May 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Weapons, lethal and hand to hand!

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Weapons, lethal and hand to hand!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Weapons kravmaga-300x195It wasn’t until I started writing this show description that I realized what an undertaking a show about self defense would be. I mean there are so many means to defend ones self its absolutely mind boggling. There are less than lethal methods, there is hand to hand combat or martial arts, you have lethal weapons and of course there are deterrents as well. All that said how many people are actually prepared or have a plan of self defense in the event they or their family are attacked? I would like to dream that every woman has at least a small bottle of mace this day and age.

We are going to explore the possibilities for self defense that are available to the general public. There are many great options and I think we will break the show up into three main categories LESS THAN LETHAL WEAPONS, HAND TO HAND, and LETHAL WEAPONS. There are pros and cons of each method and they should be discussed. This will allow you to look over your self defense plan a little more critically and perhaps add or takeaway some things.

I am liberty 400x300At the end of the day whether or not this version of our world comes to a screeching hault because of economy, war, catastrophe, yadda yadda there will come a time in most of our lives when we must defend ourselves and loved ones. Most of the difference is made in planning. Whether its a post collapse world or just around your block there are predators lurking all over the country and unfortunately, due to the policies in this nation, their numbers are growing. Lets talk about defense.
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