August 17, 2022


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Weapons Technology
Dirty Lew & Highlander “Tech Prep

Weapons Dangerous_weapons_seized_from_holiday_flights_at_Manchester_AirportOn this episode we will talk about various weapons technology, and the history and uses of weapons in modern day life. Learn about sighting systems, various bullet technology and how weapons have made us safer and made life LESS dangerous. We will talk about why most people today need a form of weapon, whether gun, knife, bat, pepper spray, etc…

Other topics of discussion on this episode of Tech Preps include:

Why it’s important to not fear a weapon, and the improvements that advancements in weapons make them safer and sometimes necessary to provide protection for you, and your family.

How you can train without firing a round, and how this technology can improve your quality of life and give you a sense of peace.

General uses for a firearm, knife, or other weapon that can be used to protect the household, or while on the go, and what you should look for and stay away from.

Technologies that the military has that protect our country and liberties.

Should there be a database of gun or weapons owners that include firing pin placement record and barrel twist casts for every gun owned?

6-13-15 ballistic-databaseThe terms that go with this such as “ballistic fingerprinting” (refers to a set of forensic techniques that rely on marks that firearms leave on bullets to match a bullet to the gun it was fired with. It is a subset of forensic ballistics (the application of ballistics to legal questions) and internal ballistics (the study of events between the firing of a gun and the bullet leaving the barrel).

Microstamping (when a cartridge is fired by the pin it engraves a code on the primer for the cartridge via a microstamp, this allows the police and other law enforcement agencies to track a specific bullet to a gun.)
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