Self-Defense, when your ammo runs out!

Self-Defense, when your ammo runs out!
Host: Don & Nick “We Grow Ours

Self-DefenseThis week on the We Grow Ours show, Nick and Don we have Troy on the phone! Troy teaches martial arts in the Phoenix area. We cover self-defense and talk about the reasons everyone should train in some type of self-defense. Not only is this a good thing to help get in shape and keep your body moving (something Nick and Don lack) but it is something that helps you mentally prepare for a bad situation. There are bad people around, and some of them may want to hurt you, that is just a fact of life. Martial arts and self-defense not only teach you how to defend yourself, they can also teach you how to be more aware of your surroundings. Something as simple as the way you walk down the street can change a “bad guys” perspective on if you would be a good target. Being aware of your surroundings, walking with your head up, and even crossing the street are good techniques to help be sure you never become a target. Don’s wife Angela is currently taking Krave-Maga, this has helped her not only know some good ways to defend herself, but has also made her more confident, and less of a target.

Self-DefenseTroy teaches kids in the East part of Phoenix, but goes into some details about why it helps, and has some great history on Martial arts. Did you know that farmers could not have weapons, so they trained with their farming tools? Many Okinawan arts have this in common.

We hope you enjoy the show and Troy. Troy can be reached at 520-840-0781 if you would like more information about his training program!

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