January 24, 2022


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Knife Ownership 101

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Knife Ownership 101
Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead

Knife Ownership 101 Ethan BeckerThis week Karen Lynn has Brandon Burroughs on her show also known as “ATC Blademaster” Brandon has a live internet streaming show that airs twice a month and currently lives in Tennessee. He was born and raised in the foothills and headwaters of the Great Smoky Mountains. Growing up his father was in law enforcement and they homestead on a small acreage farm. Brandon took over the responsibilities on the family farm when his father met with illness later in life. Brandon quickly learned skills that later became more known as the concept we call “Prepping”.

Knife Ownership 101 fixed blades under $50Brandon will be discussing knives with us this week….Karen Lynn calls it “Knife Ownership 101” because she wants anyone who is interested in knives to come join them and ask questions in the chat room or call in. Are you new to owning knives for your homestead or your farm or just for everyday living in suburbia or even in an urban environment.

Karen Lynn is going to ask Brandon about some of the best knives to use for basic homestead chores but also for self-defense:

Knife Ownership 101 Folders under $50What kind of pocket knife should you be carrying?

Do you have a lot of vegetables to slice up for food preservation?

Do you know what kind of knife you need to have to cut cordage?

What about the best kind of knife to own?

Have you wanted to learn more about knives but don’t know where to begin?

Brandon went from being a Tiger Cub although to an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts and during that time spent learning how to be self-reliant Brandon quickly learned that his pocket knife was the most important tool he owned. He learned how to carve, whittle, and trim using this knife. It opened up to Brandon that there was a whole world of bladed tools and each had their own merits. When he was about 7 years old he began collecting knives and i have been ever since. My collection changes all the time but at the last count was around 1000 blades.

Join Brandon at his Facebook Group called Knife Obsession you will be glad you did. Karen Lynn is a meber over there and always is learning something new! If you want to talk knives Brandon is your guy for sure and Karen Lynn can’t wait it’s her birthday month and well she might be in the market for a new pocket knife! Brandon is a proud Prepper and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others!

Listen to this broadcast on Knife Ownership 101 in player below!

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