December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Self Defense Basics with I AM Liberty

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080616-G-2443T-010 CAPE VERDE (June 16, 2008) Lt. Placido Ndong, a member of the Equatorial Guinea Navy, practices maritime-law enforcement self-defense techniques with Petty Officer 1st Class Marcus Pereira aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Dallas (WHEC 716). Ndong trained alongside members of the Cape Verde Coast Guard, French Navy, U.S. Navy and DallasÕ boarding team members, marking the first multilateral combined law-enforcement operations ever conducted in Africa. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Tasha Tully (Released)

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A person who advocates, some practices preparedness one ready for any event that would disrupt their daily routine. That is a Prepper

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Daily audio cache, Wednesday hump day. The rotors have frozen. The power is out. The nation is at a standstill and God bless those of you out there. Struggling. Probably can’t even hear me, but I hope you prepared for, well, the wrath of mother nature, the wrath of mother nature was real, you know, and doesn’t, she seem, she always seems too to catch you when you least expect it, right. We diverted our attention to the pandemic, into the, the, the, the impeachment and this and that.

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And the other thing, you know, before, before you can wrap your head around it, all mother nature shows up and says, you know, to be very careful, I’m still here and hits us with this. You know, we’re going to get whacked. We’re going to get whacked tomorrow with the another day full of ice and snow and sleet. And I’m sure trees will fall here and power will go out here as well. We’re not dealing with the Sub-Zero temperatures that a lot of people and places like Missouri and Oklahoma are dealing with, but it’s a it’s winter. Baby is here.

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God bless you. If you are out there struggling to keep warm and stay alive, people are losing their lives because of this extreme cold. I mean, that’s, you know, that’s the rubber meets the road kind of statistic or a data point when it comes to preparedness, you know, not preparedness for the zombie apocalypse, but as, as Jordan Smith of a family affair puts in, so eloquently prepare for your family, not your fantasy, right? That’s, that’s sort of the mantra prepare for your family, not your fantasy. And that’s a, that’s probably one of the most sound pieces of advice you can have, particularly if you’re somebody who’s new to the Prepper Broadcasting Network and you’re wondering, have I, have I crossed this line to become a Prepper because I’m worried about nuclear Holocaust or M M I a am I here?

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Because I’m worried about the condition of the world that I live in and, and maybe more, even more personal things above and beyond that. No, because we, we, we all have potential to meet our own personal doomsday. Right? That’s that’s what we all fear can come in many different ways. So yeah. I hate to see Americans struggle bottom line. I really do. I hate to see the front and center struggling, and it’s been a long, it’s been a long sorted event, all of this 2020 into 2021. And, you know, I think 20, 21, we’re going to be, we’re going to be watching American struggle, even when the sun comes up in the temperatures get better.

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So we’ll do our best here at the Prepper Broadcasting Network to a set, as many of you up to afford a fly yourselves and your families in a way that, you know, when hard times come, you’ve got one more solution. You got one more thing in the bag of tricks, but it is Wednesday. It is hump day. It is a The. I am Liberty show will be live tonight. Looking forward to that as always, I am the host to the, I am Liberty show James Walton, and I do enjoy it, man. Getting up on that mic live 9:00 PM. Eastern. We did back to back episodes on Prepper basics concerning physical fitness.

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So we’re going to put physical fitness to rest. I think we, you can, you know, if you really want to, if you really want to delve into physical fitness from the standpoint of Prepper and, and, you know, being able to use your body and being able to work out consistently and keep in shape, please listen to those two episodes over the last two episodes of the, I am Liberty show. Cause I think I did a damn good job. ’cause, you know, diet and fitness while I’m a freelance writer by trade. So diet and fitness are things that people like to write about and they liked the market and they like to make money off of other people.

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So you don’t always get the best information, but you know, the information I gave you was from pure experience and we’re going to continue on that ride this week on the, I am Liberty show as we look into Self Defense okay. So we’re going to stay in sort of the Prepper basics mindset, and we’re going to talk real harshly and real honestly about self-defense tonight on the I Liberty showing. And if you are listening and you want to know about prerequisites, I’ll give you the deep details, but just know that a training in self-defense has been, has been a big part of my life probably for, I don’t know, the last five years or something like that.

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You know, I spent a little over a year training at a mixed martial arts school, doing Brazilian jujitsu, doing Moya Thai sparring, the whole nine yards. You know, I put my kids into it for a short time or my son into it for a short time. And he was a little too young, but they let me put him in at a very young age because I was there and I was training myself. And then, you know, money issues dictate certain things in your life. You’ve got to pull away from things. You hit a button down. I stopped training, mixed martial arts around the same time. I jumped out of a full time, nine to fiver and into a a or whatever the hell you want to call this entrepreneurial experiment.

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So, you know, money got tight and those, you know, you gotta make those cuts, but still behind the scenes, you know, not with a class, but by myself, heavy bags, you know, and all those different training tools that you can use that we’ll talk about tonight. A self-defense from the, from the standpoint of, of boxing and moist, I have been a large part of my life ever since, and, you know, not just going outside and hitting the heavy bag and taking my aggression out, but, but being really conscious about the type of training that a day to do, and also the type of PT, physical fitness training that I do lends itself to these things, you know, so, so for me, when I, when I pick up a heavy set of weights, you know, The the effect that I want is the effect that will allow me to hit harder and move faster and be more effective in a self defense scenario.

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That is the, the, the precipice for me, you know, I’m not out here trying to lift the most weight because I want to be able to say that I can lift the most weight. I’m not here out here, running all the time, so that I can run all the time and talk to people about the mileage that I put in in a week, you know, for me running while I do enjoy it. And it is pretty meditative for me, it’s about digging the Wells deeper, right? I want to dig the well deeper. And what I mean by that is if I’m in a physical altercation with another person, you know, once you get locked into some kind of physical struggle, you have a weld that you’re pulling from, right?

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And well of energy, the well of endurance, and they have a welded they’re pooling from, and most of the time, unless you’re dealing with somebody who knows how to inflict damage and they can knock you out or, or, you know, damage you in such a way that you can carry on. Most of the time, those conflicts are quick and they’re over quick because most people’s Wells, aren’t that deep, right? And there’s a lot of things that affect your endurance and your energy level. When you get into an altercation, a physical altercation, adrenaline is a big one. Anxiety is another big one that can SAP your energy away from you. So I want to make sure through endurance training that I have a deeper well than the next guy.

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And that’s part of self-defense, in my opinion, you know, you have to be endured, but we’ll talk about all that in detail tonight on the, I am Liberty show, I hope you join me. We will talk second amendment, self Defense. We will talk self-defense weapons moving into this brave new in which we exist and are inheriting and a will get into all the ins and outs, right. Will do a Liberty review, will do a Prepper is in the news. And all of the things that we do on the I am Liberty show. So don’t miss it. All right. Talk to you later. 9:00 PM. Eastern.

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