December 3, 2022


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Self Defense and Firearms in Kenosha w/ The Gunmetal Armory

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Broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true cultural preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up. Welcome to the gunmetal armory. Here’s your host Dame D

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Good evening. Teen gunmetal. It’s actually not Dane day. It is the mistress of metal. We’re hoping you have a good evening today. Pretty soon. I’ll be taking over this show every once in a while by myself. But for the moment here’s the actual host dandy.

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Oh, they’re going everybody. As you can tell, the mistress is losing her voice a little bit, but it will be back to normal very, very soon. What’s up and how it goes at team gunmetal. I’m sorry. We’re a little bit late. We actually got home late today and we’re still trying to get everything settled in a little bit. I’m going to log in to the chat room right now and see if I can say what’s up to anybody in there again.

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Sorry. Sorry. I’m a little bit late, but you know, I love you guys. So of course I’m here and I’m, I’m going to do my best to talk to y’all. Anyways, we have a pretty awesome podcast tonight. We’re going to be talking about self-defense. We’re going to be talking about firearms and we’re going to be talking about firearms in Kenosha. We’re going to be talking about rioting, how insane things are last week.

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We talked about if it was too late to start prepping, if you could make any real impact by now. And of course the answer was obvious. Of course the answer is yes, it’s never too late. And of course, you know, the mr. Some metal, she joined me. That was amazing. It was just awesome. So, you know, we, we talked about the writing and how insane things are and all that stuff, but right now it’s crazy as hell out there. And there’s a lot of guns being sold. A lot of people buying them, lots of Amy nation being sold, lots of body armor being sold in, in literally in record numbers.

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So what we’re already talk about that. We’re gonna talk about that in a little bit. We’re just not about it yet. Okay. Speaking of guns, if you want to know how to convert your AK 47 into an actual survival rifle, I am released my first book building a prepper armory series one, the first volume, a series of volume one, the prepper building, proper armory series. The volume one is called the AK 47 survival rifle Butler’s guide and covers the history, multiple upgrades, how to do them, where to buy the parts, survival rifle, prerequisites, and all kinds of other, really, really cool stuff.

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So check it out. It’s only 10 bucks. You can find it on Amazon and you can find it on my boy’s website, Archangel Okay. Check it out. I’m sure you guys will love it. If you have any, any problem, finding it at all, check me out. Just email me at gunmetal armory, And I’ll tell you exactly where to go. Okay. Also, if you guys got any questions, anything like that, feel free to email me. I’m at armory or And of course, check out my YouTube panel, the gunmetal armory. And we’re going to be doing some videos with, with Archangel dynamics pretty quick here.

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We’re going to be doing a lot of different stuff. If you guys want to see my face, see what I look like. Join the prepper broadcasting network. You will actually see my face in a video that we did on choosing a play carrier. You’ll see me and miles both in the video. Okay. I’m really happy. I really smiley guy. I’m sure you guys will pick that up in the video very easily, but yeah, we’re going to be doing some more videos coming up here pretty quick. We do a lot of medical stuff, so on and so forth. It’s just a matter of us finding time.

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We’re also going to be starting another channel coming up here pretty soon, but all we’ve, that is kind of a, a surprise exactly how that’s going to go down and what we’re going to be doing on that. Okay. Any way. And I can announce mints, eh, you know, I, sometimes when I do this stuff, I like to walk around the house and talk and kind wrap out and complain and blah, blah, blah, you know, complaint, complaint, complaint.

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So, you know, I, I may get up and move around the house a little bit. You know, the mr. Some metal is actually making coffee for herself right now. So I may get up and, you know, go into the kitchen while she’s making it because I have a laptop. So it’s not very hard for me to pick it up and move it around with me. If you guys can hear that, that’s the sink.

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That’s true.

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That’s her making her coffee right now. What kind of coffee you make in there?

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Iced coffee. Kokomo from Dutch brothers.

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Okay. What kind of, well, okay. Kokomo. I like it. Kokomo from Dutch brothers. I love it. I believe right now she’s using.

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Let’s see. See disaster coffee. I believe it’s disaster coffee. That’s the good stuff, man. If you guys can get your hands on something like disaster, coffee, check it out. That’s gotta do it. You’ll love it. So next thing as I’m walking around the house, tonight’s announcements. Okay. Don lemon, you guys ever heard me mentioned him on this channel, on this podcast before? No, because he’s not worth mentioning. Most of the time Don lemon is a, basically he CNNs resident left wing activists playing the part of a news anchor.

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Recently. He said, it’s showing up in the polls. What do you guys think he was referring to? When he said, it’s showing up in the polls. Okay. This goofball flip flops back and forth. You know, he, he, when he flops his head back and forth and he says, silly crap, it is funny. It’s, it’s almost insane because of how repetitive, everything that the left says, all these, what do they like to say on dr.

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Steve Turley saying these left wing activists, the size as journalists. That’s what he says. Left-wing activists disguised as journalists. Okay. So everything that these guys say is repetitive. It’s always the same thing. For example, re-imagining policing, go look online and see if you can find the talking points from these people, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, all the fricking blog.

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You can find compilations of all these different news outlets and commentators and all these people saying the exact same thing.

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Re-imagining policing, re-imagining policing. You know, like he said, it’ll blow your mind. But anyways, so mr. Don lemon here, he says, is showing up in the polls. What is referring to is the riots, the rise, just keep going and going and going. And only now after 90 some days in Portland, 90 some days,

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What are these kids’ parents?

0 (8m 20s):
They are, I don’t know. I got nothing. Yeah. They must be so proud of their kids. Way to go guys. Anyways, these riots, they keep going and going and going. And only now are these turds, these left wing activists that try to play the part of a news anchor only. Now, are they finally starting to say something finally starting to do something because why?

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Because it’s showing in the polls because it’s showing up in the friggin pole. Okay. Now, one thing you will notice about this podcast. I did click the explicit content a box. Normally I don’t worry about that. I may let out a cuss word or two every once in a while, but I have a feeling that my language might get a little course on this one. So that’s why that’s clicked. Okay. Just a heads up might get a little course. All right.

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Anyways, these, these frigging turns are finally starting to say something about this. Finally, starting to say something because people are sick of it. And it’s starting to show up in the polls. These left wing activists, these lefty politicians, they do nothing until it starts to hurt them until it starts to hurt them in the polls. They don’t care about their cities. They don’t care about the people that are dying. They don’t care about the businesses that are burning. They don’t care about anything, anything except power.

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That is all they care about. You can, if you can’t tell I’m a little annoyed by it. It’s, it’s one of those things that you just get to the point where you’re like, are you freaking kidding me? Still 90 some days of riding and Portland, multiple days of writing in Seattle, multiple days of writing in Kanosha and on and on and on it goes, and they do nothing until it hurts them in the polls.

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Okay. These pundits, they start to inform the morons that listened to them all 14 of them. And these herds, they start, they just start to finally do something because of the polls. Their riots are still going on people. And now currently two violent writers, rioters have been killed. One was badly injured, but we’ll talk about that soon. We’ll get into that in a little bit. Okay. But we’re still seeing many, many riots happening in multiple cities. The writing can in Kenosha is going to be a big focus tonight.

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Okay. We’re going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about self-defense. We’re going to talk about firearms and what I think happened when I saw, I saw pretty much the whole video of that kid and what went down. Okay. From a couple of different angles. And I’m going to tell you guys what I think happened. Okay. Now, frankly, this is still going on everywhere. Okay. You’re starting to see armed. Civilian groups rise up people. You’re starting to see them do something about it.

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Now I’m not referring to the incident and Kenosha. Okay. I’m referring to the incidents all over the U S right now, I’m referring to the incidents everywhere in the U S I’m talking about the ones that are in the suburbs and the exurbs. Okay. Now, granted, they are doing it in Kenosha too. There are militias, and there are armed civilian groups out there protecting businesses. They protect everything, but they are protecting some things. But I’m thinking about the groups that are doing it right now in Portland, the ones doing in Seattle, the ones doing it in Milwaukee and other places like that.

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Okay. So let’s do our product pick real fast, and then we’ll get a little bit deeper into self-defense firearms and what happened and what will be happening all over the USA before we do though, mistress, what do you say? We talk a little bit about gun sales and the surge in gun purchases right now. What do you think about that? What are your thoughts on gun sales and the surgeon gun purchases? Because I do have some numbers here that I can go over.

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Okay. So, so far the FBI has compiled info from the NICs system and the system, which is the system used for national instant criminal background checks. Okay. That shows that there have been nearly 5 million first-time gun buyers in the USA in 2020 alone, nearly 5 million. The NSSF did a survey of multiple FFLs and firearm retailers. And that survey found that 40% of recent firearm sales have been first time, gun buyers, 40% people, 40% of 12.1 million gun sales in 2020 is 4 million, 840,000.

0 (13m 20s):
Okay. That there’s a bird outside. That’s getting the cats attention. It’s it’s quite funny. Anyways, many of these people are first time, gun buyers. Many of them, former Democrats, former liberals, many of them are still Democrats and still liberals and, or, or left leaning. Right. And other people who wouldn’t normally even consider buying or owning a firearm.

0 (13m 51s):
Now they’re buying them in mass numbers, almost 5 million of them to be exact. If you really want to look at it that way

1 (14m 1s):
We follow this one guy up until this year, he was center left, more left leaning, but he believes in the constitution across the board for riches.

0 (14m 16s):

1 (14m 17s):
But he said before this year, he said he would have never voted for Trump. And now he’s saying this year, he’s voting for Trump. And he also said before this year, he said he would never own a firearm. Now he owns three. So I don’t want to tell you something.

0 (14m 34s):
And exactly. He said, I will never have a gun in my house. He even, he even talked about it and he’s like, well, now I’ve got three. So let’s think about this logically, okay. Of those 5 million new gun owners who clearly bought to defend themselves. And because they’re scared of what the country without police will look like. Well, I can tell you, watch what happened in Kenosha last night. Okay. They’re scared of what this country will look like without any police.

0 (15m 4s):
How many of those folks do you think will be voting for a party that flat out said, they’re going to take the guns away. The only means these people have to defend themselves. I’m just curious, how many of you think that they’re going to stay with that with that little D by their name? How many of these people do you think? Cause frankly, that party is long gone. It has been for years now, it’s been taken over a violent hardcore extremist marches left this. Okay. And because of this and because of how these lunatics have been embedded in Bolden, Grether the lawless masses of unemployed, savages as the Marxists call them useful idiots because of this, their own party members are leaving by the thousands than buying guns.

0 (15m 50s):
They’re supporting the second amendment and they’re dropping red pills like rain on the former Democrats. Okay. Gems all over the USA are finding out that Republican party is not as bad as they thought. Now that all, what they thought many red pill Americans are very tolerant, very polite, very accepting of your views. And moreover, they’re willing to accept differing view points. Funny on the other side is demonized the right for some long only to drive out their own people.

0 (16m 25s):
They have demonized the right for a really long time, but all they did is drive their own people away, right into the waiting arms of the Republican party. Funny how that happens, where everybody’s welcome. So as long as you believe in for exactly as long as you believe in freedom. So come November, everyone’s got a choice to make vote for the party, with no plan to stop the riots, the party that supported all of the violence and destruction on the streets, the vibe that the party that called these violent protests, peaceful, the party that calls you a racist and a bigot.

0 (17m 7s):
If you have a different viewpoint or in stark contrast a party that will protect your gun rights, protect your other rights, protect your free speech rights and restore law and order. I mean, it’s up to you. I really, I mean, you’re on your own, you know, you can do whatever you want to do, but I think it’s an easy choice for most people and the gun sales and the new ownership of guns actually shows precisely that with regard to the unprecedented unprecedented rise in new gun ownership, the NSSF chairman, he said this, this is a tectonic shift in the firearm and ammo marketplace and a complete transformation of today’s gun owning community.

0 (17m 55s):
The first time buyers represent a group of people who until now we’re agnostic regarding firearms ownership, purchasing. That was this book. Now purchasing guns has grown so much over the past few months to a point never before seen in America. Let me give you some stats in July last month, there were a year over year surge of roughly 135% in 2020.

0 (18m 29s):
The sales in July were 135% higher than July, 2019. An estimated 2 million firearms were purchased in July 134.6% more than July 20 1900 3534.6, whatever you want to call it. Now that is according to a press release from the small arms analytics and forecasting. Okay. It also says the firearms market continues at its far accelerated pace.

0 (18m 60s):
And that’s from the small arms and analytics and forecasting, chief economics economists rather Juergen Brower. It says our estimates suggested the market for the first seven months of 2020. Now has nearly matched that of the entire year for 2019, June 145% surge may and 80.2 surge or increase from 2019, April 71.3% increase in March and 85.3% spike.

0 (19m 38s):
Okay. That that’s unprecedented. That is, that is so far beyond anything. Anyone else thought it could possibly be? It’s crazy. I mean, what, what do you think? What do you think of all this man?

2 (20m 11s):

0 (20m 13s):
It’s, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. I promise you. She, she wants to be part of it. She’s just looking at something anyways, guys, we’ll look at it now. Okay. These people are not agnostic when it comes to guns anymore, they’ve chosen a side and it’s clear where they landed. You know, it’s funny how chaos, rioting and looting and the defunding and disbanding of the police because of the average civilians. Oh, sorry.

0 (20m 45s):
It’s funny. I rioting and looting, defunding and disbanding the police. It causes the average person to really open their eyes. You know, when you, when you have no police on the streets to save you, when shots ring out all around you and these same idiots that are canting defund the police, a C a B, all cops are mad, you know, F 12, blah, blah, blah. You know, which I really don’t understand what the hell that means.

0 (21m 16s):
F 12. I mean, is that like a new type of metal? I don’t understand what that is. That’s some kind of an aluminum that I’m not aware of, what the crap does F 12 mean anyways, the same morons that are chanting as 12 and you know, a cab and you know, so on and so forth, they’re yelling and then shots ring out all around them. And what do they yell? Call the police, call the police.

0 (21m 47s):
Well, don’t be surprised those guys don’t come. You know, I, it’s not exactly the same story as the, you know, boy who cried Wolf, but there is some similarity there in that they have no desire to help. Why would they want to help someone who wants them to lose their job? That’s like someone asking me to, you know, help them fix a gun. And yet they’re complaining about me all over social media.

0 (22m 18s):
It makes no sense. So, Oh, you looked up F 12. Yeah. Okay.

1 (22m 28s):
Chapter 12 basically means F the police, but more specifically, it means if the police drug unit.

0 (22m 41s):
Okay. Wow. I don’t, I don’t know what I don’t get it. Okay. All right. Whatever. I just don’t understand anymore. Guys. I’m so gone. I, I mean that, yeah. We’re all world. Yeah. I’m old, you know, I’m in my forties. So I guess that works. So what works urinary. Okay.

1 (23m 13s):
Is Volver derogatory slang, meaning F the police. And it’s an ad type police slogan. Protesting police behavior.

0 (23m 25s):
Okay. Yeah.

1 (23m 31s):
I don’t understand what the 12 means. If somebody can explain that to me.

0 (23m 35s):
Yeah. If you can just email and explain that I haven’t the slightest clue what that means. Hey, Bobby’s in the chat room. What a bud? Sorry, man. Didn’t even see. Oh, okay. He even said it here. Mostly drug task force. It’s a division in police department. The 12 is a division of police departments, mostly drug tax work. Thank you, Bobby. I appreciate you buddy. Alright. Drug task force. Okay. That makes sense. Well, sorry. I don’t agree with that.

0 (24m 6s):
You know, I wear a bracelet every day that says back the blue. And if you’ve got a problem with it, feel free to turn off this podcast. Anyways, if you want to laugh, guys, take a look at the insanity going on in Minnesota right now. You just to see how insane things got a, we disbanding the police, look at what they did to the police in Minnesota. And some of the tips that their former police department put out for robbery prevention.

0 (24m 39s):
This is that you guys are going to love this, man. If you haven’t seen this, you’re gonna love it. Here are some of the robbery prevention tips I’m reading exactly off of their website. Okay? Number one, do not walk alone. No shit. Sherlock. Be hyper aware of your surroundings at all times. AKA pay attention. Yeah. You know, code yellow, of course. Number three, carry only items you need and carry less cash.

0 (25m 13s):
Really carry less cash. Wow. Number four, be prepared to give up your cell phone and your purse and or wallet. Number five, have keys already in your hand, as you approach your car. Really, of course, every smart person already does this to be ready to quickly get into their vehicle, or to be able to use their keys as a weapon, if need be. This is, this is fricking common knowledge.

0 (25m 44s):
Number six, despite all of our efforts, robberies may still occur, do not argue or fight with the criminal do, as they say, your safety is most important. Wow.

3 (25m 59s):

0 (26m 1s):
Number seven. Be a good witness. When you call nine 11, be prepared to answer many questions. How many suspects? Age, height, complexion, hair, and eye color scars or tattoos? Weapon. What did it look like? What direction did they leave in? What was the vehicle description? If you could see how loud I’m rolling my eyes right now. And yes, I did say how loud I’m rolling.

0 (26m 31s):
My eyes. There you go. In the chat room right now. Bobby just said that he tells women to carry a tactical flashlight. That is honestly one of the best things that you can carry as far as goes, okay. A tactical flashlight, honestly, you would think, you wouldn’t think it would do as much as you know, like a firearm or something. Of course, it’s a flashlight. It’s not going to do as much as the firearm, but it will blind someone depending on how bright it is.

0 (27m 0s):
Yammer put a light in your eyes. You get that light spot that gives you plenty of time to get away from that person. You shine him in the face of the really bright light, especially if it’s in a dark parking garage or something like that. And then you hit them with that light in the face. Oh, forget it, man. Yeah, sure. Fire or is a great company streamline. It’s a great company. Phoenix is a great company. There’s a whole bunch of them out there right now. That make really nice flashlights. All right, guys, let me move on to the product.

0 (27m 33s):
Pick. We’ll do that. We’ll take a quick break and then we’ll come back and we will get into the night. Okay. My product page this week is actually the Dakota alert MERS system and URS. Okay. It is actually one of the best alarm systems on the market. It’s not really an alarm system. It’s more of a perimeter alarm. If you will. It’s it’s an infrared perimeter alarm system, frankly, if I could afford to surround my house in these, I would, I’m not saying I haven’t, you know, I’m not saying I’m not working on it.

0 (28m 9s):
I’m just saying if I was, you know, better off, you know, there there’d be nothing, but this stuff all around my house. OK. The, from their website, the Merz alert transmitter is a revolutionary neutral monitoring system. The Merz alert transmitter is a passive infrared sensor that can be mounted on a tree or a post to monitor activity in remote locations. When the Merz alert, detects people, vehicles or large animals, it will send an alert signal to either the M five 38 B S for basic security, I think, or the am 3:00 AM five 38 dash H T transceiver.

0 (28m 54s):
The alert signal will be spoken in English twice. Repeating the phrase alert zone one alert zone, two alert zone three, or alert zone four. The whore alert messages are easily selected at the transmitter so that at the four different zones can be monitored simultaneously monitor and protected. Simultaneously the Merz alert transmitter has five channels and 38 sub channels to choose from this will help to eliminate eight or Ference from other users.

0 (29m 30s):
The alert operator or the merger alert operates on six AA alkaline batteries. The battery life should be about one year under most conditions. The channels sub channels and alert zones are easily selected by the user. And in most instances, it should only take a minute to make changes. The Myrtle or transmitter will have a range of up to several miles back to the handheld or the base station. Transceivers. This extended range will help monitor areas that have been very difficult to monitor in the past.

0 (30m 5s):
It will be a great value to businesses trying to monitor customer traffic security guards, try to monitor remote warehouses, farmers monitoring, vacant farm sites and hunters monitoring game trails. Marisela. We’ll give you a real time monitoring of any location that you choose. Actual range will vary, will vary depending on the local terrain. So the, the Merz alert system has a few sensors available for the property. They have passive infrared sensors, my favorite, which you’re including the basic kit, the BS kit.

0 (30m 40s):
Now it doesn’t mean BS. It means basic basic security or base station. Okay. So it comes with one infrared receiver or one infrared transmitter and one receiver. The, the basic security kit, the Dakota Merz BS kit consists of the one I, our transmitter and the one receiver is capable of running an entire perimeter around your house for a specific alert zones. As we talked about now, if need be, you’re going pick up all kinds of other sensors too.

0 (31m 15s):
There’s also the Merz HT kit, which instead of having the little receiver that kind of looks like a little answering machine, they have a handheld radio. Basically it kind of looks like a little CB. It’s really cool, but it’s able to be hooked up to multiple sensors as well. They also, they have these infrared, these passive infrared transmitters, but they also have vehicle sensing probes as well. Okay. They have these for the BSM HD kits. The vehicle sensors have 50 foot, 250 foot and 125 foot probes to set up sensors all around your perimeter.

0 (31m 53s):
When you couple these vehicle probes with the IRR sensors and hook them up to your MERS system, you have a damn fine security set up, guys. They aren’t cheap, but I don’t want to achieve system. I want it to be robust. I want it to be well-made. I want it to be made in the USA, but that’s just me. So let’s talk money, honey. The Merz beef BS system with the base station and one transmitter is two 39 99 and extra I, our transmitter is one 59 99.

0 (32m 24s):
Each of the vehicle sensors differs depending on how long the wire sensing probe is. Okay. For example, the sensor with the 50 foot probe is two 99. Whereas the one with the 250 foot probe is three, nine 99. Now I know it’s expensive, but to have this early warning system to me is invaluable. That’s just me. Okay. So if you want to get this Epic perimeter system from Dakota alert, just go to you.

0 (32m 57s):
Guessed it. Www dot Dakotah,, D a K O T a a L E R Dakota alert. Okay. Click shop, select the Mercer system and get what you need. Okay. Don’t forget to check out their 4,000 series too. It’s awesome. You’ll be glad you did. All right, guys, let’s go ahead and take a break here real fast. And then we will come back. Okay. Don’t go away. Everybody.

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And now

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Turn to the gun metal armor.

0 (36m 9s):
What’s up everybody. We are back on the gun metal armory. Okay guys. So we’re going to talk about self-defense here. We don’t have a whole lot. I mean, we got like 20 minutes left guys. Maybe we’re just going to talk about self defense for a little bit and then we’re going to end it. But before I do, I do kind of want to give you guys a little bit of a disclaimer here and I want to talk about safety.

0 (36m 42s):
So the disclaimer, okay. I am a gun Smith, but I’m not your gun Smith. I am a firearms trainer, but I am not your firearms trainer. Okay? Keep in mind any and all the suggestions, anything I talk about on here, this is for information purposes only. Okay. If you choose to do anything or go out and defend yourself or anything like that, that is something you’re doing of your own accord with your own hands and your own eyes and your own head.

0 (37m 15s):
Okay? If you think there is something that you’re unsure, if you think that you don’t know what to do or when to do it or how to do it, you need to consult a professional. Okay? Call the police, get some training, guys. You there’s no such thing as too much training. Okay. They’ll be dumb. Use common sense and always remember safety first. Okay. Next safety is important. So please, please keep in mind a few things to survive.

0 (37m 46s):
You need food and water to keep food and water safe. You need to be safe. Okay. And being safe involves knowing how to use your firearms safely. Okay. So the four rules of firearm safety are number one. Guns are always loaded. Number two, never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Number three, always know your target and what is beyond number four, never cover anything with your muzzle that you are not willing to destroy.

0 (38m 21s):
And I always like to add always secure your firearms from unauthorized persons, kids, these chimpanzees, with a death wish and on and on. Okay. All right guys. So let’s, let’s talk about this a little bit. Okay. Let’s get into the whole self-defense thing here because what happened last night in Wisconsin?

0 (38m 53s):
I think it was last night or the night before last, what happened was really, it was really sad. You know, from what I understand, a young man of 17 was attacked by multiple rioters. And I don’t know it from my viewpoint. It looks like he was forced to defend himself.

0 (39m 23s):
Numerous times the videos are all over social media. If you want to look it up,

1 (39m 30s):
Well, they were too graphic.

0 (39m 34s):
Ah, gotcha. If you can find them, they, from what I can see, they appear to be showing him being attacked. They feared, they, they appear to be showing him being chased by mobs. They show him trying to run. They show him falling down. They show him being attacked even more. And then it appears he defends himself. Now, I don’t know all the details. I don’t know how it started. I don’t know what went wrong, what went right.

0 (40m 7s):
But the first time he had to defend himself at the car lot, from what I understand, he called the cops to tell them what was happening. And if you listen to the audio, you can, it’s kind of like, you can hear him say, I just, I just shot someone now online. They’re trying to paint him as some kind of malicious supremacist, you know, crazy person, you know? But if he was like that, if they, if he was a cold blooded murderer, why would he call the police to tell them what he did?

1 (40m 43s):
We just keep on learning.

0 (40m 45s):
Yeah. Why wouldn’t you kill as many riders as you could? You know? I mean, when he was running from those people, why not turn around and just start ripping through them all. I mean, he had a 30 round magazine. He had plenty of death. Exactly. Cause he didn’t want to hurt anybody. At least that’s what it seemed like to me. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, but

1 (41m 9s):
I even tried to surrender himself to police and police tell him to stay back because they didn’t realize that it was him.

0 (41m 17s):
Yeah. I mean, he, he first put it, you know, after the whole incident happened, he started walking toward the police. He put his hands up and a couple of ’em armored vehicles drove right by him. And he walked up to a police car and tried to surrender himself. And it looks like they told him to step back. And then from what I understand, he drove home and then he was arrested the next day with warrant. But I mean the interwebs, they want to paint. This kid is a murderous, you know, supremacists of some sort that wants to kill Gale, Gale.

0 (41m 51s):
But that’s not what I saw. Okay. Is that what you saw? No, that’s not at all. What I saw, I don’t know.

1 (41m 59s):
Got chased. You fell to the ground as it was put on, on one of the people we follow on YouTube. Somebody who tried to Luke cane him in the face, Lou King drop kick him in the face. I mean that’s clearly self-defense.

0 (42m 21s):
Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

1 (42m 24s):
If you have ever seen the movie American history X, and you’ve seen that scene where the guy kicks the dude in the back of the head. Yeah. That’s basically what that was.

0 (42m 41s):
He didn’t have his mouth on a curve, but that’s what he was trying to do. I said, yeah, he was trying to hurt him quite badly.

1 (42m 50s):
I was trying to kick the, the 17 year old kid in the face.

0 (42m 56s):
Oh wow. Bobby just posted a video or a, a link that the Nick Sandman, that kid that sued all the stations and said that he was a white supremacist. The same attorney Lynwood takes a 17 year old Kenosha shooter. Kyle Rittenhouse, his defense pro bono, because that says that he believes this kid is innocent first at the car.

0 (43m 28s):
Lot. As I understand it, they threw a Molotov cocktail, Adam, any drill, the guy that did it or they were trying to, and he drilled them. He shot him. Now I don’t know about you, but if someone is trying to set me on fire, I’m going to drill him. I’m going to shoot him.

1 (43m 48s):
That person lost his life. Right. And sadly, yes. As a mother. And I know I’m getting a little

0 (43m 60s):

1 (44m 1s):
He’s on this. But as a mother, if that was my child, I would be torn to pieces. Although I will say this, my son would never do anything like that. He’s not that stupid to be out there rioting and alerting with these other idiots,

0 (44m 22s):
Trying to throw them all, talk cocktail, the guy with an

1 (44m 26s):
To the guy. Why don’t you shoot me? Why don’t you shoot me? You’re provoking the guy. It’s kind

0 (44m 32s):
Of a dumb idea.

1 (44m 36s):
You do anything anyway. But I mean, when it got to the level of self defense

0 (44m 44s):
And you know, in the chat room right now, Bobby’s pointing out that the rap sheets of the victims are very, very long. Okay. One of the guys, the guy that was shot through the bicep, that guy had a gun. There’s multiple pictures going around online that that guy had a gun and he was about to shoot him.

1 (45m 6s):
No, I haven’t fact checked this, but I read last night that he may be a felon. So if he is a felon in possession of a firearm, he has in direct violation of his probation or parole or whatever it is that he’s on. And once his arm heals

0 (45m 25s):
Norm left,

1 (45m 27s):
He’s going back to jail. Yeah. Congratulations, idiot.

0 (45m 31s):
What’s your, what’s the old saying? Play stupid games. There you go. So what we end up running into with all this is, this is a very, very good demonstration of what can and will go on in the cities. When the police are disbanded, when there is no one left to call to help you, when law and order completely breaks down, you’re going to have people trying to kill you with skateboards.

0 (46m 9s):
People that have guns that are felons, because at that point, who cares, it doesn’t matter. The felons aren’t going to give up their guns. They’re going to keep them. They’re going to get even more. You’re going to have, you’re gonna have to be bought better, actually good normal law abiding civilians that are going to try to kind of stand in the gap, which, you know, honestly, they really shouldn’t be doing. I mean, I know that, you know, very few of them are trained for this.

0 (46m 39s):
You know, I don’t think that they should be out there trying to do that, but I get it at the same time. You know, I understand that they need to defend their community. I really understand that. I really do. You know, but they should really try. I don’t know. I don’t know how to put this dude. I just, it’s sad.

0 (47m 10s):
You know, it’s really, really sad that it’s gotten this bad where people feel like they have to get their guns and go out and defend businesses. Now that being said, if it’s my business, you better believe I’m gonna be in front of him with an AR. Right. And I’m going to be calling the people that I trust to come help me. Okay. And frankly, I’m sick of hearing this stupid fucking argument.

0 (47m 42s):
I told you, I, I clicked the explicit content button. This stupid argument of these businesses have insurance. One of the people I work with today said that to me, these businesses have insurance. What does it matter? It matters because not all of them have insurance. Number one, number two. What about

1 (48m 2s):
Fucking deductible? Asshole? What about the deductible?

0 (48m 7s):
How much does that cost? Okay. What about that? But nobody thinks about that. They just, who they’re insured, not all more. Some of them were just getting started. Some of them were in between paying for insurance. Some of them shut their doors because of COVID and they’re waiting to open back up. So they let them

1 (48m 26s):
Clearance laps, entire life savings into that business. And he didn’t have insurance yet and they burned it to the ground. And now everything, his dream, his American dream is gone just like that black lives matter. Right?

0 (48m 51s):
Yup. You got it. You got it. And that, but that’s that, that doesn’t matter because the businesses have insurance, right? I mean that, that’s just the most stupid freaking argument I’ve ever heard. But anyways, as they’re saying to the chat room to Bobby seeing the shower right now during riots, some insurance won’t pay for riot inter you know, they don’t have ride insurance because it’s considered an act of God, you know, or acts of civil insurrection. Some of them will not pay for that.

0 (49m 24s):
Some insurance won’t pay that because of that. Very reason. Okay. So we’ve only got a little bit of time left here, guys. So let’s talk about self defense. If you guys get a chance, why don’t you email me? Okay. Gunmetal Tell me what you think about this kid. Do you think that he was defending himself? If you can find the video, look at it. I mean, there are parts that are graphic. If you see the guy that got shot, you know, got his bicep blown off. I’m not going to

0 (49m 58s):
He doesn’t care. It didn’t bother you did it. I didn’t bother the mistress of metal either, apparently, but anyways, take a look at the videos, watch them, email me and tell me if you think this kid was defending himself, or if you think that he started it. Because from what I saw that kid, I mean, I don’t know for sure. Cause I wasn’t there, but from what saw, he was well within his rights to defend himself.

0 (50m 30s):
The first one, the guy threw a Molotov cocktail at him and he shot him. Okay. Then he tried to call the police and turn himself in. Then while he was in the middle of that, he started to be pursued by these rioters. Okay. He started to be pursued by these rioters. Okay. Now, When he was running from them running down the street, that’s another radio.

0 (51m 1s):
He’s running down the street and it looks to me like he’s being pursued by quite a few people. Okay. One guy gets close and swings at him and looks kind of like he misses. Then he kind of trips and falls. Then there’s a guy that tries to kick him. If I remember correctly, the Lou Kane kick to the face or whatever you’re talking about. Yeah. He tried to kill, there was a, there was a YouTuber that called it, a Lou Kane kick to the face.

0 (51m 31s):
But yeah, he tried to kick him and the, the kid shot him in the leg and you can see him limping away. From what I remember, then this guy tries to hit him with a skateboard in the face or in the head, which would, can easily kill you. And he shot that guy in the chest. And then the guy with the gun, the guy that he blew his bicep clean off, that guy had a gun. You could see multiple pictures of it. The guy tried to pull his gun into the fight, bring his gun into the fight.

0 (52m 4s):
And this poor kid sends around right through his bicep. So in my opinion, the first guy tried to kick him in the head, shot him. The second guy tries to hit him in the head with a skateboard, shot him. Then the kid tries to pull a gun on him and shoot him. And he shoots him through the bicep. And then the other guy tried to light him on fire, the Molotov cocktail. So, and he shot him. So from what I can see, this is a clear cut case of self-defense.

0 (52m 38s):
Had he been out there? No Henny have had the gun at 17 years old. I don’t know what the laws are. There doesn’t really matter to me. Was he in a dangerous environment? Heck yeah, he was. But if you see earlier video of him that night, he was trying to help people. He had a medical kit. When someone walked by the God pepper spray, he was like, medical, come here, come here, come here. He was trying to help him. Okay. If this kid’s case was no good.

0 (53m 8s):
Do you really think Lynn would the one that just won Nick Sandmans case cases and probably going to win a whole bunch more. Do you think Glenwood would have taken it pro bono? I mean, seriously, I don’t think that would have happened if this kid’s case. Wasn’t good. Okay. I hope the truth comes out. I hope this kid is being protected. And after this is all over with, I hope he goes into witness protection or something to protect himself, his family, anyone he knows because there is going to be backlash.

0 (53m 47s):
There always is. There’s going to be backlash on this poor kid and it’s just not right. So hopefully the truth comes out. It gets figured out and everything is done the way it’s supposed to be, but who knows anymore with the way that social media is and the way crap goes, you know, you just never know anymore because you know, it’s all about optics. Now it’s all about perception. But if you asked me this kid was defending himself, I don’t know, from what I saw from the context I saw, you know, I mean, it’s all about context, right?

0 (54m 26s):
You know, one angle of the video says he was defending himself. The other angle of the video could easily say that he was not defending himself. So I’m going with what I saw, I’m going with what I know. And from what I know, from what I saw, they were trying to kill him. Okay. There are multiple people trying to kill him. That is called disparity of force. It doesn’t matter if you have a gun or not. That is disparity of force, multiple attackers with weapons that can kill you is a clear and present threat to your life.

0 (55m 8s):
Right? What is one of the most basic human things in all time of all human existence, self defense, being able to defend yourself from being killed. Right? Self-defense so I don’t want to hear you as BS about, you know, anything. Okay. From what I saw, he was defending himself clear cut case, in my opinion.

0 (55m 40s):
Okay. From what I saw now, I qualify that with, from my opinion or from what I saw in a big, you know, in my opinion, because obviously I wasn’t there. I wasn’t, you know, watching it on TV from, you know, an Overwatch position. So we’ll see how this all plays out over time. We’ll see where the truth comes out and all the video comes out and everything. Hopefully it all works out for the best. Okay. That’s going to do it for me tonight, guys. Me and the mr. And are going to get ourselves from dinner.

0 (56m 11s):
What do you think? Dinner? Yes. Okay. We’re going to get ourselves some dinner guys. Thank you so much for being with us tonight. I’m sorry. Things are a little bit short, but like I said, we got here late and you know, things were not as easy as they could have been. So next week we’re going to have a lot of fun at some point, apparently the mysteries of metal is going to be taken over my show every once in a while when I’m not home. So you got, huh? That’s right. You’re going to be taking over when I’m not here.

0 (56m 43s):
Oh crap. So be on the lookout for that. You never know what she’s going to talk about, but I can guarantee you she’s my wife and it’s going to be good. So check it out. Y’all and remember Trump 20, 20 conservative twins. They’re awesome. But anyways, they’re going to get me for that one. I’m sorry, guys. I just love you so much anyways. All right, guys, that’s going to do it for me tonight. Thank you for joining us. Don’t forget to check out every single show on prepper broadcasting network.

0 (57m 16s):
Okay. Don’t forget to check out H and every single one of them. They’re all great. Okay. Check them all out. You’ll be glad you did until next week. Listen to what else is out there. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you guys next week as our knowledge of self defense grows deep inside. Thanks guys. Good night.

2 (57m 48s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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