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A Guide on Essential Gears for Camping

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A Guide on Essential Gears for Camping 

Summers are the time when people wish to move out of their houses and get into some outdoor activities to beat the heat. Camping is one of the popular choices when it comes to outdoor activities. Before getting ready for camping, the majority of people tend to forego the significance of camping knives. They think any form of a knife is good but it doesn’t work that way. Camping knives are one of the most essential gears you should carry with you. Some of the best uses of camping knives have been discussed below.

To make fire

The camping knives are essential gears as it helps to make fire. At the time of camping, the weather gets cold, especially at night. It is important to stay warm to survive and that’s when the camping knives come in best use. It helps to split firewood and keeps you warm all through the night.

To prepare food

When you are out camping, fishing or hunting, food becomes an essential part to continue enjoying the activities without starving. Camping knives help to peel and chop vegetables, meats, and fruits. To avoid rust and corrosion, it is necessary to clean the blade after every use.

To protect yourself

When you know that you are carrying camping knives, it makes you feel safe regardless of the location. A camping knife helps in self-defence during attacks. Besides, they act like saviors when you are attacked by animals. Now that you know the importance of camping knives, you should know what to look for while buying one. Some of the basic points to consider while buying the best camping knives have been discussed below.

Get well versed with the material

The blades of camping knives are mostly made of stainless steel, titanium and carbon steel. These materials are strong and lightweight. The best part about stainless steel blades is they are resistant to corrosion. The advantage of stainless steel knives is that they are affordable.  Therefore, choose a superior quality stainless steel camping knife to make your camping experiments a pleasant one.

Feel the handle

The handles of camping knives are of utmost importance. During earlier days, the camping knives had handles that were made only of wood. Nowadays, handles are made using rubber and durable plastic too. Before you purchase the knife, try to feel it. Know the size and shape of your knives to understand how well it fits with the size of your palm. There are knurled and textured handles available for those with sweaty palms. These are good options also if you are using it in a wet condition.

Know the size

When you are on the lookout to buy the best knife, size is one of the considerations that cannot be overlooked. Camping knives when bigger does not serve the purpose. If the blade is very long, the ability of the knife gets affected. The ideal size of a knife should be close to the length of 9 to 11 inches.

Look for the Grind

The grind determines how effectively a knife can be used to cut in addition to its ability and durability to keep the sharpness intact.

Thus, a good camping knife should be able to cope with the outdoor conditions as they can be quite harsh to components used to design it. The camping knife may get ruined due to moisture and extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to choose the best quality camping knife. With a myriad of options made available in the market, choosing the best knife for camping purposes becomes tedious. It is important to understand the significant features of camping knives to help you choose the best one.


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