October 3, 2022


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Survival Rifles

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Survival Rifles
Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

Survival RiflesOn this episode of the GMA, we are gonna talk all about Survival Rifles. A few months ago, we did a show on AR15 Survival Rifles… This is a follow up to that show. We are going to talk more about the AR15 and setting it up to be a more efficient Survival Rifle platform. We are also going to discuss other modern sporting rifles and how they can be converted into a more “Survival-Minded” platform. There are many parts we can upgrade, polish, and change completely that will make certain platforms more ideal for the given purpose. We are also going to try to cover what items you may want to use in conjunction with your newly built survival rifle or rifles… Or maybe even shotguns.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Survival Rifles” in player below!

Like cool products? We are also going to talk Product Picks, maybe some Ask Dane, and we are gonna do the Gunmetal News Break. I also update you guys on anything new we find to be interesting in the news and especially 2A news. We may even do a giveaway for some bad-ass Double Tap Life gear from www.doubletaplife.com and some gear from our buds down at Sawyer Products.

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