December 2, 2022


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Ultimate AR15 Budget Build Kit

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Ultimate AR15 Budget Build Kit

Ultimate AR15 Budget Build KitAs I write this I am listening to congress discuss the next steps on gun control. They are talking about the failings of current measures and the possible imposition of new gun control restrictions.

On another screen I am watching the youth of this nation streaming out of schools, screaming. They have signs in their hands and I am not sure they have any idea what they want. They are having a great time, though.

The tide is set to change on guns in this country. I don’t know how much longer you will be able to own or purchase the types of guns you want to own. I want to introduce you to a website that will give you options if you are a law abiding citizen who enjoys the security and pleasure that these guns afford you.

Check them out! See info-graphic HERE!

Occasionally, a new and whimsical gimmick comes along in the black rifle world – we’re talking about the quirky stuff that you hear about everywhere, only to find it nowhere weeks later. The 300 BLK is not one of those gimmicks. It’s been put through the ringer, trolled about 1,000 times over on the forums, and it was found to be an amazing new AR-15 round. So, in keeping with our mission, we’re excited to introduce the $1,000 Budget Builders Ultimate 300 Blackout AR15 Rifle Kit, a exclusive! Our ultimate $1,000 budget build kit is, quite literally, a rifle waiting to be assembled.

The Ultimate $1,000 Budget Build Kit Includes EVERYTHING

This budget kit is not cheap, let’s get that straight right away. No, this is a top-tier rifle package, complete with literally everything you need to go from a box of parts to an MOA-shooting 300 BLK rifle, start to finish: An 80% lower jig, a premium 80% lower, a full-built 300 BLK upper with a guarantee of absolute accuracy, a crisp, clean, competition-ready trigger group, and a fancy, hardened rifle case with convenient foam inserts!

The Ultimate Budget build Kit ships to your door, too!

Yes, this kit gives you literally everything you need to build a perfectly functional 300 BLK-chambered M4 platform, but it is also 100% legally shipped to your front door, no paperwork or inconveniences required. Nothing in this kit is considered a firearm by any legal definition – that is, until you machine the 80% lower to make it functional with the provide jig!

The Rifle in This Kit is 100% Mil-Spec!

Every single aspect of this Budget Build Kit is completely mil-spec. That means you’re getting a forged 7075 T6 lower, just like an M4. You’re also getting a true, chromoly barrel that’s been heat-treated and hardened for superior durability. Inside that barrel you’ll find a mil-spec 1:7 twist rate, and moving those rounds downrange is a mil-spec, M16 bolt carrier group with a Carpenter 158 bolt.

Even the Classic Lower Parts Kit in this rifle kit is mil-spec, featuring the same exact construction, springs, and fire control group design as your standard-issue M4. It’s a clean trigger that guarantees accuracy with little take-up, creep, or over-travel.

And last but not least, the barrel itself is an M4 profile forging, the chamber features M4 feed ramps, and the rear end of the whole thing features a mil-spec buffer, buffer tube, spring, and classic six-position buttstock. You couldn’t get any closer to a SOPMOD M4 chambered in 300 BLK – unless you actually bought the real thing.

Conveniently packaged, ready for the range

We’ll even though in a Plano hard case for convenient carrying! And the jig and included router require little to no mechanical knowledge. You can be a first-time builder and still finish your lower in about an hour or two – we even have convenient videos and tutorials that show you every step!

The time is now, get building and make your own tier-one 300 BLK-chambered M4 rifle with our Ultimate $1,000 Budget Build Kit, a exclusive!

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