May 19, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks!

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Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks
Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps

Brandon Burroughs from Infidel AnvilworksOn this show we have a special guest, Brandon Burroughs from Infidel Anvilworks. Brandon has been a guest on 7P’s of Survival show and recently he came into some forging materials and wanted to start his own forge. Tonight he will be talking about his passion and what all he will try to do. It will be a very interesting show for all of you knife lovers out there. From what I understand he will be offering some very exciting stuff. Join us tonight and lets here what he has to say about his up and coming business. In his own words he will tell you a little about himself.

6-19-16 blacksmith“After collecting knives my entire life I decided it would be a fun adventure to try my hand at making blades. I have devoted my time and commitment to studying the process tools and materials to produce blades through both Stock Removal and Forging Steel. I’ve also committed to learn other crafts as well such as forging tools and implements to make work easier at home or at camp. I have been a dedicated Prepper for the last 15 years and a Outdoors-man my entire life.”

Knives are an essential survival tool. For those who think we can survive only with guns is sadly mistaken. A knife will do most of your work when you are trying to survive, whether it be skinning an animal, cutting cordage, processing wood, or in worst case scenario self-defense. The knife is a tried and true tool that everyone needs. Those artists who make them suffer for their work. It is not an easy job and lots of hours over hot steel and not a lot of compensation for their labor of love. As always questions are welcomed and join us in the chat and call us for any questions you might have! Enjoy the show!
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