August 17, 2022


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SERE: Life Saving Tactics!

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SERE: Life Saving Tactics!
Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided

SERE: Life Saving TacticsOn this episode of Gunmetal Armory we take the time to discuss various different tactics that can be used if you are being faced with a threatening person or group of people, what to do if you’re caught in some sort of an explosion, and a whole bunch of other stuff on what can save your life.

There are all sorts of techniques that can help you stay alive when the crap is hitting the fan, and we are going to help you by sharing some with you. There are tons of tips we can share that will aid you in your every day life. There are multiple things you can change about your everyday life to make yourself harder to kill, and help your family if things get bad. One of the most important things to any prepper is their family, and you can bet that we will talk about tactics that will help. Be sure to tune in so you can learn what we have to teach about tactics that can and will save your butt in a crisis.

Listen to this broadcast or download “SERE: Life Saving Tactics” in player below!

In addition to tips, we are going to talk more about SERE gear that is used by specific types of specialists, how that gear is used, and where we get the gear we use for these podcasts. We have also recently started teaching emergency preparedness classes, so we will discuss the craziness that surrounds tailoring a class to fit various different locations and parts of the country. Plus, many crazy things happened last week at the range Dane works at in Arizona, so we’ll discuss those crazy situations as well. Example: What happens when you load a 9mm Kurz in a 9mm Luger chamber? We are gonna tell you EXACTLY what happens this show… and hopefully you will NEVER do this.

Did you know you cant even build your own handgun? Its not just reserved for the AR15. An 80 Polymer could be the answer you are looking for to building your own glock. The benefits of building your firearm also extend to a vast understanding of how the weapon works. Better than just buying.

On this show the Mistress of Metal talks about 2nd Amendment news, firearms laws in various parts of the country, the Anti-2nd Amendment people trying to ban our means of protection, war-zone cities like Chicago, and the problems we may face as a country… and of course, we will do a give away for Sawyer Products, possibly something from LA Police Gear, and talk about some really cool Shomer-Tec products too. So join us this Thursday at 6pm on Prepper Broadcasting Network for the next installment of… THE GUNMETAL ARMORY!!!

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