May 23, 2022


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Knives by L.T. Wright 
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Knives by L.T. Wright 7 P’s of Survival Radio Show has the owner and founder of L.T. Wright Knives on the show. Topic? his company, products, knife making process and even the success of some of his employees in knife competitions utilizing his knives. I own three L.T. Wright knives currently and two of those are in my every day carry rotation currently. The Genesis  (same knife carried by Larry Roberts on Alone Season 2) you will see a lot of this knife. It has become my primary carry knife for the woods. His Bushcrafter HC has become my primary carry for an ultralight fixed blade knife.

10-25-16-fb_img_1470111185782_resizedWe talk a little about the history with Blind Horse Knives and from there how the company has evolved. L.T. was the first knife maker to have two knives featured on Alone (Genesis  and Jessmuck ). The conversation continues with design, materials, quality, heat treat, custom designs and more.

We talk about a few of my favorite, the Forest Trail, Genesis, Bushcrafter HC, Overland Machete,  and why these are so unique. If I don’t convince you that the Bushcrafter HC is the best entry level bushcraft knive I’ve handled I have failed. I will also talk a little about the kydex carry option that they offer which I’m to extreamly fond of. To close out this show we talk a little about their knives being put to use in cutting competition. Also some of the fun events you can check out on Youtube.
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