December 3, 2022


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Survival Shotguns and Rifles Part 3

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Survival Shotguns and Rifles: Part 3
Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

Survival Shotguns and Rifles: Part 3Last week on TGA, we discussed Rem870 shotguns, upgrades, gunsmithing them, and much more… but we ran out of time. So on this show we are gonna finish that show and dive a bit deeper into the 870. After that, if there’s time, I am also going to talk about a few other Survival Rifle platforms, an Over Under Rifle Shotgun combo, a mini 22LR rifle, and a couple other Survival rifle options. We may even get into a couple upgrades you haven’t heard of, and some gunsmithing you didn’t know how to do.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Survival Shotguns and Rifles: Part 3” in player below!

We are also going to do a giveaway, talk about some Sponsorship info, maybe a bit of news, some stuff that happened this week, and we will always do the Product Pick of the Week. This weeks Pick is the KEYBAR Key Organizer product and its many optional parts and upgrades. This is a pretty badass product, so we are gonna talk about it and I will break it down from a first-person user stand-point.

So Join us in player above, Survival Shotguns and Rifles Part 3… see you that night inside… The Gunmetal Armory!

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