November 26, 2022


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Meet The NBC Guy!
David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “ Audio player provided!

Meet The NBC GuyThis Premier episode will be packed full! Dave introduces himself and how he became the NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Guy. Learn about his back ground and find out why you can trust him when he tells you personal experiences with NBC and Prepper subjects. Everyone has a back story and in this episode, you will learn why the events of 911 changed Dave’s life forever. The amazing story of how he was recalled out of retirement to active duty and sent straight to the Middle East for 22 continuous months. He will tell you about the time he was in live nerve agent, how he performed nuclear and chemical target analysis during the cold war and how he met his Romanian wife in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Meet The NBC Guy” in player below!

In this same hour he will start nuclear weapons effects and what you can expect no matter your location in the country. All of the nuclear effects will be discussed in detail and about the free reference manual you can download right now as a pdf, for free, from the Department of Defense.  He will talk about fallout, how you can protect yourself and how even air is shielding from radiation. When the most likely time of attack would occur no matter if it is from a terrorist cell in the US or from Rocket man. Things everyone should do right now to get ready if an Electromagnetic Device is detonated or if a massive solar flare occurred will also be talked about. The basics of a Faraday Gage and why you should not spend too much money on it will be covered. He will also tell you the number one thing that WILL kill you in any Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attack.

As always Dave will answer any questions you have and don’t worry if there is NOT enough time to cover everything in one hour, he will pick right up where he left off next week. So, tune in every week to be educated and entertained. Dave always makes one promise to his listeners and that is you will learn something new every week and have a good time doing it.

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2 thoughts on “Meet The NBC Guy!

  1. Dave,

    You are an interesting speaker with some great knowledge, but I get EXTREMELY TIRED of the vilification of Democrats and the “left”. Keep in mind that not everyone interested in prepping is a “card carrying” Breitbart/Fox News conspiracy theorist.

  2. Sure! Maybe I should say the Left because I think they have highjacked The democratic party. My family were Republican but we loved JFK. The party and that America is gone.

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