January 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Fri…Foraging for Life! 8:00pm/Ct 2nd and 4th Friday each month

Foraging for Life!

Fridays: The 2nd and  4th Friday of each month

(9:00 pm/Est.) (8:00 pm/Ct.) (7:00 pm/Mt.) (6:00pm/Pt.)


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On this episode of  “Foraging for Life”  2/22/2012

This Friday evening on Foraging For Life we will be discussing the different uses for certain trees as a means to sustain ones’ self along with some tricks one can do to obtain some tasty treats from those trees. We will also look into some of the natural medicinal attributes for a few of the species and other useful things that the giants of the forest have to offer by means of simple survival tips. You don’t have to be a beaver to appreciate the sustainability that the trees have to offer as they provide much more than the common applications of building and heating our homes. Come join us for the discussion and please bring with you some questions and comments! I look forward to seeing you all there. 


About: Foraging for Life!

FORAGING; an act or an instance of searching for food.

We hear it all around us, “Times are tough, prices are outrageous, everything is going up except my wages…” Would you like to learn how to gather food from the wild for free? Have you ever asked yourself, ” If I got lost in the deep woods without provisions, how would I survive?”
The senses can be trained to pick up on things that most walk past. Foraging, gathering, gleaning; whatever you care to call it, can be a life saving skill. I sometimes refer to it as treasure hunting! I have at times set out to find a particular food, weather it be berries or fungi, and came home with wild medicinal herbs, pine pitch or cones. I’m amazed at the vast array and abundance that our planet provides for us naturally…we just have to learn to read her labels of identification.
Wouldn’t you love to know how to preserve for later use that which you have just gleaned from nature? I have lots of wonderful tips and procedures, recipes and tricks of the trade to help you find a wealth of useful skills to keep your treasures stable for later use.
I invite you to join me in Foraging For Life to discuss and share the skills and knowledge of gathering wild edibles. Not only will we expand our ability to identify and use that which nature supplies, but we will also strengthen our sense of self-reliance by shedding some light on the practice of foraging. I gladly welcome any of your experiences and knowledge, please feel free to come check out the show and share them with me. Hope to see you there!


Archived shows:

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1/11/2013 Foraging For Life!      Stranded with nothing to eat, what will you do? While listening to this show follow along with the pics, descriptions and other informative links provided.

12/28/2012 Foraging For Life! The medicine cabinet outside!

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11/23/2012 Foraging For Life! “Foraging For Life” The risks, dangers and the more easily identifiable wild edibles!

11/9/2012 Foraging For Life!  Introduction to Foraging for Life. Have a great time and meet our new host “Teresa ” give her your support, … some good info.

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