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This weeks episode of  “Twisted Radio”  3/8/2012

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About Twisted Radio

Twisted Radio with Erin Dakins is about un-twisting the lies and deceptions that have been spoon-fed to each and every one of us since birth. What is reality and what is really going on in the world in which we live? Do you have questions? Do you often wonder about what lies hidden from us? Are you curious if these things will affect you and yours at some point in the future? Are you concerned about the economy and struggling to survive? My goal is to help you understand and therefore be a little more prepared for the dark days ahead. Tune in and discover some answers and hear some real news that will help you in your journey and join up with others of like-minds who are preparing for difficult times. You don’t have to feel alone…we are out here!

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Archived shows:

3/8/2012 Twisted Radio!  Erins guest author and researcher Jim Wilhemen will be sharing his information on the UFO/Alien/Fallen Angel Agenda and the End Time Deception.

3/1/2012 Twisted Radio! Erin of Twisted Radio with some great basic prepper information on storage and what it may really be like after the crash.

2/21/2012 The WatermanFiles & Twisted Radio! “The Waterman Files”WEBBOT and turmoil in global banking. Twisted Radio To Prepare or Not to Prepare – a Biblical Approach.

1/7/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio! “The Waterman Files” The WEBBOT report and world News. Twisted Radio with prepping 101 for newbies.

1/7/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio! “The Waterman Files” with the WEBBOT report and Big Brother. Twisted Radio with Rick Hall and Paul Marsters join the show to discuss prepping part two.

1/31/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio! “The Waterman Files” NDAA, and the new civil war coming. “Twisted Radio” Rick Hall and Paul Marsters join the show to discuss prepping.

1/24/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio!  Paul Marsters, Retired Master Sargent and activist for keeping and exercising your Second Amendment Rights joins in to discuss preparing. Survival and Rescue Training.

1/17/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio Erins show will discuss attack on Erin by George Freund. Then we will discuss the Isrealites:

1/10/2012 The Waterman Files & Twisted Radio Twisted Radio has Greg Evenson with a discussion what we must do to stand tall in the face of adversity.

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