or city, or I don’t know if you’re around that kind of stuff, but when you see it, you can’t tell me it doesn’t have an effect. You can’t tell me that, that stuff doesn’t have an effect on you. So what the other reason this video is so important is because it shows you, if you let the police do what the police are supposed to do in situations like this, these problems go away very quickly.

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I mean, I don’t know how many protesters there are here. I have to, I’m going to watch it again, just because it is such a lovely site. So you’ve got about 20 police officers who just run and smash and encircled his group with clubs and some have firearms. No, Nope. They just all have clubs actually. And you see them collapse in on this group in a heartbeat and there’s almost no resistance.

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There’s nothing, right? People are running for their lives, big, giant, fat kids running for their lives. And you know, they’re taken care of and the streets are cleared out. And that’s the point of the police. It’s a beautiful video, but it’s a reminder, you know, it’s this, it’s this stark reminder of, Oh, we’re not yet taken over as a nation. We are not to be intimidated. Even though we see these videos where people are in being intimidated because the worst of society, or at least the loss of society, or some combination of the, of the fall of those mentioned are running rough shot without law in order just totally running rough shot, doing whatever they want to do.

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And you know, it has been my, I mean, it’s hard, you know, it’s really hard because people are so terrified of violence, but there is, there’s very much, there is very much a need for violence at this moment, violence from the right side, not the right side, I’m not talking political. I’m talking from the side of people who are doing the right thing.

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Okay. Very much a need for violence. And when you see it and when you see the people who come to cause, listen, why are you coming to protest with helmets and shields? First and foremost, both things should be illegal when it comes to protests. But what a sight it is to see the police head down main ribosome rushed down main street, collapsed upon these monsters. Welcome into the, I am Liberty show folks, welcome into the prepper broadcasting network self-reliance and independence.

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A different kind of woke here at PBN. So let’s get right down to it. You know, we’re here for a state of the union. So, so let’s get right into a monologue here. These are unprecedented times. We have entered into a time in the nation. You know, you grow up. If you’re my age, thirties, forties, whatever you grow up and you spend most of your, your youth listening to the stories of other generations, tell you incredible things about world war two.

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They tell you things about the Vietnam war. They tell you things about the assassination of Kennedy, about the civil rights movement and what an amazing and unprecedented time it was. And for a long time, I thought to myself, that’s not going to happen. You know, the Wars, the Wars are over there. You know, they’re not, I am not going to be in the Wars over there. You know, maybe if things go really bad, my son might be in a war over there. But, but as for my generation, I assumed we were going to do battle with climate change.

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What else? Who wants to marry whom or what? And I thought, you know, when I was younger, that these were the extent of the problems that we would face, that we would be the cushion generation from the hard work of generations prior. Right now we find ourselves in, in, in eight months time, February morning remain. Yeah. Eight months time. We find ourselves in the most unprecedented of times that maybe the world has ever seen now is the time to figure out what your plan looks like.

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It is time to decide if where you are is safe. First doesn’t matter about food, storage, water, ammo, guns. The fundamental question that needs to be asked right now is, is where I’m at living, where I’m living right now, safe. Here’s the condition of the nation. Here’s the state of the union. Okay.

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From one statistic in particular, two thirds of all moves, all moves. Residential moves in New York and New Jersey have been to out of state locations. So two thirds of all people moving around, people who have decided I’m going to move in the state of new States of New Jersey and New York have been out of state locations.

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That’s a lot of people who decided the place that I’m living is not safe and it’s time to act. So it’s time to decide if where you are safe and will remain. So it’s time to contemplate how you will lead and drink and who will care for and teach and a lie with your family. Okay. Do you have those things?

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Are you capable of those things? We are. I mean, we are facing when I wrote all this down and I’m sure I miss something too, which is even more scary. We, I did, I missed war. I’ll throw it in there. Like it’s part of the list. We are facing massive issues in our nation. Massive unprecedented. That is the key word that I want everyone to understand your grandpop, your great grandpop, your great, great grand.

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Dad’s great granddad who fought in the revolutionary war. None of them have lived through anything like what we are living through and going to live through. I’m just telling you, you have to understand, I mean, you have to appreciate where we’re at. Okay. And if you, if you say to yourself, that’s not so bad, you’re right at the moment. It’s not so bad, but on the horizon, this is what we’re facing.

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We have issues in our monetary and financial systems. We’re about to adopt a system called modern monetary theory. That basically will allow us to print money until the consequences come home. Okay. Obviously that’s a, that’s a play for universal basic income. And you will see a time where the government is paying people. The government will pay people for doing absolutely nothing but being people.

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And while that sounds good to some, and they say, well, it’s role. It’ll give you bloody. They’ll also have the ability to stop paying you if you don’t do X, Y, and Z, because that’s what the government does. Yeah. We’ll help you out. Oh, you know what? You messed up though. So we can’t help you out anymore. You better do what we say because we’re your friends. When you do what we say, we’re facing massive issues in our monetary and financial systems, our agricultural systems, our justice system, our political system, unemployment confidence in elections, who has, who has confidence in this election, this coming election.

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And how does that play out? We’re facing massive issues. Law and order is crumbling. Trader is voices are flooding the avenues. And even how our children are to be taught is up in the air at best. We’re making moves in the South China sea we’re we’re. We were having dangerous passes on a day to day basis with Russian ships and Russian airplanes and airspace.

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These are unprecedented times. And if I’m going to do a state of the union, then I have to talk about them. I have to be honest with you and say, look, can we Regal free of all this? Maybe, maybe, but it’s going to be a very different world. It’s going to be a very different world. And I don’t know what that looks like. Exactly. I don’t know what that feels like.

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The only thing that I can really deduce for you is this, the time is now to start pooling away as much as you can from these systems, right? So in other words, try to own as much the things that you depend on that come from the government and from the systems that I mentioned, right? It is time now to figure out how much of that you can take on and how much of that you can own.

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Okay. Monetary and financial systems. That’s a scary thing. I don’t want to go and how to mitigate all these yet, but I am going to talk about how to mitigate a lot of these, you know, cause fortunately, and unfortunately this moment in time puts a microscope on the individuals. What it really does. You have a whirlwind from those who have a sown, the wind in past generations, right?

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We have the whirlwind to deal with. And in order for us to deal with it, we have to look at ourselves and we have to work on an individual level. We have to push basically as hard as we can towards self reliance and independence in most, if not all aspects of our life and those people who are far enough down the line, we’ll be able to deal with what’s coming. I think, I think, you know, law and order is going to be the real, the real big player in that.

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We’ll just have to see how far and how long they allow the streets to be filled with lunatics. You know, these are angry mobs of people and I don’t care if they’re peaceful mobs or whatever the hell the media wants to call them, by the way, lumped in with the issues in our nation, we have a completely and totally useless mainstream media that has, even though they are faltering.

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And even though they are choking on their own blood, as they die out, they still have a lot of resources and, and a great ability to affect culture in this nation. And they are as biased as can be. For years, I listened to people who were trying to scare me, trying to warn me.

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They were telling me a lot about this stuff that was coming down the pike. And we have finally reached unprecedented times and you need to be prepared. If you’re new to PBN, we have a vast collection of podcasts. We have. If you listen to them through a podcast provider, you can search the archives for anything you’d like, you can search the website for any topic or category that you’re interested in.

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We have probably one of the deepest, well, we definitely have the deepest podcast archive on preparedness. That exists period. There’s prob there’s nobody even close. I don’t know who could be even remotely close. Well, you know what? Maybe the survival podcast. Cause I think he does a podcast every day. He might have a deeper archive on, on prepping and stuff. But again, we do it through the lens of multiple hosts and multiple minds. And you know that there’s nothing like the prepper broadcasting network that exists.

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If you can’t find what you need there, you just contact us and we can help you. You know, we have prep, preparedness consultation services that are very affordable. We can put a plan together for you. I’ll use the minds of all my hosts and contacts in the prepping world. And, and you know, you may like, or not like what we have to tell you, but we’re going to tell you the best way for you and your family to be safe and to stay safe through what is coming. Okay.

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Everyone’s kits. The reason, the reason we moved to the idea of preparedness consultation in the first place was because of a revelation that preparedness is about as personal thing as it is, as it can get. Yes, you can do some things in preparedness across the board, right? Store rice and store beans. Make sure you have enough water to drink. Make sure you have a firearm to protect yourself. Make sure you have first day, these things are kind of universal. But when you get into the details of food storage, right, when you get into the details of what firearms you have on hand, when you get into the details of what you have to prepare your family personally, in a medical kid and you know, medicine cabinet, these things are all tremendously personal and based off of your particular needs.

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So having, we thought that having a, a, a service that recognize that would be very helpful to folks out there, particularly you, new folks who are joining us and listening for the first time, second time, whatever it is, you know, how’s that for a monologue what’s going on in chat chat room is up and running over an element that IO and they’re talking pressure canners and wow, Tony, that 23 court pressure canner is in full effect.

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I like it. So listen on tonight, show, we’re going to talk about a bunch of things. There’s, there’s a lot of the news. I want to do some news, kind of. I want to play the news a little bit. I want to play PBN a little bit. I want to, I want to do the state of the union here. You know, what is happening in our world? What is happening and how, how are you going to deal with it?

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That’s the question, right? How are you going to deal with it? You know, we’re blessed with a great listening audience that many of them are incredibly well-prepared. I mean, incredibly there’s always something else. So it seems like with prepping, there’s always one more thing. One other thing, one extra thing. All right. If you’re, if you are in the PBN chat, I don’t know if you want to see this or not. I mean, it is what it is.

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I just posted the video of the triumphant rush of police in Portland to smash Antifa and arrest them. And look, I know what you watch. And during the day, I know what you watch during the day you scroll through your Instagram and your Facebook feed. And what do you watch? You watch people getting beat up by BLM. Don’t tell me you’re not watching it. I had to stop watching it for a little while. I couldn’t take it anymore because let me, let me tell you the deal.

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Here’s the deal with, with the response to BLM and the Antifa and whatever the hell else is in the streets. You know, for our members, I just dropped the membership podcast that gave my full diagnosis, my full diagnosis on what makes up these mobs. And I think I was pretty pretty on the money, but people are reaching a point where they don’t want to take this shit anymore.

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Right? They’re tired of it. They’re ready to see the police come running down and smashing Antifa. They’re ready to see it, but it’s not happening everywhere. So some people, and this is the problem. Some people are heading out to do what needs to be done. And I’m not saying that that’s the worst thing in the world to do. It can be though. It might be for Kyle. I forget his last name. You just don’t know how, what was that?

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You don’t know how things are gonna play out. Sorry. One of my dogs just let out like a really angry kind of grown. I don’t know if he’s dreaming or if he’s upset about the fact that I’m doing this show, Bowzer bows are definitely just gave me a Bowzer growl. All that said, don’t take the bait to become one of these street opposition fighters.

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Okay. I know you want to stand strong for your nation. I know you want to do right. I know you want to protect the weak and all those things, but the reality is there’s a way to handle this and there’s a way not to handle this. Okay? If you can’t show up with sufficient force, then I don’t even think it’s worth it. And I don’t know how you gather this kind of force, but the way I look at it is as follows.

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If I were to be in a situation like that, okay, let’s say here in Richmond, the riots got worse and worse and where we haven’t had them in in days, it’s pretty much cooled off here, but imagine they get worse and worse and worse during the election. Okay? Hundreds of people, downtown Richmond, breaking and burning and looting and whatever. The only way I would respond to something like that, civilian wise is first and foremost, if I knew the police were out of the game, the police in Richmond, I think have been great.

1 (24m 39s):
All Richmond there’s, who were involved or remotely involved with what has happened between police and protestors point to the one day. And the one time when the police shot off cans of pepper spray to earlier, whatever, I don’t know. They’ve got the date written on flags, and we’ll never forget that day that you, they always post the video brutal, brutal to watch. But if they weren’t standing strong, if my idiot mayor and my retarded governor, which I know I’m not allowed to use that word, but it is what it is.

1 (25m 19s):
Couldn’t get their act together. And you know, they burnt the mansion down or whatever. I think the best way to handle these groups of people is to show up with an overwhelming force of bodies. It doesn’t have to be weapons and arms, but just understand the concept of overwhelming force because that’s where, that’s where the intimidation is happening to the average American cause the average American is alone and does not have a group of people to help and support them.

1 (25m 52s):
The average American is driving to work alone. And when they see 20 BLM, Antifa thugs on the news, hitting somebody, they go, Oh man, I can’t do anything against that either. You know, I don’t want to run it somebody over, but I also don’t want people climbing on my car, breaking my windshield out. So I think the way that these protests should be dealt with, if it turns out to be you’re in a situation where, you know, it’s, it’s hopeless and the police have lost because they’re not allowed to do what they need to do, or they’ve just decided to quit because of the work conditions.

1 (26m 26s):
I mean, have you ever thought, have you ever pondered that how many police do you think go home at night saying I do not need to do this job. We can move, we can move. I can go into a different line of work. I mean, I’m not making $200,000 a year here. So when you consider all that, right, I think the way to handle things like this is to show up with about a thousand people, about a thousand citizens, whatever they want to carry is up to them.

1 (27m 1s):
You know? And, and that’s a very hard thing to come by. I understand that, but I just want your mind on that. Don’t be bait. Don’t go out there with five of your buddies against 25 people, wind up shooting, killing somebody and going to jail. I get you want to protect property and things like that. I’ve even heard that insurance isn’t covering some of these buildings that have been just hollowed out from inventory and fire. That’s astounding. It’s astounding to me.

1 (27m 33s):
I have a hard time imagining a 10 year recovery from something like that really do. I have a hard time imagining America coming back in a decade. It’s just, I can’t imagine where these people go. These people in the streets that are calling for the death of police, these people who are yelling about locking up Jews, these people who are yelling about, you know, all the problems in the, in the nation or because of the white man, where do they go?

1 (28m 11s):
Where do they go? If, if this thing is calm down and cooled off, where do people like that go? Are they just relegated to a day job where they look at you with disdain and spit in your tea and you know, all that just to get back at the evil white man or the evil Jew or the evil cop. I mean, I don’t understand where they go. So it puts us in this precarious position, folks, that’s all.

1 (28m 44s):
And in situations like these, I think you have to wait what it is. Your plan is going to be what it is. Your plan is going to be the other big issue that we have to touch on. You know, this is all without pandemic concerns. So in other words, the average American who is not yet decided they’re going to kneel for a cause that is as fractured and as varied as whatever the hell is going on in the streets of the United States and whatever the hell is being done by BLM for those Americans out there have to decided, you know, no, I’m not, yes.

1 (29m 38s):
I don’t want to see police kill people who don’t deserve to be killed, but no, I’m not going out in the streets in the middle of the night, peeing on people’s property, throwing bottles at cops. I’m not kneeling down. I’m not putting my fist up in the air in solidarity with a racist movement, right? When you put your hands up in the air, in the black power symbol, what, what are we doing? What are we doing?

1 (30m 11s):
It is interesting. The situation with race in America, the situation with race in the union today is very interesting. And it’s very interesting from this stand. Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t racist white people in America. Okay. But what is very interesting is that we haven’t. And I say, we, when I say we, I mean the collective, I mean all peoples in the nation, right?

1 (30m 43s):
The what makes up the body of the nation, be them legal, illegal, whatever color, what you know, what is interesting about America’s problem with race is that we collectively have not decided and have not agreed upon the fact that racism is bad. We’ve not come to this conclusion.

1 (31m 14s):
The majority has come to the conclusion that white racism is bad and should be avoided at all costs. Right? Pretty straightforward, pretty simple. We have not decided that all racism is a bad thing yet though. We have not decided that all supremacy is a bad thing as a nation. That’s a problem. The problem is racism. Undoubtedly, the problem in this nation is undoubtedly racism.

1 (31m 53s):
But you know, the, the, the tributary, I guess, to that problem is the fact that even if we were, even if we were to, to find a way to measure white racism against other races in this nation, and we could, one day say it’s official, there is no more white supremacy. We’ve achieved our goal. There is no more white racism against blacks, against Hispanics, against Asian, whatever.

1 (32m 28s):
There’s no more white race. We have yet to agree as a, as a nation that racism against whites is a bad thing. We have yet to agree that supremacy in the black community is a bad thing. Just listen to the protesters. I’m not making it up. I’m not pulling it out from some place that doesn’t exist.

1 (32m 59s):
Right? If we exist in a world where one of the biggest, biggest corporations on the planet, Disney has the ability to put a film out called black is King don’t tell me what it was or what it was in or how it is or how it isn’t or what it’s supposed to be or what it’s not supposed to be. I don’t want your bullshit. I don’t want your explanations. I know who, and what beyond say in her husband are all about, I know why the title black is King was chosen.

1 (33m 40s):
Do you know why it was chosen? Because they believed that black is King what’s. What’s so confusing about this. So what do white people tell their white kids? What does that mean? Dad? Black is King. Well, I don’t know. What do you think? It means? It’s some shit that should never be said. White is not King. Black is not King. Brown is not King because first and foremost, there are no Kings.

1 (34m 14s):
At least that’s how it should be. And cutlers should not be Kings either. You know? But that’s another big issue here in Congress. I don’t want to go down the litany. Let’s do something fun. Can we do something fun? I want to remind you guys that we have been green-lighted for the tinfoil hat competition at prepper camp. And I want to do a tinfoil hat competition. For those of you who are not going to be at prepper camp, this is a big deal to me because I think this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

1 (34m 50s):
There’s a lot of people out there doing competitions and that’s cool. You know, whatever the guns, the, you know, the facial hair though, you bug out the, I don’t know what the hell people do, but there’s always some kind of fun competition, right? And there’s nothing wrong with it. They’re great. But I think who, I don’t know who said it, but whoever said, it’s really struck gold when they said let’s do a tinfoil hat competition. I’ll have to go back and listen to the episode.

1 (35m 20s):
So that’s coming and that’s coming real fast. It’s nine to 2020 folks. We are 22 days away from prepper camp. And we’re going to have that their competition for members. I want to talk about this real quick. We’re going to do something unprecedented because it is national preparedness month because we are having a prepper camps situation. And it’s going to be a hell of a time today.

1 (35m 54s):
I received just happenstance. W well, if you didn’t go to the website and see the surge reviewer to our YouTube channel, go see the review of the surge by three V gears. A great bag really is really is a a, I mean, where it really stood out for me. Hold on one second. Oh, I think I got, I’m sorry. I had to SWAT a fly. There was a fly that was just enjoying the show too much on my computer screen. Anyway, this, this surge bag from three V gear is maybe the most perfect hydration.

1 (36m 32s):
Bag it. Adventure bag for your teenage son that exists. I mean, I used it for a couple of weeks. I was impressed with it. I said, you know, this, this is a simple bag. The hydration bladder system is really good. The pockets are really interesting. The bag itself is very spacious, but very light and easy to carry. But my biggest takeaway, aside from it being a great scouting bag, you know, a great day trip, stay hydrated, pack some food pack, a few survival odds and ends and, and just be good to go and be light on your feet.

1 (37m 10s):
And moving. I came to the conclusion that, man, this is, this is for kid. This, this thing, not that it’s a kid’s bag. You know what I mean? This is a hard thing to convey. I’m not saying the bag is for kids because I used it for two weeks and it was great. But man, it’s got all the features. You want your kid to have some secret pockets, some great storage, lightweight, tons of opportunities for them to carry water, hold water, refill water. There’s a whistle on one of the belt clips, which I absolutely love for kids in the woods, real whistle to quality, you know, and it just really stood out to me as, as the sort of bag for my son who is now nine years old, volcanic.

1 (37m 58s):
And Chad says, she thinks Jafer came up with a tinfoil hat camp. That sounds about right. That sounds about right. So there’s going to be prizes for that, man. It’s going to be cool. We’re going to do some kind of prize pack and we’ll also do some kind of prize packing and tinfoil had competition for the folks here at PBN who do it as well, what we’re going to do for the members of this month. Okay. And you can become a member of this month and I, you will be included in this.

1 (38m 29s):
I just got two new bags from three V gear and we’ll talk about them in another time. One is called the Sentinel. And I want to say it’s a, it’s a, could be a S I can’t remember. I think it’s a 50 liter backpack. You know what? Let’s bring the website up. If we’re going to talk about it, we might as well talk about it. We might as well talk about it. I’m going to bring this site up and take a quick break.

1 (39m 0s):
Cause I think, I think we got family home at the moment. So I’ll bring this three V gears site up. We’ll look into these bags. I want to give you the right names and stuff and, and sizes and all that. So again, hang tight and we’ll be back

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1 (40m 51s):
Oh, right back to it. That time that we were on interrupted by the video. I can’t wait to hear how that video in the background of that sounded though. So let’s talk about these two real quick. What I received from three V gear was the shield. This is part of their red line series, a new series of bags. It’s an antitheft backpack. The design on the, on the red line shield is I’ve never really seen anything like it before, but it’s, it’s really cool.

1 (41m 23s):
Your main pocket is basically hidden. There’s a smaller pocket. We’re not going to do a review here, but we’re going to talk about these things. The main pocket is essentially a hidden pocket in the way the bag is constructed in the way it looks. We also have. So we’re going to review that, but we also have a 50 liter internal frame backpack called the sovereign. It’s a Mondo. I mean a Mondo it’s, it’s a gigantic bug out bag.

1 (41m 55s):
You know what I mean? That’s really what it is. It’s a gigantic long distance bug out bag that you could just load up with all kinds of stuff, web on the back web, on the sides, you can attach all kinds of things to it. It’s a cool bag. So I’m going to, I’m going to play with all of them. I’m going to carry that shield around for a while, put it to work. And then I guess I’m gonna have to do some kind of long distance hiker, something to that effect. And whichever one I find to be the most effective for preppers, we’re going to do a giveaway for our members.

1 (42m 32s):
So if you’ve, if you’re a member first and foremost, thank you very much. Thank you for the support. You know, we are quickly approaching nearly 50 members here at the private broadcasting network, which is first of all, it’s for me, it’s unbelievable. I remember listening to people talk about, I have a membership website and I was always like, how on earth do you even begin to get to that point? Where people become members of what you do?

1 (43m 2s):
You know, it, just, to me, it seemed impossible. So I really do appreciate you guys. It’s, it’s an astounding opportunity that we have here at PBN for the members. We’re going to do a giveaway of one of the two bags. We’re gonna fill the bag with some goodies coffee, I’m sure. And some other stuff and ship it off to one lucky member.

1 (43m 33s):
So that is something I’m very excited about because I get, when I get an opportunity to give back to you guys, it’s a big deal. If you’re out there listening, and you’re saying to yourself, I sure would like a nice, gigantic bug out bag of a really cool gray man backpack. I don’t know what to tell you. Aside from all the benefits. Aside from that, I just recorded an episode of hammer talk, finishing up our blanket pin on the blacksmith thing. Anvil.

1 (44m 5s):
I posted a video earlier this week. We’re migrating all the Patrion content over. We’re doing the searchable transcribed podcasts. We’re doing a load of stuff for members only. You know, we just did. Our members only podcast on Monday was a Monday or Tuesday. I think Monday, I think it was Tuesday. Member’s only podcast out on Tuesday, it’s growing and it’s going and it’s going and it’s gone.

1 (44m 36s):
You know what I mean? If you want to be a member and you want to take advantage of all that, I’d highly recommend it. And you will also be in the running for whichever one of these bags we find to be the most effective for you guys. You know, it’ll take some time. I’ll have to do my due diligence with each one to see what, what they’re all about. I’m kind of leaning towards the sovereign because it’s so big because it has the internal frame and it feels like something you’d be able to put to better use.

1 (45m 7s):
But then again, who knows, maybe we’ll do a vote. We could also do a vote, something along those lines and see what percentage is looking for something like a gray man backpack, like the shield or like the sovereign. So that’s, again, members only if you want to get into that, Jen in chat says their outlaw bag is pretty cool. That Outlaws Slinger is that’s my thing, man. That’s what I use every day.

1 (45m 38s):
Absolutely. Every day. That’s the one that I’ve used to a tote. The children go to this place in that carried prepper camp last year. I mean, that is the bag. That is the EDC bag for the Intrepid commander. It’s perfect. It’s perfect for me. Okay. Well let’s do one more fun thing before we dip back into the nightmare. Actually, I don’t know if I have anything else.

1 (46m 11s):
Unfortunately. What else do we have? We did our tin foil hat, by the way, if you need inspiration, just search tin, foil hat, and you’ll be inspired. Okay. So if you’re thinking crumpled up on my head with a, with a post sticking up to catch the radar signal, I mean, that’s one way to do it and I wouldn’t hold it against you. I’d probably be more, more impressive if you created some kind of propeller on top, but go see what others have done.

1 (46m 45s):
Okay. We’ve talked that I guess we should really get into this issue with the COVID 6% right now it’s easy. It’s easy, right? To fall into line with your group and your tribe and attack the problems of the day as a tribal warrior, rather than a rational thinking human being. Do you understand what I mean by that?

1 (47m 17s):
So in the streets we have tribal warriors, not really warriors, but you know what I mean? We have tribal peoples in the streets and they’re running on this of tribal anger, this sort of mob mentality. My side sees it this so way and I’m going to scream about it in your face. And I’m going to scream about it on camera. We’re going to do chants and we’re going to do this. And then we’re going to look at everything through this lens, the tribal lens and everything that happens. We’re going to look at, look through this single lens and how it goes.

1 (47m 54s):
That sounds bad. We see it in action. It looks bad. I’m telling you right now, you’re just as capable of looking at life through that same lens, through your own little tribal lens, right? I’m a prepper, I’m a conservative, I’m a, this I’m a, that a homestead or whatever it is. I have this political leaning. So I look at things this way and it’s real easy to take, to stop being rational and to stop taking these big things.

1 (48m 28s):
Like what’s really happening with the pandemic and look at them rationally rather than saying, I told you I knew it. I told you the whole time I knew it. These masks, I knew these masks were horse shit. I told you. So what I’m trying to do is with the big issues, you know, the big money issues. I’m just trying to be rational. I’m just trying to look at them through the lens of, of rationality. Okay.

1 (48m 60s):
And what I find is that when things are published and they’re published in mass, the truth usually is somewhere in between. So the 6% issue with COVID right on the face of it, who comes out, I’m sorry. CDC comes out and says that 6% of cases, 6% of deaths, rather of the total, only 6% presented COVID 19 only.

1 (49m 37s):
Okay. So those who stand in opposition to depend at MC and I’m talking from a tribal level almost right from this tribal mentality, that at some point along this ride, you’ve decided the pandemic is a fake and no matter what anybody else says, that’s where you’re going to stay. Okay. And look, it’s been hell dealing with this thing and it didn’t have to be so much hell.

1 (50m 13s):
And we figured out it doesn’t have to be so much hell already, but it’s still hell. So for those of you out there is saying, why all the hell you’re right. You’re a hundred percent, right? We’re going through way too much. Hell for no reason, all that sit, you take a story. Like the 6% story. And everyone says, okay, only 6% of people really die from COVID. The rest is horseshit.

1 (50m 43s):
The rest is a crock. I do it. It’s a fake. I knew what I told you. Okay. That’s one tribal side of the argument then Falchi and his tribe come out and they give their tribal side of the argument, which is no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Everybody who died, died from COVID. They just had other things. Everybody else who died, died from COVID. They just had other things. So those are kind of the extremes, right?

1 (51m 16s):
Those are kind of the extreme. So you look at a situation like that and it’s easy to fall into one of the two sides, right? It’s easy to fall into one of the two camps I knew COVID was a hoax. Congratulations. You blew up the whole nation for no reason. No, no, no, no, no, no. COVID could kill everyone at any given moment. It could mutate and destroy the whole world. What you need to do is shut up, follow your orders, put your mask on, stay at home, cowering in your basement.

1 (51m 46s):
I’m trying to find the middle ground on these things. It could be. Cause that’s where the truth lies. And what it looks like to me is rationally. And this may not be something that blows your mind, but this is what it looks like to me. If you go into the hospital and you’ve got COVID 19, and you’re a healthy person, you have a very low chance of dying. I mean, remarkably low, you know, to the point where it’s, you really are fighting the battle of, let me not kill someone with a preexisting condition.

1 (52m 27s):
And we’ve got to figure out what that battle really looks like. Do we shut down an entire nation for that battle? Or do we put some of the responsibility on the folks with the preexisting conditions? Okay. I know that sounds mean and heartless, and I understand, so from a rational standpoint, you say that right only 6% of the deaths were people who had COVID exclusively, no heart disease, no hypertension, no emphysema.

1 (53m 4s):
You know what I mean? None of that stuff, diabetes, whatever obesity. So what it tells you is, yeah, if you’re healthy, there’s a good, a great chance that you’re not going to die from COVID-19. It doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. I mean, I have a community member who is a doctor in a hospital and he sees sick young people with COVID-19 a lot.

1 (53m 35s):
And this is what he sees at a hospital. So whatever you want to believe about whatever you want to believe, I’m going to take the advice of the guy who’s in it. You know, you’d much rather take the advice on the war in Afghanistan, from the guy who just came back from Afghanistan, then the keyboard warrior who tells you no, I think they’re just doing this over in Afghanistan. I’m telling you I have sources. So yeah, I’m going to take his word for it. There are young people getting sick in the hospital from COVID-19 it happens, but the deaths, the deaths have been misleading and they’ve been mislead misleading because of the fact that 94% of people who died, they had problems man of varying degrees that were probably exacerbated by COVID-19.

1 (54m 27s):
Okay. So when you see, when you see, if you haven’t seen, you probably already have seen, but when you see the issue of COVID-19 and 6% of people, only 6% of the number were true deaths from COVID-19. You don’t take the rational Avenue, take the rational platform and say, okay, you know what? This does is helps me better understand the situation. This helps me better understand my personal risk.

1 (54m 59s):
And to be quite honest, this helps us understand where we need to go a little better as a nation, right? So that’s the 6% story I’ve seen it portrayed to both extremes, rarely down the middle, rarely understanding what it’s really all about. And when it comes to all this stuff, man, you have to fight for that middle ground so that you can understand what in the world is happening.

1 (55m 33s):
So you can understand what in the world is actually happening around me. Because again, it’s not even just the mainstream media, you know, it’s easy to say mainstream media, mainstream media, mainstream media, but the reality is, man, look, the guy in his dorm who was writing content and getting paid to do it by some quote, independent publisher, independent journalist outlet, they have to worry about keywords to everybody on the internet.

1 (56m 10s):
Making news has to worry about keywords to some degree or another. And if you don’t, if you don’t worry about keywords, and I know this is a whole different topic now, but if you don’t worry about Kibera keywords or words, that show up on search engines, when you write something, then there’s a good chance. You’re not going to make any money. And you’re probably going to go out of business. You know, we at prepper broadcasting network, don’t utilize keywords very much.

1 (56m 41s):
And the reason we don’t do that very much is because I do most of the writing. I do most of the writing and I write keywords all day. I know what the popular keywords are, but you know, a lot of them are tough. A lot of them are kind of boring. You know, I don’t want to get in keyword battles. When I get a chance to write for the prepper broadcasting network website. I want to write what I want to write because we make money through other ways. But if you’re, if you’re a media outlet and you’re even if you’re independent, quote unquote, and even if you were, you know, one of these places, that’s trying to even trying to make things better.

1 (57m 22s):
You still be holding the keywords in Google because people have to find your work. If they don’t find your work, then you can’t sell advertising. And if you cancel sell advertising, then you’re just a guy in his basement, writing articles. And Hey, maybe if I’ve been that guy and if that’s satisfying enough for you, then that’s good, but you can’t make a difference that way. So this idea that only the mainstream media is putting out this information is it’s not true. You know, people are going to go with the keyword.

1 (57m 52s):
And if the keyword of the day is 6%, you know, whatever, the 6% side is only, only 6% of the deaths recorded or from COVID-19, right. That’s not really a true headline. And you know what else is not a true headline? 180,000 people have died from COVID-19. So somewhere in the middle, it’s somewhere in the middle, you know, it’s not easy, but if you want to make money, if you want to be in quote unquote media or quote unquote, journalism, you gotta go for the banger.

1 (58m 32s):
You got to go for the bang or you got to go for the headline, the key words, the shock, the awe. And that’s, there’s a problem. There’s something very wrong with that. I mean, deeply wrong with that because that’s not what journalism is supposed to be. Okay. Where else we go in tonight? The chat room has been just heavy homesteading talk tonight, heavy on seeds, heavy on canning, heavy on fruits in season.

1 (59m 7s):
They were talking about apples earlier, made me start to think about Apple picking with my family, which is right around the corner. Well, you know, we probably could pull it off right now. Can I pause for a drink of water? So what is this? If we touched on the state of the union, what does the state of PBN, what is the state of the prep broadcasting network and how can we, how can we be of service to you? The listener, right? We know that we’re dealing with a variety of issues.

1 (59m 39s):
We’ve talked about the monetary and financial system failures, right? We know that it’s only a matter of time. Well, two things, number one, modern monetary theory has been in play in this nation for a very long time. I know earlier in the show, I said, we’re thinking about moving into a situation like that. We might be considering, we’re almost, we’re going to be very soon or whatever. I said, the reality is we’ve been in modern monetary theory for as long as probably I’ve been alive, right?

1 (1h 0m 12s):
We’ve been printing money at breakneck pace with no game plan to pay it back for a very long time consequences be damned, but there will be consequences eventually, right? So the way that the state of PBN, the way that you use PBN to mitigate that, as you start to study things like cryptocurrencies, you listen to Stephen men, Kings economic reports, and you start to consider putting some of your money into gold and silver so that when the U S dollar tanks, which it has to, at some point, you don’t find yourself at $0 and 0 cents.

1 (1h 0m 56s):
You don’t find yourself looking at that retirement money and going, Oh, well damn, I’m in trouble. Now we talked about the struggles, the food shortages, the agricultural systems, you know, our agricultural systems are under attack in so many different ways. The corn situation is going to affect feed prices, which is going to affect meat prices.

1 (1h 1m 26s):
We’ve had multiple years of short harvest, struggling, struggling, struggling. On top of all that we have a very real movement to do a way with factory farming, to do a way with agricultural systems that feed all the people in our world. And just like in the streets, we want to defund the police, but we really don’t have a plan on what comes next. It’s kind of the same idea, right? Get rid of all the cows and grow soybeans, feed the world on soy.

1 (1h 1m 60s):
So to mitigate that, you do your due diligence. You search our archives for content about suburban homesteading and homesteading. You can ask us questions. If you’re in, you can come to our chat rooms and ask us questions about homesteading and suburban homesteading. Really. We have a contact form. We’re not one of these when thankfully we’re not one of these big podcasts or big membership groups where you have a bunch of people who ask a bunch of questions know, so don’t, if you have questions, feel free to ask them, just go through the contact form at the website, prep and

1 (1h 2m 46s):
What I’ve always said about PBN and what is still true about PBN today is this audience is it’s made up of the people who are already in the game. You know, you guys are the starters. This is not in, has never been a group of people who are here to figure out things. I mean, you’re here to figure out things, but you’re, you’re working on so many things already. When I started doing this show, I learned more from the, the listeners than I learned from anywhere else, because you guys are on the grind, man, you guys are on the real grind, but yeah, it is what it is.

1 (1h 3m 28s):
You know, we have a selection, we have a selection with just so much content and we have the ability to expand on any type of content. I mean, we’ve got homesteaders in our circles and some are even our hosts. You know, I operate some semblance of a suburban homestead and there’s a lot of things that I can teach you about how to set one up and how to set things up in such a way that you can have a life.

1 (1h 4m 0s):
You know, the goal, the overwhelming goal for me as an urban owned urban homesteader and home owner and father was and still is to create some kind of environment where I can grow food and raise food in a small place without impeding the lifestyle in the backyard. Like I want to livable backyard. I want a backyard where kids can run.

1 (1h 4m 31s):
So I don’t want to dominated and segregated by fencing. Don’t let the chickens in here. Don’t let the kids in there. Don’t let the dogs in there, you know, and that’s been a challenge, man. That’s been a real struggle, but I’ve had some great successes and I’ve had a lot of failures doing it. And I’m just one of many. I’m just one of many resources here at PBN. What else we get?

1 (1h 5m 5s):
What else we are you feeling lucky puts a, a market watch in. Let’s have a look at that. Even with a strong crop this year, U S farmers are suffering. Many Midwestern States are recording abundant crop yields, but the economy, the economic picture for the U S farmer remains fragile well. That’s good news. Following growing season last year filled with the battering rainfall and bitter trade Wars. Us farmers hope 2020 would provide them an opportunity to make up some ground.

1 (1h 5m 37s):
Instead, the situation has grown worse. Well, I mean, if the food is there, national corn yield 177.5 bushel per acre, soybean 52.5, bushel estimates are higher. Then 20 nineteens waterlogged crop. Yeah. 2019, man. That was something wasn’t it. Government aid in the form of assistance from the USDA and the $19 billion Corona virus food assistance program have helped mitigate the financial damage of low commodity prices.

1 (1h 6m 13s):
But pharmacy it’s only a bandaid. What happens when the farmers stop? What happens when the police stop and the farmers stop? Oh sure. In the soybean farmer lost 90% of their market when China stopped buying, not every farmer grows corn, you know, as for your corn argument, the final agreement does not include language. Trump agreed to that. The EPA will add ethanol gallons back into the nation’s gasoline supply based on exemptions granted in the past three years.

1 (1h 6m 45s):
Instead, the final rule says EPA will base the world exemptions on energy department recommendations, sorry, reading, you know, the lovely, the lovely comments section ed Lopez has an interesting comment on this article. Trump has turned American farmers into welfare Queens. Does anybody still think voting for Trump was a good idea. Jeez, ed, what do you think Hillary would have done better?

1 (1h 7m 20s):
Anyhow, thank you for the article. Lucky. Lucky is a King article. He is the article King. He is the EOC King. I mean between him and chin, they kind of make the world go round with most of these things. There’s a lot of good ones up there too. I apologize. Lucky. And the EOC collectively, I really need to sit down and do some reading on what is, what is popping up at the EOC?

1 (1h 7m 51s):
Hey, look, I also have a, we had an unexpected blackout on Monday. So I recorded a bunch of video that morning showing you some of the things that we do when the power goes out, that make it better. You know? So that’s a video I’m going to put out soon. That’s that’s going to be member content. And again, the new episode of hammer talk, I just finished filming. That’ll be up sometime before the end of the week. Hopefully I think Friday, I think Friday, I’m going to go shoot some rifles.

1 (1h 8m 24s):
I’m not quite sure yet if I can work that out, get my job, get my work. My day job, all handled. That might be something I go do. So do we have anything else to talk about? It’s 10 Oh eight. We should do some announcements. I guess is where the chat is happening. Nowadays. Just visit the site, sign up, keep your phrase, keep your past key. Write it down. Once you have a screen name, send it to us via the contact

1 (1h 9m 2s):
Once I get your heads up that you have a screen name, then I can invite you to all our cool Yossi rooms. Okay? If you’re a member, you will also get invited into the members only room and you will also get invited to the continuity meeting. Three of the continuity, I think will probably be the third week of September. What is that likely to be the 21st of September? Don’t quote me on it yet, but I, I would like to get it done before prepper camp.

1 (1h 9m 37s):
The, we could do it on the 28th and have our effigy burning shown at the continuity meeting. Hm that’s a thought I’ll I’ll, I’ll pull together some of the, some of the senior members of the continuity to discuss that the man at arms, the dragon Lord, the arch Sentinel probably will all have a, have some things to say about how we handle that one.

1 (1h 10m 10s):
Continuity is fun, man. I’m telling you, I’m telling you you hopeful rogues. You need to come join us. What else? Oh, let me do a little ad for pod scribe real quick. Cause they do such a great job for us. Pod scribe is our transcription, a company that handles the transcription of our podcasts, our daily podcasts, and also the searchable transcriptions and embedded player for our members only podcasts.

1 (1h 10m 44s):
Well, not just for our members, only podcasts, but our members receive a, a daily searchable podcast. So they get the ability to take my podcast and say, James said something funny about unprecedented times and they can search the word unprecedented times and it’ll show you where it showed up in the podcast. And if you press press it, it’ll take you right to that point in the audio of the podcast. And it’s just, it’s awesome. I mean, it’s absolutely you can’t beat it.

1 (1h 11m 17s):
Tony of the North is pushing me to go shoot rifles. I do appreciate it. I definitely appreciate it. If at all, you know, you know how it goes, you know how it goes. I blow off plenty of steam though. I’ll tell you that much. I definitely blow off plenty of steam though. I do appreciate it. All right. Disaster coffee orders being filled. That’s a good sign. I always like to get those emails.

1 (1h 11m 49s):
So yeah. Visit pods gripe. If you have a podcast or listen to a podcast or like a podcast that is not being transcribed, send them to PA pod scribe they’ll they do it. They do it very affordably and they do a great job. So check them out. If you’re in the podcasting world, the new book, darker trails, I am pushing to have it done by the end of September. I have to have it done before. Like mid-October at the latest.

1 (1h 12m 21s):
So for those of you who are interested, darker trails, is it going to be a collection of short stories, all based around different characters and situations? Okay. So this is, this is a collection of survival and preparedness and doomsday and apocalypse short stories ranging from, I mean, just running the gamut really. I mean, from lost in the woods to nuclear meltdown, to total collapse of the world, to all kinds of stuff, you know, stories that tell abroad or tale of how nations or a nation reacted to an end of the world situation all the way down to stories that are based in an end of the world situation that are really just about one or two characters, the whole story, you know, so that the setting and scene might be at a post apocalyptic world.

1 (1h 13m 24s):
But the story itself is built around the relationship between two people. There’s another piece of darker trails that I don’t think I’m not quite ready to expose. It will be short stories and there will be one other piece to this book is something I’ve never done before, but I think you guys are gonna love it, but we’ll announce that later, as we get closer to the release of the book, it’ll be self published, you know, paperback through Amazon ebook through Amazon, and you’re going to love it.

1 (1h 14m 4s):
You’re going to love the tails. There’s also a couple of dreams in there and there’s a couple of poems in there as well. Dreams. What I mean by dreams is literal dreams that fit the bill, you know, dreams that I woke up and were so astounding that I wrote them down and they both have a lot to do with the end of all things to come. I was on the fence about writing this book. I’m going to be honest with you. I said, what am I doing at time like this? I’m going to spend my time writing fiction.

1 (1h 14m 36s):
I should be writing the, the prepping from a position of power book, right? That’s what I should be doing. And then I realized everybody’s on 10 right now. Everybody’s, everybody’s ginned all the way up. And you know what? I can take these stories. I can give somebody a chance to sit in their corner and their pillowy bed or whatever it is and their favorite cafe and escape for a little while into a different type of apocalypse, not this current American installment, but a different kind, a different kind.

1 (1h 15m 12s):
They’re not all apocalypse either. I mean, there’s one story about just a father and a son lost in the woods. It’s it has nothing to do with the end of the world, but could very likely be the end of their world. Young father, super young son wandered off trail, got turned around. All of the sudden dad realizes he has no idea where he is nor how to get home and yeah, stories along those lines.

1 (1h 15m 42s):
So darker trails coming soon, stole away a little, be a very affordable book. Don’t worry about it. I think I want to end this guys. I had a few other little things, you know, last night on the next generation, I started pumping the bunker beans. For those of you who may be unaware of bunker beans, you know, I w you know, disaster is, and you know, the great flavors, the tsunami is outstanding.

1 (1h 16m 14s):
That’s one of our newest pandemic has been received very well. Rapid response is another big favorite. We also sell a product called bunker beans, which is important to talk about right now because people are talking shortages and talking chaos and calamity. And just don’t assume that you’re going to want to face all that without coughing. Cause I don’t know about you, but coffee takes the edge off chaos and calamity for me on a daily basis, bunker beans are raw green coffee beans that can be stored in my large bags with an oxygen absorber in the same way that you do beans, rice and everything else.

1 (1h 16m 51s):
Okay. The only difference here is you take the green beans out, you roast them in a pan or maybe an outdoor oven somewhere where well ventilated, and then you can grind them up and roast them and you have freshly roasted coffee, you know, and, and that can be if they’re stored properly, that can be five years from now. That can be 10 years from now. They can be 20 years from now. So just imagine this is kind of the conclusion Ryan and I came to in regard to bunker beans last night, we said, just imagine being the guy who has the coffee, when Americans haven’t had coffee in five years or neighbors or whatever it is, you know, we’re coffee became such a commodity that no one could afford it.

1 (1h 17m 34s):
Anyway, just imagine being the guy on the block who had the coffee, boom, you got pool, man, you got some serious pool. You got some euphoria enhancing being and you know, people are gonna love the sip it. So how do we end this show in the state of the union? Yes. It’s chaos. Yes, we are facing unprecedented times.

1 (1h 18m 4s):
Like I think no one else has ever seen. There are many issues on the horizon. Your best bet is to have your plan solidified to figure out what your plan is, what it looks like. Are you staying? Are you leaving? If you’re staying, how long you prepared to stay? Do you have triggers for when you’re going to leave? We’re going to stay. But if then statements, right?

1 (1h 18m 39s):
I really, I I’ve just been con when I used to do these shows, this is the funny part. This is the beautiful part about PBN. By the way, I would hang my hat and finish up the, I am Liberty show. Right? Done. Good night. Thank you so much for folks for your support. It’s been great. And I get a text from Dave Jones. You inspired me. I’m doing the daily audio cash tomorrow. I really appreciate it. And this week, Dave inspired me the most with his idea of, yeah, it’s bad, but you have a plan.

1 (1h 19m 14s):
You have to adhere to your plan. You have to have confidence in your plan. If not, then it’s not the right plan, right? If you’re looking at what you’ve done up until this moment as a prepper, and you’re saying to yourself, I don’t know what to do. What if this and what of that? And then you need to sit down and you need to say, what if this and what if that, and then you need to mitigate that. And if you get stuck, send us a message. If you get stuck, set up a consultation call and we’ll take care of you, whether you’re a member or just to listener to PBN, we’re here, we’re here.

1 (1h 19m 50s):
And we are strong. You’ve got to understand that. I mean, this is not James Walton’s shoe showcase. You know what I mean? This is seven to eight people who are on this network on a regular basis and an extended family of probably 20 people who are tethered into prepping and have been for a very long time. You’ve got incredible resources at your fingertips.

1 (1h 20m 22s):
You know? So if you, if you’re stuck on a part of a plan, if you don’t know what to do, if you can’t figure some things out, now’s the time to ask for help. Now’s the time to get it figured out. Okay. So I guess one final thing that we need to talk about is the 64 acre property in Texas. That’s for sale right now with six residents is built into it. Look for the newsletter tomorrow that property is going to go out.

1 (1h 20m 53s):
We also in the live chat, we also mentioned that property and I posted a link from Monday show. So if you scroll, scroll up on the live shows, you can get that link. Well, you know what? I probably should put it in, put it in tonight’s chat as well, just to make it easy. This property is being sold by a client of mine. And we made an arrangement to assure that you guys get a look at it. So if you look at it, you like it, give them a call.

1 (1h 21m 25s):
If you know somebody who like it do the same. Alright, but bottom line, we’re here for help. We are here for help. I don’t know why I said like that. We’re here to help you guys. Okay. It’s not to say that we don’t need help of our own, but the collective that is the PBN family. We should be in a position each and every one of us to be prepared for exactly what is coming, you know, and I think that’s what the benefit is.

1 (1h 21m 56s):
The biggest benefit of being a part of this group, this chat, this membership base, this, whatever we are, this network, it all comes down to that. All right. They, India has been on fire with the gun metal armory lately, and he’ll be live tomorrow night. He, as far as I can tell is hitting the news cycle and crafting it into his expertise. And I’m having a great time listening. Okay. So don’t miss the gunmetal armory tomorrow night. This has been the I on Liberty show.

1 (1h 22m 27s):
I am your host and Intrepid commander. Oh, somewhat adequate commander this week. And if you don’t know why, I’m the somewhat adequate commander this week go listen to preppers live and you’ll get a kick out of that. If you listen to preppers live already go listen to the intro to preppers live because things got a little jumbled, but I went and I modified the episode and added a new intro. So have fun with that.

1 (1h 22m 58s):
Also another little bonus feature. Alright, thank you so much for your support guys members. We do appreciate you be cool and welcome the new members and the new listeners as they start to fire Lin. And Hey, you know the deal. We’ll talk soon.

0 (1h 23m 20s):
Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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