August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Taking Aim at Concealed Carry
Bob Hawkins “The APN Report“ Audio in player below!

Taking Aim at Concealed CarryNo topic seems to draw more fire (sic) from both sides of an issue than the right to keep arms. When it comes to opinionated debate, any discussion involving personal defense can be counted on to be full of passion, since no other topic reaches the core of self-reliance the deepest than the need for self-defense. As Preppers, the ability to defend ones person, family & property is on par to the ability to breathe. It simply doesn’t work otherwise. But along with the capability of self-defense, comes also the need for responsibility & sensibility, due to the potential consequences such capability possesses. The capability of protecting ones life means potentially the taking of another, a capability that should never be taken lightly.

In most of today’s society, if you wish to rely on possessing a firearm for your personal protection in public and stay within the bounds of the law, a concealed weapons permit is mandated. It’s the civil authority prime method of protecting the public at large, by certifying that those who do intend to possess a firearm in public do so with full knowledge of the rights & responsibilities such action brings with it.

 Like a drivers license grants you the right to operate a vehicle in public, so too does a CWP grant you the right to pack heat on the street. And that’s where the debate begins. So often it’s in uninformed opinion that tends to misconstrue the need for a permit. Many see it as a heavy handed way for the government to deny that which is a Constitutional right, while some even see it as Big Brother keeping an eye on you. The discussion becomes far-flung & passionate.

But this weeks show we’ll try not to get too heated, although my scheduled guest will be someone I’ve scrapped like cats with my whole life. I’ve invited my older brother John Hawkins on the show. I’m pretty sure there won’t be too many fireworks, since we both are CWP holders, and both taught to be responsible firearm owners by the same teacher, our father.

John is who I’d go to, to get his opinion on a particular firearm or another, since he’s likely already tried it out, & most likely owns one. John buys & trades guns more than I change my socks. We’re going to discuss some things to consider when shopping for a personal carry arm, and perhaps learn from his experiences as a firearm owner. Besides, I think it’s great I’ll get caught up with my brother, we haven’t called each other in a while. With guns blazing, join us Thursday night 9 PM EST.
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