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This week on Tara & Common Sense Prepping 12/30/2013

12-30 prepper and shooter magazineCommon Sense Prepping will feature firearms expert and Prepper and Shooter Magazine publisher Vincent DeNiro. In addition to a distinguished career in the traditional gun industry, DeNiro is also the operator of a theatrical arms company that provides firearms and weapons to the movie industry. Prepper and Shooter magazine is designed to aid the dedicated prepper or survivalist on their quest towards a more self-reliant lifestyle. The magazine is written by preparedness and will appeal to both veteran and novice preppers. Vincent DeNiro, the man behind the new survival magazine, has been focused on emergency preparedness for decades before the term “prepper” became a part of the vernacular.

DeNiro has more than 30 years of professional experience in both the defense and firearms industries. The prepper magazine publisher has worked with some of the world’s largest small-arms corporations, provides weapons and special effects for the motion picture industry, and has also worked with multiple military agencies on firearms and civil defense projects. It takes only a few minutes of chit-chat with Vincent to realize both the passion and expertise he brings to his latest project. Each page of the new prepper magazine will be filled with detailed articles that offer the insight, information, and guidance necessary to give readers an edge before disaster strikes and the country is faced with civil unrest, starving masses, and a lack of modern resources.

About Prepper and Shooter magazine:

“Prepper and Shooter Magazine enables the reader to be informed, educated, and entertained on the subject of preparing and surviving all types of disasters whether they be man-made or naturally occurring. As the title indicates, there is also a strong firearm presence in the magazine as all natural or man-made disasters can lead to situations whereby firearms must be used not only as a means of protection but also as a means to gather food. All prepper topics are covered such as; firearms & firearms tactics, food preservation and storage, gardening, storm shelters, nuclear biological chemical shelters, weather related disasters, terrorism, self-defense/martial arts, gardening, hunting & trapping, survival tools/equipment, herbal remedies, survivalism in the movies and TV, etc. and the news and trends that go along with these topics.”

Third Page Publishing, Inc. is launching the premiere issue of Prepper and Shooter Magazine the last week of October. The survival magazine will be published initially as a quarterly and will ultimately move to a bi-monthly format.

“The magazine revitalizes the personal responsibility element of civil defense programs of the 1950s through the 1970s, and the sense of adventure imparted by the survivalist magazines of the early to mid-1980s. And because shooting is such an integral part of prepping, whether it’s hunting to put food on the table, or for self-defense, it made sense to combine the two subjects in one magazine. That’s why we say that we are the bridge between the firearms and the preparedness industries,”  Prepper and Shooter Magazine publisher Vincent DeNiro said.

What to expect inside each and every edition of Prepper and Shooter Magazine:  

Firearm & firearm accessory reviews, nuclear/biological/chemical survival, weather survival, communication electronics, wilderness skills, knife reviews, book reviews, herbal remedies, survival equipment, first aid, survival food, alternative energy, man-made disaster preparedness, self-defense, gardening, livestock, tactical shooting, firearm training, bomb shelters, hunting, on & off road survival vehicles, and more!

“The civil defense movement of the 1950s – 1970s, which turned into the survivalist movement of the 1980s, has resurfaced as the ‘prepper’ movement of today, and it’s stronger than ever. This self-reliance trend has become main-stream among the U.S. population, and people are looking for sources of good, solid, useful information that they can incorporate into their preparedness efforts.  Prepper & Shooter Magazine is that resource,” DeNiro told Outdoor Hub.


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Common Sense Prepping with Tara showcases the latest preparedness news, events, and tips Americans focused on self-reliance need to know. Tara Dodrill is a journalist with Off The Grid News, The Inquisitr [ yes it’s really spelled that way] and the editor of the Common Sense Prepping blog. Her former credits include USA Today, Yahoo News, and serving as an editor for a weekly Ohio newspaper. She approaches preparedness from a Mom’s point of view, and politics from a Libertarian mindset – a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and a literal interpretation of the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended.

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