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Self reliance and independence

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The Human Path !

With Sam Coffman

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Of Knives and Guns

Knives and GunsBuying, caring for and using knives and guns can be overwhelming to a lot of people. Learning enough practical information about these very important tools and weapons before making a purchase can help save a lot of money and frustration. Join Sam Coffman as he discusses several points to consider when choosing, caring for and using various types of knives for various types of situations. He talks about common questions such as, “How much should you spend for a decent knife?” “Folding blade, multi-tool, fixed-blade or something else?” “Carbon or stainless steel?” “How long and what type of a cutting edge?” “How do you sharpen and care for a knife?” “What difference does the handle, sheath and shape of the blade make for different types of jobs?”

Knives and GunsIn addition to knives, Sam also discusses some gun basics this week. “What are some important considerations prior to spending money on a gun?” “Advantages and disadvantages to rifles vs. pistols and semi-automatics vs. revolvers and bolt-action rifles?” “Where do shotguns figure in to the mix?” “What are some simple training drills you can do at home to improve accuracy and gun handling without even having to spend money on ammo or go to a range, and why is it so important you do these kinds of drills?” “What are some of the common controversies around different caliber ammunition?” “When does caliber matter and when is it irrelevant?” Join Sam as he discusses these and other frequent questions that many people have when wanting to purchase and use a knife and a gun, both for utility and defense.
Sam Coffman
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About: The Human Path!

Sam Coffman talks about the skills and philosophy behind disaster preparedness and prepping for SHTF situations.  He brings to light his many experiences as a former Green Beret as well as his observations after more than two decades of teaching people how to survive not only through skills, but through putting them into stressful situations that are both scenarios at his survival school as well as real-life situations in remote areas of the world.
He interviews other experts and discusses by himself, a myriad of topics and skills to include tactics, primitive skills, urban survival and prepping, blacksmithing and knifemaking, guns and self-defense, plant medicine (herbalism), wilderness medicine and first aid, tracking and naturalist studies, sustainable agriculture, aquaponics, alternate power, communications and amateur radio and much more.  Tune in every Wednesday to listen and learn.

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