October 16, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Tues…Off Grid Preppers! 6:00pm/Ct

Off Grid Preppers!

With Barbara Fix & Co-host Hedy Hammond

Tuesdays: (7:00 pm/Est.) (6:00 pm/Ct.) (5:00 pm/Mt.) (4:00pm/Pt.)


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Off Grid Preppers” 

Prepping for something unexpected like being stranded in grid-lock a long ways from home requires planning. What would you want in your Grab-and-Go kit for unforeseen emergencies and how would you survive if your food supply ran out? Join Hedy Hammond, Off Grid Prepper’s new co-host, and me as we discuss Grab-and-Go Kit must- haves and tips on gathering wild edible and medicinal plants.


About: Off Grid Preppers!

Off Grid Preppers with show host Barbara Fix bringing you a take-no-prisoners advice to liberate your life through penny-pinching preparedness. We’ll discuss prepping from A-Z that includes tips on food storage, gardening, and food preservation to safety, grid-down survival and news impacting self-sufficiency to help you get prepared for the changes headed our way.

Visit Babara’s Web Site at:  www.survivaldiva.com

Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes will get you prepped on a budget, without drama & enough humor you won’t have to struggle to read it. Wondering about what to look for in off-grid property, keeping homestead animals, water storage, Bug-out bags, nuclear safety, alternative lighting, cooking and heating methods or what to store, how to store it, and where to get it at killer prices? This book has it all, along with links at the end of each chapter to get you there quickly!

As promised, here is the link to Berkey Water Filters and their September Sale, in appreciation of National Safety Month! Here’s the link: berkeyfilters

Archived shows:

For more detailed show description and the player to listen, click on links below!

10/23/2012 Off Grid Preppers! A rebroadcast on “Back to Basics”  Go to link below dated 8/21/2012

10/16/2012 Off Grid Preppers! Due to unforseen bad weather creating problems for our host, this show is a re-broadcast of Off Grid preppers first show that I thought one of the best with guest Big John Lipscomb. Go to link below dated 8/14/2012 to read show description and listen.

10/9/2012 Off Grid Preppers!  Dr. Katherine Albrecht joins “Off Grid Preppers” tonight to discuss privacy! A do not miss show!

10/2/2012 Off Grid Preppers!  When pollination of certain fruits and vegetables stops. Think that will never happen?

9/25/2012 Do to technical difficulties this episode had to be cancelled.

9/18/2012 Off Grid Preppers!  The Economic Collapse  with Michael Snyder and Barbara!

9/11/2012 Off Grid Preppers! Tatics and safety during a time of societal Collapse.

9/4/2012 Off Grid Preppers!  Off Grid Preppers, food storage, hunting, trapping and more!

8/28/2012 Off Grid Preppers! Water with the berky guy what sources are safe, how to purify it, and how to store it.

8/21/2012 Off Grid Preppers!   “back to basics”–prepping smart on a no frills budget and bartering!

8/14/2012 Off Grid Preppers! An amazing debut of first show with intros, and alot of real prepping ground covered. A do not miss show!

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