December 5, 2022


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What’s In Your Holster? Personal Safety

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What’s In Your Holster? Personal Safety Guest, Cherie Norton
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What’s In Your Holster? Personal SafetySpecial guest is Cherie Norton, an accomplished firearms instructor. More and more women are taking up shooting for sport and self-defense, and I couldn’t be happier. Cherie is such a woman who has attained high marksmanship skills. She now shares her expertise with others in her trainings.

What is in your concealed carry hoster?

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Cherie took training classes in firearm safety, defensive firearm use, marksmanship, and tactics. Her instructors began using her for demonstrations in class, and encouraged her to get her certification to train others. Cherie spent several years as an associate training and Range Safety Officer before she began training others on her own.

Today, Cherie has a long list of qualifications for as a firearms  instructor. This includes:

  • NRA Certified Instructor teaching
    • Pistol Shooting
    • Rifle Shooting
    • Shotgun Shooting
    • Defense Inside the Home
    • Refuse to be a Victim
    • Rage Safety Officer
  • CA Dept of Justice Certified Instructor
  • Utah Bereau of Criminal Identification Instructor
  • CCW Instructor for Sacramento, ElDorado, and Sutter Counties Associate Instructor
  • Virtual Safe Shot Firearm Training Simulator Designated Graduate
  • Frontsite Firearms Training Institute-
    • Pistol Course

It isn’t enough to just buy a gun. You must train with it, regularly and frequently. As she says, shooting is a valuable, but perishable skill. Cherie recommends that everyone train regularly and train safely.

Another consideration is to build your own gun. Nothing gives you that intimate understanding of a weapon like building it. Its not that hard either. With YouTube, the right AR15 Lower and the right AR-15 Parts kit you can build your own with a just a extra few tools. There is some real empowerment and satisfaction in that!

This includes herself, as Cherie regularly trains with industry leaders at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, with Massad Ayoob, and with the latest in firearm training technology at the Virtual Safe Shot firearm simulator facility.

To support the growing number of women shooters in the U.S. Cherie Norton founded the Women’s Firearm Club on Facebook and Meetup. Cherie is regularly a prepping and prepping safety consultant.

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